The Engineer Plays On

by Aurora

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Reluctant, BDSM, Pregnancy, .

Desc: Sex Story: The Engineer and the Player meet, all sorts of things happen.

The Engineer has an invitation

"You have a small business so you may well have heard of business clubs. They're groups who meet in a pub or hotel and listen to a presentation by someone who can give you ideas on how to run your business better. You also get to talk to other local business people, and can often benefit from their experiences, or pass on the benefit of yours."

The speaker was an attractive, petite, blonde of about sixty, who called around to see us one day, and invite us to join. She was employed she said, by Business Partners, an NGO that obtained grant money to help small businesses. More Common Market waste I thought. It would, she told Wendy and I, provide us with new ideas. Fair enough.

"Well," I glanced at her card, "Helen, that sounds very interesting. How did you hear of us?" I asked

"I've been talking to the ladies who run the local gym," she told me.

Ah, my terrible twin slaves Diana and Ruth.

"I think we'd like to attend and see," I told her. "Would you like to see what we do? I expect those ladies have told you a lot about it."

Wendy was grinning broadly.

"No," said Helen. "Only that it's mail order."

Right, uncharacteristically diplomatic.

We took her through to the stock and despatch area.

"We don't carry a lot of stock," I told her. "We try to operate on a 'just in time' basis, and most of what Wendy does is made to order anyway."

And I opened the door to Wendy's workroom where Madeline was busy.

"We make bespoke corsetry in here, this is Madeline who helps Wendy. The corsets fit with our general range to provide, um ... full restraint"

Helen was looking somewhat puzzled.

"You are not familiar with the BDSM scene?" I asked.

"Nooo, no I'm not. No not really."

"Well now, there are a number of people who like to um ... tie their partners up, and hopefully, their partners enjoy this, although I understand that some of them are not too keen, but that is up to the individual. The corsets that Wendy makes have extra fittings to assist in this. A lot of our customers are, shall we say, of less than perfect proportions, so we make to order from measurements that they supply."

"I see."

"We make quite a wide range of stuff, but the original product is a cuff that can be fixed to the wrist or ankle very quickly, but needs two hands to remove."

I turned to Madeline; "have you got..."

She nodded.

"Would you show Helen? Madeline is also one of our models, whilst our customers may not have the perfect proportions that she has, they like to feel they can look as good as her, but skinny models would put them off"

Madeline had slipped off her top and skirt and did a twirl, showing an orange corset.

"Oh! That is lovely," exclaimed Helen. "The colour, and the workmanship," she got closer. "Mmm, really lovely."

"And," I said, slipping cuffs on Madeline's wrists, "this is one of the extras." Madeline's wrists were now attached to her hips. "We also go a step further," I turned back to Helen; "would you like a demonstration?"

"I'm not sure, I take it I don't have to be involved?"

"Good heavens, no. Not if you don't want to. Madeline will be quite happy to do it."

We went back into the stock area and Madeline walked past us on her way to the dungeon. She was now wearing just her corset and stockings, her very ample charms filling out the corset to perfection, of course, and I noticed she had removed her knickers, naughty girl! From the back you might think she was wearing a thong, but her pussy would be on full view from the front.

We had recently given the dungeon a make over. Quite a large room, it had no window, and originally painted walls, but we had now put drapes all around in dark red and black, and the room was divided in two by heavy drapes across the centre. Between the door and the dividing drapes the floor was carpeted, a rich red Axminster. The restraint frame was the other side of the divide where the floor was varnished hardwood because we sometimes had 'accidents' by the person who was secured. There was a splendid chaise longue on the carpeted area.

Madeline stood waiting.

"As you saw, the cuffs clip on very easily, so even if you victim is struggling it can still be done."

I put on the ankle cuffs.

Wendy pulled back the drapes to reveal the restraint frame.

I moved to Madeline, secured her to the frame, and stood back.

Helen, who was now sitting on the chaise longue, gave a sharp intake of breath although whether this was because of Madeline's apparent helplessness, or because of her knickerless state I wasn't sure.

"As you can see she is firmly secured and quite unable to move or escape. This frame is another of the products we sell, and it does have certain features that make it very popular."

And I swivelled it so that Madeline now had her back to us, and then turned her back. Next, I turned it so that she was upside down.

"You can see that it is very easy to apply a whip to any part of the anatomy. We do, of course, issue full instructions with these items and we require that the customer sign a waiver to say that they will only be used by consenting adults." As if I could enforce that!

Helen was somewhat red faced and breathing heavily. I lifted her arm and clipped on a cuff.

"You see how easily they fit? Would you like to try?"

"Try? I'm not sure..."

"Yes, whatever you like, Madeline won't mind if you want to try her, or you could spend a moment in the frame."

"Oh, I'm too old for that sort of thing." Which sort of thing I wasn't sure.

"You are never too old to try something new."

Wendy had picked up her other arm and clipped a cuff on. We pulled her gently to her feet and towards the frame.

"Just try," I said, releasing Madeline. "I promise nothing will happen that you don't want, or won't enjoy."

She was almost in a trance. Nothing like this could ever have happened to her before, I was quite sure. I clipped her arms and then her ankles to the frame. The girls were playing their parts to perfection, quite where their hands were I wasn't sure, but caressing whatever they could find I am should think, because within a couple of minutes the diminutive blonde was convulsed in orgasm, and collapsed to hang for a couple of seconds before I could release her. I carried her to a chair and sat her down. Madeline arrive a moment later with a glass of water. Helen sipped from the glass and then came completely to.

"Jesus, what on earth happened?"

"We merely demonstrated our product, the effect it has on people is entirely up to them," I said.

She stood up and I escorted her back to the office.


"Yes, please."

"A little something in it?"

"I'm tempted, but ... no, thankyou."

We passed some small talk for a few minutes, until she looked recovered.

"So you'll send us details of the next meeting?"

And I escorted her to her car.

"I really must apologise," she said. "I don't know what came over me."

When I got back into the office, Madeline had gone back to work and Wendy almost raped me. It wasn't rape because I was quite willing.

And that was how we found ourselves one evening a week or so later in the dining room of 'The Inn in the Valley' meeting other small business people. Small businesses that is, not a dwarfs convention.

And so does The Player

We had the usual invitation through from Helen at Business Partners, the presentation was something about credit control, which didn't interest me that much.

"We shall go," said Her Loveliness.

"Is that both of us?" I asked.

"It wasn't a royal we. And you have to give a six minute presentation about you do. Your business that is, not your other activities."

Oh very funny.

We'd been going to these business club thingies ever since they started when we were running a small business on a hand to mouth basis, so we knew Helen pretty well and HL and she were good friends.

The two meet

So a couple of weeks later saw us in the dining room of the 'Inn in the Valley', which was in the next valley to our own, not too far to drive, and HL to drive home. There were some new people there, a couple of ladies who appeared to be a couple, if you see what I mean, and a chap with his missus who looked an awful lot like HL. Not sisters, but I wouldn't be surprised if they were cousins.

After supper, which Helen always insisted we eat first, and I'd indulged in a couple of glasses of red, there was an opportunity for the new comers to introduce themselves and just say a bit about their businesses. Turned out that the two ladies ran the gym in the local town, and the other chap ran a mail order business selling bondage stuff and the like, and the lady wasn't his wife, but was in fact a partner in the business.

I gave my little chat about what we did, and then sat through an hour of credit control. Really riveting stuff, and I nearly nodded off once or twice. After that the meeting began to break up and head for the bar. I went out to get a drink and the other chap and his partner were there together with the two ladies from the gym. We made introductions, his name was George, his partner Wendy and the two gym ladies Diana and Ruth. I told them I was William, and we started chatting.

"You're from Weston Abbas, I believe," I said. "Interesting place."

"Historically, or culturally?"

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