An American Housewife

by Cespenar

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, NonConsensual, Rape, Coercion, Fiction, Light Bond, Gang Bang, Interracial, Black Male, White Female, Size, Nudism, .

Desc: Fantasy Sex Story: Four women are kidnapped into a life of sexual slavery, but one of the kidnappers starts having feelings for one of them.

Mike was watching his "Helpers" hunting pretty girls for the Russian trade. They were two black guys who didn't need much in the way of dollars to entice them to kidnap the girls. They just wanted to use them first.

Mike saw the young housewife first. She was gorgeous. She was sashaying along the street looking left and right. She had on a pair of micro-shorts that Mike reckoned she had nothing under. Her satin shirt molded her breasts now and then as the wind blew around her. Her visible nipples jutting out proved that she wasn't wearing a bra.

He signalled to the "Helpers" to get her.

They dragged the sexy looking woman into the vacant building and Mike hurried over. He was just in time to see the two black men were stripped already and had torn the buttons off the woman's shirt, exposing her breasts revealing to Mike that they were beautiful. He felt a twinge and a stirring in his jeans at the sight of her gorgeous sexy body.

One of the guys had ripped her shorts open as well, and her sexy body made him want her.

As the man holding her tried to put chloroform over her face he yelled, "She's fighting the chloroform."

The other one said, "Then hit her! The Russians will pay us well for this young ho! They'll put her on the slow boat to Russia, and she will never see America again!"

The woman was given a resounding slap across the face and she stopped struggling. One of the blacks stood there, grinning at the young housewife, his cock jutting out ready to rape her.

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The first guy pushed her down and mounted her roughly. He forced her legs wide apart and thrust his black lust deep into her. He grunted, "Ahhhh! Fuck, that's nice!"

Then he threw back his head and his hips rose and fell ... rose and fell, and the young housewife's gorgeously sexy body was buffeted up and down as she was fuck-raped. It didn't take long for the first guy to pump his semen into the beautiful young woman, and he stood up and let the other guy have her.

He thrust vigorously into her soft pussy and fucked her as quickly as the first guy, also spilling his semen into her. Then he also dismounted.

The fucked woman was still somewhat disoriented, but she knew she'd been raped. A small hand went to her ravaged pussy, cupping it and feeling the cum dripping out of her. Suddenly one of the guys slapped her again and put the chloroform rag over her face.

Once she was unconscious they hoisted her inert body onto their shoulders and headed for the ship.

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Mike smiled to himself. He had four young women. A beautiful redhead with a lovely figure called Alison. An Italian American girl called Kate who was gorgeous. She had beautiful dark hair and delicious, full breasts. There was a teenager called Sue who would bring really big money. She had long brownish hair, a firm young body and upright breasts with incredible nipples. And now he had this young housewife, also called Sue. She had long rich auburn hair and a gorgeous ripe body. She had a ring on her finger, so too bad for her husband. He could look forever and a day and he won't find her in Russia.

Three of the beautiful young women were tied to beds. That would make it easier for the crew to sample their delicious young bodies. The housewife was tied to a pallet where she was spread-eagled, her gorgeously sexy body on show, and ready to be fucked.

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Mike didn't care if she was uncomfortable. As he stripped, he gazed hungrily at her ripe breasts and stiff nipples. His penis rose up stiffly as he stepped between her spread thighs. He pressed the tip of it to her slick pussy lips and pressed forward, sliding it into her. She felt warm and slick thrilling his cock to a quick orgasm.

He spilled his semen into her and lowered his mouth to her nipples, sucking them, one after another.

"I'll be back," he promised her. "I need to fuck you some more!"

That night, Mike kept his promise. He came to her again and she moaned unhappily as he fucked her again.

As he withdrew she asked "Can I at least shower?"

Mike thought about that for a few minutes, and then nodded. "Okay! I'll untie you and take you to the shower myself."

The shower stall was rather small, but Mike guided her into it and followed. She looked at him questioningly, but he grinned at her and asked "What's your name?" When she replied, he said "Alright Sue! Just enjoy the shower! I'm going to wash you!"

Sue stood under the stinging needles of water as Mike ran his soapy hands over her body. His hands slid slickly over her breasts and nipples, making them tingle and the nipples to stiffen and jut out again. He ran his hands down over her hips and mound, making her gasp as his soapy fingers slicked over her clitoris.

Sue felt her body responding as Mike's hands slid up and down her legs, touching her soft pussy-lips before sliding down to her ankles again and again. She was almost gasping with desire as he stood up and caressed and cupped her breasts from behind, gently squeezing the hard nipples between thumb and forefinger.

She unconsciously put her hand behind her and grasped his hard cock as it poked her. She leaned forward against the shower wall and thrust her hips back as she spread her thighs apart, offering her love to his lust. Mike grasped her hips and pulled her love onto his lust and started to fuck her.

After a while, Sue cried out as orgasm ran through her loins. She stood still, then, letting Mike enjoy her body. She felt guilty about what she was doing, but she couldn't help it. Whatever was happening to her, she was enjoying being with this man.

When he came, she felt him relax and she turned around, putting her arms around his neck. They kissed, and a strange feeling came over Mike.

He wanted this woman for himself!

He wanted her in a satin sheeted four-poster bed!

He wanted her in a mountain stream!

He wanted her on a beach under palm trees!

He wanted to fuck her again and again!

'Damn, ' he thought. 'I've never felt this way about a woman before.'

He led her back to the pallet and tied her up again as tears ran down her cheeks. He knew that the Russians would kill him if he reneged on the deal, so he had to find out how to let her be taken into Russia for about a week, and then rescue her and smuggle her back onto the ship before it embarked again.

Meanwhile, Ben, one of the big black guys looked down through the hatch. He saw how beautiful, sexy and fuckable the girls looked. He felt a bit sad, knowing what was going to happen to them, but that didn't stop his penis from swelling hugely.

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He focused on Kate's beautiful nakedness. He wanted to drive his hardness into her soft flesh. Her soft slit looked nice and tight.

He looked around and wondered where Sue was. He couldn't see her. He wondered if any of the crew had taken her down to the bunks and were fucking her. 'Oh well, ' he thought. 'It will be the captain's fault if she gets abused too much by lots of men.'

Little did he know that it was Mike who was fucking the young housewife.

As the freighter travelled from America to a port on the Black Sea, Mike was fucking Sue every chance he got. He knew that sometimes she liked it, and sometimes she struggled. He enjoyed her struggling. She would thrust against him with her hips and he just lay in her while her thrusting struggles worked his cock to orgasm.

Meanwhile, Ben had snuck into the room where the other three girls were and was about to rape Kate Paloma. He looked at her naked, spread-eagled, beauty and full, soft breasts. By the time he got undressed, his cock was a big, thick, long throbbing lust weapon.

He climbed between Kate's thighs and pressed his huge, purple glans against her soft pussy-lips. He closed his eyes and groaned lustfully as he felt her soft flesh opening to receive his massive lust.

Kate moaned unhappily as she felt her sex being stretched by Ben's thick lust. But Ben was gentle. He pushed slowly, allowing Kate's soft flesh to stretch pleasurably. And she gasped as she felt herself respond to his rape. A moistening of her vagina allowed Ben's huge cock to slide in more easily.

It took a whole minute for Ben to drive his ten inches of lust fully into Kate. She stiffened, thrusting her mound up against Ben as her body betrayed her and she pleasured to this negro's rape of her beautiful body. Ben lay still for a minute or so, enjoying the feel of liquid silk that grasped his cock. Then he drew back and started to fuck her.

After several minutes of fucking his rape-lust into her, he came, and Kate felt his hot semen pumping into her and flooding her love with his liquid lust. Kate had already come, and was mortified that her body wanted to be fucked by this stranger.

Ben withdrew, and Kate's eyes gazed at the huge penis that had fucked her, and saw it was coated with her lubrication. A forbidden thrill ran through her loins as she felt his semen dribbling from her used sex. She closed her eyes, and opening them later, her rapist was gone.

Sue and Alison were looking at her. "Did he hurt you?" asked Alison.

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