Mellif Does It

by Just Plain Bob

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Desc: Sex Story: She wondered about size and came up with a plan.

Hi. My name is Melannie. I'm 34 and married to a wonderful man, and have a story to tell that is not what you might expect to find on this site.

First, a little about me. I'm 5 feet tall, weight 101 pounds and measure out at 34-22-33. My hair is brown and of shoulder length and my eyes are hazel. I'm not in bad shape for a thirty-four year old with four children and there are men out there who also think so judging by the wolf whistles I get when I'm out and about. My husband is my high school sweetheart and we have been married fourteen years. It would have been seventeen, but he went into the Army right after graduation and we waited until he was discharged before getting married. I'm both proud, and sad, to say that I was a virgin when we married. Proud, because I held myself to a higher standard than most of the girls I grew up with and went to school with. Sad because recently I've spent a lot of time wondering what I have missed.

It all started one Saturday morning at the beauty parlor while I was having my hair done. The beautician, Sandy, was a girl I had grown up with. Also in attendance were Tina and Bobbie who I also grew up with. While Sandy worked on me Bobbie and Tina were looking through an 'adult oriented' catalog that Bobbie had gotten in the mail. They were laughing over some of the items.

"Oh my God - look at the size of that one," cried Tina. "If Harv had one like that I never would have divorced him."

Bobbie took the catalog from her and looked at it. "That's not so much. Stan had more that that."

"You're kidding me," said Tina. "If I'd have known he had that much I would have been after him in a flash.

Sandy said, "Here - let me see that." She looked at the catalog. I turned sideways so I could see it too. I saw what looked like a rubber penis with a measuring stick next to it that showed it to be nine inches long. It looked like it was twice as big as my husband Sam's.

"That's not so big," observed Sandy, "Dwight (her husband) beats it by two inches."

"Ooh, lucky girl" said Tina.

"Yeah, but can he use it?" asked Bobbie.

"He's a great lover," said Sandy, and the conversation went off on another tangent. They discussed their love lives and when Bobbie asked me about mine I told her I had no complaints.

"Sam is a kind and considerate lover."

Tina snorted, "Mellie - what would you know? You were a virgin when you married and you've never had anyone but Sam!"

And then they were off comparing current husbands and lovers to ex husbands and ex lovers.

I paid no more mind to the mornings talk, but some reason that nine-inch penis popped into my head while I was driving home. It popped up again while I was fixing dinner and still again while Sam and I were watching TV. That night when Sam and I made love I could not help but wonder what a large penis would be like.

The trouble was that it stayed in my mind. Whenever Sam and I made love I found myself thinking about large penises and I was always comparing him to what the other girls had said about their husbands and boyfriends. My curiosity was overwhelming me. The next Saturday at the beauty parlor the same group was in attendance and as usual the topic was sex and men. Also, as usual, I had nothing to contribute. I just sat there and listened and went home even more curious.

Monday I had lunch with Connie who is my oldest and dearest friend. We have been telling each other everything since the second grade and each of us knows the other's deepest and darkest secrets. Over coffee I told her about my preoccupation with large penises and the thoughts I'd been having while making love to Sam. Connie laughed and said:

"Mellie - you need to get laid by a strange cock!"

"Connie, you know I could never do that!"

"Sure you can honey; it's a lot easier than you think. See those three guys over there?" and she nodded in their direction. "They haven't taken their eyes off you since you came through the door. You could leave here right now with any one of them."

"I couldn't do that. My God, what if Sam found out?"

"Aha!" cried Connie. "See? You said 'what if'. You might not admit it to yourself, but in the back of your mind you are thinking it."

"Even if I wanted to I wouldn't know how to go about it. I mean, finding out what it would be like could cost me my marriage if Sam ever found out."

Connie smiled at me, "What if he wanted it?"


"What if Sam wanted you to fuck another man!"

"Don't be insane!" I said.

Connie said, "Tell you what. Follow me home and I'll show you something."

I followed Connie home and as we sat in her kitchen she showed me a scrapbook and some magazines. She took one of the magazines and opened it up to where she wanted me to read. It was Penthouse Letters and the section she had turned to was "Some ones Watching." The letters were about husbands who liked to see their wives with other men. The scrapbook was full of letters that had been cut out of magazines and they were all about wife watching. I looked at Connie in confusion.

"What you are looking at is Ronnie's (her husband) biggest fantasy. He wants to watch me with another man. I haven't made up my mind yet, but I probably will do it for him."

I shook my head in amazement. "Why would you do something like that?"

She smiled, "Why not? Anyway, what you do is take these books home with you and leave them on the kitchen table. Then get out of the house so Sam will be alone with them for an hour or so. When you get home and he asks you what they are tell him that I came over to ask your advice about what I should do. Sam thinks I'm a slut anyway so he won't even question it."

"What good will that do? I asked.

"It will plant the idea in his head and if I know men Sam will take it from there."

Everything went just as Connie predicted. In only two weeks I noticed Sam bringing home magazines like Penthouse Letters, Galley, Forum, and Variations. He never said anything to me, but every once in a while I noticed him looking at me with what I thought were speculative looks. Sam and Ronnie are very close and Connie told me that Sam had mentioned her visit and talk with me to Ronnie. Ronnie told Connie that Sam was asking all kinds of questions about how someone would go about doing something like watching a wife with another man.

"Cross your fingers Mellie," she said, "It looks like Sam is taking the bait."

It was probably wrong of me, but I actually felt my pussy tingle at the prospect of a different cock.

Sam started bringing home adult videos. When I asked why he said he thought our lovemaking was getting a little too predictable and he wanted to put some spice back into it. He started commenting on the cock size of the actors and one day he asked me if I thought I could handle a particularly big one. Knowing what he hoped I would say, I said it.

"I probably could, but we'll never know, will we?"

The questions became more frequent and covered a lot of subjects. What did I think when I saw two men and one woman.

"It looks interesting," I would say.

"Can a woman really take on three guys at a time?"

"It looks like it" was my answer.

Gradually I let him see me getting 'hot' during certain scenes. Once he asked me what I was thinking when he caught me fingering my pussy while watching a tape. Knowing that this might be the 'make or break' question, I said:

"I was thinking about what one of those cocks would feel like."

I could tell that my answer was the right one. Two days later Sam said to me:

"Mellie - the other day when you were wondering what one of those cocks would feel like. Were you serious? Would you really like to know?"

I had to be very careful here. I had to seem both willing and reluctant at the same time. "I would really like to know, but it is just a fantasy. It could never happen."

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