City-states: a Crime Report

by David Caspian

Tags: Ma/Fa, Mult, Horror, Superhero, Extra Sensory Perception, Vampires, Interracial, Violent,

Desc: Horror Story: A report describing the City-State criminal system.

It should be noted that the city-states were carefully chosen from small cities or towns with high crime or poverty, and in a number of cases both. While it has been widely assumed that the vampires would have the same difficulties as any human government, it seems they have taken a new approach to dealing with criminals in their society, and their social programs seem to be extensive.

In the first days after the treaty was signed by all accounts the vampires went right to work. While I have tried to keep my sources varied when I was given free access to their society, the results seem to be conclusive: In the first few hours most, if not all of the criminal organizations suffered a loss of leadership. Crime bosses suddenly disappeared without any sign of kidnapping or murder. In next few critical hours key lieutenants and enforcers disappeared next, followed by each organization's contacts including individuals who were responsible for cleaning the money. Looking detailed records that were kept I was able to find clear evidence of the vampire's plan: which was to isolate and destroy the criminal's power structure. When I and the rest of our delegation arrived the day after at the first of the city-states on our list, we found what had once been crime riddled streets now quiet and safe.

When I did research even further on the issue of crime I noted an interesting difference: in city-states not controlled by a Revenant leader, the criminal population experiences culling or thinning of the herd as the vampires seemed to call it. However in a Revenant ruled city-state the response to even the presence of criminals is far more severe. All interviews, reports or door to door visits show evidence that criminal populations were practically wiped out in similar environments, in short criminals who even entered a Revenant controlled city-state were either arrested or killed outright.

The reason for these actions seems clear: vampires consider criminals as individuals who by their actions have surrendered their citizenship. They are not protected outside of the court system, and once convicted they are dealt with on a case by case basis. Violent offenders, with the exception of those who may be rehabilitated are kept in a medically induce stasis inside individual pods designed to keep them alive until they are brought out for parole, if that is available to them. The rest are classified as non-violent offenders and they are kept in a more classic correctional system. There has never been a recorded escape from any prison, jail, or even police custody. My interviews with prisoners themselves have confirmed this.

I was surprised by the level of technology the vampires seem to possess as it decades if not centuries ahead of our own. High tech. sensors monitor prisoner's whereabouts at all times, cutting down on the need for guards. In the rare occurrence of a riot, the prisoners can be quickly put down with gas, and the guards can move in without hesitation to deal with those responsible for causing it. No riots have happened yet and all prisoners are aware of this safety feature, as a few have suffered from its effects when those individuals refused to comply with an order. In one prison, word of mouth spread to the point, that any ideas of talking back or causing trouble were quickly forgotten. If that were not bad enough, other rumors were spread through the correctional system that not all violent offenders even end up in the prison system, some are transferred to private blood banks controlled by the ruling race, and distributed either among the vampires or made available for human use. When I asked about the rumor, I found that it was indeed true, and that the offenders are also put into a medical coma before they hooked into a blood retrieval system designed to keep them alive for the rest of their natural lives. If the offenders carry no pathogens, or human made poisons, their blood is designated for blood transfusions and samples of their organs are taken, to be grown in private labs. Most of these donations are free and thus available to the general population despite their income, and the rest is sold to hospitals, universities, and clinics outside the city-states for a profitable return, though at a fair and affordable price.

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