The Spanking Couples Bisexual Spanking Party

by reddbunnz

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Ma/Ma, Consensual, BiSexual, Fiction, BDSM, DomSub, MaleDom, FemaleDom, Spanking, Humiliation, Swinging, Group Sex, Orgy, Interracial, White Couple, Black Male, White Male, White Female, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Enema, Cream Pie, Exhibitionism, 2nd POV, Nudism, .

Desc: BDSM Sex Story: The Spanking Couples attend a Sadie Hawkins Night Spanking Party and have some bisexual fun. Continuation of The Spanking Couples series, and The Spanking Couples Cocksucking Contest should be read first to better understand the story plot.

Chapter 1: Bill Discovers his Dominant Side

Bill could not believe what he was experiencing. He was pounding his big cock into the ass of his friend and fellow Femdom submissive, Ron. And, he was enjoying it. Almost 24 hours ago he and his Femdom wife, Debbie, had won a Cocksucking contest, and were now enjoying the victory. The prize was that their Femdom friends, Marion and Ron, both had to submit to 24 hours of sexual slavery to he and Debbie. And, he was enjoying his role as the Maledom master over both. He had fucked Marion several times in all three holes, and Ron even more in both of his. And, he was loving every minute of it.

He looked down at his sexual slaves. Both Ron and Marion were side by side bent over the back of their couch. Both had their outside legs tied to the corner legs of the couch, while their inside legs were tied together. Both had their arms bound in the front in a similar fashion. And, both were wearing blindfolds and ring gags. While he was plunging in and out of Ron' asshole with his eight inch cock, Debbie was doing the same to Marion with a 10 inch strap-on dildo. Suddenly, he heard Debbie scream. He had heard that sound many times before. She was cumming from the action. She was using a double-sided dildo, and while the exposed end was plunging in and out of Marions rosebud, the other end was stimulating her clit. Just as suddenly, Bill got that familiar feeling in his groin. He held back as long as he could, but suddenly he erupted into Bill's ass. He also could not believe that he had cum this many times ins such a short period. But, then again, he was usually the fuckee, not the fucker. And, he was loving every minute of it.

As his once throbbing member began to shrink to its non-erect size (usually about five or six inches), he once again looked has his Femdom wife. She had just withdrawn her dildo from Marion's ass. He saw that her dildo was relatively clean, as was his cock. Both Ron and Marion had received multiple enemas before they were ass fucked, so neither had any dirty residue on their tools.

"Boy, I am exhaused." Debbie said. "24 hours of fucking is tiring. And, I need a good, strong cup of coffee. What do you say that we untie our slaves and make them serve us in the kitchen."

"Naw, we've got them as our slaves for another half hour," Bill replied. "I am in no hurry to become a bottom again. Let's leave them tied up for now until we decide if we want one more fuck before their slavery ends."

With that, Bill reached down and picked up their paddle, and gave Ron a good swat on his raw butt cheeks. Ron's ass was bright red, for in addition to multiple fuckings, Ron had also received multiple spankings and paddlings during the past 23 plus hours. Ditto for Marion. And, Marion not only had a redd ass, but both her tits sported marks from multiple tit spankings and flogging. And, Bill was still enjoying that part of the power exchange, too.

Now in the kitchen, as Bill handed a hot cup of coffee to Debbie, she asked, "Boy, you really enjoyed topping both of them, didn't you?"

"Yea," he replied. "I never thought of myself as a dominant, but I loved the power exchange. I still think that I am a natural bottom, but I now know that I love an occassional switch. And, I also now know that I love topping both sexes. I think I may have enjoyed fucking Ron's ass more than Marion's pussy. I know how much I love it when you fuck my ass, but I never realized that giving a good ass fucking could be so much fun, too."

"Well, maybe we should switch more often." Debbie replied. "It's almost time to release our slaves, so what do you want to do to them before Marion re-assumes her dominant role."

"Let's release her from the couch with her hands behind her back, and then have her eat my creampie from Ron's ass. That will give him some satisfaction, and further humiliate her before she regains her power."

"Be careful, for she probably will want to get even." Debbie warns.

"Well, that decision is yours, not hers. After the time expires, I am your slave, not hers."

"Yea, you're right. And, right now I am too tired to play those games."

With that both returned to the family room, untied Marion, then told her to give her husband a good ass fucking with her tongue. "I don't want to see any cum dripping from his asshole when you are done!" Debbie ordered.

Later that day, after all four had taken much deserved naps, Debbie and Marion were sitting around the kitchen table, while Ron and Bill were under the table servicing their slits. Things were back to normal, with the couples reverting to their Femdom ways.

"Tell me Marion, did you like serving us as our slaves?" Debbie asked her friend.

Still naked, Marion shifted her position on the chair, for her ass was still red and sore from the multiple spankings it had received earlier. Her tits were also still bright red from multiple tit floggings.

"Yea, I am still a top, and I love giving others humiliation and pain. But, like you, I also love serving others occassionally. Only, next time, it will be your ass receiving the beating, not mine." She said with a big grin.

"Maybe, maybe not." Debbie replied. "Only time will tell."

"Hey, did you see the latest flyer from the Spanking Club? This month is the Sadie Hawkins Night." Marion replied.

"Yea, but what's that about." Debbie asked.

"Once a year the club believes that it's best for the tops to experience the bottom role, and visa versa. It's called Sadie Hawkins Night because of the famous role reversal theme in the old Lil' Abner cartoon. Anyone attending this months spanking fun must assume the reverse role. If we go, the guys will be our tops, and we will be their bottoms. This gives anyone who as been mistreated in the past a chance to get even. Or, we can just skip this month's meeting and continue as normal here at home."

"Hell no!" Debbie replied. "We both love an occassional bottom, and I now know that Bill like to top every once in a while. He boys, come on out and let's talk about your spanking our asses at this month's Spanking Club Weekend!"

Chapter 2: Sadie Hawkins Night

Bill felt strange. He was now standing in line to register at the Spanking Club. The reason it felt strange is that both Debbie and Marion were naked, wearing only 6 inch stiletto heeled sandals, while he and Ron wore thongs and regular beach sandals. He looked around the room. Almost all of the women present were sporting skimpy clothes, and most of the men were naked. That's because, unlike them, most of the couples who belonged to the club were Maledom couples, with the guy the spanker and the lady the spankee. Tonight the role was reversed for everyone except the Switches.


"Yeaowwwww! One! Thank you Mistress, may I have another?" yelled a male spankee who had just received a swat from his female partner. He was bent over at the waist, his ankles spread and encased in floor shackles while his head and hands were encased in a waist-high pillory. Bill could see the guys asshole exposed, and also could see his erect cock and balls dangling from between his spread legs. Suddenly Bill began to get the urge to stick his cock in that asshole.

"Excuse me, sirs." Suddenly, Bill was awaked from his daydreaming and saw that the lady behind the check-in counter was speaking to him and Ron. "I see that you both are normally bottoms, so that means that this month you are tops. And, the ladies will be bottoms. How should we label the ladies?" Bill looked at Ron, who was equally puzzled.

"This must be your first time." She replied. "This month the rules are a little different. Not only is this month designed for you to get even with your regular partners, but also for anyone else that you would prefer. But, you have to give to get. So, here's your options. Like normal months, all tops wear blue badges, all bottoms wear red, and all switches wear green ones. But, in addition, all bottoms must also wear badges identifying their availability for others. If it's red on top and red on bottom, then anything goes. Any time you pass a sub wearing a red/red badge, you can order than bottom to bare their ass and give them up to five swats. If the collar is yellow on bottom, then you must ask to trade swats with with his/her top. If you both agree, he/she can swat your bottom's butt while you swat his/her bottom. A red/black badge means private property and you are not interested in trading. The same goes for any switch, but remember anyone wearing a badge with green on top is usually only interested in trading swats. All the green badges I have given out tonight are green on top and yellow on bottom."

"Also, the unwritten rules also still apply. So, if you want to play with a new partner by yourself you really need to roam the room alone. And, for any single wearing either a yellow or black bottomed badge the 'No Means No!' rule still applies. But, if that single is wearing a red bottomed badge, then he/she must obey. Ditto for any Switch with a red bottomed badge. But, so far I have not given out any of those. Also, the 'No Sex In the Common Room rule is in effect until midnight. After midnight, any bottom receiving a spanking must thank the spanker orally for five minutes. But, no penetration is allowed at any time in the common room. We rent private rooms for that."

"So, what color badges do you and your bottoms want?" she asked.

Ron looked at Bill, and replied, "Definitely not black. I want these bitches to sore to sit when we leave here." For the first time, Marion looked frightened. But, she knew better to say anything, for the guys and instituted the 'Speak only when spoken to' rule before entering the Spanking Club. But, she knew she was in for a long night of spanking fun.

"Can we change colors later?" Bill asked the lady behind the registration desk.

"Any time you want. In fact, I would love to trade swats with you." She replied. Only then did he notice that she was wearing a green/yellow badge, indicating she was a switch who would trade swats on a selective basis. And, she also was sporting big tits and a plump, round, very spankable ass. She had potential for later in the evening.

Bill then turned to his friend and replied, "Let's mark them yellow for now. If we decide to roam by ourselves, we could bring them back later." Ron agreed and all four were given their appropriate badges. Secretly, Ron was thinking about coming back and getting a green/red badge so that any Switch who wanted could give him five swats.

After afixing bades to the girl's bare left tits, the guys then told the girls to follow them quietly as they roamed the room. They both noticed that almost all guys in attendance were wearing red badges, signifiying them as bottoms, while most of the ladies were wearing blue ones. And, all the "cocktail" waitresses were also naked, except for stilettos, but all wore black bottomed badges, indicating that they were probably off limits. Finally they spotted a vacant table, and decided to sit and observe for a while. After they ordered some drinks, the guys gave the ladies permission to talk. Both Debbie and Marion indicated that their pussies were wet with anticipation of things to cum. But, both guys were too busy looking around the room to get the hint.

Suddenly two lovely ladies, wearing nothing except stillettos and blue top badges, walked over to their table. Both ladies sported nipple rings, and because both had totally naked bottoms, Bill noticed the each also had clit and libial rings dangling from between their legs. One of the ladies was blonde, while the other had beautiful red hair. Both bottoms were African American, with huge cocks and wore red/yellow badges. Bill stared at the two couples, and began to realize that he would love to fuck them all.

"Greetings, fellow Sadie Hawkins tops. My name is Kelly, and this is my friend Karen." Said the blonde. "Wanna trade? I would love to spank those two lovely bitches sitting beside you. Ever spanked another guy?"

Bill was beginning to get an erection, when Ron spoke first. "Well, other than some exercise, what's in it for us?" he asked.

"Tell you what," replied Karen. "After you spank their black asses, how about they give you both blow jobs. But, in return, your bitches must eat our pussies."

"We can't do that here before midnight." Bill replied. For there was a 'No Sex of Any Kind' rule in the main room until the bewitching hour.

"Yes, but there are some private rooms over there that we can rent. They cost $20 per hour. And, to get these bitches to lick my pussy after spanking their asses, I will pay for the first hour myself," replied Kelly.

"Can we fuck their asses, too?" Ron asked. Now Bill knew that Ron had bisexual desires just like he.

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