Running in the Woods

by Janus

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Rape, BDSM, Spanking, Rough, Light Bond, Humiliation, Sadistic, .

Desc: BDSM Sex Story: A jogger is kidnapped, tied up and attacked in the woods

The woods were the best place to hunt for women. John liked the dark tangle of vines and trunks that the woods provided. It had to be a wooded area that was dense so as to avoid prying eyes, yet it had to be a simple path so people (especially women) would run/walk on. It needed to be close to a town or city to get some traffic but it also should be just far enough away that not everyone used it all the time.

He had found just such a place, after several false hopes, last week. It was perfect in that it had several long secluded stretches of straight away paths that connected at a short path that was unseen from either of the long stretches. This meant he could look down both paths for their entire length and see if anyone else would be coming along. He could track his victim and see how long he would have before someone else stumbled along the path. By John's calculations, he would have at least 69 seconds if nobody were on the path when he made his move for his girl. Perfect.

Now he needed her to come along. He already had her picked out. A hot middle aged MILF (Mother I'd Love to Fuck) who came every time by herself. Sometimes with her dog but this time, she did not. He hated dogs they were complications and he hated complications. In and out and nobody gets hurt he thought. Well almost nobody he chuckled.

"Sue, don't go off into the woods by yourself!" her dad warned on the phone. "There are a lot of rednecks and illegal aliens roaming around in the woods. You must have read about the women who have been raped and murdered in this area!" Sue had never heard her dad use the word rape. It kind of excited her! If only he knew how much she fantasized about rape in the privacy of her home when she was alone. And that was very often. Her husband's job took him out of town three weeks a month out of four, and the kids were either at school or with their friends houses. She told her father she wouldn't go alone, but after she hung up, she thought about it. "I'm a big girl now, in my early forties, and I know what I'm doing!" she concluded. She decided not to take Rin, her German Shepherd, this time. His hips were starting to bother him, a common problem with those dogs.

Married 15 years, she would never consider having an affair. Still, she had had many in her fantasies. They were harmless and carried her though many a lonely day. And it kind of excited her, knowing that Mexicans were saying in Spanish, "I want to fuck her."

No one, absolutely no one else was anywhere to be seen. She was a bit disappointed. She had her handy pepper spray in her hand, ready to use it if necessary, but the idea of being approached menacingly by a rowdy predator excited her.

It was a dark day with no rain or wind but with ominous low grey clouds. She pulled up in her red Honda CRV and parked in her usual spot by the road hidden under some trees. He watched her enter the trail area. She wore a red striped pull over and blue jean short and tennis shoes. Her hair was a curly brown with just enough poof to call it puffy. Her eyes were brown a radiant and constant dark brown that seemed to make her face glow. She had an energy about her yet her face seemed to frown more then not. She seemed beautiful, yet trapped. Hungry, yet submissive. She seemed lost in a world of marriage and children and commercialism. She wanted more. She would get it today if the scenario worked out with none else on the trails for his 69 seconds.

He then hummed a tune as he slinked back to his hiding place.

And so, she was off into the woods on her own. Alone. Alone with her thoughts. No one, absolutely no one else was anywhere to be seen. She was a bit disappointed. She had her handy pepper spray in her hand, ready to use it if necessary, but the idea of being approached menacingly by a rowdy predator excited her.

Married 15 years, she would never consider having an affair. Still, she had had many in her fantasies. They were harmless and carried her though many a lonely day. And it kind of excited her, knowing that Mexicans were saying in Spanish, "I want to fuck her."

He watched her coming up the side trail. His cock stiffened a bit as he glimpsed her white bra strap slide under her red shirt strap and expose itself as she bent down to look at a flower. He wanted her and he wanted her now. She would be his tied sex slave for the afternoon and then ... well dispose of her.

Unfortunately he heard the other jogger. She was approaching from the other side. She was younger and thinner but had a dog too. She was listening to her IPOD and running fast. John ducked out of sight and observed both women. No today would not work they were too close one would see the other at their current speed of pace. Damn! He screamed inwardly. Then Sue stopped again to admire another flower. The other jogger ran swiftly past Johns hiding place (her dog smelt him but the young blond pulled the dog away) and then beside a prone Sue without a glance. Soon the other jogger was turning off the trail out of sight just a Sue turned the bend and entered Johns catch area (the stretch of path not seen by either approach). Sue had a large stick in her right hand and a pepper spray in her left. Ha he laughed. Easy pickins.

As Sue walked by with her back turned he struck. He left his hiding place swiftly and tackled her to the ground. His right arm grabbed the stick from her and pulled it around her neck from below forming a weight on her throat. The left hand pulled her left arm behind her back as she fell roughly to the ground. Crashing with a "UMMMFFFF"

John laid on her now face down body and wrenched the spray from her left hand now bent behind her back. He pulled a pair of cuffs from his back pocket and cuffed her left wrist.


His right hand pulled the stick tighter against her throat as he demanded her right arm.

"Put your right hand behind your back. NOW" he barked to her.

Her shorts had ridden up in the scuffle and he saw her thighs more exposed now. He was excited.

A rush of thoughts! This can't be happening! How many times have I fantasized about this? A bad dream! God is punishing me for my impure thoughts! Must fight him off. Try to scream! But with the stick pressed against her throat, all that came out was a hoarse urgggggggggggghhhh! The pepper spray? Where is the pepper spray? Dad warned me! Daddy where are you now? Help me daddy! Struggling to free herself! The stick getting tighter! He'll choke me to death if I struggle! Calm down!

She was panicked. He could tell. She was not screaming so that was good. He grabbed her right wrist and twisted it behind her back painfully showing her he was in charge.

"Owwwwww ummmmmmmmmmmmmff" She started to protest but then thought better of it as the stick still rubbed at her throat.

"Clink" went the handcuff on her right wrist, immobilizing her hands. Both hands now fluttered tightly behind her. She was not used to the restriction of movement. Her eyes darted left and right and then back as she fought the mass of weight on her back. He was doing something on her back.

Just as her head turned left and Sue's succulent mouth opened in an attempt to start to protest with a yell for help; a bright red rubber ball pushed over her pouting lips and wedged into the gap left by her open jaws.

"mmmmmmffffff" was all that came out with her breath.

The ball gag had a strap on either side and as Sue tried to push the ball out of her sexy mouth she felt the leather straps touch the lovely sides of her face and tighten around her head. John did not have time to pull her long hair away and she tensed as some was caught in the buckle securing her gag.

Sitting on his quarry, looking and listening for trouble; John could not help but admire his trophy. Sue was choking as her gag and stick on throat constricted her breathing.

John leaned down to her left ear and whispered

"Breath thru your nose ... whore"

She did as told and her heaving chest calmed a bit. But her legs still fought for anything she could to get away.

John smiled and again in a voice barely audible instructed her:

"Stop kicking and put your legs up on your back side before I pinch your nose shut and suffocate you" as he said this his left hand went to her nose cavity as a threat. His right hand slipped to rest on her inner thighs.

She obeyed, bending her legs up. It hurt. She was cramped. Uncomfortable. Terrified. She gasped as his fingers slipped under her shorts and traced the crease between her ass cheeks. Someone had to come by any moment, she thought! Then I'll be saved! Breathing was a labor with the ball gag. She was always a mouth breather. She forced herself to calm down and awaited his next move. Strangely, she thought about her two boys, both beyond puberty. And Dave. She knew he stayed up late at night to surf the pornsites. This would probably excite him.

His hands were rough with dirt after the scuffle and now his left hand felt her pantied ass cheeks after watching her raise her legs submissively. One more pair of cuffs came from his back pocket and into his right hand. He twisted on her back to face her legs and grabbed an ankle with his right hand, then swung the open cuff onto it.

"CLINK" its sound reverberated through the silent trees.

Sue heard it too even though her head was buried in the dirt, tears and an occasional sob seeping from her face. John quickly bondaged the other ankle by taking the cuffs below and over her cuffed wrists. Now she was hogtied, cuffs on hands and ankles and both of them intertwined forcing her to arc her back slightly as her legs came to meet her back.

On her stomach again, Sue saw the stick come away from her throat and then John unbuttoned her shorts and yanked them down to her thighs. Her white panties smeared with black dirt from his hands. You could see his finger prints on her pantied ass.

Suddenly, without warning, John spanked her twice with the stick across her now exposed pantied ass.

"Swat" Sue felt the sting/

"SPANK" as another blow followed.

Completely immobilized, Sue did something she hadn't done in years: started praying. But she had always had her doubts about the power of prayers. She couldn't even cry out as he spanked her harder.

Sue's prayers were tantalizingly ironic as her eyes fell on her pepper spray laying beside her body a few inches away ... if only...

John's mental clock ticked on as he spanked the woman. He had only thirty more seconds before the possibility of a fast runner reaching them since the abduction started. With one deft motion her snatched up Sue's pepper spray from beside her and picked her up by the cuffs. The metal bit into Sues exposed flesh and painfully strained her ankles and wrists that were unaccustomed to such strains. Her muffled scream of agony fell on deaf ears as the rubber ball gag wedged in her mouth made her only sounds...


John turned and carried her along a little used path up the hill and through some dense bushes. It only took 15 seconds and he could only have been seen from the ambush spot looking directly up hill.

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