The Dare

by Cespenar

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Rape, Heterosexual, Fiction, MaleDom, FemaleDom, Light Bond, Interracial, Black Male, White Female, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A stupid dare leads to a girl being raped, then the rapist is punished with more sex

Sue was going to meet her friends at the city restaurant. They had been talking on the phone and they had made a dare to see who could be the sexiest dresser at their lunch

She had on a short dress that had thin straps over her shoulders, and the front was open to her waist. She had no bra or panties on either. She was going to win this dare, she thought.

As she strolled to the train station, she felt the coolness of the day on her breasts and pussy. She smiled and looked around to see if anybody was noticing her. All the other people in the street seemed oblivious to her swaying breasts and breeze cooled pussy.

Once she was on the train she sat down opposite a group of other passengers. She saw one older woman give her a nasty look, so she crossed her legs. She didn't notice a muscular black man in the group who was pretending to read his paper.

As the stepped off the train and was walking along the platform, she noticed that she was the only woman there, but a man was following her. Sue felt a thrill of fear run through her body as she hurried to the escalators. The black man had quickly exited the train as well as Sue. He was following her and intended to catch her. This gorgeous, sex ho was gonna be easy to do, he thought, as he had seen she was naked under that tiny, sexy dress. He was hard just thinking of what he was gonna do to her.

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As Sue passed through the shadows of the supports, the man bounded after her and grasped her wrist. She turned to face him, to scared to scream. "Please! Don't hurt me" she begged.

"I wont hurt you if I get what I want bitch."

He then pushed her against a support column in the shadows and started kissing her. His hands were busy as well. One pushed a dress strap off her shoulder and was cupping a breasts and the other lifted the hem of her dress and was cupping the softness of her pussy. He pulled his mouth away and said "Turn around bitch and lean against the post."

Sue turned towards the post and raised her arms and placed them high on the post as she was told. Her dress strap was pulled back onto her shoulder by this action, and the man stepped close behind her. He forced her legs apart and Sue felt his hard cock pressing between her upper thighs. He wrapped his arms around her body, his left hand cupping her left breast and his right hand cupping her right breast. Sue gasped, knowing that she wouldn't be able to stop him now. Whenever her husband had her in the shower in this position and scrubbed her body she would lose all control. She couldn't resist any man. The black man felt her shudder and heard her moan and she pressed her hips back, opening herself for his use as she moistened.

The man couldn't believe his luck. He thrust his cock forward and was rewarded with a hot, slick clasping of his hardness.

He started a fast thrusting, and as he fucked Sue, he squeezed her breasts and tweaked her nipples. Sue gasped at the feel of a huge male thickness inside her sex that was almost reaching her cervix. She moaned as ecstasy drove her towards orgasm. She couldn't help herself, and as her orgasm raged through her body, her vagina clenched the stranger's cock and drove him over the edge. Sue heard him grunting lustfully as his semen spurted into her womanhood again and again.

The man withdrew, and as Sue leaned, gasping for breath, against the pole, the man sneaked away. After a minute or two, Sue was in control enough to continue her way to the rendezvous with her friends. She looked around but nobody had seen the rape take place, thank goodness. It was embarrassing to know she'd enjoyed the forced sex, let alone having someone else see her in this condition.

As Sue walked up the steps to the open-air restaurant, her friends waved excitedly at her. She walked over to their table and sat down with them. The girls looked at her closely and Kate said "You've been a naughty girl, haven't you?"

Sue blushed and said "How can you tell?"

"Afterglow, my dear! Afterglow! And the fact you smell delightfully sexy."

"It shouldn't have happened" lamented Sue to her friends. "This big black guy caught me in the subway and raped me."

"And you enjoyed it, didn't you?" Alison said. Sue gave her friends a sheepish look as she added "And with that hot little number on, it's no wonder you were raped. Why, I could almost rape you myself."

Sue laughed at that and said "I wouldn't be putting up a fight right now, that's for sure."

Sue looked at her friend's dresses. One had on a green satin dress that molded her curves and showed that she wasn't wearing a bra, as her nipples jutted against the material, clearly outlined through it. The other had on a lace-up front jacket with nothing under it and a short skirt.

Sue grinned mischievously at her friends and said "I'm not wearing any panties."

The others laughed and said that Sue had won the dare. She not only had no panties on, but she had only just had a man's semen in her pussy, and she smelled sexy.

The three beautiful young women attracted plenty of stares as they talked and giggled through a light lunch. Many a man tried to approach the table, but a stern look from the girls drove them off.

It was getting rather late in the day, so the three friends decided to go home together. They left the city restaurant and were walking along the street when a man's voice growled at them from behind.

"Well well. Three bitches! Which one is gonna spread her legs for me?"

The three women spun around and Sue cried out "That's the bastard who raped me."

Kate and Alison jumped forward and flattened the man with their combined attack. As they held him down they looked around and seeing nobody in sight they dragged him to the doorway of an abandoned house.

Sue helped Kate and Alison tie the man to a bed they found there. It had a mattress on, but that was all. Bits of old rag were lying around and they used that to tie his arms and legs to the bed.

The man had his arms tied to the top of the bed, and his ankles were tied together at the bottom of the bed. As the three girls looked at him, the man just grinned at them and asked. "What now, bitches?"

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