Dolly's Romance Continues!

by woolywombat

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Doctor/Nurse, Big Breasts, .

Desc: Sex Story: Mature widow finds soaring sexual release with a hunky younger doctor.

It had only been six days since Dolly Hamlin and Dr. Vince Ferugia had consummated their blossoming torrid relationship. To Dolly, the days had flown by in a rosy romantic haze that she had never experienced before. To Dr. Vince, the growing fullness in his balls and the soaring remembrance of his initial intimacies in experiencing the glorious body of his new paramour was a opening to a new world of sensual excitement.

The two were thrown together in the regular visits to the nursing home where Dolly worked as the Director of Nursing. It was all each could do to restrain themselves after they had become intimate. Sly glances and knowing smiles accompanied each occasion when either looked at the other. Even a casual observer could deduce that "something" was going on between these two very attractive people.

It was standard procedure in the nursing home for the attending doctor and the head nurse to review the charts of the doctor's patients. When that occasion presented itself, at about 11 AM, Dolly and Dr. Vince were alone in the conference room doing that very thing. As he held the chair for Dolly to sit, Vince casually brushed her soft left breast. Dolly smiled up at him and gently pushed her full tit into him. Vince said, "Doll, I want you so bad I can taste you."

"Me too, when can we get together again?"

"How would you like to see 'Guys and Dolls'? It's playing over in Tulsa and we could make a weekend out of it, if you can get off work. We could get a nice room at the Crowne Plaza and just be decadent for a few days."

"Dolly beamed and replied, "Oh, Vince, I'd just love it ... and you too!"

"I'll see if I can set it up for this weekend. OK with you?"

"Oh yes ... I'm getting wet already."

A conspiratorial smile passed between them and they continued with the patient review. Still reveling in the first blush of a new relationship, the two novice lovers shot furtive glances at each other. Dolly's lush and still petite body with her luxuriant deep breasted bosom with it's round pink tipped 37 DD tits, curvy hips, flat tummy, platinum tresses, and chiseled exquisite Scandinavian features was aglow in Dr. Vince's presence. Vince, rugged, dark, muscular Mediterranean good looks were the perfect contrast and compliment to Dolly's fairness.

As Dr. Vince got up to leave having finished his patient review, he winked at Dolly and whispered, "I'll pick you up at your house right after work on Friday."

Dolly flashed her brilliant smile and nodded.

The rest of the week flew by as the lovers met during the course of their respective duties, casting flirtatious glances and knowing looks whenever it was safe to do so.

At last, Friday was here! Dolly had packed for the romantic weekend the night before, so she rushed home to change into her traveling clothes. She cupped and lifted her swelling breasts as she closed her eyes and imagined her erotic weekend the Vince and she had planned. For her traveling trousseau, she chose a light blue peignoir for bedroom enticement, a filmy light blue see-through demi-bra and (as much as she didn't like them) thong set. She picked one her sleek basic black wrap around sheath dresses that showed "just enough" swelling decollete' for their night at the theater and some tasty casual outfits and her standard Lily of France lace bra and panty sets for their in the room and "walking around" activities.

She gave a little start as the horn sounded on her magic chariot with her handsome lover at the controls. Grabbing her weekender luggage and giving her bounteous bosom a reassuring heft, she ran to the door and into the arms of Dr. Vince just as he arrived to ring the door bell. She planted a quick kiss as a preview of what was to come and cooed, "Oh, Vince, I'm sooo excited! This has all been like a dream to me."

"Me too, Vince replied. Who would have thought such a thing could happen?"

The got into Vince's gleaming black Lexus and started out for Tulsa and their anticipated weekend of fun and intimacy.

The drive to Tulsa usually takes about two an a half hours from their Arkansas home. Today it seemed to "fly by". It seemed like every ten miles or so, Vince would reach over and massage one or the other of Dolly's gorgeous tits. Dolly responded by unzipping Vince's pants and liberating his rampant cock. Whereupon she worked it into steely hardness with a masterful hand-job followed by slumping down and engulfing it with her mouth so that his spurting cream would not soil their beautiful car. Vince sighed as he released his pearly, ropy load into Dolly's sucking oral cavity. Using her index finger, Dolly scooped the creamy excess into her mouth and throwing her head back noisily swallowed his copious emission. "Oh Vince, I love the taste of you!" Dolly murmured.

The beautiful reflexive Lexus drove itself as Vince cupped and gently massaged the soft warm flesh of Dolly's swelling left breast. He could feel her .45 caliber nipple harden to his caress and he reached into her open blouse and lightly pinched and flicked it with his fingertip. "If you don't stop that, I'm going to make you pull over and finish what you are starting." Dolly breathlessly said.

They had hardly traveled 50 miles or so and they had already sampled the exotic prospects of the weekend to come. Dolly took the opportunity to bring the conversation to sex, sex and more sex. "I love your cock, Vince, she observed. It's not only longer than I ever was used to but it's so much thicker." With that innocuous remark, Dolly deftly steered the conversation to the subject more on their two minds: sex!

Dolly shrugged and replied, "I'm all for that. The orgasms you give me are the best I've ever had. I'd never felt so absolutely transported. When we make love it's simply fantastic! It's like a whole body flight into ecstasy, I lose all control! I really love it! Love it! Love it!"

Vince smiled broadly and playfully tweaked Dolly's hardened left nipple. "Oooo, you rascal!", Dolly playfully exclaimed. "You really know how to fire up a girl ... don't you?!" As she cupped, pinched and pulled her hardening pink nipples and lifted and jiggled her gorgeous globes for effect. Any passing trucker would have rolled his eighteen wheeler had he seen her. Vince glanced over at her and smiled broadly anticipating the passionate joust awaiting them in Tulsa.

For a while, they traveled in an erotic charged silence. As they neared Tulsa, Vince asked what they should do first? Dolly immediately suggested that they go to the Crowne Plaza and check in. She was in an agitated and excited state and said, " I can't wait any longer. I have to have your big cock inside me!"

"And I can't wait to slip it into you and feel your satin wetness enveloping me! I wish we were there already."

"Oh, Vince ... I'm so happy! I never thought I'd feel this way again." Dolly sighed.

Time seemed to compress as the lovers cruised to their destination, the Tulsa Crowne Plaza. Vince deftly navigated the downtown streets until, at last they arrived at their " Lover's Lair". Handing the keys to his Lexus to the parking valet, Vince ushered the radiant Dolly into the lobby of the opulent hotel. Registering as husband and wife, they were escorted to their pre-arranged "king suite".

Their large sumptuously appointed love nest was a two room luxuriously furnished locale for the erotic fuck fest that was to follow. The bedroom was dominated by a large white spread king-size bed with tasteful leather chairs spaced on each side. A parlor or sitting room adjoined the bedroom with a large over stuffed paisley cover sofa and two matching chairs. A large mahogany armoire dominated the space and a fully stocked mini-bar completed the scene.

After the bellman deposited their luggage and received his generous tip for Vince. The super-heated duo was, at long last, alone! Vince wasted no time to sweep Dolly into his strong arms, pressing her voluptuous body to his, kissed her passionately and full mouthed. Dolly responded by engaging in a rapturous tongue battle and hung on for "dear life." "Hhhhmmmmm!, she hummed!

Being so engaged, their hands roamed insistently over each other bodies. Dolly cupped and pulled at her lover's buttocks, while Vince did the same to her muscular globes. His hands reached for and massaged her luscious full breasts. All the while pressed to each other by pure animal magnetism.

As if on cue, they began to undress each other.

Dolly undid the buttons on Vince's sunflower yellow Izod Golf Shirt and slid it over his head. At the same time, Vince had unbuttoned Dolly's sky blue sleeveless summer blouse and it now joined his shirt on the plush beige carpet.

His hands moved to her lush full satin and lace covered tits and began a slow kneading and cupping of their warm softness. Dolly gasped at the sensations emanating from his expert mammary manipulations. Her nipples were already hard and extended and were attempting to punch holes through her expensive Lily of France bra.

For her part, she ran her hands through the thick forest of black chest hair and playfully caught tufts of it between her fingers as she rummaged over his muscular body. Her lips locked on his nipples and her tongue flicked rapidly over her target. But, not for long, she reached up and reattached her sucking mouth to his and resumed the most passionate kiss that she had ever experienced.

Adept fingers found the bra clasp on her smooth back and quickly unhooked all three hooks ... down fell the confining garment. Dolly's wondrous breasts and their hardened puffy nipples were thrust into his ravenous mouth. Dolly pressed his head into her luscious swelling tit and nipple. Her head flew back..."ooohhhhh, oooooohhhh!!!"

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