The Elevator

by MisterE

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, NonConsensual, Rape, Heterosexual, MaleDom, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Sex Toys, .

Desc: BDSM Sex Story: Things get wild when Kim and her boss ride the elevator after a hard day it work. But is everything as it seems? Read on. Story codes cons, non-con and rape are questionable.

Kim walked unsteadily down the hall to the elevator and pressed the button. A few minutes later, Dan, came up and stood beside her. "Sorry, Kim, I know it's been another long day," he said, looking at the weary expression on her pretty young face.

That was an understatement if ever there was one. It was nine-thirty at night and she'd been hard at it all day. The large vibrating dildo her cruel master had forced up her ass at eight that morning was still, even now, throbbing as intensely as when he'd first forced it in. Her pussy ached from the constant strain of holding the two large, heavy steel balls inside it. She'd cum more times than she could remember but was still horny as hell, despite her fatigue.

Waiting for the elevator with Dan standing silently by her side, she remembered the exquisite torture which had been the highlight of her day. She'd spent close to three hours standing in front of the executives, giving a detailed account of her latest plan for their continued growth in the Asian market while cunt slime trickled down her legs and soaked into her stocking tops.

Many had seen the distress she was going through but put it down to 'female problems' and dismissed it with little sympathy. If she wanted to hold onto her position, she'd just have to live with it and get on with her job. She grinned as she remembered cumming when describing the hard 'thrust' they were going to make into Japan. If only they'd known what kind of thrust she'd been thinking of at that moment.

The soft chime that heralded the arriving elevator brought her back to the here and now and she said, "It's been hell all day," as she stepped through the opened doors, her high heels clicking sharply on the marble floor. Dan followed her and pressed the button that would take them down to the executives parking garage. She turned and sank back against the handrail as she watched the doors close with a soft hum and a final hiss. She closed her eyes and let out a long sigh of relief. The slight jerk as the elevator began it's slow descent shook her, making her tremble again as the handrail nudged the end of the dildo buried deep in her ass.

Dan turned toward her, grabbed the open front of her smart jacket and dragged it half way down her arms. She was too tired to resist as he roughly jerked it down further and it fell in a crumpled heap to the hard floor. Her heart-rate increased when he grabbed the edges of her green silk blouse and tore it open, the buttons pinging off the polished metal walls as they parted company with the delicate fabric. Her breasts, only partially encased by the half cup bra, bounced as the sensuous fabric was torn from her body.

Kim was totally unprepared for his lightning fast assault. One moment she was relaxing against the wall, thinking of a long hot shower before crawling into bed, and the next she was pressed against the cold metal wall, her jacket and blouse on the floor, her breasts flattened by his chest as he leant against her, forcing his tongue between her lips and deep into her mouth. His hands were on her hips, his fingers digging painfully into her trembling ass cheeks as he pulled her groin against his, grinding his long, thick and very hard cock against her mound.

Dan pulled back and looked at her dark red hair covering her face as her head fell forward. She sobbed quietly as he grabbed a handful of her red hair and used it to raise her head. He looked deep into her startling green eyes and then leant forward to brush away a tear with his lips.

Her light brown nipples hardened in the cool air of the elevator and popped out from the upper edge of her lacy bra. Dan bent down and sucked one stiff teat into his mouth, his teeth closed around it and she squealed as he started to bite it, his teeth closing like a vice around the engorged, sensitive flesh. She pressed her palms against the cold wall, thrusting her chest towards him, riding out the pain in her chest as he moved from nipple to nipple and back again, chewing and biting them until she quivered through an intense orgasm.

The only sound was her panting breath and the humming of the elevator as it descended through the core of the tall building. He felt her body begin to tremble anew as he took a swollen, stiff nipple between his hard, strong fingers and cruelly crushed the tender tip. With a suddenness that caught her completely off guard, Dan let go of the throbbing nipple and slapped her face hard. Kim fell to the floor, panting harder and clutching her stinging cheek. She looked up at him with fresh tears welling in her sparkling green eyes. Dan simply stared at her as he backed up to stand against the adjacent wall.

Kim slowly got up on all fours and crawled over to him, panting hard, lust burning in her eyes as she reached for his belt. She unfastened the buckle and slowly drew it out through the loops. Trembling fingers folded it in two and held it out in offering. Dan took it with a faint smile and watched her hands rise to undo the button and pull down the zipper of his pants. Reverently, she drew his pants and shorts down, her eyes glazing more as the huge cock came into view and bounced before her eyes as it cleared his shorts.

The taste of cunt slime on his knob was instantly recognizable as she opened her mouth and encased the large head within her softly sucking oral cavity. One of his hands clasped her head as the other brought the folded belt down sharply on her ass. The sharp 'CRACK' was music to his ears as he hit her other trembling cheek. Kim revelled in the pain and pushed her mouth further down the hard shaft, licking the sensitive underside as blow after blow rained down on her smooth, pale cheeks, leaving vivid red stripes that burned like fire.

Dan dropped the belt and wrapped his fingers in her soft red hair, pulling her head further down onto his hard rod until the helmet was forced to the back of her mouth. Kim gagged for a second as he pulled harder on her hair, forcing the spongy knob down her throat. She whimpered as her nose came to rest in his coarse, wiry pubic hairs, sending delightful vibrations through his cock, stimulating it even more with her throat muscles as she swallowed. When he finally released her hair, Kim pulled off, gurgling as his giant shaft slid over her tongue only to push forward again and take it fully into her throat once more. Slowly, she picked up the pace and Dan groaned as her head went back and forth. She was fucking his cock with her mouth and throat at an amazing pace.

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