Liam's Journey

by David Caspian

Copyright┬ę 2009 by David Caspian

Science Fiction Sex Story: Liam has spent some time with Sanna'ya and Sen'ya before he is captured and brought deep into Harreden territory. What will happen to Liam when he reaches his destination? Will he be a slave like so many the Harreden have conquered, or is he destined to be their equal?

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Reluctant   Coercion   Slavery   Heterosexual   Science Fiction   Superhero   Extra Sensory Perception   BDSM   DomSub   MaleDom   Rough   Humiliation   Gang Bang   Group Sex   Harem   Interracial   White Male   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Petting   Cream Pie   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   Size   Nudism   .


It has been some time since Sanna'ya and Sen'ya had brought Liam deep into Harreden territory. During his journey with them, he had experienced strange things but it wasn't over.

Powerful families on the Council learned of him, despite the two sisters' efforts. Greatly interested in his new powers, they sought to bring him before them. The two sisters were unable to resist under the strength of their influence, and Liam was removed from their custody. A test of sorts was planned, one that would use an age old practice that was a well known part of Harreden culture: The Arena: not a place of death like those of Human history. In Harreden culture it served a different purpose: a test of strength and stamina, where captured races and the unwanted did battle. A defeated opponent found themselves the plaything of the victor, and if they failed to please the crowd, perhaps them as well.

Both males and females fought here. Opponents were of the opposite sex, and if a Harreden was involved in a match, they were expected to be the victor. Bets were placed on how long one of the two fighters would last, not to mention who would win. From time to time an outside combatant was allowed to participate, especially when they paid well.

Liam heard all this and more. Apparently this was to be a test of his new skills and what a Human was capable of achieving. He had gathered that much by listening to other's thoughts. Unlike the other prisoners there, he was not bound or chained.

"Not that I'm complaining, but where are my chains? I figured I was going to be treated like all the others." Liam said to one of the guards escorting him.

The larger male smiled, replying, "Yours is a place of honor. As such, you are to be treated with an elevated status: much more like a breeder, even though you are not a true Harreden at all."

"But I'm not a Harreden at all. Why am I so different, and what's a breeder?" Liam asked.

"It is as it sounds. Your purpose at this point is to prove you are capable of breeding. I tell you this, because I was told to do so if you asked. My other duty is to watch and protect you between matches." the Harreden said.

"Are you saying I'm in danger from the other prisoners? Why?" Liam asked, as they entered the underground tunnels. All of it was well lit, with lights coming out of the little round openings in the ceiling illuminating all.

"As far as they are concerned, you are one of us. While they would never dare attack a strong Harreden for fear of losing what little status they have, you are a different story. They may think they can hurt you and get away with it. These are prisoners of war. All of them are trying to gain rank and perhaps freedom, or to be noticed. Their only other way out is to be mated, or submit to living on the outskirts." the Guard said.

"Alright, what's your name if I may ask?" Liam said, looking up at him without fear.

The guard was noticeably impressed with his courage, as he said, "Jem'sa ... Liam."

He added emphasis on the last part to spell out that he did know his protectee's name.

"So either you've heard of me, or my mental shield is slipping." Liam replied.

"On the contrary, your shield is perfect. Any Harreden would be hard pressed to break through, even if they could, alone. With you I suspect that they would need help." Jem'sa said, opening a door and waving Liam through. Liam did as he was told, and found a line of exotic women before him. From north to south on the far wall they stood facing him.

"Who are they?" Liam asked, turning to look at Jem'sa.

"You're potential mates. You must pick one or more now. It is expected, and will help acknowledge your status. They are all willing, if that is a concern of yours." Jem'sa said.

"Let me get this straight: I'm supposed to fuck one or more of them?" Liam asked with raised eyebrows.

"Actually you are supposed to share. You are an honorary Harreden. In the Arena all mates are shared unless you are the victor: then you may choose not to." Jem'sa explained.

"You mean a "gangbang"?" Liam asked.

"What is a gangbang?" Jem'sa asked. Liam felt that the other male honestly didn't know. Now it was his turn to explain.

"Where more than one guy fucks a girl, or vice versa, sometimes it is called a threesome or more depending on the number." Liam said.

"And you breed this way among your people?" Jem'sa asked, bottled excitement in his voice. Liam had seen his eyes light up from their almost bored demeanor before.

"Interesting..." Jem'sa said with a smile, before glancing back at the multicolored women. All looked remarkably human-like. Liam guessed that the Harreden only captured those that looked like them. If there were other types of aliens, then the Harreden weren't interested. No doubt this helped in interbreeding.

Looking at the women, Liam decided he might as well try to enjoy this. When he thought of it, he didn't really have a lot of choice: these people seemed to be offering him a rare opportunity, and Liam didn't want to lose what he had.

"The green skinned one." Liam said, pointing at the one just to his right. She had a slim build and was about as tall as him, in fact no woman/female was below 5'8 or above 5'10. He wondered if his species alone held so much variety. From what it looked like despite certain differences: every one of them was relatively the same. None were fat, short, or tall. All of them seemed well built but not very curvy, athletic or slim would be a better word. The one he picked had a body that looked firm and well toned, but not too much. Liam felt his cock harden while he looked at her almost bare body. Only tattered pieces of cloth covered her breasts and pussy separately while exposing the rest of her.

"The rest of you return to your cells. Your guards will be waiting outside to escort you back." Jem'sa said. Sure enough, Liam sensed more Harreden approaching. One of them entered, and Jem'sa signaled for him to stand to his right, far from where Liam stood. They spoke to each other verbally, and Liam guessed it was because of him. Perhaps they suspected that whenever they opened their minds enough to talk to each other, he could peek in. The entire idea was not only plausible, but true. The bits and pieces of information he had gathered thus far were from that very ability. It had taken time to develop after leaving the sisters, but thanks to their instruction he had been able to pick it up.

Watching the two males now, he saw them smile as they glanced at Liam and the alien female.

"What's her name?" Liam asked, feeling a bit nervous.

Looking at him Jem'sa answered, "Nem'te. While her race bred poor warriors, they do provide fine females. We conquered them in a matter of hours."

Liam still couldn't get over how single minded and callous the Harreden could be. Even now, he could feel the slight presence of same at the comment about Nemiya's warriors. Obviously they hadn't put up a good fight. Liam now wondered how well his own people would last against the Harreden in an invasion of Earth. He might have felt pity for her, if he hadn't sensed something else. This female felt attracted to the three of them, especially Liam. The last part surprised him: Humans don't come anywhere close to the same level of pheromones as a Harreden does, and add on the fact that he was not as large in any proportion, he couldn't understand it.

Curious, he made a more detailed scan of her mind and found an interesting surprise: It was the differences that attracted her, plus he was letting off pheromones she could indeed smell. Her sense of smell was far more developed than his own, or that of any other Human. Without meaning to, part of his mind conceived the idea of being in a threesome with the alien female, he found the idea quite engrossing as well as exciting.

"Show us this memory of yours." Jem'sa said, interrupting Liam's line of thought.

"I'm sorry?" Liam asked, not understanding.

"Your memory of this sexual act. We wish to understand what is involved in it so it may be recreated." Jem'sa said.

"You can't be serious." Liam said in shock.

"I am very serious. Please share so we may try with her. The more you show, the better it will go for all. Now please teach." Jem'sa said matter-of-factly.

"Ok..." Liam said, finding the images required in his own head and uploading them to the other two males. Both smiled as they received the images, by the end they had full grins.

"Nem'te may strip or you may, if that is your wish. Since you are the favored here, that is your right, as is first penetration. Afterwards she is yours to do with as you wish." Jem'sa explained.

"Shouldn't we explain it to her?" Liam asked.

"Why? She is a slave." Jem'sa said.

"So you just take her?" Liam asked.

"Yes." Jem'sa said with a shrug.

Liam couldn't believe it. They were about to try something that he hadn't tried since college, and the woman who would be on the receiving end had no idea what was going on. Willingness was one thing, but this was just ridiculous. Stepping forward Liam opened his thoughts to the woman. Both the other males heard her gasp.

"What are you doing?" Jem'sa asked.

"Explaining what you intend to do to her, or we." Liam said without looking at him. Right then he was trying to make the idea clear. The initial shock of him being able to communicate like the Harreden had surprised Nem'te. Now she was intrigued by this new idea, and approached it with a great deal of curiosity. In one corner of the room, Liam noted there were cushions covering the floor.

"Would you please have a seat?" Liam said, patiently directing her where he wanted her to sit. While he had thought about describing what he meant to do next, instead he wanted it to be a pleasant surprise for her.

"Please spread your legs for me." Liam then asked with a pleasant smile, waiting until she complied. Lying down on his stomach, Liam began licking Nem'te's pussy, taking his time with long delicate strokes of his tongue. The female slave immediately gasped in surprise, before she began to moan loudly. The Harreden males, fascinated by this new development, immediately moved in closer for a better look, crowding around Liam and the female. Encouraged by the sounds Nem'te was making, Liam buried his face in her pussy, practically devouring it. Nem'te moaned and giggled with delight, never had she experienced such a thing. Before long one the Harreden males, eager to try this new technique for himself, shoved Liam out of the way. Liam landed upon a large crimson cushion with gold lining around its edges.

Sitting up at once, Liam watched the Harreden male take his turn at orally satisfying Nem'te, and both parties seemed to enjoy it thoroughly. Soon Nem'te was cumming under the male's determined servicing. Angry at being bullied out of the way, Liam lashed out in a mental attack, and watched the male stiffen, as if he had been struck by a heavy blow. Going limp, the male passed out, and Liam could already sense the other male who was still standing, marshalling his defenses for an attack. Instinctively Liam lashed out again, but this was not the spear point attack he had used only seconds before, this time it was more of a grappling one. Grasping the second Harreden male's mind, he squeezed and watched the male's knees buckle as he gasped in pain.

"Let's make a few things clear: while I'll play the part of a slave, don't push your luck, or you'll find me more than your equal mentally." Liam said, before releasing his mental hold. The male sighed in relief, slumping farther down, as if he had been under a great amount of strain. By the time the other male awoke after a few moments, the power structure had shifted in the room. Now Liam was the dominant male, and the other two acknowledged it clearly, showing a great degree of respect towards him in every mannerism. Satisfied that he had made his point, Liam decided to buy their loyalty and teach the males something new.

"Nem'te, please come here." Liam said, watching her approach the three of them, as they now stood on one side of the room away from her. Liam had been prepared to take on both males, leaning on his own mental powers to overcome their physical and mental capabilities. He had been surprised to note a feeling of respect that came from both of them, and it made sense when you considered their culture. When the male had attacked him, it had been because he had considered himself the superior, and not just because of his rank. Here, only the strong rose to the top, and Liam had proved himself by taking on each one of them, and proving that he could handle them easily in a fight. The fact that he had managed to surprise them, only added to their respect for him. Now he was not only the teacher, but also the strongest out of all of them mentally.

"On your knees, Nem'te." Liam said, sending a private stream of instructions to her. As she knelt, Nem'te smiled at him, she understood he had a surprise in store for the two males.

Pointing to the first male, Liam said, "Remove your loincloth and come here and stand in front of her."

Liam stepped back to provide them with room, and saw the male follow his instructions. He was as well endowed as apparently most, if not all, Harreden were. It seemed to be another one of their common traits. This one was sizable enough that Nem'te had some difficulty taking him into her mouth. The male's eyes widened in surprise as her tongue slid along his member, and her hand worked his long shaft. Liam smiled as the male looked to him for direction.

"Just relax and enjoy, if you want to go deeper, then ask her." Liam said. The male seemed content to keep things as they were; perhaps not wanting to discourage Nem'te and end this wonderful experience. Nem'te soon got the hang of her first blow job, thanks to Liam's vivid instructions, and had the male cumming in her mouth in no time. As his cock began to spurt inside her mouth, she gulped down as much as she could, the rest pouring out of her mouth and down her chin. The male groaned with the strength of his own orgasm. Never before had he felt anything like this.

"Can you handle any more?" Liam asked Nem'te.

"Yes, please." Nem'te said, nodding emphatically.

"Alright, you're next." Liam said pointing at the second male, who seemed eager to try it. Unlike the first, he wanted to try deepthroating, but when Nem'te gagged one time too many, Liam shot him a warning to stop and just let her do it. Chagrined at Liam's flash of anger, the male obeyed, and let Nem'te bring him to orgasm without further delay. After gulping down the second male's deposit, Nem'te's jaw was sore.

"Perhaps you should rest." Liam offered, not wanting to injure her.

"Please, master, I want you inside me." Nem'te said, moving to the cushion and spreading her legs invitingly as she watched him stand there, the look on her face equally inviting.

Shrugging, Liam thought, "Why not?"

Moving in, he kissed her as her legs wrapped around him, pulling him. She moaned as his mouth worked, trying to mimic him. Liam had a sense that wherever she came from, the people there seemed just as ignorant about sex as the Harreden did. Being an explorer, this interested him, as his lips were on auto pilot. A sound of protest from Nem'te brought him back to what he should be paying attention to, and Liam decided to save this new observation for later. Renewing his focus on their kiss he heard satisfied sounds from Nem'te.

Hot and gasping for air, Nem'te said, "Take me!"

What she expected was for Liam to take her like a Harreden: strongly and with an air of ownership, and while it was both of these things, it was also something more. Liam took his time, each thrust into her tight pussy unhurried, and yet filled a primal purpose. Both Harreden watched in awe at the strangeness of it, but also how Liam made it look so natural. Nem'te couldn't stop kissing him, loving how he made her feel, and wanting this time with him to never stop. Liam was attentive, communicating with words and emotions to find out what she wanted, and then taking her where she needed to go. By the end she cried out, calling his name as she climaxed underneath him; his cock buried deep within her. Even afterwards she clung to him, kissing his neck and chest. Rolling onto his back, Liam was exhausted from the effort, but even then she would not stop. Finally, after a few moments, she simply laid down on top of him, falling asleep contentedly against his warm form, their bodies covered in sweat. Opening his eyes as he felt her fall asleep, Liam saw both males bent over the two of them.

"We have much to learn from each other, Human. I am Tasu'te. Nem'te was my slave up until now, now she is yours. If you will teach us all you know, we will teach and aid you so can easily be victorious in the arena." The first male said.

"Sounds fair." Liam said with a smile.

Returning the smile, Tasu'te said, "Then we will begin tomorrow. Until then enjoy the rest of your day, because it will be some time before you will be able to enjoy such leisure."

Liam walked into a large room with a dirt filled fighting ring in the middle: to the right and the left of the black bordered ring stood the two Harreden males who would be Liam's teachers. On the far side a female knelt facing them, naked except for a very short loincloth.

Looking at Tasu'te, Liam asked, "What's all this?"

Tasu'te gestured to the female slave and replied, "Your opponent."

Liam looked the female over; gauging her strength. Though she was beautiful with her green skin and even darker green hair, to the point it was practically black, Liam judged her to be physically weaker than him still...

"What's the catch?" Liam asked.

"No catch. She is as she appears to be: a weaker opponent. It is customary for every newcomer to face such an opponent: the practice allows everyone to gauge their spirit." Tasu'te answered.

"Gauge? If the deck is stacked against her, what is the gauge for? It can't possibly be to accurately judge my fighting ability. From what you suggest she is not even in the same league as me." Liam asked in astonishment.

"First off: it does judge whether you are a total weakling if you have trouble beating her. Second it judges your spirit in being able to show no mercy to a weaker opponent. We Harreden consider mercy to be a weakness in battle: it invites only hope." Tasu'te explained.

"I don't understand." Liam said. Though he could read their minds if he chose to, Liam had never fully understood why his former lovers had tried to beat this lesson into him.

"I have been doing research on your world since yesterday, and I have learned something: like us, you too had empires. There were a number in fact, and all fell." Tasu'te said.

"That is the nature of empires: all must eventually fall for one reason or another." Liam replied.

"Not ours. Ours has existed for thousands of years, going from a planetary empire to one that spans over most of the known universe. Every slave you see came from a world we conquered. None rebel, and most don't even fight us anymore when we come to conquer them, and do you know why?" Tasu'te said.

"No." Liam said.

"Because from the moment we attack until the moment they are enslaved by us, we provide them no hope of defeating us. We strike hard and fast, using overwhelming force. Our technology and genetics are superior ... we are superior. They don't fight us because they are happy to be alive; happy that we find a use for them, instead of extinguishing every last remnant of their race forever. They know they can't beat us, and it keeps them from foolishly wasting their lives in any attempt to free themselves. Most of them after that are happy to join us; for it means their children will carry our strength." Tasu'te said, with a great measure of pride, puffing up his chest.

"So in a way, you are showing mercy, if not directly." Liam said.

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