Happy Valentine's Day, Daddy!

by DaddyOhh

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/Ma, Consensual, Reluctant, BiSexual, Fiction, Incest, Father, Daughter, Oral Sex, Masturbation, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Lexi comes home from college to visit her father for Valentine's Day. She brings her boyfriend Ray, who studies exercise physiology with her. Together Ray and Lexi give Daddy a very, very special Valentine's Day massage.

John was looking forward to Lexi's weekend visit. She didn't usually get to come home from college in February, but she was in the middle of her internship, so she was on a different schedule than in previous years. Both Lexi and her boyfriend Raymond were working toward advanced degrees in exercise physiology. The two of them were coming to stay with him for Valentine's Day. Lexi had spent New Year's with her mother. John had gotten used to not seeing his daughter every holiday since the divorce. But nonetheless, he missed her when she went to see his ex and not him. But this time it was Daddy's turn. And not only was his little girl coming to stay for a few days, she said she had a special Valentine's Day gift for him.

"No, Daddy!" Lexi laughed. "Of course I'm not going to give you the massage! Raymond is in the same internship site as me and he's going to do it." John wasn't crazy about a man's hands being on him, even if it was his daughter's boyfriend's hands. But it seemed a little less weird than the flash he had of his own daughter touching and rubbing everywhere. For a brief moment he wondered how many times Raymond's hands had been all over Lexi, but he quickly put that thought out of his mind. "Come on, Daddy. I really think it would be good for you, to relieve some of your stress. I think you'll love it!"

"OK, I guess I can handle it. Thanks Guys. I guess I really could stand to relax a little." John nodded to both Lexi and Raymond.

Raymond retrieved his portable massage table from his car and set it up in John's family room. To John's surprise, he was quickly enjoying the massage much more than he ever would have expected. The warm massage oil combined with Ray's strong hands provided a level of relaxation he had not experienced in quite a long time. After a few minutes John felt so peaceful that he drifted into a dreamlike state. When he came back to reality he immediately noticed something was different. Raymond was working his back, but another pair of hands was on his thigh. He turned to see what was going on and he saw Lexi working his lower half. She flashed a mischievous grin at her father.

"Lexi, what are you doing?"

"I'm sorry, Daddy. I was bored just standing there. And I need the practice too. You don't mind too much, do you?"

"Well, I guess not. It uh ... seems a little weird. But I guess I can live with it for a few minutes ... if you really need the practice." John did his best to hide his discomfort.

"You should feel lucky, John. Guys line up at our spa to have Lexi's hands on them." Lexi gave him a playful but dirty look.


"Well, it's true!" he replied. "And I didn't mean it like that. I meant professionally!"

After a few minutes, trying to blot out the fact that his own daughter was rubbing his body with oil, John drifted off again. It was strange, but he couldn't deny that it felt good overall. As he came back to consciousness again John became aware of a sensation he had not expected. He felt himself getting erect. John comforted himself as he figured that the table would hide this embarrassing development. Until it dawned on him that he was lying on his back. And not only was his penis getting erect, it was being stroked.

John's eyes popped open and he tilted his head forward to see what in the world was going on. He figured he must have really gone to sleep and that he was in fact dreaming. There was no other possible explanation for what he saw next. The towel that had covered him was lying open. His dick was fully erect and pointing to the ceiling. And it was in fact being stroked as he had thought. It was no dream.

Raymond's oily hand slid firmly up and down John's very stiff dick.He looked at Raymond, wide-eyed, trying to comprehend the situation. He gave the same look to Lexi. And before the words, "What the hell... ?" could escape his lips, she spoke.

"Daddy ... we sometimes give people 'happy endings' with their massages. That's how we make enough money to pay for school."

"But ... I..." John stammered.

"It's o.k., Jack," Ray said reassuringly. "As soon as you rolled over we could see you were getting hard.

It seemed like a happy ending was just what you needed. Don't worry. We both do this all the time."

"But ... but..." John tried again to say something along the lines of, "But no guy has ever done that to me before," or "But my daughter is in the room." But the matter-of-factness of Lexi and Raymond, plus the fact that John knew he really did need a happy ending made him put his head back down on the table. Then another thought occurred to him. "Lexi ... um, when I was nodding off, you didn't, um ... did you?"

"Did I what, Daddy?" Lexi mocked a look of shock. "Do you mean, did I touch it?" John nodded. "No,

I didn't, Daddy."

"O.K. Good. But when you're at the spa, you ... you do that sometimes?"

"Yes, Daddy. We both do." Lexi looked at Ray and smiled. He nodded slightly, indicating he understood what she was silently asking and that he approved. "Sometimes Ray and I give massages together, too. He does what he's doing now, and I do things like this." Lexi grasped her t-shirt with two hands and ina single motion, pulled it up and over her head, revealing her white cotton bra.

"Lexi!" John gasped. "What are you doing?"

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