Tied to Work or Bound to Please

by niteowluk99

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Coercion, Heterosexual, Fiction, BDSM, Light Bond, Petting, Sex Toys, Exhibitionism, .

Desc: BDSM Sex Story: The live together dom/sub couple of master Ray and Andrea, experiement whilst Andrea is supposed to be working from home on her laptop.

Andrea was due to start work on her internet based job, when her live in master came up behind her computer chair. He ordered her to strip down to just her panties and gave her a dressing gown to cover her body with. Then taking the soft Japanese bondage rope he tied it around her waist and round the back of the chair before then tying her legs open to each side of the chair. Taking Andrea's vibrator he eased it halfway into her already wet cunt, marvelling at the tenting effect the base of the vibrator had on her panties. Taking hold of the wired remote for the vibe he turned it quarter turn on and watched as her breathing shortened, just then sliding his hand inside the dressing gown his fingers located her rock hard nipples.

For about two minutes the buzzing vibrations continued inside her cunt, her juices welling up and making the vibe slick, the panties preventing the vibe slipping out. Then with a flick of his thumb He raised the speed and power of the vibrations for a further two minutes. As he smiled he told Andrea to continue with her work.

Having carefully made sure to leave her arms free, Andrea was able to work on the internet without physical interference. However that was not the case mentally as the vibrations began work their magic on her cunt and clit. Just as she thought any second her climax would break, Master Ray flicked the switch and the vibrations disappeared completely. She inwardly groaned at being deprived of her impending climax.

Despite the vibrations having stopped, Andrea's cunt continued to produce lots of its juices and this was not helped by Ray's fingers pinching her hard nipples. For almost five minutes she was deprived of the cunt vibrations, before they started again very slight vibrations for two minutes, then stronger vibrations and two minutes later almost three quarter power vibrations. Once more the vibrations stopped for five minutes before being restarted.

With great difficulty, Andrea tried to concentrate on her job, despite the rising horny urges now invading her cunt. Just then master ray opened Andrea's dressing gown and taking hold of her right breast he applied the rigid nipple clamp to its nipple and then applied the other clamp to her left nipple. Now lifting the linking chain he pulled slightly on the chain, stretching her nipples out. All this turned Andrea on even more but always stopping just before her orgasm got the chance to break.

Now Master Ray still continuing to systematically assault Andrea's cunt with the vibrations and her nipples with the clamps, but always stopping before affording her the full release of her building pent up energies and emotions; now Master Ray attached a fine string to the chain, and now walking over to the other side of the desk he pulled the string till her nipple chain was taut, then using a tack pin he fastened the fine string to the reverse side of the desk maintaining the tautness of the string. Of course this caused Andrea's nipples to be stretched too.

Whilst the nipples were suitably stretched they were not so harshly pulled as to be painful but rather gently teased. All the time though the Vibrator was constantly changing in its strength of the vibrations from none to three quarter power and always not quite long enough to get Andrea over the edge and release her orgasm. She was now, after an hour, finding it incredibly hard to concentrate on her job. Although her hands were free to type on her laptop, her mind was far off in a hazy land of horny hot cunts.

She shuddered when she realized she still had three more hours of work ahead of her, and possibly three more hours of this exquisite torture. Already a deep dark stain of wetness was developing on her white almost satiny panties. Her cunt lips were swollen and opened like the petals of a rose and the sweet honey bee attracting nectar of her cunt juices seeped slowly out as he clit tingled as if receiving thousands of miniscule shocks.

Andrea could not even close her eyes to shut out the sensations invading her body because every time she did so her mind raced to her impending orgasm, an orgasm denied her by the expert usage of the vibrator by her beloved Master Ray. Always on the edge of the cascading over into an orgy of eroticism but never quite being allowed to free fall into her passions. Every time Andrea did close her eyes, all she could see in her mind's eye was her throbbing cunt squirting its clear cunt juice high into the air as he much needed climax erupted. Except in reality she was never allowed the freedom to get that far.

The devilish Master Ray lightly twanged the thin sting and caused the nipples to heave and a lustful groan escape Andrea's mouth. On and on her heaven torment went and always she was closely watched by her master cutting of the vibrations if she as much as looked like she was about to cum, always giving her enough time to recover her composure before turning the throbbing vibrator back on and always seeming to know the right strength setting to achieve maximum impact.

Several times Andrea thought seriously about using her safe word, but did not because for all her torment and frustration she always thought the next time she reached a peak, her all knowing master would allow her to cum just once. But after four whole hours of being teased to the edge and always pulled back before going over it, her cunt was awash with juices her whole panties now wringing wet. Her aching stiff nipples longing to be released and yet dreading the empty feeling she knew would follow the removal of the nipple clamps.

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