Bus Ride

by Thesandman

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Masturbation, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Sex Story: David discovers an unexpected benefit in taking the bus in to work

In the beginning I wasn't too thrilled about taking the bus in to work. It meant getting up an hour earlier for one thing, and for another, it also meant arriving at work a half hour earlier than I needed to be. As far as I was concerned, it was a good waste of my own personal time. On the other hand ... it was saving me a great deal of money in gas, not to mention paying the exorbitant parking fees just to leave my car sitting in a spot all day that wasn't even really secure.

I boarded the bus, the sun hadn't even come up yet, and though lit, the light was still dim inside as I made my way towards the back where there were few if any other passengers. As I neared the back section, I spotted one young attractive looking woman, surprised to see her look up meeting my eyes and actually smiling. I returned the smile and immediately took a seat directly across the aisle from her. For a moment I felt somewhat embarrassed in having done that. I could have taken any other number of seats. In my mind, I wondered if I was being obvious in having done so, but she was certainly worth looking at. And the fact she continued to glance over my way told me that she had some minor interest in me as well. That ... or my overactive imagination was working overtime.

Deciding that I shouldn't jump to conclusions or make any assumptions about a simple look and a smile, I opened my morning newspaper and began reading. Though I soon realized I had read the same paragraph three times trying to digest the content. Glancing up and over the paper in her direction again, I pretended not to look as I did so, but then I was suddenly forced to look. "Had I just seen what I thought I'd seen?" I asked myself. This time, I lowered the paper just enough to allow myself to appear to be reading it, yet once again looking even more purposely towards her.

She wore her hair short sort of spiked and wild looking, which for some odd reason really set off the rest of her features as well. Nice full succulent lips I had seen smile at me, and a first glance that showed me she'd been wearing a rather short black skirt and a simple pullover sweater that matched it. She had repositioned herself there on her seat, likewise now pretending to glance out the window of the bus as we moved along. But she had turned her legs, and thus her crotch in my direction. Just dark enough that I couldn't really see anything, it was nonetheless a nice fantasy to sit there entertaining. Half another movement, and her legs would spread far enough apart that I could have easily seen what was sitting there hidden between them. But then again, that was just me, enjoying the fantasy and playing it out in my mind, though it was never really going to happen.

I realized I'd allowed that gaze, that fantasy of thought to play itself out far longer than I should have when I once again locked eyes with her, realizing I'd been looking, and that she'd caught me doing just that. Once again, she smiled however, and as she did, she spread those same wonderful long legs of hers, and treated me to the fantasy I'd been entertaining. Only this time it was real, and this one was even better. Taking a quick sneak peak forward where the only other person who might have taken an interest in whatever she was doing, was three rows ahead of her. Satisfied no one else could, she raised herself up very quickly, and in doing so, bunched the very short skirt she was wearing all the way up and around her waist!

"Holy shit!" I just barely vocalized, certainly not loud enough for anyone to have heard me, though she had ... or had at least managed to lip read the words I'd just spoken.

"You like?" she mouthed back at me, easy enough to know I hadn't misinterpreted her words, and answered by almost idiotically nodding my head.

I watched as she then spread her legs even further, dim light or no ... there was no mistaking what I was looking at now. She was shaved, her lips puffy and swollen as she ran a finger deftly up and down the slit of her cunt. When she retrieved her hand, sucking the middle finger she had used, I felt my cock suddenly throb, not even realizing until that very moment that it was as hard and stiff as it could possibly be.

The bus slowed, pulling over to the side of the road picking up another passenger. Taking a quick glance back her way, I saw she was prepared to yank her skirt back down if she had to. Looking back up towards the front, I saw another guy begin to head back our way.

Normally, I consider myself a nice, really easygoing guy. Which in fact, I am. But I found myself glaring at him as he approached. Maybe it was the look in my eyes that caused him to take the seat that he did, though to be honest I really don't think I had meant to look at him the way that I had. Or ... maybe I did. Either way, it served its purpose as he took his seat thus removing the threat of my "Bus Girl" as I now thought of her, from having to reposition her skirt. As I turned back to look at her, she actually laughed, her face blushing a little. But more importantly, her hand was once again down between her legs, and this time, she made it even more obvious as to what she was doing to herself as she openly finger-fucked her cunt.

This was, one of the most wildly erotic experiences of my life. A complete and total stranger, a very attractive younger woman was sitting there masturbating in the aisle across from me! I wondered for a moment if I'd boarded the bus to heaven as aroused as I now was.

Even the ride itself seemed to contribute to the erotic atmosphere. Lights periodically reflecting inside, seemingly showing a brief spot-light here and there against that openly displayed pussy. The glistening wetness of her arousal briefly, momentarily highlighted, giving the entire adventure we were sharing a somewhat surrealistic feel. When she lifted the lightweight sweater she was wearing, revealing two very beautiful full looking breasts barely encased inside a black lacy bra, I felt my prick again twitch and knew I was in the process of creating a very large wet spot. Thank god for dark Levi's or I would have really been in trouble arriving to work like that.

Bus Girl, then managed to pull one of her tits free of the bra, giving me an additional thrill as she fingered the rather dark looking nipple, which was obviously erect and fat looking. She applied a bit of her pussy juice to it with her finger, the lifted it with her hand, licking the substance off she had just placed there.

"Give me some," she mouthed towards me.

I had no clue what she had meant by that, though my mind wasn't thinking clearly at the moment either. "What?" I mouthed back barely speaking, my lifted eyebrows clearly messaging my confusion. She laughed, understanding my lack of interpretation at her request. Like a street mime performing, she then made motion with her hand like she was jacking off ... a pretend cock, which she pumped, and then squeezing it. With the tip of her finger, she swiped off what I then knew was pretend precum, and then applied this to her nipple, though she actually did touch it once again looking towards me.

"Oh my God! She wants me to give her some juice!" I thought, and realized that in order to do so ... I'd have to pull out my cock and actually do that. But as I sat there thinking about it, I realized I wanted to do that just about more than anything else at the moment.

I knew no one could see what I was doing unless they suddenly stood up for whatever reason and actually walked back. Freeing my prick, which was no easy process under the circumstances, Bus Girl sat grinning at me as I did so. I then copied her mimed movements as I actually did stroke, and then squeezed my prick until a nice fat juicy droplet of precum oozed out of the tip. She slid over on her seat closer to the isle, took a quick glance up towards the front, and then suddenly she was across the aisle sitting next to me! The fact she had managed this feat with her skirt still bunched up around her waist and one tit hanging out was amazing enough. Had anyone looked back as she'd done so, there would have been no mistaking what was going on back here, though even then I wondered if the bus driver had taken note of the sudden movement in back through his rearview mirror. As he made no sudden movement to pull the bus over against the curb, stand up and walk back and kick us off, I figured he hadn't. That ... or maybe he was now enjoying the show. There was really no way of knowing for sure. But at the moment, I could have cared less. Bus girl was holding my dick, and squeezing it.

"By the way ... my name is Julie," she then said, and swiped a droplet of juice from my dick, applying it to her tit just as she'd requested. "Wanna feel?"

I had to check myself for a pulse. For a moment, I actually did wonder if I had died, and that this bus was taking me anywhere but to work. If it was ... I didn't care, I was along for the ride for the duration. Accepting her proposal, I reached over, cupping her breast and then thumbing that hard erect fat nipple of hers. She sighed pleasurably. Then to my added confusion, she lifted herself up, once again straightening her skirt back into place. As she did, I removed my hand, and she then stuffed that beautiful tit of hers back into place as well.

"Sorry ... but my stops coming up," she informed me. "Tomorrow?"

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