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Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Masturbation, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Julie's been watching her new neighbor, Drew, almost since he moved in. Little does she know, he's aware of what she does while she watches him.

She stood just off to the side of her living room window, watching her neighbor mow his lawn. He'd moved in last fall when the nice elderly couple who'd lived in his house previously had to be admitted to an assisted living home.

She didn't know much about him, except that his name was Drew Knickerson and he was single. He drove a Toyota Camry and seemed to have an eye for landscaping. Surprisingly, for a man's home, the flowers lining his sidewalk were bright and colorful.

He'd planted them himself earlier in the season and tended to them regularly. The bushes surrounding his home were meticulously trimmed and the woodchips beneath always looked freshly laid.

A week earlier, he'd been out washing his car. She couldn't help but admire the way his muscles flexed as he moved. His hair fell to his collar and was the most perfect shade of brown she'd ever seen. She'd never gotten close enough to notice, but if her very recent fantasies of him were accurate, his eyes were the color of the ocean.

Many days since he'd moved in, she watched him work in his yard. She'd sit in front of her living room window, but just out of sight, and simply watch him. Only in the last few days did her watching become something more.

Drew paused and pulled the collar of his shirt up to wipe the sweat from his face. He glanced toward her house and smiled as if he could see her. She took a step to the side, but was still able to see him clearly. She felt her nipples harden when he continued to glance toward her house.

Does he know I'm watching him? she wondered.

She felt behind her for the overstuffed chair and eased down into it, her shorts riding higher on her thighs. She could feel the wetness between her legs increase while she continued to watch Drew watching her house. She wondered, only briefly, if he could see her or if he'd seen her in the past few days. She made only a small attempt to hide what she was doing.

She'd never in her life been into exhibitionism, but for some reason, the idea of Drew seeing her pleasure herself was more exciting than she could've ever imagined. With the thought of him seeing her, she slipped her hand into her shorts and found the moist curls covering her sex. She slowly strummed a finger over her sensitive clit and let out a slight gasp.

She closed her eyes and imagined how Drew's hands—his lips, his body—would feel. She pushed first one, then two fingers into herself while she kept her thumb on her clit, circling softly. Her hips rocked with her movements and before she knew it, her orgasm rocked through her.

Her head fell back against the chair and she let out a low moan. "Drew!"

She pulled her hand from her shorts and kept her eyes closed while she came down from the high of her release. Slightly ashamed, she leaned forward and glanced out the window, disappointed to see Drew had finished mowing his lawn and was nowhere to be seen.

She rose to her feet and headed to the bathroom to clean herself up, then made her way to the bedroom to get ready to go out with some friends.

Drew couldn't believe what he'd seen while he mowed his lawn. The woman who lived across the street, Julie, he thought her name was, sat in a chair in front of her window, clearly masturbating. The raging hard-on he'd gotten from seeing her refused to subside, even after he'd taken a cold shower.

He carefully pulled on a pair of jeans then found his favorite shirt and buttoned it while he thought of the woman who lived across from him.

He wondered if she knew he could see her when she pleasured herself in front of her living room window. The thought aroused him even further and he cursed his body for reacting this way to something as simple as seeing a woman masturbate.

"You're a typical guy, Drew. What did you think would happen?" he said to his reflection.

Drew ran a comb through his hair and dabbed on a bit of cologne before heading out to the kitchen to fix a quick dinner.

"Julie! Over here!" her friend Miranda shouted when she saw her enter the bar.

Julie made her way through the crowded bar to the table where her friends and a few co-workers sat, talking and laughing. A few looked up to greet her then turned their attention back to their conversations.

"Sorry I'm late," she said as she slid into the booth beside Miranda. "Did I miss anything exciting?"

"Only Mr. Hottie at the bar. Every woman in the place has been ogling him for the past half hour."

Miranda motioned toward the bar to a tall man whose back was currently to them. His hair was about collar length and the most perfect shade of brown—Julie blushed clear to her toes when she realized "Mr. Hottie" was none other than her neighbor, Drew Knickerson.

"Jules? You all right?"

"Um—yeah," she replied. She pulled on the collar of her shirt and fanned herself. "Is it hot in here?"

Miranda chuckled. "No, but you look like you're burning up."

If you only knew, Julie thought as she continued to watch Drew talk with the women who'd stopped to talk to him. "I need some air." Julie slid out of the booth and headed for the door. She made sure to keep plenty of distance between herself and Drew. She was pretty sure he hadn't seen her, but knowing what she'd done earlier at home, she knew she wouldn't be able to face him, at least not yet.

Julie leaned against her car, breathing in the cool night air. She was surprised at how quickly it'd cooled off, considering it was mid-July and the temperatures hit high eighties most days. She kept her gaze fixed on the entrance to the bar.

She wondered if Drew had seen her there or how often he came to this particular bar. It was a regular Friday night occurrence for her, but she didn't recall seeing him in the past. Although, she'd never really been so aware of him as she had been over the past week.

Her nipples hardened and she felt moisture pool between her legs at the thought of how many times she'd masturbated in front of her window while watching Drew.

"God, get a grip, Jules," she said quietly and turned to get into her car.

She slipped the key into the ignition, rolled down the window of her Chevy Malibu and flipped on the radio. She sat for a few minutes and listened to an old eighties tune. Her thoughts drifted to Drew once again and she knew she'd eventually muster up enough courage to formally introduce herself.

"You live across the street from me, right?" a deep male voice said, snapping her out of her daydreams.

Julie glanced up and into the most intense blue eyes she'd ever seen. When she realized Drew was standing only inches away from her car door, she blushed clear to her toes.


"I thought I recognized you." Drew willed his rapidly growing erection to subside while he talked to his neighbor. "I don't think we've officially met. I'm Drew." He reached out his hand.

"Julie." She took his hand and was surprised to feel tiny jolts of electricity shoot up her arm. She pulled away as if she'd been burned.

"Are you here with anyone?" Drew asked, silently groaning at the lameness of the line.

"No. Well, yes." Julie took a deep breath. You can do this! she told herself. "I came by myself, but I'm with some friends."

Drew felt himself harden even more at what she'd said. At that moment, Julie realized what she'd said and turned her gaze away from him, blushing profusely again.

"Okay, well, I don't wanna bother you. I just wanted to come introduce myself." Drew turned to walk back inside.

"Wait!" Julie said, rolling up her window and getting out of her car in one quick movement. Drew turned to look at her. Julie took a few steps toward him and stopped. Before she spoke again, she inhaled deeply, then exhaled, not realizing the rise and fall of her breasts were having definite effect on Drew. Julie mustered up every ounce of courage she had and then continued.

"Have a drink with me?"

Drew dragged his gaze from her lips to her eyes then smiled. "Sure."

He held out his arm, she hooked hers around it and let him escort her back inside. Julie felt the fluttering in her belly as she walked with Drew back into the bar. She turned her gaze toward the table her friends were at and flashed a quick smile when Miranda gave her a thumbs up and a wink.

They stopped at the bar and Drew watched closely as Julie hooked her heel over the rung and gracefully lifted herself to the stool. The tight denim of her jeans accentuated her slim hips. Her cheeks flushed when she saw Drew's reaction. He tore his eyes away from her and motioned for the bartender as he took a seat on the stool beside her.

"What'll ya have?" he asked when he approached.

"I'll have a Bud Light," Drew answered. He turned to Julie.

"Molson Ice," she said.

Drew waited until the bartender put their bottles in front of them before he turned his attention back to Julie.

"So what do you do for fun?" he asked.

"Not much really. I work a lot of hours. This is my usual Friday night ritual."

"Oh." Drew wanted to reveal he knew one of the things she did for fun, but he thought better of it. He knew there'd be a better time and place.

Julie glanced over his shoulder at a tall blond woman approaching. Her eyes fixed on Drew as she neared. She smiled then stopped beside him and tapped his shoulder. He turned to face her and she leaned in and planted a quick kiss on his cheek. Bringing herself upright, her gaze wandered to Julie.

"Who's your friend, Drew?" she asked.

"Oh, sorry. Anita Winters, this is my neighbor, Julie— " he paused.

"Ferguson," Julie offered. "Julie Ferguson. Nice to meet you." She reached around Drew and offered her hand.

"Likewise." Anita shook Julie's hand quickly then released it and turned her attention back to Drew. "I'm bored, let's get out of here."

"I told Julie I'd have a drink with her, Anita."

Anita sighed. "All right." She flopped down onto the barstool on other side of Drew and flagged down the bartender. She turned her attention back to Julie.

"So, you're Drew's neighbor, huh?"


"Well, I'm his fiancée." Anita said the words in such a way, it sounded like a warning.


Drew glared at Anita. "You're not my fiancée, Anita. I wish you'd quit telling people that."

Anita simply smiled. "Not yet, I'm not."

Julie kept her gaze fixed on the bottle of beer in front of her. She peeled at the label nervously while she silently chided herself into thinking Drew might be interested in her. She took another sip of her beer then set the bottle down and got to her feet.

"I really should go back and join my friends, Drew."

He put a hand on her arm. "Stay and finish your beer. " He picked up the bottle and pressed it into her hand. Julie shook her head, took the beer and headed back to the table where her friends were waiting.

She heard Drew speaking harshly to Anita as she walked away. She pasted a smile across her face and slid into the booth beside Miranda.

Julie sipped her beer slowly and watched as Drew and Anita headed for the exit. She could see a look of unhappiness on Anita's face while Drew led her out, talking over his shoulder to her. After they'd disappeared and the door closed again, she continued to gaze in the same direction.

"Jules? Everything all right?" Miranda asked as she nudged her.

"Oh, yeah. Everything's fine." Julie turned her attention back to her friend.

"So what's the story with the hottie at the bar?"

"He's got a girlfriend," Julie replied.

"Too bad."

A few of the people at the table headed out to the dance floor. Miranda slid out of the booth after them then turned to face Julie.

"Let's go dance."

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