His Best Friend Moved Into His House, and Then Into His Wife

by wifescreampie

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Desc: Sex Story: His Best Friend Moved Into His House, and Then Into His Wife.

My friend Orin had been staying with us for three weeks when he called one afternoon to say his car had broken down about 90 miles north of where we live. It was just one more piece of rotten luck for Orin. He had recently broken up with his wife, who had taken his apartment and nearly every cent he had. Orin was a painter, and now he had no place to paint, let alone live. As he was broke, depressed, and down on his luck, I had told him he could stay in the extra bedroom over our garage until he got back on his feet.

"I began to get turned on, just thinking about the two of them screwing. 'Then you wouldn't mind if I had sex with Orin?' Dinah asked. 'Not if I could watch, ' I replied"

After he called with car trouble, my wife Dinah and I piled into the pickup and headed out to rescue our house guest. The mechanic we consulted when we got there said it would take at least a day to repair the car, so we phoned some friends who lived in the area, and they generously offered to put the three of us up for the night. We hadn't seen Clem and Allie in months, and they were glad to have us, although their house was small, and we would have to sleep on the floor in the TV room. "Better than under an overpass," I said into the phone.

"A minute later Dinah turned to me and smiled. 'I knew you were awake all the time, ' she panted. 'Tell me, did you enjoy seeing your friend fucking your wife?'"

At dinner Allie announced that she was going on a trip to Europe in a week with an old college friend. "Have you traveled with her before?" I asked. Allie's smile broadened, and Clem explained that it was not a she, but a guy who Allie had kept up a friendship with ever since college.

"You don't mind her traveling with another man?" Dinah asked. Clem looked over at his wife and smiled. He then explained that he and Allie had an open relationship, and that his wife was perfectly free to have friends of the opposite sex. I then asked him how he would react if she had sex with him while traveling through romantic Europe.

Clem smiled again. "Allie and Ralph have already had sex, often," he replied. "As I said, we have an open relationship. Who she chooses to sleep with is up to her, of course."

"Of course," I repeated, although I was quite surprised at this revelation, and I was pretty sure Dinah and Orin were as well.

After dinner we visited until bedtime. Clem then hauled out a large sleeping bag and a comforter, and they left us to make our bed in the TV room. We used the sleeping bag for a mattress and the comforter as a blanket, and the three of us stretched out on the floor, with

Dinah between Orin and myself.

We lay there in the dark and chatted for a while about the evening, our friends, and Orin's car repairs. When Orin got up to use the bathroom, I asked Dinah what she thought about Allie traveling and having sex with another man.

"Well, if Clem's okay with it," she replied with a shrug, "then I guess it's fine. He seems to have no problem with it."

"I guess that makes sense," I said, "if that's what they both want."

"What about us?" Dinah asked, turning on her side to face me. "What if Orin asked me to travel to Europe with him? Would you be okay with that, like Clem is?"

I couldn't tell how serious she was, but I decided to treat it lightly. "Well," I said, smiling at her, "if you're going to travel with another guy, I think Orin would be a pretty good choice." She smiled back at me, then kissed me.

The fact was that even before she asked me this hypothetical question, I had been thinking of the two of them together, physically. After all, they spent an awful lot of time at our home together while I was at work. I wondered if Orin had ever thought about fucking Dinah. I thought most guys would. I probably would, if the situation was reversed. But for some reason the possibility didn't worry me. I thought about my wife's question. Could I accept it if she wanted to have sex with Orin? What if she had already? As I lay there I began to imagine them making love. In my mind I saw them kissing, saw his erection moving in and out of her. I enjoyed the erotic image, and I began to get turned on, just thinking about the two of them screwing.

"Then you wouldn't mind if I had sex with Orin?" Dinah asked, as if she'd been reading my thoughts.

"Not if I could watch," I replied, still in a joking tone, although my cock was hard now.

"I'm serious!" she protested, poking me lightly in the ribs.

I looked into her eyes then. "So am I," I said. And at that moment Orin came out of the bathroom, stripped to his boxers, then slipped in beside Dinah and covered himself with the quilt.

I took a deep breath. "My wife wants to know if I could handle her having sex with a male friend, like Allie's husband does," I said.

There was a short pause. "Well, could you?" Orin asked finally.

Another pause. "Look," I said then, "if you guys are going to make love tonight, do it quietly. I need to get a good night's sleep." With that I figured I had let them know they could if they wanted to, without coming right out and saying it.

"We will," Orin said, and my heart beat faster as I realized it might actually happen.

Dinah was lying between the two of us, wearing only her panties and bra. I wondered if their bodies were touching, whether it turned her on to be almost nude so close to Orin, and if he was expecting to fuck my wife as we stretched out together under the quilt.

But nothing happened, at least not immediately, and I soon fell asleep. I woke up in the middle of the night, and I could hear Dinah and Orin talking softly. Her back was toward me, and I imagined her breasts against his side, her face close to his. After a while I heard him tell her good night, and I imagined them kissing. I thought perhaps I heard the almost imperceptible sound of lips parting, but it could have been my imagination.

Later, after Dinah was asleep, I brushed my hand over her ass and found that she had removed her panties. I cupped her bottom in my palm, feeling the heat of her pussy with the tips of my fingers. I wondered if it had been heated by something they had done while I was asleep. I drifted off again, with a finger between my wife's pussy lips and a picture of her fucking my friend in my mind.

The next day Orin's car was fixed, and we returned home. I didn't ask Dinah if they had actually had sex that night, and she didn't volunteer the information. Nor did Orin.

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