Amanda Has Herself Teased

by anon1940

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Wife Watching, Petting, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A young woman decides to have herself teased by an expert while her husband watches.

It all began one evening after dinner. In recent times, Amanda has become increasingly willing, even anxious, to share her erotic fantasies with me, and, I must admit, I have been increasingly intrigued by the often imaginative fantasies which she describes. However, until that evening, all her fantasies had been either so unrealistic that she had no expectation of their ever being realized or they had been ideas with which she and I could experiment while making love. Thus, the fantasy which she described that evening represented quite a departure from the sort which she had discussed previously. It was not only realizable, it left me an explicitly secondary role as observer rather than active participant.

According to Amanda, what she wanted was to put herself at the mercy of a third person while I watched that person tease her body until she achieved a state of sexual frenzy. During her teasing, neither Amanda nor I would have any control over either what was being done to her or how long it was being done. Instead, the third party would be completely in charge. As she explained, what appealed to Amanda was the idea of ceding control over her body and emotions to someone whose interest in her would be more likethat of a trainer or teacher than that of a lover. In addition, she enjoyed imagining my frustration at being forced to watch her body being manipulated by and responding to someone else.

My initial reaction to this fantasy was ambivalent. On the one hand, I had a somewhat proprietary attitude toward Amanda's body and was less than enthusiastic about watching somebody else take liberties with it, liberties which I felt should be reserved for me. On the other hand, as Amanda well knew, I enjoy watching the female body brought to a state where its natural instincts are in command and take precedence over whatever inhibitions upbringing and society have instilled. Thus, I expressed my reservations to Amanda, but conceded that there were aspects of her idea which excited me and that I would not object if, after careful consideration, she decided to act on it.

In view of the cool reception which it had received from me, I assumed thatAmanda had reconsidered and abandoned her idea. But I was wrong. Indeed, a week later when I returned home, I found Amanda preparing dinner without a stitch of clothes on. When I inquired what had inspired her to take up cooking in the nude, she answered that she had finally located someone who would enable her to realize her fantasy and that baring her body as often as possible was an essential part of the preparations which she was supposed to make.

"In fact, my trainer will be coming here next Saturday, and between now and then I am not to wear any underclothes at any time and am to be naked whenever I am at home. In addition, when I have to put on clothes to go out, I am to wear a wool sweater without any blouse so that there is nothing between me, especially my breasts, and wool fibers. Similarly, I am to wear a wool skirt which is to be in direct contact with my tummy, and, when I am seated, my thighs."

Astounded by these revelations, I inquired, in a slightly sarcastic tone, whether "her trainer" had given any other instructions.

"Oh yes, she prescribed several other preparatory steps which I am to take. First, and most relevant from your standpoint, we are not to have sex until after she has been here. Also, I am to practice various exercises, all of which are intended to make me more flexible and, as she put it, more receptive to what she will do to me. In particular, each day I am to stretch my legs the way a dancer does, after which I am to assume a lotus position on the floor and remain absolutely still for at least a half hour. Finally, she specified that I make certain other, more intimate, preparations just before she arrives."

Taken aback as I was by her lack of attire, I was even more shocked at Amanda's words. Here was the demure girl whom I had grown to know and love announcing that she intended to put herself at the disposal of some unknown woman for the explicit purpose of having that woman broaden her sexual horizons. Indeed, she was already enthusiastically engaged in preparing her body for an unprecedented experience. Further, I was less than pleased to learn that in the interim, I would be greeted each evening by totally naked Amanda and would be expected to abstain from the response which that sight would inevitably elicit. Amanda has the sort of female body which is designed to entice the male of the species. It is firm where it should be while being succulent in all the places where a little luxury is preferable to austerity. Watching her firm breasts bob as she moved around the kitchen and seeing the welcoming valley formed between her upper thighs when she squatted to look in the oven, I doubted my resolve to take a vow of abstinence for the next four days.

Intuiting what was going through my mind, Amanda turned to face me and struck a defiant pose, placing her hands on her hips and looking me straight in the eyes. "You may think that it is unfair that you should be asked to make sacrifices when it is I who came up with the idea, made the arrangements, and will be the one whose sexual fantasy is fulfilled. However, as we have often agreed, sex becomes banal unless one is willing to put some effort into occasional variations to renew and whet ones appetite for it. It's true that I am the principal player in this fantasy, but it is also true that your role as voyeur is not without rewards. For one thing, you are going to have the opportunity to watch my body be made to perform in ways which neither of us has imagined. Secondly, it is you as much as I who will be the ultimate beneficiary, since I assume that by the time my trainer leaves, we will both ready to take over where she leaves off. Finally, you must be aware that, in spite of my bravado, I'm scared to death. It is not easy for me to accept that I am giving another woman license to control my body and its sexual responses. Nature has made women's bodies vulnerable, especially when it comes to sex. When a woman gives her body to a man, her concern for its vulnerability is tempered by her confidence that, because he does not know its secrets and is fascinated by them, the man will proceed with caution. Because another woman knows those secrets and does not share a man's fascination with them, there is no reason to suppose that she will exercise the same restraint. On the contrary, she will use her first hand knowledge of the female anatomy and psyche to produce physical sensations and provoke psychological responses which a man would not even know exist. Thus, although I have selected my trainer with great care and am certain that she will do me no harm, I will not pretend that I can anticipate with equanimity what is in store for me."

By the end of her little lecture, Amanda's expression had lost its defiance. Closing the distance between us, she placed her naked front against me and lifted her face so that I could see the tears of anxiety and emotion which had formed in her eyes. Hugging her trembling body to my own, I felt a strong urge to protect it from the fate which she planned for it, but I knew from experience that, once Amanda had set her course, only she could alter it. Thus, I did not attempt to dissuade her and simply let her recover while our bodies pressed one another.

The days passed pasts agonizingly slowly. At her office wearing wool against her skin, Amanda was in a state of constant torment. The sweater which she wore effectively hid the absence of a bra underneath, but it rubbed against her breasts and kept her nipples in a painfully rigid state. Adding to her torment was the wool skirt, which tickled her belly and irritated her thighs and buttock while she tried to maintain the proper decorum when seated at her desk. Upon returning home, she was more than ready to shed her clothes and spend the rest of the day naked. On Thursday, I arrived home early and found Amanda braced against one side of the door-frame of our bedroom with her leg raised and held against the opposite side. Because she had taken ballet lessons as a child and having maintained the tone of her body with regular exercise ever since, she had no difficulty meeting the requirements which her trainer had made. As a consequence, she made a close to irresistible sight, bending gracefully forward to grasp the foot of her suspended leg and rocking back and forth in a way which made her breasts sway and occasionally brush against her knee. Apparently unaware of my presence, she lowered the raised leg, replaced it with the other, and repeated the stretching exercise.

After completing her stretching, she acknowledged my presence and, with a teasing smile on her face, asked if I enjoyed what I had seen and would like to watch while she did her yoga exercise. Entranced, I nodded my assent. Amanda immediately went into the bedroom and pushed aside the rug next to our bed. Placing her hands behind her neck, she lowered herself to the floor, leaning forward to balance herself until she was seated cross-legged. Once she was down, she brought her hands forward and, one at a time, pulled her feet until they rested, soles up, in the crease between her upper thighs and calves. Finally, she placed her hands, palms up, on her knees, straightened her back so that her breasts were thrust forward from her chest, and closed her eyes. Sitting there on the hard floor, she looked for all the world like a statue of a Buddhist monk, albeit one with beautiful breasts and sensuously flaring pelvis below a narrow waist. The only indication that she was breathing at all was the gentle rise and fall of her breasts. The temptation to run my hands over the contours of this erotic masterpiece was close to overwhelming, and I would have succumbed to temptation if were not that the end of our period of waiting was fast approaching and that I did not want to spoil everything at this late date.

Much to our mutual relief, Saturday finally arrived. Her thoughts understandably consumed by her fear of what the morrow held in store for her, Amanda's sleep was slow in coming Friday night, and, when she finally dozed off, it was disturbed by lurid dreams. She was up at the crack of dawn and seems to have spent the time between her rising and mine in the bathroom. In fact it was there that I first encountered her. When I entered the bathroom, it was clear to me that, on hearing my approach, she had attempted to conceal some item which she had been using. Because she had failed to get it completely back in the drawer under the sink, I was surprised to discover that item was an enema bag. I had never known Amanda to take an enema and was particularly surprised that she would do so on this fateful morning. Embarrassed by my discovery, but seeing no alternative to offering me an explanation, Amanda said that her trainer had instructed her to thoroughly douche herself and equally thoroughly cleanse her bowels. In order to follow the instructions to the letter, the process had consumed an hour, during which her vagina and bowels had each absorbed and expelled three quarts of waters. In addition to cleansing her insides, Amanda had been told to assiduously remove any unsightly body hair, with special attention to region around her labia and anus, where it was to be shaved off to afford unobstructed access to both portals.

Having told me what she had been doing, Amanda gave me no time to recover from my shock and headed back into the bedroom without another word. By then it was 8:30, and, because Amanda's trainer was scheduled to appear at 9, I wasted no time getting myself washed, dressed, and fed. Punctual to the minute, the door bell wrung at 9, and, figuring that Amanda could be hardly expected to open the door while nude, I left my half consumed bowl of cereal to answer the door. Standing before me I found a handsome, middle aged woman of moderate size. She was carrying a rather large duffel bag, which looked to be filled to capacity. Refusing my offer of help, she brushed past me and entered our house, exuding confidence about her mission there. Once inside, she dropped her bag and turned to me, extending her hand and announcing that her name was Celia and that she was here to see Amanda. No sooner were these brief formalities concluded than she asked that I call Amanda into the living room and suggested that I occupy myself in the bedroom while she and Amanda got acquainted.

Hearing our conversation, Amanda already knew that it was time to make her appearance. Thus, without my saying a word, she was standing at the door of our bedroom with a look of intense embarrassment on her face. Spotting her cowering form, Celia directed her entire attention to her pupil, greeting her with a warm smile and ushering her into the center of room. Indicating again that my presence was not desired, Celia silently bade me retire from the scene.

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