Kitchen Delights

by niteowluk99

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Coercion, Heterosexual, Fiction, BDSM, DomSub, Light Bond, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Fisting, Exhibitionism, .

Desc: BDSM Sex Story: Another of the Andrea and Master Ray exploits and showing that wether dsm led or not you don't always need a bedroom or lots of toys to experience great sex....

It started with you in the kitchen wearing your new dressing gown, you were making a coffee. I came into the kitchen really quiet and demanded you stand perfectly still, I switched off the lights and came up behind you; you were still highlighted by the street lamps shining through the windows. I slipped your satin ribbon tie undone and slowly silently pulled it from its locating loops of your gown.

Then I slipped my hands inside and starting on your stomach, slowly I stroked up and down from a point just over your pubic bone to just barely touching the underside of your tits. You leaned back into me and softly groaned as I kissed your neck and asked if my little slut's cunt was juicing up.

You gasped like a river, master.

Then I asked you to open your legs which surprised you as I normally just tell you to do it. You hesitated just as my hand moved down over your pubic bone and then suddenly you responded by opening your legs expecting my hand to continue down to touch your cunt. Instead it left the contact of your body and as I nibbled your ear a silent whoosh resulted in the sharp stinging feeling as my hand landed back directly over your clit.

Your body seemed to vibrate from the spank and your lips let out a almost grasping shriek, now my fingers traced your erect clit and as my hand moved back up to your breasts, I dragged a little of your cunt juice, glistening in the shining lights from outside along with my fingers up on to your pubic area.

More nibbling of your earlobes ensued as I asked you if you wanted to be my sexy little bitch. Without thinking you responded with a fervent yes. I demanded you remove your dressing gown and let me see your naked body in the light still shining in from the street; As a new excitement came over you as you sensed the fear and excitement of being seen from outside, but you did not dare disobey me; your white dressing gown slithered to the floor and suddenly you felt the soft satin ribbon against your right breast as I tied your tits in a figure of eight with the soft ribbon, tight enough to hold but not painfully tight.

Now your rock hard nipples gave away your excited state and soon my lips found your right nipple, they encircled it and my teeth latched on to your erect nub. Slight pain emanated from your nipple as my teeth enclosed around it but you also felt a sudden rush of excitement being so defenceless to my wishes.

I slowly pulled my head away from your dragging the nipple with me and I looked up into your face, your face a mask of pure lust as you half smiled half gasped at the sensations invading your mind all thoughts of any inconvenient pain extinguished.

In an instant your nipple was free and you were being guided back towards the chest freezer and as your back made contact it the slightly cold metallic surface, I ordered you to sit up on it.

Slowly now I revealed my rock hard cock and made you look at it by making you describe it closely, chastising you when you faltered in any descriptions you gave; I allowed you to feel it in your hand and stroke it as I told you, I was going to fuck my little bitch's cunt and fuck it good. Stepping forward I ordered you to guide my cock towards the entrance to your own cunt. Gingerly you moved my cock towards the heated goal of its quest, until its cock head was touching your outer lips. You took a sharp intake of breath and waited.

I pressed forward so gently and slowly fed all seven and a half inches into you until as my balls touched your arse, I paused and kissed you deep and firmly on the lips sliding my tongue deep inside your mouth.

My left hand went behind your neck preventing your head escaping the now thrusting tongue, tongue fucking your mouth whilst my right hand sought out and pinched your left nipple. As my cock entered your cunt, I felt the fire of your passion all around my cock and was amazed just how wet you were and how slick your cunt had become.

Slowly I began to rock my hips sliding in and out of your cunt lengthening the strokes as I went till I was slamming my cock deep into your throbbing cunt; all the time my tongue simulated the actions of my cock, I was thrusting harshly now as cock and tongue ravished your cunt and mouth and my fingers twisted your nipple in rhythm with those thrusts. All the time you were making gurgling sounds as your passions rose when I suddenly thrust hard into your cunt and held it there; at that exact same moment my fingers squeezed extra hard on your nipple and my tongue stroked the back of your own tongue.

In your mind small explosions went off like tiny time bombs and your cunt sudden burst its banks as your first orgasm erupted, your thighs trembling with tiny electric shocks until; as you began to calm back down, I returned to my gently thrusting and other manipulations as I started to build you up to your second orgasm.

My fucking speed and depth increased and just as before until as I felt you reach the edge of your second orgasm I pulled fully out of you and quickly ordered you to suck and lick my cock clean. So close was your orgasm that you actually groaned at the loss of the cock from your cunt and the entrance to your hot wet cunt, actually clutched at fresh air.

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