A Beautiful Mess
Prologue: The Legend

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft, Romantic, Reluctant, Tear Jerker, Cheating, Spanking, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Petting, Squirting, Size,

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Prologue: The Legend - Anthony Mitchell meets and falls in love with Charlotte Lawsen. They decide to make a sex movie together, with the help of a few friends. But just how open is Anthony willing to be with the girl who's popularly known as the Queen of Sluts? Unfortunately, the movie is stolen and released to the world. Can love survive being turned upside down by reporters, religious groups, and adoring teenage fans? (This is the tamer, shorter version. For the longer, raunchier version, see "Charlotte's Movie".)

Our school cafeteria had these ugly orange plastic chairs and matching trays. There were hundreds of them too, ugly as hell, all lined up around tables that wobbled when you leaned on them, and usually spilled your drink when things got a little boisterous, as they often did in a typical Frederick Ranger High School lunch hour. I walked with my orange tray through the cafeteria, looking for someone I knew, someone interesting to sit with.

Charlotte Lawsen looked up from her conversation as I went by and stared at me. She smiled and I nearly tripped over a kid who had his chair shoved way out into the main aisle. I stumbled, almost spilling my fries. I smiled back at Charlotte.

"Watch it, man!" the kid said to me.

"Sorry." I answered.

Charlotte had returned to her conversation again.

"Anthony! Over here, man!"

It was my buddy Mick. He was sitting with a guy I'd never seen before.

"Anthony, this is Jimmy. He's new to Ranger. I'm just filling him in on who's who."

Jimmy nodded at me and went back to gawking around at the various hotties in every direction.

"Unbelievable," he said. "How do you guys concentrate with chicks like these around here?"

"You get used to it," Mick replied. "But there are some days when every fine-ass babe in school shows up wearing a short skirt or tight jeans. Then it's agony and ecstasy at the same time." He nodded toward me. "Anthony, am I hallucinating or did I see Charlotte Lawsen checking you out back there?"

I shrugged.

"Who's Charlotte Lawsen?" Jimmy asked. He scanned the rows of seats in the direction I'd come from.

"Blond, stacked like a fuckin' centerfold-of-the-year, about three tables back and two seats over, other side of the aisle. You can't miss her."

"Oh my fucking god!" Jimmy said. Charlotte threw her head back and laughed loud at something a girlfriend said to her. Then she held up four fingers.

"Oh my god, four!?" her friend yelled. Then they all leaned in and spoke more quietly. Gossip, I assumed.

"That, my friend, is the reigning queen of Fredrick Ranger High."

"She got a boyfriend?" Jimmy wanted to know. We laughed at him.

"Charlotte doesn't do the boyfriend thing," Mick said.

"Why not?" Jimmy asked, still staring at her.

"Because having a boyfriend would get in the way of her, um, social life."

Mick said social life with finger quotes in the air and a smirk on his face.

"What do you mean?"

"Well, let me put it to you like this..." He leaned forward, looked around to see if anyone was listening, and spoke in a lowered voice. Jimmy leaned in to listen. "Charlotte Lawsen, that absolutely gorgeous thing you see sitting over there, is a complete and total slut."

"A slut?" Jimmy said. His mouth gaped.

"A slut. If you've got a hard-on, and you don't look like you just rolled out of a dumpster that morning, she'll probably do you at some point."

Jimmy's eyes lit up like a predator who'd just caught the scent of easy prey. I gave Mick a disapproving look. Charlotte wasn't that bad. At least not that I knew of.

"Well, he asked," Mick told me.

"She seems like she's got enough friends," Jimmy said.

"She's actually one of the most popular chicks around. Always has been."

"You mean she's a total ho-bag, but everyone still loves her?"

"She's not diseased or anything," I answered. "But she does get around a bit."

"So she is a ho-bag then."

"Well, she hasn't done everyone, " Mick said. "But she's probably slept with more guys than any other chick in school."

"Like, how many? Ten? Twenty? Thirty?"

"Around twenty maybe," Mick said. "I'm not even sure."

"N'ah. More like ten or so," I added. I was pretty sure Mick was right, but I didn't like the way Jimmy was ogling her like a walking cum rag.

"And she's still popular?"

Mick dipped a French fry in some ketchup and bit it in half.

"Usually people hate sluts, especially other girls, and especially very beautiful sluts like Charlotte. But nobody hates her, not at Ranger High anyway. It's weird. She is a lot more slutty than other chicks, but she does have some rules when it comes to who she fucks."

"Such as?" Jimmy asked. His eyes turned to Mick just as Charlotte glanced over at me. I looked away, nervous as hell, but I couldn't look away long. I looked back and realized she was actually staring at me. Me? What the hell? She smiled again. Then she wiggled her fingers in a little wave and went back to the little gossip session over there. I almost had a heart attack.

"She never sleeps with another woman's man," Mick said. "And she doesn't do the boyfriend thing."

"Nice," Jimmy replied. "You ever done her?"

"Oh yeah," Mick replied. "I've been on the Charlotte ride. That girl knows tricks."

Jimmy's chuckle faded into a low murmur: "Damn..."

"She knows her shit. She's like a sexual encyclopedia or something."

Mick was out of fries, so he grabbed one of mine and shoved it in his mouth.

"Have you ever done her?" Jimmy asked me.

"Not yet. Maybe someday."

A girl named Justine slid into the seat beside me and snatched up one of my fries as well. Jimmy's eyes widened for a moment when she wasn't looking. Justine was yet another Ranger High hottie, a brunette with pretty brown eyes and a fair sized chest.

"Who are we talking about today?" she asked.

"Charlotte Lawsen," Mick said. "Jimmy here is new to the school and he wants to know all about her."

"Surprise, surprise," Justine said. "Every guy wants to know all about her. And they usually find out too, sooner or later."

Justine didn't seem too bothered by Charlotte's reputation, proving Mick's point about her popularity.

"You friends with her?" Jimmy asked her.

"She's awesome. I love her."

"Jimmy, this is Justine Campbell," I said. "She's somewhat of a slut herself, if you're interested."

"Fuck off! I am not!" she said, but she knew I was just kidding. She threw a French fry at me and I had to flick it off my shoulder. "I'm no Charlotte Lawsen anyway."

"So what's the deal with Charlotte?" Jimmy asked. "Why is she like that? How'd she get that way?"

"Nobody really knows," Mick said. "It's a complete mystery. She's almost a legend. We all know what she's like, but no one knows why. She should be a nice, decent, respectable girl. Her family's rich. She's beautiful, smart, talented. But instead of being a model student, she's like, the hottest fuck in school. She'll suck your brains right out of your dick, fuck you stupid, and then walk away bragging about it. Nobody really knows why."

"Wow," Jimmy said.

Justine continued. "They say she lost her virginity, in grade eight. She was only thirteen. Can you believe it?"


"Shh! Keep it down, dude," I said.

"In the equipment room during gym class," Justine added. "She snuck away with this guy Charley, and they like, actually fucked right there on the mats with like a hundred kids running around playing basketball right outside the equipment room door. Can you imagine!?"

"Damn..." Mick said.

"It could have been anyone. One minute they're just fooling around, the next he's sliding his dick up inside her and she's just letting him."

"Damn..." Jimmy repeated.

Charlotte sat there chatting away with her friends, oblivious to the fact that she was the center of a heated discussion on her apparently lax morals. We were all looking over at her. She was sitting there with her girlfriends, looking totally hot, just talking and laughing and eating her lunch.

"Anyway, after that locker room incident, some girls started treating her like dirt all of a sudden, just because she went all the way with a guy she wasn't even dating. They started calling her a slut, a tramp, and all sorts of other tasty nicknames along those lines. She has a strange confidence about her though. The name-calling seemed to slide right off her without sticking, so they just gave up."

"She's definitely a cool chick," Jimmy said.

"That story spread around fast," Mick added, "and that's when she first became a bit of a legend around here. After that, there seemed to be a new story about her just about every week, and sometimes a couple of them."

"Well if I ever get a chance to do her," Jimmy said. "I'll definitely give it a try."

"Me too," Justine said. We all gawked at her and suddenly had images of a hot girl-on-girl scene between the two of them. She raised her eyebrows at us, grabbed my last French fry, and walked off with a cute little wiggle of her ass.

"I wouldn't mind to get a piece of Justine as well," Jimmy said, watching her go.

"I'm sure her ex, Paul, could tell you some stories."

Charlotte got up from her table and walked over toward us. As she passed by she bent over and kissed Mick on the cheek.

"Hey, sweetie," she said, and then let out this gorgeous little giggle that nearly made me shudder with lust. Mick reached out and gave her cute little ass a nice firm squeeze.

"Whoa! Hey now, Micky. You shouldn't get me all hot so close to class time."

Then she tweaked his ear and was gone. She glanced my way as she walked by though, and raised an eyebrow at me. My heart did a couple of flips and splashed down somewhere in my guts. What the hell was that about!?

I was soon to find out.

"Damn!" Jimmy said. "It's that easy?"

"Well you have to get to know her first," Mick said. "I have. Shit, it was nice. And what a fucking champ at cock sucking too. Wish I could talk her into a bathroom stall right now."

Jimmy was staring off at the table where she'd been sitting. He was lost in thought. I was staring off at a blank wall, still wondering about that eyebrow thing.

The buzzer went off a few minutes later and we all shuffled off like zombies to our classrooms.

Jimmy and I shared the next class and I had to show him where it was. It was English Composition and I was sort of the teacher's pet, so I was in no hurry to get there.

"You seem popular enough," Jimmy told me on the way. "You must get a lot of tail around here."

"I'm fairly popular, I guess. I hooked up with this girl, Trisha last week. It was really nice, and ever since then people have been looking at me funny. I don't know. I guess, treat a girl right and word will get around."

Perhaps that was why Charlotte had been looking at me the way she had. Trish Seares was a friend of hers. I don't think I really treated Trish too awesomely during the actual sex part. It was a quick, five-minute tumble in the back seat of her car at the end of a very nice date. I think she was only doing it because she felt like she owed me something after I treated her so well at the restaurant and after the movie. I didn't really wanna do it in the car, but her curfew was almost up and she insisted. She had no complaints though, after it was over. She kissed me goodnight and I walked into my house feeling kinda weird. I guess that's maybe why we never did have another date.

"Cool," Jimmy said. "I'll have to remember that."

We were at our class and we looked in. There was Charlotte sitting there in the middle row, looking as gorgeous as ever.

"Well, here we are," I said.

"It was nice talking to you, Anthony."

He went in, but I stood staring at Charlotte for a few more minutes. Suddenly Gerri Meskaleck was behind me. She was a pretty young thing, fairly popular herself. She was a friend of Charlotte's. Charlotte was friends with everyone, but there were only about four or five that she shared everything with. Geraldine was one of them.

"Mr. Mitchell," she said.

"S'up, Gerri?"

"You, apparently."


"You were all the talk at our table in the cafeteria. It seems a certain Miss Charlotte Lawsen was telling us all how cute she thinks you are."

"Me?" I sounded more shocked than I wanted to.

"And smart and funny, and what was it she said? You got deep dreamy eyes."

"Really? She said that?"

I suddenly had this Oh my god! feeling flipping around in my stomach. I tried not to let it show, but I think Geraldine could tell.

"Now that I'm up close, I can see what she means. Yummy."

"Um, thanks, I guess."

My brow was furrowed, confused, and I found myself blushing. Had Charlotte Lawsen really said those things about me? Something strange was going on.

"That's private girl talk though, Mr. Mitchell. You didn't hear it from me."

Somehow I got the feeling like Geraldine was instructed to let me in on that little secret though. She opened the door and went in. She walked straight over to Charlotte and whispered something to her that made her smile. I stood there a moment more, waiting for my blush to fade, waiting for my head to clear a bit. Then I took a deep breath, opened the door myself, and joined the class.

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