The Engineer Plays On

by Aurora

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Reluctant, BDSM, Pregnancy, .

Desc: Sex Story: The Engineer and the Player meet, all sorts of things happen.

It does help to have read ‘The Player Played’ and the ‘Player Plays On’, the two stories kind of intertwine.

At the Engineers

“You have a small business so you may well have heard of business clubs. They’re groups who meet in a pub or hotel and listen to a presentation by someone who can give you ideas on how to run your business better. You also get to talk to other local business people, and can often benefit from their experiences, or pass on the benefit of yours.”

The speaker was an attractive, petite, blonde of about sixty, who called around to see us one day, and invite us to join. She was employed she said, by Business Partners, an NGO that obtained grant money to help small businesses. More Common Market waste I thought. It would, she told Wendy and I, provide us with new ideas. Fair enough.

“Well,” I glanced at her card, “Helen, that sounds very interesting. How did you hear of us?” I asked

“I’ve been talking to the ladies who run the local gym,” she told me.

Ah, my terrible twin slaves Diana and Ruth.

“I think we’d like to attend and see,” I told her. “Would you like to see what we do? I expect those ladies have told you a lot about it.”

Wendy was grinning broadly.

“No,” said Helen. “Only that it’s mail order.”

Right, uncharacteristically diplomatic.

We took her through to the stock and despatch area.

“We don’t carry a lot of stock,” I told her. “We try to operate on a ‘just in time’ basis, and most of what Wendy does is made to order anyway.”

And I opened the door to Wendy’s workroom where Madeline was busy.

“We make bespoke corsetry in here, this is Madeline who helps Wendy. The corsets fit with our general range to provide, um ... full restraint”

Helen was looking somewhat puzzled.

“You are not familiar with the BDSM scene?” I asked.

“Nooo, no I’m not. No not really.”

“Well now, there are a number of people who like to um ... tie their partners up, and hopefully, their partners enjoy this, although I understand that some of them are not too keen, but that is up to the individual. The corsets that Wendy makes have extra fittings to assist in this. A lot of our customers are, shall we say, of less than perfect proportions, so we make to order from measurements that they supply.”

“I see.”

“We make quite a wide range of stuff, but the original product is a cuff that can be fixed to the wrist or ankle very quickly, but needs two hands to remove.”

I turned to Madeline; “have you got...”

She nodded.

“Would you show Helen? Madeline is also one of our models, whilst our customers may not have the perfect proportions that she has, they like to feel they can look as good as her, but skinny models would put them off”

Madeline had slipped off her top and skirt and did a twirl, showing an orange corset.

“Oh! That is lovely,” exclaimed Helen. “The colour, and the workmanship,” she got closer. “Mmm, really lovely.”

“And,” I said, slipping cuffs on Madeline’s wrists, “this is one of the extras.” Madeline’s wrists were now attached to her hips. “We also go a step further,” I turned back to Helen; “would you like a demonstration?”

“I’m not sure, I take it I don’t have to be involved?”

“Good heavens, no. Not if you don’t want to. Madeline will be quite happy to do it.”

We went back into the stock area and Madeline walked past us on her way to the dungeon. She was now wearing just her corset and stockings, her very ample charms filling out the corset to perfection, of course, and I noticed she had removed her knickers, naughty girl! From the back you might think she was wearing a thong, but her pussy would be on full view from the front.

We had recently given the dungeon a make over. Quite a large room, it had no window, and originally painted walls, but we had now put drapes all around in dark red and black, and the room was divided in two by heavy drapes across the centre. Between the door and the dividing drapes the floor was carpeted, a rich red Axminster. The restraint frame was the other side of the divide where the floor was varnished hardwood because we sometimes had ‘accidents’ by the person who was secured. There was a splendid chaise longue on the carpeted area.

Madeline stood waiting.

“As you saw, the cuffs clip on very easily, so even if your victim is struggling it can still be done.”

I put on the ankle cuffs.

Wendy pulled back the drapes to reveal the restraint frame.

I moved to Madeline, secured her to the frame, and stood back.

Helen, who was now sitting on the chaise longue, gave a sharp intake of breath although whether this was because of Madeline’s apparent helplessness, or because of her knickerless state I wasn’t sure.

“As you can see she is firmly secured and quite unable to move or escape. This frame is another of the products we sell, and it does have certain features that make it very popular.”

And I swivelled it so that Madeline now had her back to us, and then turned her back. Next, I turned it so that she was upside down.

“You can see that it is very easy to apply a whip to any part of the anatomy. We do, of course, issue full instructions with these items and we require that the customer sign a waiver to say that they will only be used by consenting adults.” As if I could enforce that!

Helen was somewhat red faced and breathing heavily. I lifted her arm and clipped on a cuff.

“You see how easily they fit? Would you like to try?”

“Try? I’m not sure...”

“Yes, whatever you like, Madeline won’t mind if you want to try her, or you could spend a moment in the frame.”

“Oh, I’m too old for that sort of thing.” Which sort of thing I wasn’t sure.

“You are never too old to try something new.”

Wendy had picked up her other arm and clipped a cuff on. We pulled her gently to her feet and towards the frame.

“Just try,” I said, releasing Madeline. “I promise nothing will happen that you don’t want, or won’t enjoy.”

She was almost in a trance. Nothing like this could ever have happened to her before, I was quite sure. I clipped her arms and then her ankles to the frame. The girls were playing their parts to perfection, quite where their hands were I wasn’t sure, but caressing whatever they could find I should think, because within a couple of minutes the diminutive blonde was convulsed in orgasm, and collapsed to hang for a couple of seconds before I could release her. I carried her to a chair and sat her down. Madeline arrived a moment later with a glass of water. Helen sipped from the glass and then came completely to.

“Jesus, what on earth happened?”

“We merely demonstrated our product, the effect it has on people is entirely up to them,” I said.

She stood up and I escorted her back to the office.


“Yes, please.”

“A little something in it?”

“I’m tempted, but ... no, thankyou.”

We passed some small talk for a few minutes, until she looked recovered.

“So you’ll send us details of the next meeting?”

And I escorted her to her car.

“I really must apologise,” she said. “I don’t know what came over me.”

When I got back into the office, Madeline had gone back to work and Wendy almost raped me. It wasn’t rape because I was quite willing.

And that was how we found ourselves one evening a week or so later in the dining room of ‘The Inn in the Valley’ meeting other small business people. Small businesses that is, not a dwarfs convention.

At the Players

We had the usual invitation through from Helen at Business Partners, the presentation was something about credit control, which didn’t interest me that much.

“We shall go,” said Her Loveliness.

“Is that both of us?” I asked.

“It wasn’t a royal we. And you have to give a six minute presentation about what you do. Your business that is, not your other activities.”

Oh very funny.

We’d been going to these business club thingies ever since they started when we were running a small business on a hand to mouth basis, so we knew Helen pretty well and HL and she were good friends.

The Player speaks

So a couple of weeks later saw us in the dining room of the ‘Inn in the Valley’, which was in the next valley to our own, not too far to drive, and HL was drive home anyway. There were some new people there, a couple of ladies who appeared to be a couple, if you see what I mean, and a chap with his missus who looked an awful lot like HL. Not sisters, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they were cousins.

After supper, which Helen always insisted we eat first, and I’d indulged in a couple of glasses of red, there was an opportunity for the new comers to introduce themselves and just say a bit about their businesses. Turned out that the two ladies ran the gym in the local town, and the other chap ran a mail order business selling bondage stuff and the like, and the lady wasn’t his wife, but was in fact a partner in the business which also made bespoke corsetry.

I gave my little chat about what we did, and then sat through an hour of credit control. Really riveting stuff, and I nearly nodded off once or twice. After that the meeting began to break up and head for the bar. I went out to get a drink and the other chap and his partner were there together with the two ladies from the gym. We made introductions, his name was George, his partner Wendy and the two gym ladies Diana and Ruth. I told them I was William, and we started chatting.

“You’re from Weston Abbas, I believe,” I said. “Interesting place.”

“Historically, or culturally?”

“Both, I suppose. Interesting from an architectural and planning point of view, and your parish council is a legend in its own time. Golly, you’re not on it are you?” I hastily added in case I went on to dig deeper.

“No, little fear of that,” said George. “They do hold elections, but no one ever stands, it wouldn’t do them much good, although I suppose if there were enough of them ... but there never are, so all the members are co-opted. Democracy in action, eh?”

“We never have problems like that,” I assured him. “We only have a parish meeting, the real bottom end of the democratic system. One meeting a year and only one official, the Parish Chairman. Me. It’s almost feudal.”

“And no doubt very convenient on occasion.”

“I suppose it can be, but it can also be a bit awkward at times. Usually talk things through with people, get a fair compromise.” I said.

We chatted on about various things, and after a while I said, “Y’know, I think I’ve bought from you, ladies things, would that be right?”

Wendy looked at me. “Where do you live?”

“Melbourne Parva,” I told her.

She looked thoughtful for a moment. “The Grange,” she said. “But you didn’t buy for your wife. It was a white corset for a well built lady, small breasts, and wouldn’t have fitted your wife”

“Spot on,” I said. “That describes Emma to a tee. You must have an excellent memory.”

“It was one of our earliest orders,” she said. “I was so glad to get an order at the beginning that I remembered them. Different now. Who was the lady ... oh! I shouldn’t ask should I?” George was looking over her shoulder, laughing.

HL had arrived during this conversation, but was standing behind Wendy, which was why George was laughing.

“Emma is our game keeper,” she laughed. “Well, rather more than that because she is involved in both the estates and looks after conservation matters too. Don’t be embarrassed,” this to Wendy who had blushed and turned to see her. “William has lots of things to keep him busy. Hello, Diana, hello, Ruth, Helen’s got you two roped in as well has she? I wouldn’t have thought that credit was much of a worry for you.”

“No, it isn’t, nor for George and Wendy, but the rest of it was very interesting. And it’s nice to see you again.”

“Yes,” said Ruth, “You can exercise your way through pregnancy you know.”

A reference to HL’s present condition, in fact looking I’m damned if they all weren’t pregnant. And, I didn’t know that HL went to the gym. I also noticed that the two gymnasts were wearing collars, not quite matching, but almost. What, I wondered, was the significance of those?

“We had better get going,” said HL. “You must come to supper, we’ll sort out an evening next time I’m in town. Perhaps I’ll get back to regular exercise.”

“Yes, we’d enjoy that,” said Ruth, with Diana nodding agreement. An odd way to put it I thought.

And we said our goodbyes and left.

“You and George should get on well,” she said enigmatically, as we drove home.

Back to the Engineer.

My twin slaves were finding something very amusing on the way home, giggling away in the back seat of the car.

“Come on you two,” I finally said, “what is so funny?”

“The similarities between you and William,” said Diana.

“Like two peas,” laughed Ruth.

“Except that Her Loveliness – does she have a name? – is not his slave,” I said.

“Oh no,” said Diana. “He may think he’s in charge, but she is really, and he has a house full of women who run him ragged.”

Not, I thought, a lot different to me then.

“By the way, you’re not related to her are you?” I asked Wendy.

“Not that I know of,” she replied. “A house full of women, you say?” She addressed the question to the girls.

“Mmm, but we don’t know any details.” Said Ruth.

“Might be fun to find out though...” This from Diana.

We arrived home and there the matter rested.

Her Loveliness speaks.

I’d better come in here. You haven’t heard from me before, but I’m William’s wife, the one he’s actually married to and describes as the gorgeous redhead that he loves to distraction. As well as all the other ladies in the house, of course. He’s always been the same, but he never means any harm. Everyone knows me as Her Loveliness, or HL, so it’s easier if you call me that because if you used my real name, and yes I do have one, but no one would know who you were talking about if you used it.

I am, of course, the one who looks after him and makes sure that he’s applying his efforts in the right direction, well, largely where I want him to apply them that is. He often thinks that he has secrets that he keeps from me, and I have left him with one, I know there is another secret room in the house, but I don’t know exactly where or what it is. I think that Annabelle knows, and I am sure that Chrissie does, but since it seems to keep both of them happy I don’t interfere.

It was a day or two after the meeting that I was able to get away into town and call in on Diana and Ruth. I had been to the gym fairly regularly at one time and had not really taken to Ruth in the beginning, although she was an excellent trainer. Then there appeared to be some sort of happening between Ruth and Diana because between one week and the next they became much more pleasant to be with, were obviously more involved with each other, and I noticed that they were both wearing collars. I didn’t say anything, but I’m sure they both realised that I was looking. I then met them at the hospital and it seemed that we were all pregnant at the same time.

I continued going to the gym for a gentle workout, and they became much more attentive. I realised that they were both hunting as a pair, and their prey was me. They of course did not realise that I had spotted their little game and was happy to play. It took them a couple of weeks, comparing bumps and bulges, touching and feeling before they joined me in the shower after one session followed by some quite energetic use of a massage table that was certainly fun. Afterwards over one of their herbal teas I told them that I had been watching them and we had a good giggle about it. This was repeated from time to time whenever we could all fit it in.

I did a short workout and then took a shower. The only thing that surprised me was that only one pair of hands were suddenly caressing me. There is nothing like a woman’s touch, however much I enjoy a man, it’s different, and very good.

“Where’s Ruth?”

“She’s got a class, she’ll join us for a drink when she’s finished, but that’ll be about half an hour.” We didn’t say any more for a while.

Ruth joined us in the little bar at the gym, although that gives the impression of alcohol which is definitely not the case, it’s where clients can relax and chat, and we took a few minutes to sort out dates for supper, finally deciding that we could all make it on the following Friday.

When I got in I had Annabelle confirm that this fitted in with William and went to sort things out with Sarah.

And back to The Player

Her loveliness wanted supper to be a pleasant intimate occasion, not, I thought, too easy when there were five women and two men. Sarah and Chrissie excelled themselves with Laura helping. All the main dishes were produced from our own resources, including some quite exotic fruit from our own gardens. HL had always been keen on gardens and growing things and although the gardens here hadn’t, for some years, produced the sort of thing that they did in their heyday, all the facilities were still there, and under some guidance from her, our gardener had been happy to bring them back into production.

At the end of the meal she led the ladies off to the drawing room, with a twinkle in her eye suggesting that ‘you men will have things to discuss I’m sure.’

“It’s a very interesting house,” was George’s start.

“Yes,” I replied, “it is.” And I went on to give a brief outline of its history.

“Secret passages?” he asked, an eyebrow raised.

“Bring your glass,” I said, “might as well bring the bottle too,” and I picked it up, and led the way to my study.

No sooner had we sat down than there was a knock at the door and Laura came in.

“I’ve brought coffee for you, Her Loveliness suggested that you might prefer it in here,” she said.

We were by this time oiled to the point of joviality, so I said;

“More likely like the ladies would prefer to do without us for a while.”

“Yes,” she said, setting the tray down. “I think that was it.”

“Just sit on my knee a moment,” I said, pulling her down. “Laura is a very special lady,” I said to George. “Aren’t you?” I asked her.

“Oh, if you say so,” she giggled.

“And she’s a very naughty girl too,” I said, “because she isn’t wearing any knickers, or...” I slid my hand up under her jumper, “ ... a bra either. You were expecting a little attention, weren’t you?”

“Oh yesss...” She hissed as I brought my other hand up and started to gently milk her amazingly long nipples, at the same time lifting the jumper up to expose the full size and shape of her magnificent marmmaries.

She slid down, opening her knees as far as she could forcing her skirt to ride up, and I saw that George was looking with fascination at the junction of her thighs. I nodded to him and he came across and lifted her skirt to her waist. Wasting little time after an initial tentative lick he plunged in and I saw his eyes open wide as the long clitoris showed itself.

“Oh yes, yes, oh God, it’s wonderful, oh I shouldn’t do this sort of thing, oh what you are doing is so naughty, really I’m a granny and...” and a few more minutes of this and I had a squirming quivering orgasmic woman balanced on my lap.

“As you heard our Laura talks herself to orgasm,” I said, to Laura’s giggling.

“She certainly is something else,” said my new friend.

“Now just lift up a tick,” I said. Laura lifted her bum and I slid her skirt right up, released my todger with some small difficulty, and as she dropped down slotted it neatly into her well lubricated tradesman’s entrance.

“Oooff,” as she let her breath out, and then, “Oooooh,” as George slotted himself into the front entrance.

“Oh my, oh fuck, front and back too, oh so so good...” and off she went again, doing most of the work as her bum went backwards and forwards working both of us, well all three really, at the same time, talking her way through – where she found the breath with all that effort I don’t know – and again a few minutes later she came, quivering and squirming between the two of us, as I fountained into her and I could see from George’s face that he was doing the same thing. Laura reached up and grabbed his head and delivered one of her big sloppy kisses. So he knows what it is like to kiss an enthusiastic retriever too. She stopped after a minute or two and George stood up.

“There’s a cloakroom through there,” I indicated the corner of the room.

George looked totally perplexed.

“Oh you are silly,” said Laura. “He can’t possibly know what you’re talking about.” And levering herself off me she went over to a bookcase, snapped the catch and it hinged open to reveal the small washroom.

Once George was inside she came back giggling. “He’d never have found that.” She said. “Found some other spots though, not bad at all.”

“You enjoyed that, didn’t you?” I said. “You really are a wicked girl.”

“I only wish I’d started younger,” she said. “God that was good. I ought to be ashamed of myself, an adulteress too,” and she grinned. “But I’m not. Ashamed that is.”

George came out of the cloakroom.

“Make sure you look after him,” I said, grinning over my shoulder.

I spent a few minutes cleaning up and when I returned she was indeed looking after him. Deep in her throat. This woman could have earned a fortune if she’d started when she was younger. I’m not sure she couldn’t now. The sight before me stirred things up again and, as she was kneeling in front of him, I flipped her skirt up and thrust into a well buttered bun. Slippery, but tight as a drum. I leaned across her back and caught her nipples again. This time we settled into a steady rhythm until as I approached my climax again I squeezed them between fore finger and thumbnail and she came, managing to squeal around George’s tool, and the contractions in her throat finished him off. Laura swallowed every drop and smacked her lips.

“If I catch you without knickers again,” I said to her. “I might have to give your bottom a good warming.”

A strange look passed over her face, and then she grinned. “I think I might enjoy that. Got to try everything once, haven’t you?” And she left.

Hmm ... I looked at George.

“I think the ladies will probably be about ready for us now.” I said.

He was looking thoughtfully at the bookshelf that gave access to the cloakroom.

“Ah yes,” I said. “I hadn’t forgotten your question. I had that put in, a door to match the room would have put it out of balance visually.”

“Yes, it would, wouldn’t it.”

And we rejoined the ladies, but we’d be back to that question I was sure.

By the time we got to them George’s ladies were pretty well ready to go so the party broke up and HL and myself went up to bed.

“Laura looked as though she enjoyed the evening.”

“What? Oh, in the kitchen, yes.”

“Where she couldn’t walk straight? No I think she might have been in the study.” She raised an eyebrow and grinned.


At The Engineers.

George had left an invitation to visit him and have a look at his set up. So a few days later I had been in town, and gave him a call because I could stop in on my way home, well, not exactly on my way, but not too much of a detour. I knew about the girls with the gym, of course, but no one was going to get me in one of those, lovely ladies or not.

I found the place without too much difficulty, I’d identified it on the internet from the post code. HL keeps on at me to get a satnav, but quite honestly I hear of so many people who have problems that I don’t think it’s worth it. Alright in town I daresay, as so many things are. I arrived in front of a large and very pleasant Edwardian house, built in the early part of the twentieth century. I drove around the side as instructed and stopped. George had seen me and came out to greet me.

We shook hands; “I enjoyed the other evening very much,” he said.

“Yes,” I said, “so did I, and so, for that matter did Laura,” and I gave a grin as he coloured slightly. “Don’t have any lingering embarrassment over that,” I said. “Anything that is enjoyable is fine with me. I was more concerned with how you felt, and believe me Laura certainly wasn’t embarrassed, to the point where she asked when we could do it again.”

He laughed. “OK. Come on in. Coffee?” he asked, as we entered the office. “And this is Felice who is our accountant and my son’s girl friend.”

I was introduced to a stunning black girl.

“Hello,” she said. “Not exclusively Michael’s girl friend, and I have my own practice.”

I filed that information away, I’d have to ask George about that in private.

He showed me around, and in Wendy’s workshop there was the lady herself, and her assistant. This time a plump young lady who could best be described as generously gorgeous. There was an ample sufficiency of simply splendid womanhood. Pretty too, particularly when she smiled showing beautiful even teeth.

“And finally, the dungeon,” said George.

I hoped the double take was not too obvious.

“This way.”

We entered a splendid room with cleverly concealed lighting. Wendy drew back some drapes to reveal an interesting piece of ... what? Machinery would you call it? I wasn’t sure.

“This is our restraint frame,” said George. “We don’t sell a lot of them, but they do make very good money.”

I realised that not only had Wendy come in, but so too had the girl, Madeline. What was also apparent was that she had on a corset, a bright green one with cream trim that set off her mass of chestnut brown curls to perfection. It was more than a waist cincher, but less than a full corset, because her generous breasts were on full display. There were also stockings, but no knickers, showing that she had abundant brown curls at the bottom end too. I was doing my best not to drool.

George slipped the cuffs that he had demonstrated earlier onto Madeline’s wrists and ankles and she stepped to the frame where he secured her.

“All of this can be done even if the um ... victim, is unwilling,” he said. “Then you can cut the clothes off, it gives a wonderful sense of helplessness to the victim. You can drag out the suspense for some while.”

“Yes, I imagine you can.”

He demonstrated that the frame could be swivelled and rotated.

Felice put her head round the door; “there’s a phone call for you, George.”

“Excuse me,” he said, and he left.

I noticed that Wendy was no longer there either. I looked at the delectable morsel secured in front of me.

“You’re supposed to take advantage of me,” she said.

“What? I couldn’t possibly ... besides he’ll be back any moment, I expect.

“No he won’t.”

“Oh, did you want me to take advantage of you?”

“Well, I can hardly resist, can I?”

“You might scream.”

“The room is soundproof.” She sounded a little exasperated.

I went up to her.

“You really are the most tempting thing I’ve seen today.”

“More tempting than Felice, or Wendy?”

“Mmm...” I had my mouth full at that point, and my hands were busy too. “Yes.”

“Ooh, yes, that’s a good spot ... and that.”

I decided to remove the corset, and. I slowly unhooked it, nibbling each bit of flesh as it came into view. I finally ended up at the lower set of curls, by which time she was giggling and clearly enjoying herself.

“I don’t mind if you really like it this way, but I can join in too if you release me.”

“I think I’d like that.” And with out further ado I released her and led her slowly to the chaise longue attempting to kiss every delectable inch of her on the way.

“I have to say that if there is one French invention that is really excellent, this is it, it’s so versatile when used for the purpose it was designed.”

“And what was that?” She asked.

“Positioning young ladies to best advantage,” I said, and positioned her to best advantage so that I could take advantage of her.

About half and hour later Wendy popped her head around the door.

“Lunch is in the kitchen if you two would like to join us,” she said. “About five minutes.” And she left.

“I suppose we’d better get dressed,” I said.

“Around here you don’t have to,” was the surprising reply. “But it does help you keep warm.” She then kissed me warmly. “Thank you,”

“No, no, thank you.” And we went to lunch.

When we got to the kitchen lunch was indeed on the table. George indicated where I should sit, and Madeline sat next to me.

“Would you like a glass of wine or beer?” he asked, grinning. “You look as though you need your strength built up. Madeline seems to have really taken to you.”

Madeline grinned and chuckled. “I think you may have competition,” she said

“No, really, coffee will be fine,” I replied, somewhat embarrassed. “That’s an interesting frame you have there. Could you make it a bit more medieval looking?”

“What did you have in mind?”

“Black and hammered, I suppose. Don’t take this as a criticism. I hadn’t given it a lot of thought. It’s a décor thing, I suppose, at the moment it looks very, umm ... Scandinavian, fit in well in a loft apartment done in black, white and red. Modern, doesn’t go with the dominatrix outfit though, somehow. The cobwebby brick dungeon and the oil lamps.”

George looked thoughtful. “Yes, I see what you mean. I’ll have a think about it.”

And there we left it. Madeline said an enthusiastic goodbye and left to get back to work with Wendy, and shortly afterwards I thanked my host and continued on my way home, leaving him with an open invitation to visit.

The Engineer again.

William’s visit was interesting, and after his question about the frame I had a definite feeling that there was something more behind it. He had, after all, sidestepped my question about secret passages. I had wondered if I was pimping Madeline, and I felt a bit guilty about it, but I wanted to repay his hospitality, and that seemed like a good idea. I asked Madeline about it, and she had agreed subject to being able to refuse if she just didn’t fancy him. So it was all set up beforehand, subject to her nod of approval. In the event she was delighted and asked afterwards if there was any chance of a return match. Such enthusiasm.

We had now taken on a cook/housekeeper, a voluptuous lady of about forty-five. She came in five days a week, and after my encounter with Laura, she had that same country accent that Laura had too, I looked at her with a different eye. A speculative one. She seemed very friendly, but then she was efficient too, and some of her comments were ... if not double entendres, at least ambiguous. As I’ve said, voluptuous, about forty-five, an attractive face which was quite smooth, due to the fact that she had a certain amount of fat, well, quite a bit in fairness, and a full head of iron grey hair, Mrs Cox was an interesting handful.

She had been widowed when her husband was killed in an accident, and had two sons in their early twenties who doted on her, but as far as Joanna and Mel knew, had never taken much interest in girls.

Mrs Cox also cleaned for Wendy a couple of hours a week and it was whilst she was doing this that she first encountered Wendy’s corsetry. In due course she saw, whilst carrying out her duties, that the other girls were similarly equipped. It was when I wandered through the laundry room while she was hanging up one of these that she made a comment to the effect that she thought I must like these.

“Oh yes, indeed I do” I said, “Wendy and Madeline make them. We do them in all shapes and sizes by mail order.” And seeing an opening I said. “Would you like one?”

“Oh dear me, you wouldn’t make one in my size would you? And who would I be wearing it for. I’m a widow living with her two sons, and they wouldn’t want to see their old mum in something like that.” And she giggled like a school girl.

“We would indeed make one to fit you,” I replied, “we make them for bigger ladies than you, and some odd shapes too. I think you might be surprised at who might like to see you in one of those, possibly without one too.” You could model it for us, we need extra pictures on the website.”

I left it at that, but I ran my finger down her spine as I passed her on the way out.

It was two days later that I next encountered her. I was walking along the landing past the linen room when she emerged.

We exchanged greetings, and then:

“Were you serious about making a corset for me?” she asked with a smile and a little dip of her head.

“Well, let me have a look at you,” I said, and stepped back. “Hmm ... better light in the bedroom.” I ushered her in.

“Take off the apron ... and the cardigan ... and...”

“I’ll bet you want all my clothes off, don’t you?” she grinned

“What a nice idea, here, I’ll help,” and I went up to her and removed her jumper, as it came over her head I bent and kissed her very full lips. She was a little tentative at first, but quickly warmed up, becoming more excited. In very little time I undid her bra and her tits cascaded from it, large and pink. I hefted them and then ran my hands around the nipples. She sighed.

I pushed her back onto the bed and licked and sucked my way south. It wasn’t so much a long way to go, as an awful lot of detour to take. I pulled her knickers down to expose a mass of grey hair.

“That’ll look great in photos,” I said.


“None of the models wear knickers,” I told her. “Corset and stockings only. The grey will look superb.”

“Oh!” She said, and then: “Oh, oh, what are you doing?”

What I was doing was spreading her thighs and then getting stuck in with my tongue.

“Oh, oh! No one’s ever done that before! Ooo ... its lovely.” And on she went, a bit like William’s Laura. I put a finger in her pussy and began to massage, and then slid it back and pressed against her rosebud. She orgasmed without what might have been a great deal of fuss, and she just lay there quivering. It was, nevertheless, quite a sight to see.

A few minutes later she leaned forward and grabbed at my belt. “Now,” she said, “let’s see what the girls all rave about.”

I stood up to remove my trousers and the rest of my kit.

“Ooo, that looks nice,” she said, grabbing hold of Percy, and having stood up she pushed me back, and once in the saddle and fully mounted lost no time in attempting what seemed like the Derby. Perhaps not quite as long a race, but she became that same quivering mass once again. I however was not finished, and rolled her onto her back again. A quick shove and I had invaded the tradesman’s entrance once more. It didn’t take much to finish off, and I finally came to a rest on top of a lady with the brightly shining eyes of complete satisfaction.

“You’d better take it out of there, I need to go to the bathroom,” she said.

“Tell you what, you use the bathroom and I wait in the kitchen for you and then we’ll go measure that corset.”

“Oh, yes please.” She grinned, gave me another very nice kiss, and I left.

About a quarter of an hour later I had just finished a cup of coffee when she came down, fully refurbished as you might say. Me? I had thought of a bit of fun, and off we went to Wendy’s workroom.

I had phoned Madeline to tell her my idea so she was waiting for us, Wendy being out for the morning seeing suppliers.

“If we are going to measure her properly we need to go into the other room,” she said, according to script.

We went into the dungeon – of course, where else?

“I’m afraid we’ll need you in the all together for this,” I said.

She looked embarrassed.

“Oh don’t worry, Madeline does this all the time.” And I helped her on her way by removing her jumper and skirt.

“The knickers and bra too?”

Yes, of course,” and off they came. “But we do need you still, so to do that we have this frame.”

“Oh ... yes.”

And I backed her up to the restraint frame, clipped cuffs on her wrists and fixed her to the frame. Then I did the ankles, spreading her legs apart.

“I can’t move at all,” she sounded somewhat apprehensive, as well she might.

“Oh dear, Vera isn’t it?”


“Well, I haven’t been entirely truthful, but I do promise you won’t be hurt.” And with that I picked up a whip and swished it through the air. Vera gave a little scream. I went around the back and, out of sight, picked up a feather duster as well. I swished the whip and then pulled the duster gently across her bum.

“Ow! Umm...”

I did it again and then dropped the whip and concentrated on rubbing her with the duster. She was responding well to this when Madeline, who was down to just her corset again, decided to join in by sucking Vera’s nipples.

“Oh no, no, not a girl. Oh oh my, oh fuck, oh that is sooo goood. Ahh...”

Then as Madeline dropped down to find her pussy I reached around to her nipples and started to tweak them between my fingers and at the same time kissing her neck. In almost no time Vera was off again quivering away and groaning. There was a squawk from Madeline.

“She’s pissing on me!”

Vera just went red all over, honestly, and started to sniff.

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