A Virtual Rendezvous in Bagdad

by Dag123

Tags: Ma/Fa, Heterosexual, Interracial, White Male, White Female, Oriental Male, Oriental Female, Military,

Desc: Action/Adventure Story: Two creative Sergeants serving in Iraq come up with a unique way to have a very special touch of home! With the aid of their laptop computers and their two willing wives, who agree to go along with their erotic ideas, they are soon immersed in a sweet form of virtual excitement that helps distract them from the dangers they face daily. Being Kindred Spirits, they both agree. "It's the next best thing to being there!"

Lieutenant Lewis' Office 22:00 Hours

Walking into Company Headquarters, I approached the Company Clerk's desk.

"I hear the Lieutenant wants to see me."

"Yeah, go on in Sergeant," his clerk said, with a casual wave of his hand.

"Lieutenant, you wanted to see me?"

"Yes... , we have a Sergeant Chen coming in today. I'm putting him with you. You and he will be sharing Quarters.

"How come I have to share my Quarters with this guy?" I wanted to know—not all that happy about losing my privacy.

"Because, I make the assignments. So ... Sergeant Donovan, from now on, you and Sergeant Chen will be sharing Quarters," Lt. Lewis repeated.

Sergeant Chen showed up a short time later. Don't ask me why—but I found myself liking this guy from the get-go. After thinking it over, I could also understand the Lieutenants reasoning.

Eddie Chen and I were both Rifle Squad leaders. Maybe it won't be so bad, I thought, looking at Sergeant Chen, who seemed to be quite at ease as he sat down and grinned over at me.

A moment later, the first thing he pulled out of his Bag was a picture of a beautiful Chinese girl.

"My wife, Pei Ling," he said, with a friendly grin.

"Eat your heart out."

Laughing at his brashness, I pointed to my wife's picture, "My wife, Leslie."

"Eat your heart out!" I laughed, challenging him.

"WOW! Man," he said, "With two chicks this good looking—what are we doing in Bagdad!"

We both laughed. I decided it was going to be nice to share Quarters with Eddie. The picture of his wife, Pei Ling on prominent display didn't hurt the situation either.

Two days later during a hellish firefight in Bagdad, I heard a rifle go off behind me.

Scared the hell out of me!

I whirled around. An enemy combatant lying not more than three feet from me was still holding the knife he had intended to use to cut my throat.

Stepping out from cover; a very cool Sergeant Chen winked, and said with a wide grin.

"Aren't you glad I've got your back, Roomie?"

Well, hell... , sometimes in a war zone friendships form rapidly. That's exactly what happened to Eddie and me.

From that day on, Eddie and I were well on our way to becoming best friends. Some people get hung up on that ethnic stuff. Not Eddie and I though. We recognized a kindred spirit in each other. Within weeks, we became inseparable.

In the next few weeks, Eddie and I got to know each other better than you get to know most guys in a lifetime.

Settling in...

One of the first things we noticed about each other, besides both having beautiful wives, was we each had a new laptop.

Being newly acquainted, for the first couple of weeks, we tiptoed carefully around the other. Respecting each other privacy was almost impossible in our cramped quarters.

After almost three weeks together, Eddie took it upon himself—right out of the clear blue—to suggest a solution.

"You know we should try to make the most of sharing these Quarters. We could do this one of two ways," Eddie laughed.

"What did you have in mind?" I said, becoming curious.

"Well... , we could spend half our time protecting each other's privacy; or, we could just say the hell with it, and have a good time instead."

"What kind of a good time do you have in mind?" I said, almost afraid to ask.

"Okay... ," he said looking at me with that sly little grin of his. "We each have a beautiful wife, right?"

"Right," I said, starting to get an inkling of where he might be going.

I have a feeling I'm going to like this, I thought.

"Since we're going to be stuck here for several months—and since no one will ever know about this except you and me—how would you like to share everything, including all the little intimate stuff we receive from our wives?" he asked.

"Next best thing to being there, man!" he said, with a little laugh.

"You mean, it would be like each of us having two women?" I laughed, amazed at his brazen proposal.

"Dude... ! I won't tell, if you don't... !" he said. "Hey!" he laughed, "What do you think?"

"At least it would relieve some of the stress." I said, in a half-hearted attempt to justify it. " ... no one would have to know, except you and me."

"Come on," he said, with a risqué little smirk. "You know it would relieve a lot more than stress," he joked, grinning from ear to ear.

Two Guys Make A Plan...

"Are you sure Pei Ling would go for that sort of thing? I asked. "I remember you mentioned something about her being quite conservative. She might not want to go along with it."

"She's aware of the stress we're under and knows how dangerous our situation is here, "he replied. "What about your wife, Leslie?"

"I'd have to ask her."

"Tell her how I saved your sorry ass," he laughed. "That'll convince her."

Adding insult to injury, he joked.

"If she agrees, tell her I'll need a pair of her panties right away," he said, grinning gleefully. "Preferably ones she's just worn."

"Boy!" I laughed, "What a sexy time we could have if both our wives agreed to something like that!"

"If we could convince them it was just for during our time here, they might both agree to go along with it," he said, hopefully.

"Maybe they would agree to send us some revealing images. Does Pei Ling have a digital camera?"

"Oh, yeah," he said. "How about Leslie?

"Yeah, she has one of the newest models out," I said, feeling my cock starting to get hard rock as I conjured up some sexual explicit images of her and Pei Ling—both naked.

"We should try to talk them into taking some intimate pictures. That would be the ultimate goal," he said.

Will The Girls Agree... ?

"Eddie, you're terrible," Pei Ling laughingly scolded him. "I can't do that! It would be too embarrassing... !" she said. He could hear the embarrassment in her voice even though thousands of miles separated them.

"Okay," her husband said. "But Chad's wife, Leslie has promised to send him some very revealing photos of her. I was sort of hoping you loved me enough to do the same. No one would see them except the two of us," he said, trying to cajole her.

Hearing the disappointment in Eddie's voice, Pei Ling offered a tiny ray of hope.

"Let me think on it, darling—if I can—I will... ," Pei Ling promised.

"If you agree—the four of us could really have some fun—long distance fun, that is," he said, with a little laugh.

I'll think about it—and E mail you tomorrow and give you my answer." Pei Ling assured him.

"Sooo... !" Leslie teased, "You're willing to let some Chinese guy see all of me. What are you guys going to do—compare us... ?"

Chad laughed. "Eddie says it's the next best thing to being there in person."

"I think you and he are a bad influence on each other," Leslie said, with an amused little giggle.

"I can't believe I'm going to be competing in the looks and charm department with some Chinese female I've never seen," she said, with a little intimate giggle. "Ever think I might not win?" she said.

"Not a chance... !" he said.

"Oh... ! All right... ! If Pei Ling agrees to do it for Eddie—I guess I could agree to do it for you," Leslie said.

"She's supposed to E mail Eddie tomorrow and let him know if she's willing to do it," Chad said. "I sure hope she will!"

"Okay, darling... ," Leslie said. "E mail me as soon as you and Eddie hear from her."

An E-mail Gift...

The next evening I couldn't wait for Sergeant Chen to get back to the quarters we shared.

Coming in, he headed straight for his laptop.

"She's going to do it... !" he said, a moment later. "Let the good times begin! Come over here... , Dude—since we are going to start sharing everything—you can read what she wrote."

Leaning over his shoulder, I read her E-mail.


If you're sure, what we all write and send to each other will never be seen by anyone except the two of you—then my answer is "Yes."

I love and miss you,

Pei Ling

PS: When do we start?

"Eddie, this is so great!" I said, "I'll fire up my laptop and let Leslie know that Pei Ling has agreed. Then the four of us can start planning all sorts of sexy stuff."

Leslie must have arrived home from work and been waiting for my E-Mail. Within five minutes from the time I sent mine, —I had heard back from her. I loved the last line of her E-Mail, which read...

(Okay... , what naughty stuff does Eddie and Pei Ling want to do first... ?) LOL.

After I let Eddie read Leslie's reply, —he was ecstatic! Right then, he and I took out a new joint lease on a new fantasy Life—one we could only have dreamed about—just a few short days before.

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