Gail's Secret

by MisterE

Caution: This contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, BiSexual, Heterosexual, MaleDom, Spanking, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Sex Toys, .

Desc: : It looks like Gail has been raped but has she? Why does she stop her dad from calling the police? There is very little explicit sex in this story. All codes refer to things mentioned in dialogue.

It was two in the morning when Gail crawled across the lawn, up to the front door and banged on it as hard as she could. The noise she made was only a little louder than the average knock.

It took a few minutes for the door to be opened.

"Oh my God!" Roger cried as he looked down at his daughter sprawled across the porch and bent down to pick her up. "What happened?"

Gail started to cry again. She thought she'd cried all the tears she could but the concern and shock on her dad's face set her off. She tried to answer but no words came out. She just about had the strength to cling to him as he carried her into the house.

"Jesus!" he gasped when he laid her down on the settee and saw the state she was in.

Gail's face was bloodied, one eye was swollen and she had a split lip. Her hair was a knotted mess, matted with filth. Her blouse was ripped and hanging open, Roger's eyes were drawn to the bruises and marks on her breasts. His gaze travelled lower to where the remains of her skirt had fallen away to reveal more signs of abuse. The whole of her crotch was bruised and covered with dried semen. Dried blood covered the swollen lips of her pussy and there were more bruises and teeth marks on her inner thighs. It didn't take him long to realise she'd been raped.

"I'm calling the police!" he exclaimed in shock and anger but Gail grabbed his hand and held on as he tried to get up.

"No!" she groaned weakly.

"Why not?"

"My fault ... Asked for it!"

Roger wiped the tears from his cheek as he stared at her, unable to believe what he was hearing.

"Bath," she whispered, "need bath ... Now."

Roger picked her up and helped her stumble to the bathroom. He started filling the bath as she sat on the toilet, her head resting against the wall, her arms hanging limp by her sides.

"Need help," she moaned when he turned off the taps and went towards the door. He turned and looked at her for a moment and saw that she wasn't in a state to bathe herself. He turned back and gently helped her out of what was left of her clothes. She was like a rag doll as he picked her up and gently laid her in the warm water.

Memories of bath-time came back to both of them as he began to wash her hair. It had been many years since Roger had bathed his daughter, she used to laugh and giggle as he made a game out of washing her body. There was nothing sexual about those games, it was just something he did since her mother died.

Roger washed her with care and tenderness, cringing each time the wash-cloth made her wince. He washed her face and neck, shoulders and chest, and all the way down to her waist but he couldn't make his hand move down between her legs. He moved onto her legs, revealing more of the abuse she had endured, scratches and what looked like welts from a whipping along with more than a dozen bite marks.

"All of me," she murmured, "please Dad."

He had to close his eyes as he brought the wash-cloth up to her pussy. He couldn't stand to see the pain in her eyes as he washed away the dried blood and semen that covered her swollen labia.

When he'd finished she smiled at him and mumbled, "Thanks Dad ... feel better."

She draped her arms around his neck as he helped her out of the bath and wrapped her in a towel. He picked her up and carried her into her bedroom where he patted her dry and helped her into pyjamas and then into bed.

"Love you Daddy," she whispered as he bent to kiss her forehead.

Roger went to bed but couldn't sleep. He was angry and wanted revenge for what had happened to Gail. Then he remembered her saying she asked for it and confusion filled his mind, why would she want to be treated so badly.

Eventually he drifted off to sleep but his dreams were troubled by vivid images of what she had gone through.

Gail didn't get up until after lunch. Roger made her some toast and coffee and she sat with him at the kitchen table, nibbling the toast and sipping her coffee, smiling each time she looked up at him.

She looked much better. The swelling around her eye had gone down but it was still bruised as were both cheeks. Her lip hadn't been badly split and only a faint line and slight swelling remained. Roger still shuddered when he remembered the state of the rest of her body.

"You said you asked for it," he said trying to keep his voice calm. "I want to know why."

"It's a long story, Dad," she replied softly.

"We've got all day."

"Okay but I'm going to start at the beginning. Otherwise you wouldn't understand." Roger nodded. "It's all about sex, Dad, sex and stories, so you'd better be ready for some shocks.

"It all started a few months ago when I found an internet site that contains thousands of erotic stories. It was a real education, not like the stuff I learned at school or, I'm sorry to say, what you told me. Kids never get told enough about sex and have to learn by experimenting. Well, what I learned in those stories was that there are so many ways for a girl to have fun. Before you say anything, I know most are just fantasies and many describe things that are totally impossible but there are still lots of really good stories that are believable."

Roger's face paled as she said that. He'd half suspected as much but it hurt to be told his suspicions were true. "It's not easy," he said during the pause. "I had a hard enough time telling you the basics without going into all the other things that people do."

"You told me more than they did at school. At least you told me it was natural to want to touch myself. Anyway, I found one story that could have been describing me. The girl in the story wasn't a virgin but she had only been with a couple of boys and thought sex consisted of kissing, touching and then letting the boy get between her legs. The writer created a series of stories about this girl and in each one, she learned something new that she could do.

"A week or two after reading that first story, the author posted another one. In the second story she meets an older man and he starts to teach her all about the other things she could do and enjoy. Like me, she'd only heard about oral sex and didn't know how to do it or how good it would feel to have it done to her. At first she wouldn't even try but he persuaded her to let him do it to her and she had the most amazing orgasm. She wanted to learn how to please him so he taught her how to give him a blow-job and she enjoyed doing it so much that she made him cum in her mouth."

"I think I can see where this is going," said Roger with a tight little smile. "You wanted to do the same things the girl was doing?"

"Yes, Dad. I went out with a boy who's a few years older than me and we did oral on each other. I enjoyed it as much as the girl in the story but he didn't want to cum in my mouth."

"That's unusual. Most guys would love to have a girl blow him all the way."

"Yeah. Well, he said it was a waste to cum in a girl's mouth. I said it was no more of a waste than cumming in her pussy when she's on the pill." Roger raised an eye-brow and Gail said, "Come on Dad, you've heard all the words, haven't you?"

"Yes, it's just that I never thought I'd hear you saying them. It's okay though, use any words you like."

"Anyway, my next boyfriend was like most guys. He wanted to cum in my mouth, I told him that's what I wanted and he did it. The girl in the story didn't like the taste and spit out her boyfriend's cum but I thought it tasted great so I swallowed it. He was really pleased with that. In the next story, the man bought her a vibrator as a present and showed her how to use it to pleasure herself. Of course, that sent me off looking at the on-line sex shops and I bought myself a vibrator. It makes a nice change from using my fingers but it could never replace a cock."

"Your Mum was the same," said Roger with a wistful smile. "She had a couple of toys but she'd only use them when I was away on business."

"In the story, the man wanted to watch the girl using hers on herself and she did that for him. My new boyfriend liked to watch me playing with my vibrator as well. Did you ever watch Mum doing herself?"

"No, she let me use it on her but she wouldn't use it herself if I was there to do it for her."

Gail's completely open and honest way of talking about sex was rubbing off on her dad, he answered that question without even thinking. He now had a pretty good idea why Gail had got herself raped but he let her explanation continue. Truth to be told, he wanted to hear about her sexual exploits.

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