Dane Elizabeth

by FT Pet

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Desc: Sex Story: This is a story about a young woman that is a Drug Dealer and Lesbian.

My name is Dane Elizabeth but my friends call me Liz. I'm 25 years old, 5 ft 2 in tall. I know I'm very attractive with my large full breasts and my olive skin. I love laying in the sun getting a full golden tan. I was nine years old when I decided I would never again let a male touch me. You see my older brother, he was 12, tried to rape me one spring day when our parents were at work. But because my hymen was so tough he was unable to penetrate me. Instead he fucked me in the ass over and over until he got his satisfaction. Afterwards he made me suck his cock and clean everything off it. When my older sister got home she came to my bedroom and saw my ass cheeks were all bloody. After some time she was able to get enough from me to know that our brother had raped me.

"You poor thing I'll make sure he never does anything like that again."

"Please sis he told me if I told anyone he would let all his friends use me for their pleasure and I don't ever want to go through that again."

"Alright little sister but if I ever get the chance to do something without his knowledge of where it came from I will."

"Now you just lay down here beside me and go to sleep. He won't dare try something with me here."

I don't know how many hours had passed while I was sleeping but I woke up to my sister slowly licking my clit and it felt beyond anything I could ever imagine. Soon she was making me have my first climax and I vowed that I would always be with a woman before ever considering a man. Little did I know that I was well on my way to becoming a lesbian. In truth at the age I was very naive and didn't even know what a lesbian was.

As I grew through my teenage years I found it was easy to get good grades in high school and got a scholarship to go to Smith College back East. Which filled my growing needs very nicely, since it was an all girls school. My best friend in high school and I had a long relationship with each other but when we graduated she went South to Berkeley in California while I went East.

While at Smith I fell in love with one of the girls. She too was very intellegent and was extremely attractive. Which drew me to her in the first place. I've always loved being with other attractive women and have found they usually are the first to admit to being interested only in women. Most of the girls that came to Smith had at one time or another had a relationship with another girl. Althought many of them did go on to marry men most all of them never hesitated to jump in bed with one of their alumni sister whenever they got together. I loved going to class reunions because I got lots of sex with the girls that had been my classmates.

The girl that I fell in love with at Smith also introduced me to drugs. And for years I used just about everything I could get my hands on to get high. Soon though I realized that using drugs was not really my thing as I simple enjoyed making love to another woman without using. But while on drugs I had at one point started selling them to support my habit. So when I got off drugs I continued to sell them as they made my a very good profit. I was a career woman during the day and a drug pusher the rest of the time. I became very good at avoiding the cops.

One of my regulars was a good looking guy named Jake that I believed wasn't really a user himself but bought drugs to lure his girlfriends in and sleep with them. I never could figure why he did it because as I said he was very good looking and had a great personality. He had even tried at times to get me to go out with him but I felt I had eventually convinced him that I wasn't interested in men.

Usually he would meet me at a certain location and buy the drugs then disappear until the next time. This one time he asked me to meet him somewhere else. Which is something I don't like to do because I'm a creature of habit and would rather go where I'm sure of the surrondings. Anyway probably because he was such a good customer I agreed to the new spot. When I got there he was the only one I saw which was normal. After giving him the drugs he ordered and getting his money I said thanks and got ready to leave. He then asked me to stay a minute.


"Because I'm not through with you. I've told you many times I'd like to go out with you but you always so no!"

"I know you have and I thought I made it clear I don't go out with men."

"Oh come on Liz couldn't you humor me just this once?"

"Look I'm leaving. You've got what you came for."

"Actually Liz I haven't got what I came for."

"What do you mean?"

"What I mean is I came for you. I'm going to have sex with you whether you agree or not."

Just then I was grabbed from behind by two men whom I assumed were Jakes friends.

I struggled but of course they were much stronger than I was. One of them then reached over and tried to slide his hand into my bra. But Jake interfered.

"Here guy's let me."

He pulled his switch blade out of his pocket and flicked it open. Then with the blade facing out grabbed my bra and blouse and sliced the bra in half and the blouse down to my waist. Both guys then pulled what was left off my body and through them to the side. I was now nude from the waist up. But Jake wasn't through yet. He then grabbed the waist band of my skirt and cut the skirt down until it fell to the floor. Leaving me standing in my thong panties.

"Well look at this. Thongs! You know Liz you may not like men but you sure do dress as if you do. I get a hard on everytime I see you. Take your blouse today it was almost open down to your waist. And your bra! Why bother! Your breast are obviously fixed to show them off to your greatest value."

Its true of course! I love showing off my body. And why not I keep myself in shape and yes my boobs were fixed so they won't ever droop.

"Liz your thongs are really beautiful but I'm afraid they have to go."

With that he cut them off of me so I was totally nude in front of all six of them.

"Why am I not surprised that your pussy is bare?"

Okay so I like my body free of hair. If it was fashionable I would be bald too! But it isn't so the rest of my body has no hair.

Right now though I know I was going to be raped. Raped by six men!

"Okay guys take her over to the barrel and tie her the way we discussed. Then the fun begins."

I felt the first cock shoved into my ass and he must have cum instantly because he pulled out and someone else shoved into me. I don't know how many fucked my ass and didn't have time to count. Because soon I was being fucked repeatly in my pussy. Over and over again. It was happening faster than I could have cum even if I'd wanted to. To make matters worse the ones just leaving my ass shoved their cocks into my mouth and fucked me more. I'd never, of course deep throated anyone, but I did that night. Over and over again. I don't know when I started to feel myself cuming, but soon my climaxes must have matched theirs because I was coming all the time.

In time I missed it when one of my holes was not filled and I hated myself for feeling that way. But never the less I longed to have all my holes filled at once.

Rape! I know it started as rape but I wasn't sure it ended that way. When it stopped I felt so empty! I was covered with their cum. Inside and out! And still I wanted more!

"Okay guys its time to get out of here."

"Ed did you get that dog collar I told you to get?"

"Yes! Here it is! It's sure going to look good around her pretty neck."

It was ugly! It was a dog collar, about 3 inches wide and black with long silver points coming out of the middle of it ... It reminded me of the pictures I'd seen of bulldogs.

When they put it around my neck I could feel the points when I bent my neck to look down and it pinched me. It was so wide I practically had to stretch me neck to keep from it pinching me.

Jake then attached a matching leash to the collar and told me to follow him. Actually he practically yanked me off my feet when he told me to follow him. I still was wearing my hi-heels so at least I had something to protect my feet. But I wandered where they were taking me. And my other clothes were left laying on the ground where they fell.

He was really walking fast and several times I just about fell. But I had a feeling if I did he would just drag me without letting me get up on my feet again. So I almost ran to keep up with him. It was a warm night but even so I felt a chill being in this neighborhood nude with six guys.

"Keep moving pretty lady! This neighborhood hates drug dealers and finding you nude wouldn't be a great idea. You may think what we did was rough but you wouldn't like a gang from here to deal with you. I doubt if you'd even make it out alive."

Oh god what more is going to happen to me? Why didn't I tell someone where I was going? I could disappear and no one would know where to look.

"Ah here's my car. You get in the front seat with me and the rest will follow in their cars."

When he closed the door on my side I notices the handles had been removed so I couldn't get out. He then put on my seat belt for me and pinned my arms back so I couldn't cover myself. I also noted the windows were not tinted. Then to make matter worse he turned an overhead reading light on so it coverrd me in light. Now everyone outside of the car could look in and see I was totally nude.

Just before pulling away from the crub Jake reached over between my legs and made me spread them wide. He told me to leave them that way.

"See Liz I knew we would have fun together! But we're not through yet!"

Oh I just didn't know why my body was acting this way. I knew I loved women and men turned me off. Could it be the roughness and being raped earlier that was turning me on? Should I fake it and make him think I'm really enjoying myself or should I fight? I just don't know what to do. I guess I'll let my body think for me.

Once he realized I was so wet he kept rubbing me and then licking his fingers off. Just watching him turned me on alittle. He then lightly rubbed my clit and I could actually feel a nice tingling starting. Oh is this how my body is going to react? What will my girlfriend say when I tell her? She is so anti-men, just as I was sure I was.

"Oh look we have to stop at this light. And look at all the people on the crub waitng for the light to change. Now baby stick that beautiful chest out and give them a good look. And I'll keep playing with your pussy. Yes that's right push that pussy against my hand. Give them a show!"

Oh god I involunteerily arched my back wanting more of his hand. Oh no I'm fucking his hand right here in front of everyone. And I don't care! It feels so good!

I wish he would just take me wherever it is we are going and get it over with. I know they are going to rape me agaom and I just hope they don't kill me. Anything but that!

"Ah here we are, beautiful lady! This is a warehouse I've owned for years and I bring all my girlfriends here. You'll love all the toys. And my friends are going to love you!"

Oh I knew it! But maybe I can at least enjoy the toys.

But it wasn't the type of toys I envisioned. No this was a torture chamber! Racks for stretching arms and legs. Whipping posts and walls with ties. There was even a surgical table with surgical tools. Oh no! He was going to toture me and then kill me! Nooooooooooooooo!

"What? No baby no! I'm not going to use these things on you. These are for Holloween that is coming up in a couple of weeks. We are going to have a haunted house for the kids in the neighborhood. No don't even think about something as wicked as that. Ugh I'm not into killing other people. Please believe me."

Oh I hope he's telling me the truth.

"Come on back here, this is were we will be spending out time over the next few days. And look here all the guys are here and they are nude just like you. Well I'd better get that way too."

Soon all six of them were standing nude infront of me. Most were in good shape but their penises were all different shapes and sizes. I didn't realize a penis could come so many different ways. When they raped me earlier I hadn't had a chance to see them like I was now. And it was exciting as well as terrifying!

"Now Liz you can either enjoy this and go along with us or we will rape you, again. Because all of us will be in each of your three holes at one time or another. Alone and maybe three at a time. And from your response before I just know you enjoyed it!"

Well I just knew I wasn't going to go down willingly and I told him so.

"Ok you can have it your way. But mark my word that before we are through I'll bet you will be begging for more."

No way buster! I vowed to myself that I wouldn't have a repeat performance like the last time.

I don't really know why I was acting to tough. I had actually enjoyed it when they raped me before and know what would happen now. So why was I?

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