The End of a Very Bad Week

by Jana Cleveland

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Romantic, Heterosexual, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: a woman who had a very bad week gets better with help of a hot nice guy

Kirri had just left from her office job for the week. She went to a nearby coffeehouse to pick up her usual tall vanilla iced latte. As she paid for it and picked up to take a sip, a man distracted by his cell phone conversation ran into her, causing her latte to spill on to her white cotton button down blouse. He managed to apologize and offered to wipe up the spill on her blouse though he felt like his cell phone was stuck to his head.

It felt like her day had gotten worse, but her whole week had been much worse. Then, a strawberry blonde-haired, blue-eyed guy walked up to Kirri.

"Are you okay, miss?" He asked as he wiped off the coffee spilled on her work clothes with a napkin.

"I'm fine, thanks. Just having a rough day." she said.

"Mind if I buy you whatever drink you have?" he offered with a smile.

"That would be great. Tall vanilla iced latte."Kirri said to the mysterious saint.

Kirri sat down at a table by the window as she put down her briefcase and purse. A few minutes later, he came with her iced vanilla latte and sat with her at the table.

"Thank you so much. That was so nice of you..."Kirri said.

"Brian. My name's Brian." he introduced himself to her, offering his hand to her.

"Nice to meet you, Brian. My name's Kirri." she replied as she shook his hand.

"Seems you had a bad day." Brian said looking into her eyes.

"Actually, it was a very bad week." Kirri said back.

"Tell me about it. I'm a very good listener." He said.

"It all started on Monday. My roommate Melissa had used up all the milk for which I couldn't eat any cereal that morning. At work, things went well until I was about to go on my lunch break when my friends and co-workers Adam and Felicia needed me to cover for them, making me miss my lunch break. Then, Melissa had to borrow my favorite pair of heels for her date with her boyfriend Drew." Kirri said as she took a sip of her iced latte.

"On Tuesday, my roomate borrows my beauty products and the bottles were damn near empty. Then had the nerve to leave me a note saying she'll replace them. I have yet to see them. Then on Wednesday I was working on a project for work when suddenly the power went out because Melissa forgot to pay her half of the electric bill. Luckily I saved my work on a CD-ROM. That afternoon at work, I had missed another lunch break because I had to cover for another co-worker of mine. After work, my so-called boyfriend Tim was supposed to take me to dinner but he had a paper to work on for his paralegal class. I had to buy the groceries because Melissa had to work late. On Thursday, Melissa wanted to borrow my car because her car broke down and had to get it fixed. She does have a job, working over at Best Buy. She then ate my pint of dulce de leche ice cream. And here comes today, I had to take the bus to work today because Melissa borrowed my car again. My boss had me handling the phones and the paperwork because he had some sort of emergency. After work, I waited on Tim to pick me from work and he hadn't shown up yet." She said taking a few more sips of her drink.

"Wow. I'm sorry you such a bad week." Brian said as lent a sympathetic ear.

"It's okay." She said to him.

Then, Kirri's cell phone rang. She excused herself, took the phone out of her pocket, and answered it. It was Melissa, who had explained to Kirri why Tim was taking so long to get her from work because he spent most of his day the library, trying to finish his paper. Kirri then confronted both of them over the phone. She then got angry when Melissa told her that she ate some of her sweet snacks from her stash and loaned some of her things to her friends. Their cell phone confrontation made any episode of The Hills look like the original Beverly Hills 90210. Kirri asked Melissa where her car was and she told Kirri she used it to pick up her car from the mechanic and returned it with a full tank of gas. Kirri told Melissa she could never borrow her car ever again. Kirri was so mad with them she hung up on them.

She put her cell phone in her purse. She was so frustated from this week.

"At least she returned my car with gas and not a scratch." Kirri said.

"How about I take you to my place?"Brian offered.

"Sure. I would like that." Kirri replied.

Kirri gathered her briefcase and purse and went with to his place. They rode in his Ford Focus to his house. Brian's house was a medium-sized yet spacious white house with right size windows and a door. Once they had entered his place, Brian gave her a private tour of his humble abode.

"Your place is really nice, Brian." Kirri said in amazement.

"Thanks. Why don't you make yourself at home and relax in the living room?" Brian said as he went into the bathroom.

"Ok. Thank you." Kirri said as she sat on the big, comfortable beige sofa and rested her purse and briefcase beside the sofa.

She felt relaxed the moment she sat on the sofa. Then, Brian walked into the living room.

"I've fixed you a warm, relaxing bubble bath. I'll even wash your clothes." He said to her as he walked with her to the bathroom.

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