Opportunity Knocks
Chapter 1

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Reluctant, Coercion, True Story, BDSM, DomSub, MaleDom, Spanking, Harem, White Male, White Female,

Desc: True Sex Story: Chapter 1 - It's life and while the Fates can be kept at bay they will not be denied. Will you choose to lay down and die remembering the past or will you rise above it to live again? It is a choice each of us must make when fate changes our lives.

There is a balance in the time-line of life. There are mountains of great happiness and valleys of deep sorrows. Where we go during those times, is the way others define us.

My life, though normal by others views, was my great pride. Loving wife, great kids, delightful home plus a couple of cats. Not that I had much choice about the cats, but it was a small sacrifice for my wife and kids. One moment we were on a trip to Disneyland. It seems the next thing I remember was a cemetery. One exploding tire, a truck out of control, the crash ... Suddenly, nothing was ever going to be the same again.

The long and short of it is, I sit in this house with those two damned cats, and nothing seems to matter anymore. Sure, I got the insurance settlements. Plus, there was a hefty out of court additional settlement from a trucking firm that did not care to keep its vehicles in good working condition.

But the money is just that. Not a penny of it, nor all of it, will ever make me laugh again. It offers temporary relief from boredom, and the stresses of not having money, but it makes enemies of old friends and family. As soon as they discover that you have it, and won't give it to them over and again; just that fast they cease to be your friends, and your family disowns you.

Sadly, I sit in the house, having moved past the grieving drunken days of why, the wallowing in my self-pity. I quickly worked past the 'sow your wild oats now that you're free again.' I tired of women wanting me because of what I have, how they will make my (read their) lives complete ... and, by the way, can I help raise their kids?

Now I'm at the point of: 'Shit happens, pick yourself up, take a hot shower and get on with the living.'

I was just coming from said shower, when I heard the doorbell ring. It's an obnoxious bell. One day, I will toss the damned thing out. Yeah, one day, right along with the rest of the 'museum to my past life' that I preserve in this house.

As I opened the door, there stood a college student from the University of Wisconsin (I noticed the sweatshirt). She is not some obvious beauty, but likely is just another kid trying to work her way through life. She introduces herself as Connie, and that she is here working the summer and needs a place to stay. And so it begins.

"Well, Connie, You'll have to give me a moment to go and change first and then I'll listen. No promises, but I'll listen. Come in. I'll be back in a couple of minutes"

As I'm walking back to my room to change out of my robe (it had seen better days, but that I can't toss it out, because the kids bought it for me for Father's Day' five years ago), I'm honestly thinking, 'What the hell am I doing with that girl in my great room (it used to be a living and dining room, but when we remodeled it became a great room)? Why do I need to hear some sob story?'

I've always had a soft spot, but it's been hardening the last couple of years. So a quick shave, got dressed in my favorite shirt and shorts, and back to the great room.

"Okay, Connie I'm about as decent as I'm going to get, today, so tell me all about this."

I take a visual inventory of her. She's likely about twenty-two, blond hair (could use a styling ... Hey, you learn these things, when you're married for fifteen years), she looked to be about 5'8", maybe one hundred and sixty pounds, and about a 34 with a C-cup...

Hey! I'm sad, not dead.

I'm interrupted in my further assessment, as she snickers at something down near my waist. I look down. I have forgotten to zip up.

She retorts, "If that's decent, what are you really like?"

"Connie, forgive me," I said as I zipped. "It's been a while since anyone other than myself has been in this house. By the way, I'm Von. So, Connie you have my full attention. Tell me your story."

I sat next to her and shook her hand when I did so. Damn, she looked at my crotch again and licked her lips then the story started. It had been quite a while since anyone looked at me and licked her lips. She knows how to play the game, no doubt.

The long and short of our chat boils down to this: Connie and five of her friends from the U of W have a ten week job selling door-to-door in this, and the neighboring communities.

The company that hired them by told them they should find rooms to rent from local houses, for that time. Well, it seems that she is the point person, looking for these homes. In the two weeks of being here, she has found out that it's not as easy as she thought it would be.

Now I'm the one snickering, and then the tear factory starts. The other girls arrived four days, ago and none of them can find anywhere to live, and that all the money, they had to get out; here is gone.

Their idea of making some expense money for school next year is disappearing before their eyes, and they only have the motel rooms for tonight, plus they are out of cash.

"Okay, Connie. Here's a tissue, take a breath. Let me go get you a glass of water."

Shaking my head, I know that I'm going to offer to help not only her, but all of her friends, also. I'm screaming inside my head for not tossing out that damned bell ... And wondering, did I just hear my wife laugh?

I bought that bell, and it aggravated her the day I did. Now I can hear her laughing at my aggravation. You do know that paybacks are hell, right?

I put the glass of water in her hands, and looked at Connie. I could see the waterworks were about ready to go off again at any moment. Now is there anyway that I cannot offer her and the rest of them a room at my house? Not without a huge case of 'the guilt's', for me being an ass.

And then something clicks. Maybe I can offer, and make her refuse, but what ... Hell, if I know 'but what'. Damn. She's got those sad eyes, and time is moving so damned slowly. Think! Damn it, think!

There! A thought and a nasty one at that. Okay, I got it. She and the others will have to be my slaves, for as long as they live with me. Hell, that will do it. No way will she agree to that. I'm free to offer, and have her refuse. Damn, sometimes it's so damn easy.

Looking right in her eyes I say, "So, Connie, I can see your pain, here."

What a stupid thing to say. When the hell did I get so stupid?

"It seems that I can't not make an offer to help you and your friends." Look at that smile. "So here's the deal, you and your friends can live here with me, but there is one condition. All of you have to agree to be my slaves for the entire time you're here with me."

There I said it, now to watch her face change expressions, and her to want to get out of here as quickly as she can. Damn this is foolproof! No way can she go for this.

"Okay," was all she said.

"Connie, did you hear me? I said that you and all of your girlfriends have to agree to be my slaves for as long as you're in my house".

"Yes, I heard. We knew that were we at the end of our ropes, here. We agreed to do whatever it took, to stay."

And then she smiled.

Shit, Shit, Shit! I stepped right into it, Hey, wait! Words are cheap, actions mean everything. There is no way she will not balk at my orders. Time to turn her inside out.

"Okay, Connie, this is no joke for me. I am serious. All of you will be my slaves for the time you are with me. SLAVES!"

"Yes I heard you, and yes I agree. My friends will agree, also. Should I call you Von, Master, or Sir?"

I'll be damned if she didn't look at my crotch, lick her lips, and snicker again after she said that.

Okay, So you think you can outplay me, do you? Well let's see what you can do, then. I get what I think is a Master's look on my face (whatever the hell that is).

"Slave, you will address me as Master, always. Now strip, and kneel in front of me."

"Yes, Master," she said as she stood up and took off her clothes.

The sweatshirt hid much of a very desirable body. I got up and walk to the middle of the room, she is naked at this point, and damned if she doesn't kneel in front of me, looking up into my eyes.

"Slave, retrieve my cock and worship it."

"Yes, Master."

Hell if she doesn't unzip me, and fish my cock out. She's licking it, and then it's in her mouth. Damn! Shit, I've missed this. I took ahold of her hair and started moving her head, as I pushed my cock deeper in her mouth. There is a slight gag from her, as my cock touches the back of her mouth, but then it's headed down her throat.

There is no way I can't finish this. It only takes about five minutes before I cum down her throat. I released her hair and she looked up, licking her lips.

What the hell just happened here? I own a slave and she can give one hell of a blow job!

"Thank you, Master. Is there anything else"?

My mind is still swimming. After all, it has been a longtime. I looked at her, and damn if she isn't still smiling. Hell, if she is that willing, who am I to pass her up? Looking around, I see the kitchen table.

"To the table slave, and bend over. Grab the edge of the table, and do not let go until I tell you to."

"Yes, Master."

There she is, naked, and bent over holding the table. I look closer and she is wide open. She is as turned on by this as I am. By damn if I'm not getting hard again, just from looking her over.

Well, what the hell? 'In for a penny, in for a pound'! She's willing, and I am going to take what she is freely offering. I drop my shorts along the way, and step up behind her taking a hold of my cock as I line it up.

"Okay, slave, one question. Are you on any form of birth control?"

"Yes, Master, I'm on the patch."

At that announcement, I take a hold of her hair and push deeply into her.

Damn! Hot, wet, tight and pushing back at me, as I'm pushing into her. It takes a few pushes to get balls deep. Once I'm deeply in, I stop. I pull her hair to lift her head back.

"Cum now, slave."

"Yes, Master!"

Her body is shaking, and she has a full grasp on my cock as she is cumming all over it. No sooner does she begin to regain her breath, than I begin to slap my balls against her again. I pull hard on her hair, and she is cumming yet again.

We have about five more of the hair pulling cums before I can't take anymore, and I blast off inside her.

I am dripping sweat, and her body is plastered to the table. I look up at the clock on the microwave, and it's just past 11:00. She has been here less than two hours. I have already cum twice, and she has had seven by my count.

That's when it hits.

This is just the beginning of a wonderful time.

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