What the Boss Saw...

by Dag123

Tags: Ma/Fa, Heterosexual,

Desc: Drama Story: Intrigue in the Office Basement! A Boss gets an unexpected surprise! His new Junior Accountant proves that not only is she a good sport'"she's also not afraid to get her dainty little fingers dirty. An unexpected embarrassing accident starts the two of them on a endearing friendship that will last a lifetime. If you've ever worked in a Corporate office, don't be surprised if you find yourself relating to this endearing little story in a good way.

Dusty Files... The Erotic Accident...

At one time almost all big Companies had a basement where they would store their out-of-date files and records. Nowadays, they have it all contained in cold impersonal data bases, easily accessible to anyone who is authorized and knows the password. Easy, huh?

A few years ago, in the not to distant past, my Boss would select a person to go down into the dirty, dusty storage basement of our big Office Complex and look up certain information.

Anyway, for a while, when I was a newly hired Junior Accountant, I was usually the guy who ended up being sent down into the lower regions of the company basement to look up the old files.

Damn! I hated that! Dressed in a nice business suit, white shirt and tie, I would rummage through the dirty dusty files until I located the elusive file that contained the information that was needed.

By the time I would come back into the nice clean office, I looked like Bennie the Bum. I was dirty, and dusty—as if I had just hiked 40 miles of bad road in a dust storm.

Since it wasn't them doing the dirty work, the other Junior Accountants were highly amused. They were not above having a good laugh at my expense. The worst part—besides being a dirty job—it was costing me a fortune in dry-cleaning bills. Such was life at the low end of the office totem pole.

A couple years later, there were a couple of things that really changed my life for the better. One of those little serendipity happenings, that is best defined by the words, what goes around, comes around. And Boy... , did it ever!

First, out of the clear blue, I was promoted over many of my peer group and appointed Supervisor of our twenty-person Accounting office.

Second, by then women's lib had arrived and had become a driving force. The old Equal pay for Equal work mantra. Soon over half of the Accounting group I was in charge of, was made up of female Junior Accountants. For a while, because it was such a dirty job, I still had the guys going down to the basement to pull the files.

When the guys finally started to object, I even went several times myself just to keep them from bitching so much. I ask you. Who better to go than a former Junior Accountant who knew where all those old dusty files and records were located? Besides, At least now, I was finally able to afford to pay my dry-cleaning bills.

Then one day after a lengthy session of listening to the male members complain that the women were making the same money but didn't have to do any of the dirty work; one of the sweet little female Junior Accountants, an attractive, petite twenty-year-old named Carolyn, decided to pipe up, and get me off the hook. What happened that day made all those dusty trips to the basement suddenly very worthwhile.

"Boss," she said, "They're right. Since we're making the same salary as the guys are, we should do our share of the dirty work."

"Well," I said, "Alright. Thank you for pointing that out. I'm glad you feel that way."

Not wanting to be left out, just in case Carolyn had discovered a potential gravy train, several of my other female Accountants sagely nodded their head in agreement.

"If you could just show me where the stuff is located in the basement, I don't mind going down there and pulling the files," she said.

So... , cute little Carolyn and I headed for the lower regions. Once we got down to the office lobby, I guided her through a side door and the two of us descended a flight of steps into the dark dusty basement.

"WOW!" Carolyn said, looking around. "There's not much light down here. I hope there's no big rats running around."

I laughed.

Pulling her leg (I couldn't resist), I said. "Carolyn, I hate to tell you this but we have seen a couple of big ones in the past. But, I'm sure Building Maintenance has gotten rid of them by now."

"Really?" she said, warily looking around in the dimly lit dusty darkness.

"I should warn you, they are attracted by the scent of women's cologne," I said. By now, I was enjoying myself. "I think if you stick close to me though, you'll be alright."

Well, don'tcha know, our little Carolyn managed to stay very close to me the whole time we were down there. She got up close and personal and stayed that way until we exited the basement file area a half hour later.

After searching for a while we finally located the files and records, we wanted. Carolyn proved she didn't mind getting her pretty little fingers dirty. This girl is a bit of a little tomboy, I decided, as I watched her dig right in, tugging the files out of the boxes—dust flying everywhere.

Even as I watched her getting, more and more dustier—by this time she had a tiny smudge of dust on her cute little nose—I couldn't help admiring her pluck—not to mention her beautiful slender well-groomed figure.

A couple minutes later, I pulled another dusty box down for her from the top shelf. She immediately squatted down and begins to rummage through it.

The files were tightly packed so she had to tug quite hard on this particular file. When it finally did come loose, it caused her to lose her balance. A surprised Carolyn toppled over backwards.

She landed sprawled on her back! Her beautiful legs yawned slowly open! I could see the stricken look on her face. The expensive straight skirt of her tailor-made business suit had now ridden more than halfway up her slender fragrant thighs.

Darn it! I couldn't help it. (Can you blame me?) I took my time helping her up. The sight of her panties on full display, they were baize color with sexy white lace around the crotch area, shocked me—but in a good way. I immediately had ignition, with nowhere to blast off.

For a long moment, just before I helped her up, I could see that stray wisps of soft golden brown pubic hair had lazily drifted out the sides of her lacy panties.

Her face had flushed beet red from embarrassment. I averted my eyes. I felt guilty and embarrassed that I had taken so long to help her to her feet.

"Boss, I'll just die, if you ever tell anyone about this," she said, with a nervous little smile. "Promise me... , you won't tell anyone when we get back in the office."

"Carolyn, dear," I said, relieved that at least she wasn't going to be mad at me. "Not to worry. What just happened—never happened."

She nodded. A moment later—now over her embarrassment, Carolyn looked over at me and laughed.

"You should have seen the look on your face!" she said, "It was priceless!"

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