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Desc: Romantic Story: This is a story about a couple--best friends for years and both now divorced--who "blend" their families. Former spouses don't like the idea. The kids run into some serious issues, too. This is a novel-length story about people. If you're looking for a stroke story, there are many good ones, but this is probably not it.

Author's Preface

The book you're holding started as a novella — the Book One about the relationship between Al and Rachael. A couple of friends who read an early draft strongly urged me to continue their story, even though we were all satisfied that the story would stand on its own.

This is the story of a remarkable family. In many ways, they are an anachronism. In the nineteenth century, they would have been pioneers in the west. Today, they are 'results-oriented' achievers. They're not the kind of people who plan everything out in detail, then work years to achieve all of those details. Rather, they have the intelligence and flexibility to make the most of the opportunities that arise.

And they have stubbornness to not be distracted or redirected by tiny and mean-spirited souls around them.

I had a good time writing this story. I hope you find some amusement in it and maybe a few tiny bits of food for thought. I like these people and hope you will, too.

And I thank those who have helped with it—especially a couple of guys who edited and corrected and suggested improvements. Thanks, guys. You made a serious difference!

A sequel is in the works—whether this book has any success or not. For me, the creative process requires that I follow where it leads. In this case, it's led to another book.

The Sequel is titled Leah. The story was written before the TV show first aired, but I see Leah as less flaky but just as free spirited as 'Dharma' on the TV series Dharma & Greg.

The story of Arvid Torgesson is finished in Leah—as well as the tale of Beth's continued growth and maturity into a confident, accomplished woman. Some interesting new friends are encountered in that book, too.

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