The Workers

by Janus

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Rape, BDSM, MaleDom, Spanking, Rough, Humiliation, Sadistic, Gang Bang, Group Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Sex Toys, .

Desc: BDSM Sex Story: Construction workers invade a young house wife's home when her family are away.

The nearest occupied house is several hundred feet away from her home, as American and Mexican men work on building new homes all around her. Her husband is oblivious to everything. They watch him leave for work each morning, and know that when he stuffs luggage into his trunk, that he will be gone 2 or three days. The two boys are off to school each morning and on weekends stay with their friends or grandma. So Sue Bates spends much of her time alone, working in her garden, doing her painting inside. She is thankful for her two companions, Rin and Tin, German Shepherds. Tin is very lively, but Rin moves slowly, his hips painfully arthritic. Still, she feels safe with them. If a builder gets too close, they will snarl. But one worker, a good looking and very boyish young man, befriends them, and Sue accepts that he comes around to play a moment or two with them. Never unfaithful, Sue is aware that his main reason to come near is to flirt innocently with her. She is 40 but looks like a woman in her mid-twenties, tall, with a slender body, not large, but but firm breasts, and long legs. She has Italian stock in her, as well as Polish, but the Italian side has given her dark brown eyes and hair, a tanned complexion, and dark fantasies. She knows the young man likes her. How old could he be? Maybe 18. Mexicans are dark and swarthy, but Jose is taller and lighter skinned. He says his ancesters came from Spain, not Mexico. He speaks very little English.

She looks forward to his visits and even had him come in for iced tea. But not the others! What she doesn't know is that he and the other Latinos listen to their leader, a big guy named Janus (American) talk about her alot, and are watching for the right time. Their plan is to silence the dogs one night when she is alone, enter the house, overcome and rape her over and over.

Of course they will have to kill her and dispose of her body, because they would be the first suspects. Not overly intelligent, they fail to realize that they would still be prime suspects. But without a body (the dogs would have to disappear, too)...

And while they are plotting, Sue is ashamed of her little little fantasies about the young man, Jose, stripping off his clothes for her...

Janus waited day after day. Finally, one friday their time came. He saw the two boys head off with the grand parent with suitcases. They were going away for the weekend. He had already seen the husband leave that morning with suitcases on a business trip. That meant she would be alone all weekend. Plenty of time to have their way with her for a long time. But the clincher was when the milk man came back to visit Sue that afternoon. He was invited in, but left 20 minutes later with a scowl on his face and muttered curses of "damn cock tease" and "stupid bitch doesnt know what she wants"

Janus knew Sue was a flirtacous, fantasizing, cock tease and that would be her downfall.

He instructed the three other men (including Jose) of his plan. If they were caught each would say they all were playing cards at Janus house that night. They were there own alibis.

The dogs were easy. Jose knew what meat they liked as he sometimes slipped them scraps. So a trip to Safeway for 2 steaks and some stricknine was all they needed.

It was ten o'clock before Sue returned home from her book club meeting. She opened the front door and reached to turn on the lights. As the lights came on thats when her mind registered the four men who now surrounded her. She started to scream but knew no one could hear her because of the houses location. She attempted it anyway, but felt a strong hand clamp over her mouth from behind muffling her feeble attempt.


Two of the mexican workers next door grabbed her arms as the third (Jose) pulled her ankles up as they carried her to the ottoman in the living room. She noted the furniture had been moved while she was away and she noted her black stockings were now tied to each leg of the ottoman making it some kind of bondage furniture.

The men held her facing someone who lashed out and slapped her with a jaw shaking slap across her face.


"SHUT up bitch and do as you are told" he commanded darkly as her legs were tied to the front of the ottoman. She could not move away from the furniture but her hands were released as she stood there captive to the four men surrounding her; staring at her. Lusting after her body. They all seemed aroused by the tussle that just took place.

"Take off your clothes to your underwear" came from her attacker.

"NOW" he barked. It was Janus the american construction worker and he had been drinking.

Panic! Fear! Crazy thoughts! God not Jose! It can;t be Jose!

She tried pleading. "Please!: she said. "You will all get in trouble! Everyone knows that you work near my house!:

"Clothes off bitch!" Janus growled.

Sue was wearing a dark blue tank top and light blue shorts. Wierd thoughts! What will they do to me? I've never undressed before a group of lustful men! They're all excited! Oh God! I'm terrified1 They may kill me1 Oh God, I'm excited! As she lifted the tank top over her head, she felt her bra move, and knew that a nipple was exposed. The men muttered sounds of satisfaction in Spanish. Then she heard the voice of Jose. "Janus, let me be the first to fuck this mother! Iit was my idea!" Just as the tank top covered her head, Jose reached out and and pulled her exposed left nipple with his fingers. Sue gasped in pain! For a moment, the top covered her eyes, and she could not see. But she heard movement around her. They were closing in!

Her bra was satin and it cupped her well-proportioned breasts like a loving hand. The exposed nipple seemed to be stiff and her areole was quarter size. The Mexicans nearly came when they saw this. Their women had smaller, perkier breasts and this white, married, afraid mother excited them all.

Jose stepped up to Sue as her shirt slipped over her head and quickly unzipped Sue's blue shorts.

Her zipper riding down her crotch made an uncomfortable noise. The cool AC air on her recently exposed panties and pubic mound made her jump with trepidation as Jose pushed her backwards over the ottoman.

Janus was there to catch her now tangled hands that were trapped in her own shirt.

She tried to complain but his strong hand gagged her mouth as the others tied her securely to the ottoman with her own pantyhose. He laughed and held both her arms over her head. Tears streamed from eyes as she looked from one hungry, lustful man to the next. It did not help that her white satin panties were almost see through and pressed tightly against her sex giving an outline of her pussy lips. Another man slipped her shorts off her twisting legs as he slapped her thighs for good measure.

"Spread your legs sluttttttttttttttttt" Jose commanded as he pulled Sue's thighs apart as her ankles were secured to the legs of the furniture. Janus taped her hands together at her wrists with duct tape and then each man removed his pants and shirt. None wore underwear. All had cocks that stood at attention in front of Sue's body.

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