The Minister's Wife

by Sirdar

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Desc: Sex Story: Marriage to a dedicated man of the church does not always lead to a happy marriage. It certainly did not for Tina, but Tina was lucky. She found the man who could make her happy

Nettie my girl friend was a lovely girl with nice blonde hair, a slim figure and a lovely almost wicked sense of humour. Both Nettie and I were brought up very strictly in the Methodist Church by our parents. She was the Ministers daughter, and somehow fate always ensured that we always seemed to gravitate together, whether it be with chapel outings, sitting next together in Sunday School or on organised evenings out. Naturally we grew very close in many ways and somehow it always seemed to both of us, without ever saying it that someday we would marry.

When I was eighteen I went away to University and we kept in close contact by letter and by telephone, and of course on vacations we were again almost inseparable. I must admit that I was no saint in my teens, and had a couple of brief affairs, and got into a few scrapes whilst away at University. Although I gave my body willingly in these little affairs, my heart was always at home with Nettie. Then suddenly she stopped writing and telephoning, I did not hear from her for a month, and when I did telephone, her father told me that Nettie did not want to speak to me. I could not imagine what I had done wrong, but my mother told me on the telephone later that she had become engaged to the new young Methodist Minister.

At the time it seemed to me that my whole world had fallen apart. The thought of Nettie in the arms of another man drove me crazy, and for a time I lost all faith in women. Over the next six months I deliberately embarked on a number of sordid affairs with fellow female students and one or two married women. I did not really care whether I was a marriage buster, or whether I was making them pregnant, or what happened to them afterwards. In hindsight it was almost as though I was getting my revenge on the whole female race.

All this time strangely I never rally lost my faith, and I continued to go to the local Methodist Chapel near the University every Sunday. It was one Sunday night after the evening service that I met our local Ministers wife as I walked along the tow path by the canal. It was a lovely summers evening after a warm summers day the sun was just setting, and there were a few couples strolling along the tow path with their arms locked round one another enjoying each other and the balmy summer weather. Then I met Tina the Ministers wife walking towards me with their cocker spaniel.

I had always had a soft spot for Tina, or as I had nick named her in my own mind "Tiny Tina" She was as far removed from a Ministers wife that I could have ever imagined. She was only perhaps an inch or so over 5 feet tall, with a lovely vivacious personality. She seemed to dress with a flair that was a little surprising in her position as a Ministers wife, and never failed to go short on the make-up or hair does. I supposed to sum it up she lived up to fashion, with out going over the top and looking sluttish.

Rumour had it that her husband who was a few years older than her, was not in the slightest bit enamored with his wife's dress sense, which apparently caused a few ructions at the manse from time to time, and of course she made good gossip material for the local busybodies, who always found something about her to feed their insatiable appetite for gossip. But Tina was her own woman and she continued to dress with flair and carry out her role as the ministers wife for the chapel congregation in a very competent manner.

As we met I thought Tina was looking quite depressed, as usual she looked her usual lovely self but that night her lovely vivacious smile was totally missing, but for me she managed a weak smile when we met. I saw something was seriously the matter and so I said "Hi Tina what is wrong you don't look at all happy."

"Oh nothing Tony its me in one of my moods, and just being silly again. I just can not seem to do anything right for Ralph, or the local chapel gossips it seems."

"Well Tina I know that you do a lot of work for the chapel, and I think that you always seem to put 100 per cent into everything you do, so no-one can ever complain about that. Its hard for me to imagine what then can possibly be the matter?".

She looked at me, then she smiled "Bugger it Tony I will talk to you I need to talk to someone sometimes, and I hope I can trust you to be discreet, can't I?

"Of course you can, but lets walk and have a Lemonade at the Upper Lock pub where we can relax and talk in peace."

"What Tony two Methodists going into a public house on a Sunday that will give the gossips something to talk about." For just a brief moment the old smile was back.

"Not if they are only drinking lemonade." I replied with a laugh.

Once we were settled Tina said "I have been married three years to Ralph, but our marriage has been and still is a total disaster zone. I have always wanted children, but I firmly believe that Ralph does not really know how to do it properly. He seems to think that sex is sinful and should be done quickly and quietly after dark with the lights off, and to enjoy the sex act is in itself sinful. He does not even know how to kiss a woman properly. A chaste kiss on the cheek seems to be as far as he is prepared to go."

As she spoke the tears started to run down her cheeks. "You see Tony I have never really loved him like I should do, and I was only persuaded to marry him by my parents, at the time I did not really know what true love was, and I must admit he seemed a nice kind man at the time so I gave in."

"Yes, Tina I can imagine the pressure you had, as my own girl friend of many years has gone down the same path, but I don't know whether her marriage has made her happy or not."

"After we have partaken in what he deems is sex he will sit reading the bible for several hours, as though he has to atone for his sins. Sex for us is very automatic. He will take off his clothes, get into bed and just lay on top of me, no kissing, and no foreplay, he will just shove his cock into my dry pussy - then he will wiggle up and down until he comes, and then he will get off me ... He will then either turn over and go to sleep, or sit and read the bible for a couple of hours. This happens about twice a month and never on a Sunday or any other Holy day. He has never even kissed me properly on the lips except briefly during the wedding service."

I felt so sorry for Tina as I watched the tears of frustration stream down her pretty face, smudging her make-up, that I automatically had to put my arms round her shoulders to console her. She rested her head on my shoulder and just let the tears flow. Then after about ten minutes and taking me a bit by surprise she reached up and took my face in her hands and kissed me in a long passionate kiss on the lips.

Eventually we pulled apart and Tina looked up at me and said.

"I am so sorry for that Tony."

I took her hand and looked down at her tear rimmed eyes and said." I am not sorry Tina you can kiss me like that any time you like - please."

Her face broke into a lovely smile and she gave a little giggly laugh.

"I hope that is a serious offer, and I may just take you up on that sometime when I get a bit low again."

We walked slowly back to the Manse, in the growing twilight neither of us speaking very much, as I suppose we were both considering the possible implications of our long passionate kiss.

We got to the front door and Tina said "Would you like a cup of Coffee Tony?"

"What about your husband?" I asked.

"He is not back yet, as he is preaching in your home town, and anyway I want another quick kiss."

She opened the door and let the dog loose and then Tine turned and threw her arms round my neck. Her lips fastened on to mine and she whispered.

"You are tempting me Tony if we go on like this I shall be wanting very much more than a kiss.

"I already do." I whispered.

The kiss was quite prolonged and very passionate.

It was the following Saturday morning, that I next saw Tina, it was a real wet Saturday and it was pouring with rain, so I decided to stop in bed. It was almost 10.00 am when I heard the front door bell ring. Getting up out of bed I threw on my dressing gown and opened the door to see a dripping Tina standing on the step with a small suit case.

"What are you doing today Tony?" she asked as she stepped inside.

"Well nothing in particular." I said.

"You are now Tony dear. I have made a bold momentous decision I want you to make a baby in me." As she spoke she was stripping of her wet clothes outdoor clothes. Then without warning she threw herself in my arms against my naked body for another long passionate kiss.

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