Rich Bitch Humiliated

by Nikki Mounds

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Blackmail, MaleDom, Rough, Humiliation, Big Breasts, School, .

Desc: Sex Story: She is the daughter of a rich and powerful man. She was used to spend lots of money and partying all night until her dad found out she was on drugs. He sent her to a distant College - to keep her away from 'bad influences' - and kept her allowance at minimun. But Nikki found a way out, she started to dance at a strip club, earning all the money she needed for her drugs and parties. Everything was going fine until she met a new client.

This is one of my old stories and I'm reposting it since I deleted all my previous works, so you may have already seen this around.

"Nicole, you're next ... hurry up girl!" I hear Bob call me and I nod as I sniff the last line of cocaine on the table, I feel so powerful ... I just love it!

I'll be on stage on a minute, and all those guys watching the show will be drooling for me as they have been drooling for several months now. I am the hottest dancer in this striptease club and everyone knows it.

Today is someone's lucky day, I'm out of money again and I want to buy some more of my 'stuff'. You know, some dust and E, maybe some acid too ... well, I'll make one of my fans' dream come true and give him a blowjob or something. The guys are willing to pay quite a lot for this privilege.

I don't usually have to do this. I mean, I don't really like whoring. My strip tease gig and the tips usually earn me enough for a nice week of luxury and my drugs. But last week I went over the edge and spent everything I had.

"You're on Nicky! One minute!" Bob yells to me, he is the owner and I am the main dancer here. I raise form the chair ready to rock.

Oh, sorry! My name is Nikki Mounds, stage name, of course! I am a college girl, even if I'm not going all that much to the classes now. In fact I've been more in frat parties and in the college's night clubs than in my own dorm room!

I am considered beautiful, even if very short, I'm just 5'2" tall. I'm a pale skinned brunette with shoulder length hair and dark brown eyes, with a cute face and naturally pouting lips, my body is well kept if a little 'generous'. I'm not plump, but I'm not a thin model like girl, I have strong legs, a medium sized but tight butt and huge E-cup tits!

My father is quite wealthy and he was pissed off when he found out I was using drugs, so he sent me to this college, quite far from home, as soon as I left the clinic ... you know, to keep me out of my old friends' reach ... But he also cut off my allowance to send me just the bare minimum! I can barely pay the rent and buy food with what he sends me ... I guess he is punishing me or was trying to teach me how to be 'responsible' with my money.

But one of my new friends in college had begun to work as a dancer - exotic dancer - to buy her dope. In the beginning I thought she was just a whore. I mean, come on! Top less dancing? Giving lap dances?

But I could see she was really making a lot of cash with that and soon I was tempted to do the same. One day I asked her what was it like and she told me it was ok, she didn't have to do anything with the clients ... if she didn't want to, but most girls did go the 'extra mile' because it paid really well.

I decided to try it, you know, just to be able to afford a little cocaine, I really missed it!

It was really strange the first time I danced. I mean, it sounded so lowly and nasty, but I loved the money and was able to party all week with it ... I felt really bad in the first night, but I confess I got wet from all the cheering and the lust in the guys' eyes.

I love the lusty stares of the guys, they are all hot and horny for me and I have a lot of fun to turn down their offers, unless I need some more money, of course. Why not make one guy's fantasy come true if it'll give me just what I need? Money enough to live in the lifestyle I'm used to! Now I actually love the way the older guys look at me when I'm stripping. I feel a little avenged against dad.

I wake up from my daydreams and look on the mirror. I am dressed on my 'schoolgirl' outfit, I put my hair up in pig tails, it is my sexiest and favorite costume, and walk to the stage.

My smile soon fades away. It's still a little weird for me to be dancing in a topless bar, I have always been the perfect little princess for my rich dad, most people think I am an uptight snob who treats others like shit, but that is not true! I just happen to know my place in society and I don't like lower people, especially dad's employs treating me like an equal! I know I can be a little too rough with them sometimes, but it is useful to teach them their right places.

But when my father cut off my allowance and sent me to this hellhole college I knew I had to do something, I can't let him have the upper hand, I mean, I'm 21, I can do whatever I want! Why would I let him control important things on my life, like letting me not using drugs and stuff. Cocaine is cool and so is ecstasy! Why can't he let me live the way I want?

And this strip club is quite far from the college town, a good 2 hour ride. I never saw anyone from the campus here. It is the best club in the city and lots of my college girlfriends are earning they upkeep here.

"Nicole, you're next!" Bob yells the last call and I stand up form my chair. Ok, time to start the show!

I walk into the stage with a big smile and a nice extra sway to my hips. The crowd cheers and I feel horny. My body always reacts like this to the worship of all those older men!

I dance and move my body in ways that only years of Ballet and Jazz classes can teach you. I wonder what dad would do if he found out all that money he spent on my dance classes just made me the best stripper in town. I move enticingly and with sexy movements, my big mounds bounce, hardly contained by the tiny top.

Then I set them free. The yells and whistles are so loud they almost overpower the music. I JUST LOVE IT!

When the crowd see me on the pole they just go crazy. I'm dancing topless and my huge hooters draw a lot of lusty stares, I don't see a single face in the crowd, the lights and my fast movement make it impossible, but I can tell they are drooling for me.

I dance faster now, rocking my knockers on lots of guys' faces to get the tips. Some put 10 dollar bills on my thong and I give them a VERY sexy lap dance. I earn a lot of money this way, but I think I'm in the mood for a couple of E-pills this weekend, so I think I'll accept one 'special' client tonight. My music ends and I leave the pole smiling broadly to the next girl.

When I return to the backstage Bob is grinning, he hands me several 'invitations' for 'private dances', but one draws my attention. I mean, I'm used to getting big bucks with this little 'extra work', but this guy is REALLY generous!

"Well Bob, I guess we have a winner here!" I giggle wide eyed looking at the paper. "Where is the guy?" In a few minutes I'm walking to the private booths, ready to do my best to make him cum fast and them buy my 'ticket to heaven' from Tyrone, my dealer.

"Hi!" I say as I enter the dark booth. "I'm Nikki Mounds..." I start as I see the guy turning round and smiling at me. "Oh GOD!" I say as my face drain of color when I recognize him ... he is smiling, he knows I recognized him! I feel all blood drained from my face, I put my hands on my cheeks, completely surprised ... I can't believe it!

I'm still stunned when the guy casually lifts a digital camera and clicks off a few pictures of me in the schoolgirl outfit. I almost pass out of shame and surprise while he laughs aloud.

"Bet your dad doesn't know you are back to school..." He smirks.

"N-no ... NO!" I say worried and walk toward him. "Don't tell my father! Please." I ask with tears running down my cheeks. I feel my hooters sway with every step. Suddenly I'm quite conscious of my own body.

The tiny costume barely covers the essentials and still I try to hide myself with my small hands as he takes the pics.

"That depends on how good at following instructions you are!" He laughs and I nod nervously. I look at the man in front of me trembling ... I'm lost! I have to do as he says! "And you can start by not being so modest, you weren't so modest when the guys where ogling your tits!"

"O-ok ... ok. Just don't tell dad..." I beg trying to calm down as I put my hands on the sides of my body, letting him drink on the sight of my half naked body. "H-he'd never forgive me. He'd cut me on his will!" The man just laughs more when I say it.

"Your father is really a very conservative man. He'll never want to see you again if this reaches the news." He points to the floor in front of him. I understand what he wants and take a couple of steps to stand in front of the man meekly. "Good girl."

"I-I ... thank you sir." I say in shame. I should not be in this position for a minor executive in my dad's company. I can't believe it. "I-I can be ve-very ... obedient."

"That's better than that stuck up bitch attitudes you had back home." He says looking at me with a naughty grin "Okay! You were so good at showing those huge tits. Let's start with the blouse."

"Y-yes sir." I take it off. The blouse was made to go out with a single well placed tuck ... the lacy white bra is a push up thing that offers my hooters rather than hide them. He looks at me with desire but also a frown on his face, I gasp, something is not right!

"Do you remember being such a bitch to me, don't you?" He suddenly asks.

"S-sorry ... I-I was young..." I don't even remember his name! "I changed! really..."

"I do recall you were quite the little madam as well..." He spits the words with disgust. "On your knees!" I get on my knees in front of him, scared and embarrassed. "Now take the bra off." I unclasp it on the front and the brasserie nearly bursts free since it was a tight fit and I have these huge knockers ... all natural on my short 5'2" tall frame. "Hummm! They are nice tits, aren't they? What is your bra size Nicole?"

"32 E cups sir." I answer blusing. "Don't tell anyone, please ... it was a mistake ... I needed money ... for the cocaine you see ... and dad was not sending any ... so ... please don't tell it to anyone!"

"Shake them for me ... let me see them bounce!" He cuts me as if he wasn't even listening to my words.

I start to cry in front of him. It is so humiliating ... so scaring! I never been is such a situation! But still I do as I'm told. I rock my shoulders and use my hands to make my knockers bounce wildly

"You can stop crying ... if you're good to me then daddy doesn't need to know."

"Is this ok? Do you like it?" I ask trying to sound nice to him.

"Grab them and squeeze them together." He orders me without even paying attention to what I say. I cup and squeeze them, kneading the big things and pinching my nipples

"Look at the prim and proper little madam now ... bet you even let them fuck you in here!" He slaps my butt cheeks. I lower my head in shame when I hear it. "Do you? Do you let them fuck your sweet ass?" I nod with my face completely red and I feel a shiver of fear when he slaps my face. "Answer me!"

"Y-yes. I let them fuck me." I answer in complete humiliation while he laughs.

"I knew it, a few of my friends have hired you a month ago." He says casually. "I recognized you by their description, but I wanted to see by myself ... Such big tits ... I bet they reach your mouth, doesn't they?" I nod blushing even deeper. "Let me see it ... suck your own nipples."

I cup my mounds and raise them to lick and suck my own nipples.

"Come on Nicole, you can do better than that. Let me see you get those big tits in your mouth!" He laughs while I try hard to obey him.

"Yes sir ... whatever you say." I do as he tells me, ashamed to be called by my name, employs like him used to call me 'Miss'. I tuck as much of my hooters into my mouth as I can while he watches me in awe.

"Lick them, suck them ... come on Nicole, you've done this a million times before, haven't you?" He asks standing up and walking around me. "I wonder if I should call you Nicole or knickers for short, since I got a nice view of them a while ago!"

I lick and suck on my nipples harder, kneading and squeezing them a lot to make this man happy ... God I can't believe I don't even remember his name. The evil man just laughs and snaps off more pics. It is getting even worst but there is nothing I can do. I keep doing what he told me and softly crying.

"That's a nice skirt you got on ... will give you $2 for it!" He laughs mocking me. "Or do they get you sucking their cocks for that?"

"N-no sir ... I-I don't su-suck cock for that ... the skirt is yours" I stand up and take off the skirt. It was made to be removed in a single tuck like the top. I look to the floor humiliated.

"So how much do you charge to get that sweet mouth around their cocks?" he asks standing up with a hard stare, looking at me with lust and revenge on his face. "Come on Nicole you can tell me."

"One hundred sir..."

"Oh Nicole ... one hundred bucks so they can cum all over your face" He continues making me feel very lowly and humiliated. "Or do you charge extra for that?"

"Just the hundred ... I-I charge extra to swallow." I answer closing my eyes in shame.

"So they can cum all over your face at no extra charge."

"Yes..." I say it with a weak voice.

"Sorry what was that?" He asks holding his hand to his ear. "Nicole you gonna have to speak louder!"

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