by Just Plain Bob

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Desc: Sex Story: Three strikes and you're out!

I met Trina the first day of class as a freshman at Eastern Michigan University. We bumped into each other in the hallway and she dropped a couple of books. I looked her over as I helped her pick up her books and saw that she was a great looking girl. I followed her into the classroom and when she picked a seat I took the one beside her.

We introduced ourselves as we waited for the instructor to show up and I found out that she was eighteen, from Romulus, and hadn't yet declared a major. She found out that I was twenty-two, originally from Ypsilanti, but was just out of the Navy after putting in four years right out of high school.

One thing I had learned in the Navy is that when you were on liberty your time was limited so you didn't waste time when you saw an opportunity and I couldn't see that civilian life could be all that different so I asked Trina (short for Katrina) if she would like to have coffee with me after class and she said that she would love to. That date led to a second and then a third and then we kind of slipped in to being a couple. Nothing really serious at the time — just really good friends who spent a lot of time together. We dated and made out a lot, but not much more. I wanted to make it into more than it was, but Trina kept saying that she wasn't ready for something like that so I didn't push it.

We had been dating for a little over a month when I got her to my apartment. When we got inside my apartment I offered her a beer and then we sat on my couch and talked. After a little bit we started making out. I was kissing her and I touched her breasts and I half expected her to push my hand away, but she reached down and rubbed my cock through my pants. Her hand went to my zipper and I pushed my tongue into her mouth as she reached inside my jeans and worked my cock out. She broke the kiss and lowered her head and I moaned in pleasure as she took my cock in her mouth. She worked on me for several minutes and then she stood up and said:

"Bedroom. Now!"

Trina was not a virgin and in fact she was, if anything, more experienced than I was. She liked oral and anal — which I had never done — and she liked positions that I had read about, but had never tried or seen. I wondered how an eighteen year old could have gotten that experienced, but I was smart enough not to ask.

After that first time Trina and I averaged having sex about three times a week and it was always the same. We started out with me going down on her and then we made love following which she would go down on me until I was ready again and then she had me butt fuck her. I thought I'd died and gone to heaven.

Two months after our first sexual encounter Trina asked me if she could move into my apartment with me. She was having major problems at home and needed to get away from her stepfather. I didn't pry, but I sensed that step-daddy was wanting some of what I was getting and was getting real close to not taking "no" for an answer. I naturally said yes and Trina moved in.

My sex life immediately improved to four and sometimes five times a week. The major effect that Trina moving in had on my life was that I spent a lot more time with her and the more time I spent with her the more I wanted to make our arrangement permanent. Trina kept saying that she wasn't anywhere near ready to settle down. Just how ready she was to not settle down I found out three months after she moved in with me.

I had received a call from a buddy who had been in the Navy with me. He was in town and wanted to get together for dinner and a couple of drinks. I told him I would meet him and introduce him to my girlfriend. We arranged a time and place and then I called Trina.


"Hi sweetie."

"Oh good. I was just about to call you. I just heard from my mom. My stepfather is out of town on business so I'm going to go and visit my mom tonight. Why are you calling?"

I knew that she hadn't seen her mother in months so I wasn't going to get in the way of her going to visit and so I just said:

"I was wondering what you would like for dinner. I was going to cook tonight. Since you won't be there I guess I'll just have some soup and a sandwich. What time will you be home?"

"I'll probably spend the night at mom's. I'll see you after class tomorrow."

"Okay honey. Enjoy your visit."

"Bye baby, I'll see you tomorrow."

I went home to the apartment, showered, changed and headed out to meet Barry at Toby's Bar and Grill which was in Ann Arbor and I pulled into the parking lot of Toby's just in time to see Trina come out of the place. Funny, but I never would have imagined that Trina's mother would have a brush cut and a mustache. I watched her and her "mother" go over to a car and get in. Once inside she slid over next to the driver and he started the car and pulled out of the lot. I watched them drive away and tried to suppress the anger I was feeling. I wasn't sure what pissed me off the most; Trina stabbing me in the back or lying to me. Then I realized that the two were one and the same. I got my emotions under control and went inside Toby's to meet Barry.

Trina didn't come home that night and she wasn't there when I left for my first class at ten. I spent a good part of the day thinking about what to do where Trina was concerned. Most of it was wasted time. Confronting her over what I saw wouldn't mean much. She had not made a commitment to me. We were living together, but it was more a friends with benefits relationship than anything else. It didn't matter what scenarios I came up with there was only one thing I could do.

I got home first that night and had dinner ready when Trina got there. She put her arms around me and went to kiss me, but I turned my head so she got my cheek instead of my lips. She pulled back and gave me a look and I told her that I felt like I was coming down with something and didn't want to give it to her. As we ate dinner I said:

"I've been doing a lot of thinking lately Trina. I've given a lot of thought to what you have said about not being ready to settle down. I've decided that you are right. We are young and we do need to take some time to look around. I've decided that I'm going to give up this apartment and try dorm life for a while. The lease is up this Friday (not true, but she didn't know that) and I've already told them that I'm not going to renew so we have to be out of here by four on Friday."

"Where will I go? I don't have any place I can go. I can't go back to my mother's."

"You'll think of something. You could always give the women's dorms a try. You have three days and I'm sure that you will be able to come up with something."

I stood up and said, "I'm going to take something for whatever it is that I'm coming down with and turn in. Goodnight."

When Trina came to bed I pretended to be asleep and I ignored her when she snuggled up next to me. In the morning I got up without waking her and left. When my last class was over I went to the library and studied. I hit the student cafeteria for dinner and then went back to the library. I went back to the apartment around eight ready to face a weeping Trina and was surprised to find out that she wasn't there. None of her things were there either. She had moved out without even saying goodbye. I would miss her, but I was young and I would get over it in time. The end of the term and the start of summer vacation was three weeks away so I buckled down and crammed for finals and put Trina out of my mind.

Finals out of the way I sat down and reviewed my financial situation. I had enough in the bank to see me through to a degree as long as I didn't spend any of it on too many other things like for instance, summer vacations. I decided that I needed to get a job to fill my time and make a few dollars.

I found a job at a car care place doing oil changes and grease jobs. I'd been there a little over three weeks when a problem came up. It was a Saturday and two of the mechanics had called in sick. I was passing through the office when I heard the manager pissing and moaning about being short on manpower and having a full schedule with a couple of brake jobs waiting. I stopped and told him that if I could borrow some tools I could help out by doing the brake jobs. I did three that day along with two oil changes and went home that night with a raise in pay. From then on I worked on whatever Hal (the manager) wanted me to. Except mufflers. I just could not get the hang of bending pipe.

The Saturday I got the raise I decided to go out and have a drink or two to celebrate. I was sitting at the bar working on a PBR when someone slid onto the stool next to me and said:

"Hey sailor, buy a girl a drink?"

I turned and saw Amy Collins. She was a girl that I had shared some classes with during the last term. I waved the barmaid over and Amy ordered a Cosmo and then asked:

"Are you alone tonight? I've been watching you for half an hour and I haven't seen Trina."

"Trina is history."

"Dare I ask why?"

I'd had just enough to drink that I as in a talkative mood so I told Amy the story.

"Poor guy. So are you down on all women now?"

"Not hardly. I guess when classes start up again for fall term I'll go looking."

"What am I sailor, chopped liver?"

"You? Why would you want to saddle yourself with me?"

"Straight up one hundred percent truth?"

"That's the best way."

"I've seen you with Trina. I saw how you treated her. You are a nice guy Rob. Trina lived with you for a while and she always seemed happy and that's a good sign that you were taking care of business where it counts."

"Where it counts?"

"In the bedroom Rob; between the sheets. Some girls like that kind of combination; a nice guy who is capable. If I read you right you are not over Trina yet, but you are missing the between the sheets action. What you need is a fuck buddy. Someone who likes a steady supply of sex, but is not looking for a long term relationship. That would be me."

"You? A fuck buddy?"

"Yes Rob, me. I like my sex, but I don't want a bunch of one night stands or boyfriends that I need to change out every three or four weeks. I want a steady partner who knows that all we will ever be to each other is friends with a sex life."

"Aren't you a little young to be giving up on life so early?"

"I'm not giving up Rob. What I'm doing is using my four years of college to have my fun. I'll go looking for an emotional relationship once I'm out of school. So, what do you think?"

"When would you like to start this fuck buddy relationship?"

"Your place or mine?"

For the rest of the summer Amy and I got together two or three times a week. Sometimes at her place and sometimes at mine. And it was strictly a 'fuck-buddy' arrangement. We didn't date, go out to dinner or go bowling or dancing. I'd get a phone call along the lines of "Are you doing anything tonight?" If I said no she would ask if I would mind if she came over or ask if I would like to stop by her place. What can I say? It worked for us.

It was the last week of August and it was a Saturday. I was taking a lunch break at a café just up the street from work. I was sitting in a booth when Trina slid onto the seat across from me.

"Hi Robbie."

"Hello Trina."

"How have you been?"

"Okay. You?"

"I've been okay." There was a slight pause and then she said, "I've missed you Robbie."

"How could that be? I've seen you with a dozen guys since you and I separated. When would you have had time to miss me?"

"Oh come on Robbie. You agreed that we needed to take some time and look around, but that didn't mean that we should totally give up on each other. For what it is worth I haven't run across anyone who can hold a candle to you."

"If that is so Trina, why haven't I heard from you since the split? How come no phone call telling me where you were staying and how to get in touch with you? How come no attempt at all by you to get in touch with me?"

"I didn't know where you were. I tried the dorms, but no one seemed to know you. Then I heard that you were still in your apartment."

"They wouldn't let me in the dorms because it was too close to the end of term. I had to crawl back to the landlord and try to get him to let me stay. He did, but he increased the rent on me."

"Well, to be honest, I looked at the fact that you were still in your apartment and at the rather abrupt way you told me that I needed to find a place to stay and that led me to believe that you didn't want me around."

That pretty much summed it up so I changed the subject before she could pursue that idea. "What brings you to this part of town? You following me?"

"Kind of. I was driving by and I saw you come in her so I followed you in."


"To say hi, tell you I miss you and maybe make a start at getting something going between us again."

Well, the truth was that I missed Trina. Amy was great when it came to sex, but there was no emotional component. We got together, fucked, took a shower and went home. There was no sitting and holding hands, no snuggling and cuddling. Amy didn't hold back anything where the sex was concerned, but that is all that there was. I wanted what I had when I had Trina.

I contemplated Trina for several moments and then asked, "Are you ready to settle down? Have you gotten all the curiosity out of your system?"

"I already told you Robbie; I never found anybody that I liked more than you."

It didn't dawn on me until much later that she never really answered my question. I guess I didn't pick up on it because my mind was busy on other thoughts. She had lied to me once, but I had never called her on it so it was possible — remotely — that she might have had a legitimate reason for why she couldn't tell me about the brush cut/mustache guy. A reason that was totally different from what I thought it was. What I did know was that I wanted Trina back in my life, but I also knew that if I did let her back in I was going to be very watchful. Very, very watchful.

I didn't jump back in with both feet. I took things nice and slow. I made a date with Trina for the Friday which was a week away and when Trina expressed dismay over having to wait that long I simply told her that I was seeing someone and that particular someone had a call on my time every night until the following Friday.

"Just tell her goodbye Rob. You have me back now."

"Doesn't work that way Trina. Just because I'm willing to start seeing you again doesn't mean that I'll turn my back on her. I happen to like her a lot and I'm not sure that I want to give up her friendship and that means I'm going to have to talk with her and explain you and that may take some time."

It was all bullshit of course, but I wanted to get a feel for how serious Trina was about getting back together with me. Was she willing to wait, put up with some crap? I wasn't worried about Amy because we had already talked about what we would do if either of us found someone we wanted to get serious with. We had agreed that we would part friends.

I told Amy that night about Trina. Her only comment was "I have you until next Thursday right?" Of course over the next six days she had a few things to say and chief among them was:

"Are you sure you really want to do this? You do remember why you split in the first place don't you?"

I explained my thinking to her and she just shook her head. "Your problem Rob is that you are a nice guy. You think "nice guy" thoughts. You are too quick to give the benefit of the doubt. I hope it doesn't bite you on the ass."

Amy kept me busy those six days and on Thursday after she had dressed to leave she gave me a big hug and a kiss and said:

"If it doesn't work out Rob give me a call. If I don't have anything going maybe we can play again."

I picked Trina up at the apartment that she shared with two other girl friends and for our date I took her to Denny's for dinner and then to a movie. After the movie I headed for her apartment and she asked:

"Where are you going?"

"I'm taking you home."

"I want to go to your place. I want you to make love to me."

"I don't know if I'm ready for that Trina."

"Please Rob; it has been a long time and I need you."

I was still in my "wondering just how bad she wants to get back together" mode and I said:

"Not tonight Trina. Maybe after a couple of more dates, but I'm not ready yet."

She slid over next to me and rubbed my cock through my pants and said:

"I'll bet you I can get you ready baby."

There is a time to play mind games and when a warm hand is rubbing your cock is not one of them. I turned toward my place.

We were touching and kissing each other all the way up the stairs to my apartment. I managed to unlock the door even with her arms locked around me. She was pulling off her blouse before the door even closed behind us. I picked her up and carried her into the bedroom and dropped her on the bed and then we both hurriedly undressed. Then I was on the bed, between her spread legs and pushing in to her. I moved slowly at first until I felt how wet she was and then I started moving faster and faster. She moaned and I felt her mouth fasten on my neck and I knew that she was going to leave a mark on me. She was marking me as her territory and the thought spurred me on and I plunged into her as she screamed out, "Oh fuck yes!" and had an orgasm. She held onto me as her body shook and then I let loose into her. I held myself in her until I was no longer stiff and then she pushed me away and went after my cock with her mouth. It was a long night. A very, very long night.

I woke up at six with Trina spooned up against me. It felt good. I just laid there in that drowsy half awake half asleep state and wondered if I really wanted to take a chance with Trina again. I had missed her a lot and I had thought about her often after the split. Deep down I knew I wanted us back together, but also deep down I didn't know if I could trust her.

Trina felt me stir and she mumbled, "What time is it?"

"A little after six."

"Can we stay in bed all day and play catch up?"

"Nope. I have to get up and get ready to go to work."

Her hand slid down my body until it found my cock and she fondled it for a few seconds and then asked:

"Do we have time?"

We did.

The next week I went out with Trina twice and each time we ended up back at my place. Saturday night we ended up at a club a lot closer to her apartment than mine and I suggested we go to her place instead of mine.

"We can't baby. That is one of the things we decided on when we moved in together. No men in the apartment. We didn't want any of those "panties hanging on the door knob" situations saying "go away, I've got a guy in here with me." So no men in the house."

We went to my place and she did her best to fuck me blind.

I had a date with Trina for Tuesday night and she called me and told me that she wouldn't be able to meet me as planned. She told me that her car was making funny noises and she was afraid to drive it. I told her I would pick her up and take a look at her car while I was there. Once around the block and I knew what the problem was. She had bad shocks and her right front brake sounded like it was metal to metal. She needed new shocks and if the right brake was bad enough to be metal to metal it was a damned good bet that all four brake linings were shot.

"Shit" she said. "That's all I need right now."

"What's wrong?"

"I need the car, but I can't afford to fix it right now."

I told her that I would take care of it for her and then we went to a move and ended up back at my place. We went out again on Thursday and after an energetic romp at my place I asked her if she wanted to go clubbing on Friday and she said that she would love to, but would have to pass. She had already committed herself to a Mary Kay party. I didn't ask her about Saturday because I'd already made plans to attend a bachelor party.

Friday was one of my days off from work so I used Friday to go over Trina's car. I replaced her shock absorbers and had to do a complete reline on her brakes including the replacement of her right front brake drum. I told Trina I would bring the car back to her on Saturday, but I finished with it much earlier than I expected. I got a buddy to follow me and I drove over to her apartment planning to drop her keys in her mail slot along with a note.

I pulled into the apartment's parking lot just in time to see Trina's apartment door open and Trina come out of her apartment with a man. A man with a brush cut and a mustache. Trina was dressed for a night out on the town in a little black dress and heels. The two walked to a car and got in and Trina slid over next to him and they kissed. The guy started the car and they drove out of the lot.

As I sat there and watched them drive away it occurred to me that I had been played. I bet that Trina hadn't "just been driving by" on that Saturday. I bet she knew where I worked and what I did and she was probably parked somewhere in the neighborhood watching and waiting for a chance to hook up with me. A couple of nights worth of pussy and she got nine hundred dollars worth of work done on her car. That is what it would have cost her if she had taken the car into a shop. It didn't cost me that much because I got an employee discount on the parts I used and I was donating the labor anyway.

And her female roommates? I tossed her keys under the front seat, got out of the car and walked over to the mail boxes. I looked for the name on the mail box for apartment 204 — Martin Keller. Sure did not seem like a girls name to me.

Yep! I had been played. As I walked back to my buddies car I debated doing something mean like cutting the valve stems on her tires, but then said the hell with it. Just because she was a bitch didn't mean that I had to be an asshole. Just chalk it up as one of life's unpleasant lessons and move on. Just as I was opening the door to Perry's car I had a thought. It wasn't really all that mean of a thing to do, but it could cause Trina some grief if she didn't have a spare key for her car. I went back to her car and locked all four doors and then closed them. Her keys were under the front seat and if she had no spare, tough shit!

My cell beeped at eleven-ten on Saturday morning. I put down the brake pad I was getting ready to install on the Chevy pick up, took the phone out of my pocket and saw from the display that it was Trina. I flipped the phone open.


"Hey baby, good morning."

"Morning to you to Trina. What's up?"

"I see that you dropped my car off, but where are the keys?"

"Under the front seat."

"But the car is locked."

"Don't you have a spare key?"

"No I don't. What am I going to do?"

"Well, you could ask Martin if he has a slim-jim or knows how to open a locked car with a coat hanger. If not I guess you will have to call a locksmith or break a window. Take care Trina. Bye."

I smiled as I put the phone away and got back to work on the Chevy.

At lunch time I gave Amy a call and asked her if she had anything going yet. She asked why I was asking and I told her the story.

"I guess it is your lucky day then sweetie because I just happen to be free tonight."

"Pick you up at six?"

"Works for me lover. See you then.

For the next two years Amy and I kept company off and on. It was off and on because every once in a while Amy would meet a guy who she thought might be "Mr. Wonderful" and her lifetime soul mate. We would part and when "Mr. Wonderful" didn't turn out to be all that wonderful she would give me a call, cry on my shoulder for a day or two and then we would go back to being 'fuck-buddies.'

From time to time I would see Trina around on campus, but we never spoke. If we were walking towards each other and she saw me she would change direction so we wouldn't come face to face. A couple of times I went to a party and she was there. She left as soon as she saw me walk in. It amused me when she did those things because I guess she never figured out that I didn't care.

I never dated any other girls while I was at EMU. Between school and my part time job I didn't have all that much free time and what free time I did have was taken up by Amy.

Things changed during my senior year. About three months into the fall term Amy found another "Mr. Wonderful" and so I was alone as far as female companionship was concerned. I debated asking a few other girls out, but decided instead to concentrate on my classes, send out resumes and start making plans for life after school.

The months slipped by and suddenly graduation was upon me. I had three job offers; two in the area and one in Georgia. I decided to take the one in Southfield and I started packing and getting ready to move out of the apartment. As I was packing I found quite a few of Amy's things that she had left behind and since I hadn't seen her since she went off with the latest "Mr. Wonderful" I wondered what to do with them. I had her cell number and I sent her a text message letting her know that I had some of her stuff. She had my cell number so she could get in touch if she wanted.

I found an apartment in a complex near Telegraph and Twelve Mile Road, moved in and then took a week off before starting my new job. I took my tent and camping gear and went up to the sate park at Ludington and spent the weekend splashing around in Lake Michigan. I hooked up with two girls from Michigan State who were doing the same thing that I was — winding down from four years of school — and we partied at night.

They had a bigger tent than I did and they asked me to join them. That brought me up a little short and as I looked at them Alice said:

"We promise we won't hurt you too bad."

I looked at Mary and she grinned and said, "Don't you believe her. If we do it right you won't be able to walk in the morning."

Well, I was able to walk, but only just barely. It was one of the most memorable events of my life and I heartily recommend that every guy try it at least once, but I did learn one thing from the experience — ain't no way one man can do two women justice! I managed to survive the week I spent with Alice and Mary and when it ended they gave me their addresses and told me to stop by if I ever got up to Traverse City and I gave them an open invitation to come see me.

After a weekend spent resting up in my new apartment I started my new job. I had been there a week when I got a phone call from Amy. She wanted to come over and pick up the things of hers that I had. I gave her directions and she showed up on a Saturday. I had thought that maybe she was going to want to cry on my shoulder again and then go back to playing so I was surprised when she showed up with a guy. She introduced us and as I was helping her carry some boxes out to her car I whispered:

"Mr. Wonderful?"

"Nine months and still holding it together."

"Good for you. Make sure that I get an invite to the wedding."

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