The Island

by Cespenar

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Rape, Coercion, Wife Watching, Gang Bang, Interracial, Black Male, White Female, Size, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A couple sail to an island on business where there are some black men. Mayhem ensues.

The two couples had been on the island for a week now.

Their yacht lay moored to the wharf way down the sandy slope to the sea.

Sue and her friend Kate Paloma had been having a sexy week with their husbands. They were holidaying for a few weeks on the Caribbean Island.

As their husbands cooked their lunch, two men moored a motorboat and walked up towards the kitchen area.

The girls were dressed in tiny bikinis and Sue mentioned they should put on a beach robe.

Kate laughed and said "I like the big black guy. Look at the bulge in his shorts."

"Kate" said Sue, "Stop looking at him like that. He'll get the wrong idea."

The girls talked together for a while and the time passed quickly.

Sue glanced towards the kitchen, wondering where the men were, when the four of them came out.

She looked enquiringly at her husband.

He told her he had to go back to the city to get some cash money. These two men were rebels and wanted him to get four million dollars together.

He and the boss headed down to the motorboat, and as they left, the boss turned to the women.

"Any problems and he'll have you both, and then kill you."

As the motorboat took the two men back to Florida, Sue and Kate sat quietly in stunned silence.

They headed to one of their cabins, but the big black man followed them. He told them to behave themselves while he locked Kate's husband in a wire mesh enclosure.

He then followed them around for the rest of the day, eyeing Kate's beautiful body all the time.

Kate felt an attraction for the man and confided in Sue. After Sue told her to be careful, she said "I can't help it, Sue. I get tingles whenever I see that huge bulge in his shorts."

As the evening turned into darkness, Sue and Kate drifted off to their respective cabins.

Sue locked the door of her cabin, but Kate just threw off her bikini and lay on her bed. She rolled around for a while, but couldn't settle down. Visions of the big black man kept running through her mind and it wasn't long before she was quite moist.

Suddenly a big shadow blocked the light coming in through the open doorway. The big black man stood there, hands on his hips.

Kate gazed back at him and unconsciously spread her legs apart, exposing her sex to his hot gaze.

He removed his shirt and shorts, and Kate gasped softly as his huge erection sprang free of his clothing.

He stood at the end of the bed and Kate raised her knees and let them fall open, parting her thighs even more.

As he climbed on the end of the bed, Kate raised her arms over her head, tautening her beautiful breasts.

He leaned down and sucked her nipples, making them stiffen. Then he grinned up at her and moved up her body till his massive erection pressed against her sex.

Kate felt her slick entrance open and welcome his glans into herself.

He thrust slowly and shudderingly and Kate realized he lusted for her very much. She felt her flesh stretching as it accepted his massive hardness.

She felt the huge, thick shaft following the huge glans into her flesh, deeper and deeper and deeper.

Then he lay fully upon her and held her tightly to himself. After a minute of enjoying her slippery warmth he drew back and thrust, again and again, fucking her vigorously, driving her pleasure to the heights of sensual ecstasy.

Kate came with a gasp and a cry before collapsing and widening her thighs, letting him fuck her and fuck her and fuck her.

After he came, emptying his hot, creamy cum into her, they slept for a while.

It was about midnight when they woke, and the man lay on his back, indicating that Kate was to ride him.

Kate knelt over him, thighs wide, and lowered her sex onto his shaft, impaling herself on that massive shaft of male lust.

She rocked back and forth, pleasuring to the feel of male hardness so deep within her sex. She rode him hard, making him cum but not stopping her doing of his lust.

She hadn't cum, so she rode him harder till he came again.

Kate smiled into the darkness as she dismounted from her lustful ride. But then was surprised to feel him kneel up and place himself behind her.

He thrust into her dripping flesh and fucked her doggy style. Kate was amazed. She had never been done like that before, and it felt great. So lustful! So sexy!

Next morning, Kate couldn't look at her husband as she and Sue had breakfast together.

Later, Sue asked what had happened.

Kate smiled at her friend and said "Oh! Sue! It was fantastic! I've never been fucked like that before! He was magnificent!"

Sue looked at her friend and said "Kate, you know he's going to do you every night till they leave."

Kate looked at her friend. She stole a glance at her husband who was looking morose as he picked at his breakfast.

"Do you think he knows?"

"Of course" answered Sue. "The door was open all night."

The two friends wandered down towards the beach. As they walked past the doorway of Kate's cabin, the musky smell of lust wafted out to meet them.

Sue looked at Kate and laughed. Then she said "You had a good time then?"

Kate chuckled as she and Sue looked in at the rumpled bed. Noticing the huge wet spot in the middle of the bed, Kate replied "I guess I did, didn't I."

They laughed as they went for a swim.

The Island (Part 2)

Sue and Kate were fucked every night by the big black guy. Sue was surprised that she liked it so much. (Such a sexy woman)

This went on for five days before the boss brought Sue's husband back.

He had the money, but not all of it.

The boss said he'd have to make an example of them and pulled out a radio. He turned away and spoke into it for a few minutes.

He turned back and said "You are expecting some guests! You two lovely young women better find something sexy to put on. You have some entertaining to do."

He took out a gun and said to the big black man "Tie the men to a pole there on that rise. They will get a good view of the party."

Kate had brought a sexy little top with her. It was sheer and held her lovely breasts for the men to see. She had a matching skirt that was slit to the waist on one side. She looked gorgeous in it.

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