Alysin's Black Affairs

by Moozer

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, MaleDom, FemaleDom, Spanking, Gang Bang, Interracial, White Couple, Black Male, White Female, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Lactation, Pregnancy, Cream Pie, Voyeurism, Size, Body Modification, Big Breasts, Transformation, Prostitution, Nudism, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: White teacher takes black lover and explores her sensuality to the fullest.

The following is the result of an interview this author had with a white woman named Alysin Carter. Alysin loves black men. She was reluctant to talk about it publically until she gave me this interview. — Moozer.

Interviewer: You consented to give this interview on tape. I am going to turn on the recorder now. You are 37 years old. You have an 18-year-old daughter. You grew up in southeastern Virginia and attended the University of Virginia. After you graduated, you worked as a teacher in an inter-city high school. Your husband, David, is an accountant.

Now, I am going to let you tell your story.

I have always been very careful about my long-term affairs with black men and especially Del. I like to think of it as a managed relationship. This is no common affair. Del is black and I am white.

"Going black" was not something I did on a whim. A black man did not sweep off my feet either. After all, I am a mother of an 18-year-old daughter. I had been studying my moves carefully. Black men seem so powerful and virile. I think it started as a curiosity. Then it turned into deep interest. Yes! That is the way it was. Now it is lust. Yes, it is deep lust. I admit that.

(Alysin paused to light up a cigarette.)

Interviewer: Describe yourself, Alysin.

I am not your ordinary white woman. I am five-feet, two-inches. I weigh 105 pounds. My blonde hair is long and natural, but I enhance the color. Black men tell me I am gorgeous! I love to show off my slender white legs and ankles in short skirts with hemlines 10 inches above my knees. Black men tell me that my full lips make me especially alluring.

(Alysin stood up and turned for me.)

Look at my ass. That is 35 inches and that makes my 22-inch waist seem narrower. What do you think?

(She opened her blouse and unhooked her lacy pink bra. She seemed very at ease about her body.)

Look at these tits. I love to hold my hands under them and lift them up then squeeze them together. My original 34C's would have been small on a bigger woman, but on me, they were proportional to my body. Del wanted them enhanced. Therefore, they are 34DD's now.

Alysin dropped her clothing in a chair and sat down. She picked up her cigarette, crossed her legs and took a deep drag. She exhaled.)

Where was I? Oh, yes!

I think that black men had been watching me for years. At the prestigious college I attended, I would see them glaring at me. The boys at the high school where I taught English would hit on me.

One day I a young black thug in one of my classes caught me looking at the tattoo on his arm. The tattoo read, "Ever Had a Nigga?" I was embarrassed. From that day on, he hit on me every opportunity. Of course, I wanted to kiss him and let him use me, but that would have been professional suicide!

He had a white girlfriend, named Sheryl. I saw them everywhere kissing. Actually, it was more like sucking face.

Black men hit on me at the mall, too. Practically, everywhere I went black men hit on me. I think my alabaster white skin, hot body, and blonde hair were like a neon sign to black men.

(She uncrossed her legs slowly, revealing her hot pink thong. She was wearing a tight micro-mini skirt. She took a deep draw. Held it and then exhaled again.)

About the same time, my hubby, David, and I started watching porn. Our interest started drifting to interracial videos. We began discussing an interracial affair for me. He wanted to watch me. It was spontaneous. The idea of being a cuckold excited David, too. We watched many interracial videos back then. I accumulated a large number of interracial websites. I would masturbate, and he would jerk off. I tried personals on the website, but nothing brought the responses we expected.

I am very athletic. I work out. Somehow, in the back of my mind I thought that if my body was tight and buff, I would be successful at a hot affair. Therefore, I was and still am in great shape. I work out two hours a day. I have never told David that those workouts included Kegel exercises to tighten my pussy.

(She laughed and took a drag on her cigarette.)

My blackening — that is what I call it — started when I saw him standing there. He was smoking a cigarette and looking directly at me. I was walking toward him. I was wearing a very short denim miniskirt and strappy high heel sandals. I had a tight thin sweater that swooped low revealing the top of my tits. I could see his eyes literally feasting on my feet then moved up my legs. His eyes paused on my tits before stopping at my lips.

Oh! I wanted him to speak to me. I wanted that so bad!

He said, "Hi!" That one word started it.

His name was Brian. It turned out that he was an independent film director and producer. One thing led to another, and then I let him drive me to his apartment. His apartment was a huge loft layout in a trashy side of town that I had never seen before.

He poured me a drink. Then he put on a porn video. The images lit up four huge high definition television screens. I almost choked. I had seen porn before and thoroughly enjoyed it. This time, the star was a beautiful blonde woman fucking three coal black men. I was shocked! The contrasts in their skin were erotic. She was thoroughly enjoying it. I wanted that.

Most of all, when the camera focused on a big 11-inch black dick sliding into her pussy, I started to faint. Oh! My!

(She took a deep drag on her cigarette pushed her blonde hair back behind her left ear. Her dress was revealing her thong and her legs were wide open.)

Brian put down his drink and moved closer to me. He had a presence about him. I could smell his manliness. It was cologne mixed with the scent of a man.

I wanted him to kiss me. Then he put his arm around my waist and drew me towards him.

I thought I was going to swoon when his lips touched mine. I have to admit I have seen black men and white women kissing. It was so hot. I admit that I watched their mouths moving and their tongues touching.

Brian's lips were so thick and sexy. His hands were all over me in an instant. I was feeling sensations everywhere. Our mouths were so wet. I could taste him. I felt his tongue slip into my mouth and touch my tongue.

I wanted to feel his dick. I reached down and felt his pants and grasp his dick.

I never realized how submissive I was until he started undressing me. Each article of clothing he removed was peeling away my resistance and making me more submissive. When the cool air touched my bare tits, it was a shock. He slowly laid me back on the couch. Somewhere he had removed his clothes. I guess my body was in sensory over-load.

He whispered, "Take it and guide me in."

I had no problem finding his dick. I found out later it was 10-inches long. I felt him push. I thought I was going to pass out. I never felt anything like that before.

(She crossed her legs again and took another drag. She looked at her slender thighs for a moment. She exhaled and began again.)

He started fucking me. No one had ever fucked me like this. I realized at that moment. I wanted it. Nothing had ever made me feel that way before. It was like a dream. His hands were moving over my body. His lips were so warm. The tastes, the smells, and the pleasure were all I could stand; and at the same time, I wanted more! My eyes stayed closed all this time!

I began to feel it in my hips centered on my clit. It was like a tidal wave spreading over my body. First, I began trembling uncontrollably. Then my hips pushed up as the pleasure spread all over my body! I heard a voice and realized it was my voice saying, "I love it. It feels so good."

I felt him heave forward and freeze. Then for the first time in my life, I felt a man's cum shoot like a stream inside my cunt. Damn! It felt like a huge amount.

I realized I was unprotected. I had stopped using the pill long ago. I was completely unprotected, but I still wanted it. I did not care!

We laid there for a while savoring our afterglows. His dick remained hard and deep in my body. I wanted him to stay in me forever. I could imagine his sperm swimming around in my womb. From that first day, I wanted a black baby. Brian told me to stay off the pill. My baby desires strengthen my bond to Brian.

Brian made it clear from the beginning that he wanted to feel my pussy bareback. I admit there is something sexier about feeling a man's skin against my pussy walls.

He got up, opened a cabinet door, and removed a tape from a machine. He rewound it and put it in a player. Suddenly, the high-definition TV screens lit up with an image of Brian fucking me. I had never imagined how sensual it would be watching a black man fuck me. It was surreal. It was the most erotic porn video I had ever seen!

I looked at the clock and realized we had been fucking for an hour. I was exhausted. I continued to tremble with the afterglow.

(Alysin gazed out the window for 30 seconds without saying a word. She took a shallow drag and held it. She exhaled and re-crossed her legs. She continued.)

Brian lit up a cigarette and took a deep drag. I watched as the smoke curled up and away. He handed it to me. I took a puff.

He said, "No! No! No!"

He showed me how to inhale by taking a deep drag and opening my mouth to bring in more air. When the smoke entered my lungs, I could feel a deep pleasure mixing with my afterglow. I have been a smoker from that day.

I started coming over to Brian's apartment regularly. Then he started texting me to come over. I would drop everything and go to him.

Oh! It was with David's approval, of course. It was exactly what he wanted. David insisted that he had to watch, but I flatly told him that I was going to date Brian alone. He accepted it, but he did not like it. I promised to tell him all about it. I did, too. Well, I told him most of it. I did not want to hurt him.

Brian and I would go out to clubs. I loved going out with him. I thought I knew how to dance. Brian showed me how to dance. Eventually, he let me dance with a number of his friends.

One night I went to the ladies' room. Brian's friend, James, followed me and fucked me in a stall. It was so hot. James told Vic about it. He just laughed.

He asked me, "How did you like, James?" I wasn't trying to hid anything. I told Vic, it was hot fucking a man in the stall of a woman's restroom.

(Alysin crossed her legs again.)

He taught me so many things.

One thing was how to dress for black men. I started wearing those short, low-cut macro-miniskirts. I would wear sexy clear hose that accentuated my white legs. I let the lacy tops show under my skirt. Sometime I would wear a lacy petticoat that would cause the skirt to flare. I dressed in sexy red or pink platform pumps with five-inch micro stiletto fuck me heels.

I wore a lot of sexy eye shadow and bright red lipstick. I always selected the expensive make up.

He preferred that I wear a corset-camisole top. My camisoles laced up in the front. They were tight. They pushed up my tits and revealed lots of cleavage. Brian said I should not wear a bra under a cami like that. Watching black men look at my tits caused my nipples to get red and stiff. I loved it.

Every time he dated me, we would end up at his apartment. Then we would have a long, slow fucking session on his couch or in his bed. First, I would take off my clothes while he watched. I knew a camera was recording us.

Then I would go down on my knees and start sucking his dick. I would take his velvety smooth, shaved nut sack in my left hand. I would grasp his dick shaft at the base in my right hand. Then I would move my mouth over his uncut dick head. I would let my lips push his foreskin back. I loved that musky, male scent under his foreskin. My mouth was like a pussy, hungry for his semen.

Brian taught me to deep throat him. One day he laid me down on my back on the bed. He positioned me so that my head has hanging off the edge. He moved over me and put his dick in my eager mouth. I was amazed how easily it slipped down my throat. He fucked me a long time with his nut sack slapping my forehead. He would pull out occasionally to let me take a breather. Then he made a deep thrust and dumped a load down my throat!

As he pulled out, he squirted three more loads of his cum in my mouth. I swallowed it all.

Brian said that when I swallowed his sperm, he had become a part of me forever. That was so sensual. Later, he showed me the video of my deep throat giving. I could see the outline of his dick far down inside my neck! That was so damned sexy. I came every time he showed it to me.

He would cum three of four times in an evening. I wanted all of it in my body. One evening after he came for the fourth time, we were lying on the couch passing a cigarette between us.

There was a knock on the door. Brian's member was sticking straight out when he got up and opened the door. It was three of his friends. They slapped hands and laughed.

I crossed my legs and continued to smoke. Brian introduced us. I did not bother to stand up. Brian put on the video. It was a compilation of our fuck sessions. It was so sexy watching Brian fuck me. It was sexier watching their reactions. I was still feeling horny after my fourth fuck. I desperately wanted something to happen.

They took out their dicks and started stroking. One of them looked at me and said, "Oh Shit! She's a hot ho!"

The word "ho" stunned me. I did not think of myself as a whore, but the sound made me feel sexier, hotter, and wanting more.

The man nearest me started rubbing my arm. His hand moved up my arm to my neck. I wanted him bad. We started kissing. It was true face sucking! I put my hand on his dick and start stroking it. I leaned over and started sucking his uncut black dick. He was rock hard in an instant. I concentrated on the head for a moment. Then I let it slip down my throat and squeezed the head with my throat muscle. I was thrilled when he started moaning.

I felt hands running over my back, tits, and ass. I positioned myself bitch dog waiting to be bred. I was hoping someone would take the hint. I continued sucking the stranger's dick. Soon I felt a pair of hands holding my ass. Then I felt a dick push in my cunt.

Damn! It was so sensual. I came immediately. In 10 minutes, the dick in my mouth exploded. Long, thick, ropy cum entered me. I swallowed it immediately. The taste was marvelous!

Then the dick in my cunt shot a load against my cervix. Oh! It was so damn hot!

Before the evening ended, all the men had cum in me three times. I became a slut that night. That fuck made me feel so damn good.

The three men got up and dressed. Before they left, they handed Brian some cash. I was puzzled. I thought, why did they give him some money? Brian counted the money and handed me $400. It was then that I realized that Brian had prostituted me out. I loved it, too. It felt so naughty, sexy, and nasty! I came.

Brian told me bluntly that he wanted me to fuck only black men. I agreed without hesitation.

David was not pleased when I told him that I was black only now. I described the sex scene with the three black men. He jerked off frantically. I purposely left out the money part.

He was shocked when I told him I was fucking bareback and unprotected. He protested at first, but I threw him a bone. I promised to give him more information about my black dick encounters.

I started modeling sexy outfits for him. Sometimes I would let him clean out my cunt or I would suck him off. I enjoyed playing him along. That is what he gets for being such a pencil-dick white boy!

(She laughed and took a drag on her cigarette.)

My life became a whirlwind. I fucked Brian every chance I got. I fucked his boys, too. I could afford sexier clothes. I even bought a car. I paid cash for it. It was a red Mercedes convertible!

One night Brian sent me a text message. It said, Go to 1395 Bellaire Street. That was all. It was just an address. I did not hesitate. I was not sure what was up. I hoped it was something sexy.

I showered and put on some sensual makeup. I painted my lips bright red. I pulled up my nude back-seamed hose. I put on a sexy red micro miniskirt with an asymmetrical hemline. I selected a tight fitting dark gunmetal gray camisole that was semi transparent. I slipped on my red cross-strapped sandals with stiletto heels. My long hair cascaded down my back. I combed and pinned it to let part of my hair hide the left side of my face.

I got in my Mercedes and ran the top down. I was tingling with anticipation on my drive over to the mystery address.

It was an upscale condominium. I pressed the doorbell, and the door swung open. It was Del. He was a handsome black man. He was very buff. Del was six-feet, two inches tall. He had a great body. He offered me a cigarette and lit it for me. We smoked and talked. The subject went to sex.

I wanted him! I wanted to fuck him, and I wanted him to fuck me hard. There was not much foreplay. He stripped me and laid me down on the couch. He fucked me for a while and turned me over. He pushed into my cunt doggy style and fucked me harder. He grabbed a hand full of my hair and pulled my head back. Then he slapped my ass and rammed it in me. Oh! It was so good! I loved it!

I felt Del put lube on my asshole. Brian had fucked my ass before. I was accustomed anything. However, Del shoved a gel butt plug in my ass. Then he turned it on by remote control. It vibrated. He fucked me. The vibration enhanced our pleasure. I felt myself hit a peak.

I screamed, "Oh! Shit! Fuck me! Del. Fuck me!"

Del shot a huge load in my cunt. He pulled out and directed me to turn around. I knew what he wanted. I took his slick dick and started sucking. I sucked out all his cum. When he finally quit squirting, I looked up at him and smiled. Then I opened my mouth to show his cum load. I held my mouth open until he gave me permission to swallow. Oh! It tasted so good!

Del came in all my holes that night. After it was over, I expected him to pay me, and I would leave.

However, he called Brian and simply said, "Yes! I'll buy her."

That was it. Brian sold me to Del. It was that simple. Sold! I felt humiliated and sexy hot at the same time. To think, Brian just sold me. I learned later that my price was $20,000. Knowing the price made me feel good, too.

That night Del took me to a tattoo and piercing parlor and had my tongue pierced and a sexy golden stud implanted. He had his initials tattooed in small letters on the inside of my left ankle.

I stayed with Del through weekend.

I got home Monday night, David was laying in the bed, watching an interracial porn video, and stroking his dick.

I was pissed. I told him, "If you have cum then forget about me telling you what happened." He denied he had cum at all during the four days I was Del. He begged me to tell him what happened.

David was horrified that Brian sold me!

He shouted, "How can he sell what's not his?"

I told David, "Well ... he did it," I told him, it turned me on.

I pulled out a cigarette and lit up in front of David. It was another act of my defiance. He had never seen me smoke. That pissed him off, too. I took an especially deep drag and held it. Then I slowly exhaled through my nose and lips.

(She took a long deep drag and exhaled slowly through her partially opened mouth and nose.)

I showed him my tongue stud and Del's marks on me. David became more interested.

He said, "Why did he have that stud put in your tongue?"

I laughed that that. "It was to give black men more pleasure when I suck them off!" I said.

David seemed to like that idea. He had descended deeper into cuckolding. He examined my tattoo carefully.

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