Cutting Your Losses

by papatoad

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Desc: : All he wanted to do was get away from the woman that tricked him into raising another man's children. How could it be so difficult?

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I assumed my wife, Lisa, would be happy when I told her I didn't have to work all week. I am a heavy equipment mechanic and unfortunately, I end up working a lot of hours. Lisa had a three-day vacation planned with her sisters at Lake Wenona. They usually rent cabins and the families spend three days swimming, hiking, and having fun around the campfire. I had already told the wife that I wouldn't be able to make it and she seemed to understand. It was the middle of the week. I make good money, especially on the overtime. I missed most of these outings so I was really glad when I could get some time off.

"Hi honey. Good news. I'll be able to go along with you guys this time."

"That's great Bob. I am sure the kids will appreciate it and you will have some fun too."

"If it is ok with you, I am going to take the dirt bike along. There are some designated trails up there that I would like to try. I'll only do it if you are ok with it. I don't want to cause any problems."

"That's good. There is a lot of mountain at Lake Wenona and you should get in some good rides. Enjoy yourself."

Lisa was preparing supper while I went out to get the dirt bike ready. It wasn't really an off-road bike. It was a two stroke that was street legal but could be used off-road if you didn't get nutty about it.

I didn't have too many chances to use it around home.

Supper was ready at about the time I got done. We usually ate together every night. Lisa and I had been married twelve years. We had three children; Tammy was eleven, Josh was eight, and Terry was seven. We had a nice little frame house with a big mortgage and things were going great for the Connor family.

After supper was cleaned up, the kids settled in for some TV and I grabbed a shower. Lisa was finishing something up on the computer when I popped in to get out my trail maps. I noticed that she quickly deleted something and logged off when I came into the room. I made out like I didn't see it, while I rummaged through the closet. She smiled and left the room, so I quietly hit the shutdown cancel button. After making sure she was downstairs, I opened her mail. There was nothing in the inbox, and if there was, I was sure she would have deleted it. I went to the deleted mail just in case. Lisa was a very cautious person, especially when it came to her e-mails. I never questioned her about it. She usually double-deleted everything. There was never any record of any incoming or outgoing mail of hers. This time, however, she had been in a hurry, and I noticed she had deleted the file but had not deleted the deleted file. There it was.

"Change in plans. Bob will be coming up with the family. You can still come, but I will have Karen put you in the last cabin. We should be able to have time together because he will be riding his motorcycle. See yah. LC"

The message went to dthompson at

This was not good. Who the hell was D Thompson and why was he coming to our family gathering? What did Lisa's sister, Karen, have to do with setting this up?

Lisa was washing some clothes that the kids wanted to take along for the outing, so I pulled her high school yearbook off the shelf. It didn't take me long to locate Don Thompson. There was even a picture of Lisa and Don together at the prom.

I was never a very clever guy and I was never a very suspicious guy. I guess I should have been. I assumed our whole marriage was fine. I met Lisa about two years after she had graduated from high school. I was three years older than her and had a good job. After going out for about six months, I asked her to marry me, and she accepted. Now, I was wondering why? If she was going with this guy in high school and she was still seeing him, why the hell did she marry me? I made a good living, even thought I was never very ambitious. I worked hard for my family. I could care less for myself. I always figured it was worth it for them, but now I wasn't sure.

I never liked kids, but I loved my kids. I would do anything for them simply because they were mine. I was a very protective father. It was going to be an interesting weekend.

The kids wasted no time getting down to the lake. I ended up unloading everything, including the motorbike. Lisa's sister Kathy was there with her four kids. The youngest sister, Cora, was divorced and had three little ones. Kathy's husband, George, didn't make it. It looked like I was going to be the odd man out for the weekend, except for the extra guy who was going to be in the end cabin. After getting settled in I noticed a dark green Durango parked by the last cabin.

We all had a quick lunch and I announced I was going for a ride. I had the bike all ready and grabbed the video camera before leaving. The bike was a noisy little sucker and I was sure that Lisa was counting on that, so she could be assured I didn't sneak back. I went about a quarter mile, let the bike idle for a while, and then shut it down. It only took about ten minutes to walk back to the campgrounds. The three sisters were sitting around the picnic table chatting while the kids were scattered all over the place. About that time, a tall good looking fellow, who I assumed drove a Dodge Durango, came over to the table. All the girls greeted him warmly. After about ten minutes, he got up and walked off. He went around the cabins and over toward the changing rooms. I started to work my way over, when I saw Lisa leaving the table and coming our way. Don entered the back way of the ladies side so no one would notice, and Lisa followed in a little while. I quietly entered the other side and turned the video camera on. I didn't even take the lens cap off because there was nothing to see. I worked my way over to the adjoining wall and could hear them talking.

"I am really sorry Don, I had no idea Bob would be coming today. I'll try to make it up to you. He will probably be running around on his motorcycle most of the time, so all we have to do is watch out for the kids."

"It's Okay Lisa. I understand. I am a little disappointed, but I am sure it will be great regardless."

"They are going to have a little sing-a-long thing tonight by the cabins. I will sneak down to the lake and we can have a swim together like old times. Kathy will see to it that Bob is kept occupied."

"I don't know if I can wait that long."

"Silly boy. Lets see, I think I can take care of you a little bit so you can make it till dark."

I could hear the sound of a zipper and some clothes being removed. As Don started to moan it was evident that he was getting a blowjob from my wife. I listened carefully and could hear her slurping and humming as she worked on him. Finally, he started to moan and breath a little faster. After a few coughs and the sound of spitting, Lisa started to giggle.

"Ok, Don, that should hold you until tonight. I have to get back to my sisters."

I sat there stunned. I was heartbroken, but what the hell did I expect. I was sneaking around, trying to catch her, and I did. I guess I was disappointed that it happened at all, but I knew it was going to. I stayed in the bathhouse another ten minutes after they left, trying to figure out what to do. It was depressing as hell and I hated being depressed. I didn't get any video but I did get ten minutes of good audio on the camera.

I walked back to the bike and then took off on a long, rough ride. I needed something to cool me off. It would be so easy to confront Lisa and have it out, but it was just not my style. Actually, I didn't have a style. I was just non-confrontational about most problems. For twelve years I thought I had a great marriage, and now I find out I was just a provider for my wife and kids, a necessary convenience.

I spent the better part of the afternoon surveying the area around the beach. There was a long grassy slope going down to the water's edge. The beach was narrow with rocks and woods on the sides. There was a fire pit in the middle, about fifty feet from the beach. Lisa, Kathy, and Cora had taken the kids on a hike up to a local waterfall. I took the time to collect and arrange a lot of wood in the fire pit. I put kindling on the bottom and carefully stacked up some nice, dry logs on the side. I found some cardboard that I was able to layer on the bottom to help in starting. There were not many people at the site, so I didn't draw any attention. I didn't notice Don anywhere.

When everybody got back from the hike, I took Josh and Terry out into the woods and we cut about twenty nice roasting sticks for marshmallows. I told them to keep it a secret for tonight. They were excited about it. I gave Tammy two big bags of marshmallows, and again explained what we were going to do.

Evening came and everybody was gathered around the picnic area. We had a good supper and the kids were winding down for the day. Kathy was being very chatty and sticking close to me. She was asking me to help her to do frivolous little things and being extra friendly. I kept an eye on Lisa, but tried not to be too obvious. Finally, the sun was down and there was only a slight bit of moonlight. There was an ongoing argument as to what we were going to do the rest of the evening and it looked like ghost stories was winning by a slight margin. All of a sudden I noticed that Lisa was gone and Kathy was very close by my side. I got a very detailed explanation about how Kathy's husband, George, was redoing their kitchen. She was making a great effort to keep me interested, but my mind was elsewhere. I finally excused myself to go to the cabin for the video camera. Since it was in the opposite direction from the lake, Kathy did not seem too concerned.

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