The Pervasion of the Bodyswappers

by King Wesley

Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Mind Control, Heterosexual, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Mind Control Sex Story: A girl is very confused when she see herself having sex.


"No way. Red. Definitely red. I'll bet - on my life - Ms Prim and Proper is dreaming about her sexy, naughty red lingerie inside. And those panties - will most definitely be red."

""Hey, come on," he drawled. "Just because you're my girl you've got, what? A sexth sense? You don't know what colour her undies are, and neither do I. All we can do is extrapolate. Exhibit A:" He gesticulated with his spam-laden fork. "Headmaster's daughter, good Catholic girl, the kind of date you can bring home to mother. Even if, and it's a big if, she wants red, there's no way that girl gets away with owning anything but plain white cotton. Her father would disown her" took another forkful of spam and grimaced. "You think she does her own laundry or something?"

"You forget just how tricky us girls can be my dear. We can be very sly when we want to be. Remember the first time I met your mother? I was little miss virgin for the day and she fell for it hook, line and sinker. You told me the next day how proud she was of you to finally find somebody of good marriage material."

"Yeah, but you kind of spoilt that the next time when you left your vibrator in my parents' bedroom."

"That's not the point. The fact still remains that if she wanted to wear some sexy red knickers then she would do so and her parents would be none the wiser."

"Them's sounds like fighting words to me love. What do you want to bet that underneath that cute little plaid skirt is nothing but your bog-standard Marks and Spencer underwear?"

"Well if it's a wager you want, then how about we make this interesting? If I'm right then you will finally let us have a threesome with Brad from Geography class."

"What! You know how I feel about the idea of him touching you. He's nothing more than a Neanderthal."

"Isn't he just. Oh the things I would let that man do to me w ... I mean err ... sorry, you know how I daydream sometimes. Anyway, what do you have to worry about? I thought you were certain that her panties are white."

"I was ... I mean ... I am. You know what, you're on. If you win then I'll let you have Brad. But if I win, then we forget about Brad and you will finally let me have that threesome with you and Cassie Blake."

"Cassie Blake!!! I wouldn't go near that slut with a ten pole barge pole. Some of the stories I've heard about that girl make even me feel like a prude!"

"I know, fantastic isn't she? I hope this doesn't mean you're chickening out on our little wager."

"Me? I'm not chickening out of anything, you have yourself a deal. You can dream about Bondage Blakey all you want but sadly for you, that's all it will be."

"You just keep telling yourself that when I have you lick out Cassie's arsehole in the headmaster's office."

"You're a disgusting pervert you know that Tony?"

"Of course, that's why you love me."

"I must admit I do have very low standards. So how are we going to get into Little Miss Perfect's panties then?"

"I could just go lift up her skirt I suppose."

"But where's the fun in that?"

"So what do you suggest?"

"Well, how about w..."

At the next table Sandra Lee was doing her best not to pay any attention to what Tony Matthews and Nikki Kim were saying about her. They were well known around the school for trying to mess with other students in this way and she knew the best tactic was to just not rise to the bait. They wanted her to confront them, run off somewhere or at least react in some way so she just gritted her teeth and stubbornly ate her lunch as they continued to talk smut about her.

After what had seemed an age, their chattering quietened down and she could no longer hear what they were saying, which came as a great relief to her. Unfortunately for Sandra moments later her peace was broken by Tony sitting himself down opposite her.

"Hey Sandy, how's tricks?"

"I'm fine thanks," she replied calmly, determined to not seem fazed in any way. "Just trying to have a quiet lunch."

"You took a risk eating here didn't you? The food's awful, I mean what is that even supposed to be that you've got there?"

"It's tuna casserole." Sandra was determined to continue to keep giving short bland answers until Tony got bored and left.

"Ah, I see." Tony replied in fake interest. "I thought you were more of a sausage man myself. If I had known you were into fish I would have sent Nikki over hear instead."

"Why don't you just go to h..." began Sandra before calming herself down and continuing "Well, you learn something new everyday don't you?"

"Indeed." agreed Tony, "And may I say that you look lovely today. That outfit really suits you."

"Thanks" responded Sandra curtly.

"There's no need to get aggressive, I really mean it. That white blouse really shows off your breasts well and that naughty little skirt you've got on is enough to make any guy here wander what lies underneath."

"You're a pig!"

"Come on Sandy, I'm just being friendly." Sandra felt a hand grab her thigh underneath the table. "What's a guy to think when you dress like such a tease?"

Sandra shot to her feet immediately. "Get off me! Why can't you just leave me alone."

Tony pretended to look hurt. "I was just trying to pay you a compliment. I just wanted you to know that your efforts with your outfit today were not in vain and that you look extremely fuckable today."

"Stop saying that, just ... God I feel sick just talking to you."

With that, Sandra ran out of the school canteen, face bright red in anger and embarrassment. Tony just went and sat back down with Nikki.

"We'll go pick her up in about ten minutes then." He smiled.

Sandra dashed into the girls toilets and locked herself in one of the cubicles. She held her head in her hands and began to cry. It was so humiliating to be spoken about like that, and in front of half the school too. It was going to be weeks before she could look anyone in the eyes again.

After a few minutes of trying to collect her thoughts, Sandra got up to leave the cubicle but to her surprise immediately fell back down. She hadn't noticed before but she had become extremely light-headed and standing up so quick had sent a rush of blood to the head. Sandra tried to compose herself, but it only served to make her feel more and more woozy until after one loud sigh, she passed out in the cubicle.

Five minutes later a couple entered the toilets to find Sandra lying unconscious on the floor. They smiled to one another and then prepared to carry her away.


Sandra awoke to find herself strapped to a chair. Her head was still very groggy but not too much so for her scream violently into the ball gag that filled her mouth. As her head began to clear, it became more and more clear how scary her situation really was for as well as the gag, Sandra realised that she was completely naked and unable to move. In addition she could see Tony on the bed in front of her, thrusting his cock into the pussy of a girl whose face she couldn't make out but who was obviously very much enjoying being taken from behind by the monster who Sandra now assumed must have kidnapped her.

Sandra stared at the girl intensely, desperately trying to put a name to the smiling face. It looked so familiar to her, yet the haziness in her head meant she just couldn't focus clearly enough to tell who it was. As the girl removed herself from Tony's cock long enough so that she could turn around and mount him face to face, Sandra could see that this girl wasn't his girlfriend Nikki, in fact Nikki was nowhere to be seen. The girl that was now bouncing merrily up and down upon Tony's cock was somebody else that Sandra knew she recognised.

It was at that moment that the haze lifted and Sandra once again screamed uncontrollably into her gag. The girl she was watching bounce up and down like a common slut was in fact herself, or at least a girl who looked exactly like her. The girl had the same long dark hair, the same pert breasts and slim yet strong body tone, she was a perfect likeness. Sandra couldn't believe her eyes as she watched this girl wilfully treat Tony's cock as her own private pogo stick without any sign of reservation at all. The girl was fucking him out of her own free will and she was loving every second of it.

Sandra then began to feel her own pussy moisten as she continued to watch the show in front of her. It was only natural, the moans and gasps of ecstasy sounded just like her own and it was impossible not to let herself get taken in just a little. She wanted to look away but something compelled her to keep watching herself be used in such a raw and sexual way. It seemed so real watching this look-alike grind herself against Tony's manhood that Sandra almost felt like his cock was actually inside her. Against her better judgement, she began to grind her own hips over the imaginary cock she felt plunging deep into her pussy and almost let out a sigh of disappointment when the other Sandra removed herself from on top of Tony.

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