Best Served Cold

by Stultus

Tags: Ma/Fa, Slavery,

Desc: Flash Story: A flash story about a grievously wronged lover and his eventual exacted revenge. Any codes are incidental.

It was far too hot to be sitting outside to wait. Early August is not the best time of year to be visiting Grand Cayman, but needs must when you're visiting on business rather than pleasure. Actually, that wasn't quite true either ... it was going to be a pure pleasure indeed when this long outstanding business matter was completed for good ... hopefully soon.

David found himself a table indoors right against the street side window where he could wait, watch what was happening outside, and anticipate. He ordered the café's frozen drink special, some sort of icy fruit punch, to enjoy while he waited. He didn't think he would have to wait much longer in any case. In fact, he had barely finished half of his cold drink when he saw her arrive in a taxi across the street and enter the corner bank building he had been watching. Right about on time, pretty much just as he had predicted.

God, she was still breathtakingly beautiful, he thought! The last six years had been very kind to her indeed. It probably didn't hurt that she could afford to wear the most exclusive fashions and received frequent pampering and maintenance at the most exclusive spas and salons. David had granted these little luxuries freely when she lived with him, and as many other treats as his executive mid six-figured salary would allow, but it was still never quite enough for her. Not by half. He'd destroyed a perfectly good twelve year marriage to be with her, but he never realized that she had been playing him all along as a fool and a sucker.

Leonna barely ever lived in the now; her eyes always on the lookout for a better opportunity tomorrow. Like a butterfly, she flew from flower to flower taking all of the nectar that was available from one before flying on to her next, and more tasty meal. David could have forgiven her for just his own financial ruin – he had been an utter fool and she had used him completely and without mercy. It was the additional financial ruin of his bank, which he as its senior officer had the obligation to protect, that galled and shamed him the most.

Somehow, she had gotten his most secure administrative passwords for the financial computer system. Not only had she cleaned him out of every cent he had in his own accounts before she disappeared in the night, but she also somehow arranged the embezzlement of nearly $40 million of the bank's more readily available (and liquid) assets. David had been left holding a very empty bag and the prime suspect of a far too brief investigation and trial. The feds had zero interest in his claims of innocence and probably never even made a cursory search for Leonna or the missing money. He had been the prime and only suspect since day one. Certainly, none of the twelve jurors that sentenced him to federal prison for fraud and embezzlement believed a single word of his statements of innocence. The evidence against him was circumstantial, but comprehensive and utterly damning.

Leonna had covered her tracks well and if he had been on another jury faced with the same evidence he probably would have voted Guilty as well.

With no money for appeals and having an indifferent, at best, defense attorney, David soon found himself in a medium security federal prison with no friends and no one that would believe a single word of his story. This changed in his fourth year in prison when he befriended a young short and skinny lad named Simon who happened to be a premier computer hacker par excellence. At nearly six feet four, David had been big enough to deter any would-be trouble makers and he let it be known that Simon was also under his protection, in a kindly and fatherly sort of way.

Simon was just visiting, more or less, as the feds were trying to scare the lad enough to get him to agree to work for them in some government basement somewhere. They were cell mates for only about six months, but Simon proved to be more than grateful and repaid every bit of the kindness David had shown him with interest. Now that Simon had unrestricted access to top notch secret government computers and databases he was able to prove the truth of David's claims and exerted himself considerably on his behalf. Within a year, David was out free on an early parole ... albeit one of rather dubious technical legality.

Since proving Leonna's complicity in the crime David had been convicted for was problematic and unlikely to result in a pardon, it was decided that simple revenge would in fact do just as well instead. Simon arranged a new identity with a passport, and some temporary funds to allow for a more detailed investigation of Leonna.

Tracing Leonna's activities over the last six year proved to be simpler than David and Simon had imagined as a clear pattern emerged. Leonna's picture would start appearing in the society pages under the arm of a series of increasingly rich and power banking magnates. She would gain their trust either as a girlfriend or mistress, until the day she would disappear about six months later, the victim's net worth total cleaned out and impossibly large amounts of company funds also missing, sometimes to the tune of several hundred million dollars. Leonna would then change her identity and start up a new con in another city. Her greed wouldn't let her quit and that led us right to her current whereabouts. A scan of every current newspaper with a powerful government face recognition program turned up her latest identity and the name of her current mark.

Now, with her every move under direct surveillance by hired PI's and every computer she touched under Simon's direct control, they waited for the best moment to spring their trap.

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