Sunset With My Two Girlfriends

by Lars Sunshine

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Polygamy/Polyamory, Nudism, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: We have put on a little clothes to go for a walk through the dunes along the beach, maybe all the way to the old light house.

It's summertime and I am staying in my cottage by the sea together with my two girlfriends, Sarah and Vivienne. We've had dinner, and now we've put on a little clothes to go for a long walk through the dunes along the beach, maybe all the way to the old light house. Home in the cottage we have all been naked, since the weather is really warm enough for that. But in consideration of other people that might also be out for a walk we have put on some light summer clothes.

I am walking along hand in hand with Vivienne. Sarah was somewhat ahead of us, but now she has stopped and turns around to face us, waiting for us to catch up.

The sun is right behind her, and I can clearly see the silhouette of her body through the thin white fabric of her dress.

"You are beautiful", I say as we reach her. Her dress is low-cut, and I can see that she didn't bother to put on a bra. I reach around her waist and squeeze her butt cheeks, which appears to be without panties. "You are not wearing anything," I happily declare.

"Yes I am," Sarah says. "But not more than the bare minimum." She turns around and I put my arm around her and we continue walking.

Sarah puts her arm around my naked back and I slip free of Vivienne's hand and put my arm around her also. With our arms around each other like that we continue walking. Vivienne is wearing a little top and a short skirt so I am touching her bare naked skin above her butt. I move my hand across her ass down to the edge of the skirt and then up again under the edge. Here I find nothing but naked skin and not a single trace of panties.

"But Vivienne, you're not wearing panties either," I say. "Your are so lovely both of you."

I move my arm back up on Vivienne's back until I can manage to feel my way inside under the top so I can brush the outermost of her soft tit. With my other hand I squeeze Sarah's breast through the dress.

Sarah drops her head on my shoulder and sighs softly.

"What a wonderful day," she says.

"Year, it's just so nice to be on holiday," Vivienne continues. "The entire day is filled with nothing but sunshine, good food and lots of time."

"And with great sex...", Sarah says. "It was so great fucking with you this morning."

"Yeah, that was really fantastic...", Vivienne exclaims enthusiastically. "You know, Sarah and I had been licking each other for quite some time and I was already very excited and was thinking about your cock, then then suddenly you were awake and the first thing I can feel is your thick cock sliding into my wet cunt from behind."

"And then you really got wild," Sarah laughs when recalling their morning activities.

"You licked my clit so nicely while he was fucking me. When I finally came it was a tremendous orgasm."

"And then it was my turn..." Sarah recalls

"But you didn't come, did you?" Vivienne asks me.

"No I didn't. We were also screwing last night, if you remember."

"Oh yeah. And men don't have so much stamina." Vivienne is laughing at me. "I seem to remember that both Sarah and I had nice orgasms both last night and this morning."

"But stamina or not, it seems you are easily influenced," Sarah says and moves her hand down across my naked belly and across the tent-like structure that my trousers are forming over my erection. She rubs around my cock through the thin material and I let out an enjoying sigh.

"Hey, you're a not wearing any briefs either," Sarah says.

"Well, if you can be that indecent at this public place, then so can I," Vivienne exclaims and pulls her top off over her head. Her heavy breasts move clearly as she walks in the orange sunlight.

We have reached the old light house by now, and sits down on the bench with me in the middle and Sarah and Vivienne on each side.

Vivienne unbuttons my loose trousers and Sarah reaches inside and grabs my cock with her hand and starts rubbing slowly up and down the long shaft. Vivienne cups my balls and I grab a hold of her large naked breast. For some time we sit like that, enjoying our bodies, the soft laps of the waves and the exceptional light of the setting sun.

Eventually I start getting more excited and Sarah can feel it, so she moves her hand faster and faster. I moan with pleasure and hug both of them lovingly.

"What a delicious cock you've got," Sarah says. "It's really big and firm."

"And beautiful," says Vivienne. "And your balls are really heavy. I am sure they are full of fresh, warm sperm."

"Mmh, yeah," Sarah continues. "Delicious warm sperm. It's so spectacular when your cock is spraying long white ropes of thick semen all over the place."

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