My Secret Passion

by Jana Cleveland

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Oral Sex, BBW, .

Desc: Sex Story: A voluptuous girl has an encounter with a MMA fighter

My name's Annie. I'm 22 and I live in Coral Gables, FL. By day, I'm a girly girl who loves to shop and wear make-up. But by night, I'm a Mixed Martial Arts fan. The fighting may be crazy and violent, but it's one part of the reason I like watching it. The other part would be seeing the cute, ripped guys in those board shorts they wear.

On most Friday nights, me and my girls would go to the clubs and then go out to dinner. But this Friday night, they had other plans. So I drove to the H-Spot, a local nightclub that hosts MMA fights on the second Friday of each month. The matchup for this month is between the local favorite Andy "Red Hot" Reynolds against Juan Miguel Pablo Martinez. Andy's currently undefeated by 6-0. Some of the matches he has won are either by default or by an illegal move from an opponent, such as eye gauging.

But other than that, Andy has a great chance of getting into the National MMAL (Mixed Martial Arts League) Championship. Right now, he's trying to get into the Southeastern Division of the MMAL. I came into the H-Spot early that night. I looked forward to seeing this particular fight. Once it was eight o'clock, the fight had just gotten started. Andy was the first to enter. He had short, red hair, sparkling blue-green eyes, a ripped bod, and was wearing blue-and-white board shorts. Then, his opponent Juan Miguel stepped into the ring. He had black hair, brown eyes, a Lady of Guadalupe tattoo on his back, and wore black-and-gold board shorts. The bell rung and the guys started fighting. I cheered for Andy and watched as he punched and kicked his opponent. Some of the spectators placed bets on who will win, some wagered on Andy and some wagered Juan Miguel.

So after 9 rounds, Andy won the first fight. He advanced to the next bout against Frankie "Fierce Falcon" Foster. Frankie had dark blonde hair, blue eyes, had 3 Chinese symbol tattoos on his right shoulder meaning "strength, courage, and wisdom", and wore silver-and-red board shorts. They had fought for seven rounds. Frankie elbowed Andy in the face, which was an illegal move. Once the on-set paramedics checked Andy out, the fight went on. Andy won the fight by default. After the fight, I was about to go home when Andy bumped into me.

I said to him, "You were fantastic out there."

He said, "Thanks. While the medics were checking my face, I was checking you out. You were cheering for me and you're really cute. I'm on my way to get a bite to eat. Care to join me?"

I replied, "Sure. I love to."

Andy and I went to a nearby diner and ordered our food.

"So what do you do when you're not kicking another guy's ass?" I asked Andy.

He flashed his so-perfect smile and said, "Well, I study sports medicine, physical therapy, and massage therapy at med school. I also model in my spare time. Enough about me. Let's talk about you."

"I live here at Coral Gables. I work at a lingerie store, but I hope to become a plus size lingerie designer one day. At the store, I work as a cashier and a stock person." I replied.

As we ate and talked, Andy was drawn to me and I was drawn to him. After dinner, Andy and I went to my condo uptown. The interior in my condo was a combination of modern and classic with large windows, one bedroom, and two baths. The kitchen has functional stainless steel appliances. The living and dining rooms are spacious and perfect for entertaining. The wine-colored sofa and loveseat are plush yet comfortable. The living room also has a flatscreen TV, stereo with surround sound, CDs, and all that.

"Your place looks fantastic." Andy said.

"Thanks, I have a second (and a third) job which is how I earned this condo and pay rent." I said to him as he smiled at me.

He noticed I was a little tense. "Annie, you looked tense in your lower back. Mind if I give you a massage?" He offered.

I smiled and said, "That would be great. Thanks, Andy."

Andy reached his hands under my black tank top and massaged my lower back. I thought to myself, He's very good with his hands. I wonder what else he's good with.

"Can you show where your bedroom is?" Andy asked.

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