Double the Pleasure

by Thesandman

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Group Sex, Oral Sex, Masturbation, .

Desc: Sex Story: Anna discovers her wild side with a pair of male twins

Anna was what you might call a fun fiery looking redhead. She wore it short, spiked and wild, just the way she looked. Her breasts were full and depending on the situation, she usually enjoyed showing a bit of cleavage whenever she went out.

It was Friday. And like most Fridays, she and a co-worker, Mattie, had stopped by a local pub after work for a few drinks before heading home. Being that it was a Friday, it seemed like everyone else had the same idea as well. And though it was still early, the place was already busy with several men and women stopping in for a drink, relaxing, and chatting it up with friends.

"Busy tonight," Anna commented, though she had spotted a couple of vacant bar stools at the counter. She and Mattie immediately made their way over, sitting down, and soon ordered their drinks. She had already enjoyed a few casual looks thrown her way as she sat down. Wearing a skirt, though it wasn't inappropriately short, it was slit up one side allowing her a bit more freedom of movement. A goodly deal of her upper thigh showed through however as she sat, though she smiled inwardly, allowing it to do so without adjustment. Her blouse likewise was modest, though she had undone one more button than normal just before leaving work. Showing just a hint of her more than ample breasts currently incased in a satin like bra matching her red blouse.

"Be right back," Mattie commented a few minutes later. "Need to use the Lou and then make a phone call."

Unlike herself, Mattie was married and knew that she needed to call home and see if her husband Robert would be working late. Sometimes he did, so they'd stay a bit later at the pub enjoying their drinks. On nights that he didn't, they would only have one or two, and then head out far earlier than she liked. Anna hoped this wouldn't be an early night. She was enjoying her drink the ability to relax while listening to the music coming from the jukebox. So absorbed in her comfort, she at first didn't hear, see or even sense it when a man stood next to her, not quite sitting on the stool that Mattie had vacated, but looking as though he might when she realized he was there.

"Oh sorry, I'm with a friend, that's her seat," Anna said. His eyes smiled in acknowledgement, he took his glass off the bar and walked around behind her. Anna thought he was leaving, her response taken as she was not at all interested, though in truth she might have been had he continued to stand there talking to her. He was tall, sandy colored hair, a nice smile and certainly a smooth sounding voice as he'd said, "Oh ... sorry luv," and then walked around behind her. To her surprise, he merely changed sides, now standing on her right, leaving the bar stool open for Mattie's return. "Can I buy you another?" he asked. Anna realized she had already finished her first drink, and while waiting for Mattie's return with the news if this was going to be an early night or not, hadn't as yet ordered another.

"Yes, thank you," she found herself saying, surprised to some degree that she had, though again the smile she was looking at was disarming, putting her immediately at ease. "Haven't seen you in here before," Anna said.

"We just moved here," he told her, "took a flat just around the corner."

"We?" Anna asked somewhat disappointedly, already deciding he was married, though a quick glance at his hand indicated no ring.

"Yes, my brother and I," he said easily. "We just started up our own business together," he explained once again smiling.

Just then Mattie returned, surprised to find Anna engaged in conversation with an attractive looking man. "Sorry Anna, but I'm afraid I can't stay, Robert's already home."

"Anna?" The man smiled once again gathering her attention away from her friend. "Nice to meet you, my name's Gary," he said finally introducing himself. "And my brother Larry is over there, he's just gotten us a table. Would you two care to join us for a drink?" He had asked hopefully.

Anna followed his gaze, spying a booth, looking twice as she did, once at the table, and quickly back to the man standing next to her, they were identical.

"Twins?" she asked mildly surprised. Obviously they were.

"In every way," he responded secretively, his comment adding a hint of naughtiness behind it, which caused Anna to feel a brief quick involuntary twitch between her legs.

"Sorry ... can't stay as much as I'd like to," Mattie said already standing up off her stool. "You?"

"For a bit," Anna said grinning at her friend knowingly, receiving a quick quirky smile back in return. Mattie leaned over giving her friend a quick kiss on the cheek in good-bye, though whispering.

"Do everything I wouldn't ... though would want to," she said, adding a laugh behind it. "See you on Monday then," she added, though placing her hand up against her face next to her ear and mouthing the words, "Call me!" Anna smiled nodding her head briefly.

"See you Monday Luv," Anna said, and immediately turned her attention back towards Gary who had stood there waiting patiently. Anna answered by standing, taking her drink. Gary grinned, leading her over towards the booth where his twin brother Larry was anxiously waiting for them.

In was only natural that she slid in between them, Gary soon after introducing her to his brother, who in turn introduced himself. They sat in casual chat discussing the business they were in, asking about Anna and what it was she did. She felt comfortable, and it felt good having the attention she was suddenly receiving, from both men, and identical twins at that. What she hadn't expected was the sudden rush of arousal, which had begun coursing through her. She could even feel the flush of it within her cheeks, making her warm, though it had been a rather hot and muggy day as it was outside anyway. As though attempting to cool herself, off, Anna toyed with the front of her blouse, giving it a brief subtle flutter with her hand, though she had managed to undo yet another button on her blouse while doing so. Not enough to be considered inappropriate even then, but certainly inviting a more direct glance down her blouse at her captured twin peaks.

They continued to chat, getting even more comfortable and friendly, laughing together over silly things, which is when Anna felt the sudden warmth of Gary's hand on her leg, though he had done so as a mere chance, his hand resting only briefly there before removing it. But she had liked the quick brief touch of it, and when the opportunity came, she then did the same. Anna allowed her own hand to come into contact with Gary's thigh, though as it did, she allowed it to stay there, as he had. And he had even leaned closer towards her, using the excuse to gather up their now empty glasses and pushing them together on the table so that their waitress would see and come refill their drinks. The movement however now had them sitting there touching, which Gary didn't shy away from in sliding back over where he'd been. His own hand now coming to rest upon her thigh beneath the table, as he too left it there, just slowly inching it back and forth upon her as though doing so without realizing that he was.

Fresh drinks were soon brought, and as Larry slid them over to everyone, he too used the movement to move closer to Anna on the other side. She felt his hand then resting itself upon her leg, where it too now remained. The combined touch of both upper thighs now being gently caressed, sent a series of surprised shudders and twitches coursing through her. Anna felt the beginnings of her arousal, a brief bit of moisture as it accumulated, and as she briefly entertained thoughts of the impossible, unlikely.

"Would it be too forward of me to say you have lovely looking breasts?" Gary asked, and then adding before Anna could even respond, "Doesn't she Larry?"

"Oh yes, definitely," Larry responded back. "Twins, perfect twins ... just as we are," he finished with the exact same smile she likewise saw on Gary's face. But it wasn't just that which had sent yet another jolt deep between her legs, but the subtle gentle squeeze on her thigh once again, as she felt Gary's had travel upwards a bit higher. His finger tips just inching up and beneath the inverted "V" of her dress slit where it ended. And though his hand remained well far of her pussy, his teasing touch might as well have been touching it directly the way that her clit throbbed involuntarily as his fingers continued toying with her where they were.

"I'm not sure they're exactly identical," Anna had teased back. "In fact, most women's breasts really aren't you know. One is usually a bit larger than the other, though most of the time, it's hardly noticeable."

Both men were grinning. "It would be interesting to see if either one of us could figure out which one might be," Larry said half jokingly, quickly adding. "And as identical as we are too, there is subtle differences between us as well, would likewise be interesting to see if you could tell who was really who ... though we'd have to be naked of course in order to do that."

It was an obvious invitation, but suddenly the thought of exploring that was more arousing than anything Anna had entertained for a very long time.

"I bet I could tell, figure it out," she then challenged, waiting to see their response, which came almost immediately.

"Last drink then? And then we'll go back to our flat and see how good you are," Gary paused briefly grinning with the suggestive pause speaking volumes, "At telling us apart?" he then finished, though Larry immediately quipped.

"We should make it a game, offer some sort of prize if she does, if she can," he grinned, and likewise, if we can ... distinguish between which one of your breasts mightn't be somewhat larger, or smaller than the other."

The twins were correct when they said their flat was just around the corner. It took only minutes to arrive, where Anna then followed Larry up, as Gary followed behind. She couldn't help wondering as he did what he was looking at as the steps were steep as they climbed up. Though their place was nice and well furnished, it was small. And she was further surprised to find there was only one bedroom, though the bed itself was rather large.

"Best place we could find on short notice," Gary explained as though reading Anna's mind. "We'll look for a bigger place later," he added. "Though for now ... it suits us just fine." He was smiling, the twinkle in his eyes as he said that giving lie to the comment as his words had hinted at more than that.

And though she felt comfortable, Anna was still nervous, though she also knew part of that was due to her arousal as well.

"Would you care for something else to drink?" Larry had asked crossing over towards a spacious side bar where there was plenty of liquor. And though she had probably had enough already, with her head already buzzing, she accepted the offer, promising herself to just sip it.

She followed the men inside the bedroom, standing at the end of the bed holding her drink. As though somehow communicating to one another with their minds, they both approached, each one stepping towards her. They each one now kissed the nape of her neck simultaneously, and as they did, Anna felt two pairs of hands deftly undoing the last few buttons on her blouse. As one, they worked together, taking it off her as it fell away now leaving her to stand there in her red satin bra. She then felt the same being done to her skirt, buttons opened on the side, suddenly the feel of fresh air bathing her ass, and her legs as she now stood in the briefest of thongs. Anna sipped her drink, enjoying the tantalizing tease of their undressing of her as they did so expertly without a single word of communication passing between them.

"Are you two this smooth when you work together as well?" she asked. Her answer came in the form of her bra suddenly coming away. She allowed it to slide down her arms, now joining her skirt, which she stepped out of. Gary then took the drink she'd been holding, setting it down next to the bed as Larry stood in front, his hands gently cupping each of her full firm breasts in his hands as he stood looking at them.

"Hmm," he said, first lifting one and then the other as Gary came over standing beside his brother scrutinizing the two of them as well. "I don't know Gary, they sure feel the same, certainly no difference in weight as far as I can tell either. What do you think?"

Letting go of her tits, it was now Gary who cupped them within his hands, likewise lifting them up, looking back and forth between the two, which only further hardened and crinkled her already well aroused nipples. "They look perfect to me," he then added. "I couldn't tell which one might be larger, if in fact they really are," he accused, though leaned forward capturing one hard nipple between his lips, sucking it before Anna could even respond. Almost immediately Larry did the same, now likewise sucking the other as the three continued to stand there together. Anna placed her hands on the back of each of the twin's heads, holding them in place, feeling the delight as they teased each of her hard twin peaks pleasurably. She was amazed as well as delighted at the similarities as they stood sucking her, flicking her hard extended little nipples with their tongues, doing so almost as if choreographed.

They stepped away only momentarily, each one undressing themselves quickly until they too were naked, though Anna remained with only the briefest of thongs on, still covering her pussy. At first glance, even she couldn't see any noticeable difference between the two of them either. Each with a lovely, hard, thick straining penis, even the swollen purple angry looking heads of their cocks appeared exactly identical as they once again approached her as though giving each some sort of secret telepathic signal to have done so.

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