TV Repairman

by Janus

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Rape, BDSM, DomSub, Spanking, Rough, Humiliation, Sadistic, .

Desc: BDSM Sex Story: TV repairman plans and kidnaps a wife when her husband is away.

He turned as he heard her casually mention to her friend that her husband would be away again this weekend starting tonight. He saw her beautiful smile and golden blond hair and knew she would be the one. He cautiously followed her along her path that day at the mall; spending several hours noting her tastes (Victoria Secret, Eddie Bauer, Rave?). He pulled his van out onto the highway just 2 cars behind hers as she left for her home at 4 Pm that Friday. Her home was in the suburban outskirts of the city on a cul-de-sac (he liked that); with woods behind her home (even better). As she got out he noted the sway in her hips as her skirt twirled upon exit (Was she wearing the new, blue panties she bought?) her yellow pull over top clung tight to her chest and clearly showed the outline of a newly aquired VS bra. He waited just 20 minutes before cutting the cable wire at the house's side, then another ten minutes before knocking on her door.

She answered cautiously "hello" from behind a locked door. His offical yellow vest and cap and "Cable company, Ma'am. I am repairing outages. Can you check your cable for me?

He saw her disappear and then a few long seconds later opened the door wide.

"yes it is out"

"I can try and fix it. I have been to several houses in the nieghborhood already ... or I can send someone out Monday at the earliest"

"Please come in and fix it now if you can"

He stepped in and asked her to show him the wall where the line came in.

She did and then begged off to do other things (still wearing the outfit from the mall).

He took his time and cut 8 long pieces of duct tape and taped them to the TV stand where she could not see them. Then 4 smaller pieces.

"Ma am can you come here for a moment" he called ... nerves rattling his body. His manhood beginning to stir in his loins thinking of what was yet to come.

She came out into the livingroom. His face was flushed and she couldn't help but notice a bulge in his pants. Good looking. But now she was a bit afraid. "There's still no picture," she said nervously. "My husband will be home soon. He's gonna be so disappointed with no TV." He smiled. Her husband wouldn't be home today.

He was on his side laying right side down with his face towards the wall and small space behind the TV.His jeans were tight and his work boots had left small pieces of dirt on the carpet. I need to clean those after I grab this bitch" he thought absentmindedly.

"Ma am you need to see this ... it is what I was afraid of ... looks like termites have been back here. Found same thing at another home"

He pointed to deep behind the TV set and stand.

He slid back to give her room to attempt to see for herself.

She wore a white skirt to just above her knees and the yellow jumper. Her feet were bare and went well with her long tanned legs. She had a lotion of some sort that she must have just put on for it simmered in the evening sun coming through a distant window.

How would she get down? he wondered

Would she get on all fours and peer around the corner or would she lay like him with her buttocks toward him giving him a unfettered view of her tight curves under the skirt?

The answer would reveal many things he thought.

"Now she was very nervous. "Uh, maybe I should wait until my husband comes home, and then call you." He knew he had to make a move ... now.

Standing up and wiping his hands he lunged at her suddenly and with such ferocity that she was completely taken by surprise as he tackled her to the floor by the TV. Her "ooofff" as she hit the floor belly first was not very lady like nor was her skirt flipping up to reveal her blue satin panties (helped by his hand as he straddled Sue facing forward pinning her arms at her sides. He inched up so that his crotch rested just above the small of her back (he knew from experience it protected him from kicks). Sitting on her, her arms trapped and out of breath. He quietly reached down and grabbed a large amount of her long hair and jerked her head back before she could realize what was happening...

"Oh God!!!!!!!!!!!!!" she cried! Let go of me! My husband will be home any moment! Ughhhhh hurting me! Please let me go! Kids will be home soon!

What do you want? Please leave me be!"

Those few words were all he needed. They were not blood curtling screams which might ... might have brought noisy neighbors. No, they were loud at first but lowered in

decibels as she had her head pulled back. That was all the time he needed to pull a black pair of old, stained cloth panties from his back pocket. As the balled up gag approached her luciosu red lips she knew and began to protest.


It was too late, the crotch of the panties went in first past her lips and he shoved them all the way in. Handgagging her in a kind of arm wrestle maneuver as he pulled off one of the long black strips of duct tape and wrapped it around her head three times.

With each complete circumference of her head, her hair became pressed against the sides of her head and the panty gag became more and more secure

""NNNNNNnnoooommmmrrrrrrrrrrrr ppppppppppppllfffrrfrrrr essse e godddddddmmmrrffffffffffNNOoooooo"

He laughed and felt her pinned arms flail under his weight.

The young housewife had never been in such a terrifying situation. She shook he head from side to side as if she could dislodge the tape. She gagged as she tasted the foreign panties, started dry heaving, and felt herself peeing. Not a very romantic victim!

He loved her violent reaction. Simply hearing her dry heaves thru the gag and duct tape made him more aroused. Of course he could nto tell of her other reaction. that would come later. He knew that she would eventually try to kick him but it came later then most of his others.

She tried both legs at the same time and he caught each foot easily as it barely missed his body. Pulling them further back once caught lifted her ass in the air and her skirt slipped off her ass cheeks revealing the panties and her sharp deep curves. Holding her right leg he took the duct tape with his left and wrapped it several times around her ankle. Her other leg was hopelessly unprepared to do anything. He spanked her tight ass and this got the reaction he wanted as her left ;leg sprung up. Grabbing it was easy and he pressed it to her other and continued twirling the duct tape around them both side by side. Soon she knew her legs and mouth wer both bound.

"Oh God! My legs bound together! I'm helpless! What does he want? He's not gonna rape me. He's gonna kill me! Oh God I can't scream. All I can do is cry and pray that this isn't happening!"

Her stayed straddled to her on her back for the next 15 mintues ... Pychological morre then anything she had no idea how long it lasted but he ran his hands over every inch of Sue's exposed body while he waited. First he caressed her hair and head (what was untapped that is). Then he roamed to her shoulders (some might have called it a message in some countries). Then pausing for effect he spanked her slightly exposed pantied ass.


the sounds loudness even surprised him but to Sue she jumped ( as best she could with legs tied and a 215 Lb male on top of her) as if a gun had gone off in her head. Literally her whole body shook at the vibrations the slap made and the small soft rubbing sensation he performed on her right ass cheek after his hand landed on her flesh.

Oh God! No man, not even her husband, had ever slapped her buttocks before. It hurt so badly. She sobbed uncontollably through her gag, but his gentle rubbing..."oh god and the all the saints in Heaven... ! " Sue had always had very dark fantasies about being raped by intruders in her home. She would never give herself willingly, but with the drab sex life she had with her mate, the thought of a strange man probing her cheeks and genitals often brought her to a massive climax when daydreaming alone in her room... "No, not now!" she prayed. "Not now! He may kill me!"

Her sobs as he spanked her ass (Three times now) and then her gentle gyrations as he rubbed her silk pantied ass cheeks each time and traced her ass crack with his fingers made him smile. She was one hot and wet housewife. What had destiny given him? She was one balled up bottle of sexual energy. He spanked her ass for a fourth time and wipsered in her left ear..."You are my fucking whore for the night ... I know your husband is away for the weekend. We are gonnna have fun all night long ... and then you will call a friend and invite her over... (his breath had an unfamilar smell to it ... was it red wine?). Do you understand? Answer me now.

Still gagged, she could only nod her head yes. But how, she thought, could she lure her neighbor? He might decie to kill both of us!

Pleased with her submission so far he reached over into his work bag and retreived a pair of velcro wrist restraints. Carefully grabbing her right wrist he let his right knee free her right arm and pulled her wrist behind her back to rest in the small of her back. There he wrapped it in the velcro. Amazing he mused how strong the velcro is and how powerless his victims are to remove it once both their wrists were immobilized. They coudl move their fingers but not reach back enough to pull offf the strong velcro grip.

He paused before grabbing the left wrist to run his left hand down between her now tight thighs. Wedging his hand between her legs he felt her crotch and the wetness that had occureed earlier from her pee.

"Interesting ... you 've wet yourself babe. That wont be the last time either... (laughter greeted her as her left wrist was velcro'd as well). Now both hands and ankles were secure and her mouth gagged he could relax for a second.

"Dont go away" (slapping her on her ass)

He went straight to the stereo and popped in his CD.

M Jacksons "Thriller" eerie, creepy sounds began to fill the room.

She watched him as he inserted the cd, and winced when she recognised "Thriller." There was a time when she adored Michael Jackson. But now she viewed him as a perverted freak. Why this creepy song? What was his next move? He looked down at her and she winced again ... She was helpless to speak. She wanted to tell him, the only way she could, with doe-like eyes begging him to free her. But she dared not meet his gaze. She was ashamed that he had touched her. Ashamed of her wetness. She began to tremble violently. "Oh my God, I am heartly sorry..." she began praying to God for the foregiveness of her sins, should the intruder suddenly decide to take her life. He turned to look at the pictures ovr the fireplace. "Ah, you were a beautiful bride!" he said. He considered the situation. He would enjoy her all weekend. But she would be able to identify him. Did he have any choice?

Taking his time he went to all the windows and drew the blinds or curtains. No need for prying eyes yet...

Strolling thru the living room he always kept a careful eye on his prize. Saw her struggling, rolling around moaning; sobbing. That excited him, he was sad to note. Must analyze that someday with a shrink. He locked the front door, checked her messages ... no friends expected to drop by this weekend. Oh what a shame. Guess I will have to pick one to come over from her photo albums.

He pushed aside the albumn titled wedding and instead grabbed the latest titled. North Carolina beach trip.

Sittting on the couch beside her on the floor with the albumn beside him he lifted her to her knees so that she kneeled between his legs, hands tied behind her, ankles tapped and mouth gagged. She was shaking with fear and avoided his gaze.

He slapped her lightly across her cheek

Slaaaaaaaappppppppppppp (his hand just catching her left chin)

"Look at me while I undress you."

With that he lifted (both hands on either side of her her yellow pullover) her shirt over her chest and off her head and then stuffed it down her arms creating another form of bondage around her velcrod wrists. Her bra gleamed in the light of exposure from the room lights. Had he turned them so they would spotlight her in this postion? His hands roughly fondled her for a few moments, enjoying their new work area, tracing the outline of her nipples thru the mesh material. Cupping and squeezing her tits as she kneeled there.

It was hard for her to cry with the panties stuffed in her mouth. In her panic, she began to choke. The more she choked, the more terrified she became. She could only plead with her eyes, "oh God, please take the panties out of my mouth." She calmed herself. She was trying point at something with her head and eyes. She wanted to tell him that she had a basement where they couldn't be seen, and that if he was going to rape her, to do it down there and be done with it. "Just don't take my life, " she begged, but only with her eyes.

Her doe like pleading amused and aroused him. His cock stood hard against his jeans ready to burst from its encasement. Eyeing her and her obvious attempts to steer him to money or away from the home she lived in; he shook his head "NO but instead hekld her chin with one hand as he unzipped his own pants and spread the two sides wide apart revealing his bulging penis hidden behind his underwear. Now that he had her attetnion he placed both hands on her blue Victoria secret bra. Each hands thumb and forefinger found her alert nipples and then lightly pinched them holding the pain and slowly pulling (leading really) her forward as he counted.

"1... 2... 3"

Pausing he increased the pressure as her bra's soft texture crumpled under his caulsoed hands. She grimaced in pain and tried to recoil but that increased her discomfort. Realizing her fate she leaned forward into him to ease her suffering.

"4... 5... 6 each second brought her body down towards his crotch. She resisted but the pain only increasded if she moved away from his hands that guided her to his cock.

"7... 8... 9..." His hands dipped below this thighs and she found her gagged mouth resting on his underwear, feeling his cock pulsating to her sobs and moans and cries.

"10"" With that he released her. She sprang back to attention as did her now perk nipples and his hardening member.

All was right with the world. He wrapped both hands around her waist and fumbled with her skirt zipper. "I never have been good with these things" he said (as he might have to a pal) as he unzipped her white skirt slipping the tight, panty clinging sides off her hips just enough to be called ajar.

"Now wiggle those tight hips and ass for me whoreeeeeeee so I can see you strip for me"

He leaned back on the couch and folded his arms, jeans open, waiting for her to wiggle and jiggle so that the skirt would eventually fall to her knees.

She had no choice but to obey She stood up and looked away from him as she fumbled and shook to dislodge her skirt. It fell too soon past her thighs, her knees, and to the floor. She looked briefly at his face. He was staring at her white cotton panties and she could tell he was very hard.

Pleased with her strip dance he stood and peeled off his jeans as he continued to stare at her white panties, tanned legs and blue silk bra covering her 34B? chest. He loved to see a woman in her underwear especailly one in bondage and helpless as Sue was now. The pants slid to the floor in a heap with a "Thump"

"Now your turn Sue' and with that he helped her step out of the skirt around her ankles and slipped her yellow top off her wrists.

As he leaned into her to do this his member pressed hard thru its blue shorts to her belly. She tensed at its hard touch to her cool skin.

She looked down ashamed as he reached behind her and unclasped her bra.



The tight material was unhinged and her chest came tumbling out of its enclosure as he tugged the bra cups downward and away from her breasts.

Her shame at having her breasts and nipples exposed intensified as you realized she recognized the blue shorts he wore!!!!!

Mumbling into her gag frantically now.





Yes those were her own blue cotton panties around his waist, covering his cock, beginning to be stained with his pre cum as his penis dribbled fluid. How did he get my panties?

He's been in my bedroom! In my drawers! Who is this man? Oh God, how long has he been stalking me? Why me? Why has he picked me? Just a wife and mother!

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