Gretchen: Gym Workout

by Dapper Dan

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Heterosexual, Group Sex, Interracial, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Gretchen makes use of the company work out room after the workday ends. Some workout-there are dues.

[This is a work of fiction. The story is an unadulterated and unabashed attempt to tickle male fantasies and perhaps some female fantasies as well. As such, the story may or may not be entirely realistic. All locations, events, and persons are entirely fictitious. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.]

"Oh, God! Oh, Nooo, don't stop, don't stop! Oh, Fuck, more, more! Shit, faster, faster you fuckers!"

At that point, I swallowed the big dick hanging over my face and sucked on it like it was the last one on earth. But it wasn't as there was the big fat fuck stick in my cunt that slammed into me harder and faster at my command. I was in erotic heaven--but wait, maybe I should start from the beginning.

I'm Gretchen, better known to close associates as, "Gretch." I'm twenty-five and six feet tall. Yeah, I'm a big girl, in more than one way, too. My arms and legs are long, lean, and mean--that is, toned. I was a high school athlete, girl's basketball player to be exact. And I was good enough to get a full, four year scholarship ride to the state university where I got my business degree. That, in turn, led to my current job in an advertising agency in the second largest city in the state.

But, it also led to a decline in fitness that results from a desk job. So, early on, I joined the fitness club that our company organized a number of years ago. There's a very large and very complete fitness center located in the basement of the building and the use of it's free to all employees. I normally work out every night after work, that is, from four thirty to five thirty or six. I store my workout outfit in the large locker/shower rooms provided.

About a week ago, two new male, mid level executives started showing up during my exercise time. I'd seen them around on my floor as they each had offices down the hall from me. I wear conservatively provocative outfits to work that show teasingly small amounts of cleavage and upper leg. I saw that these two newcomers had noticed me and were looking, and looking a lot.

I also saw that they are both true studly hunks, one dark and one blond and both looked to be mid to late twenties in age. They were both broad shouldered, tight chested, and tall with sculptured faces and Roman noses. Both were muscular, athletically fit, and sported brick tight, toned abs. Well muscled legs set off long torsos. I get wet panties just thinking about them.

The blond was Al and the dark one was Vince. Their normal workout attire consisted of Spandex shorts with a skin tight, tank type undershirt. This top shows off their chest and abs quite well, especially when plastered to their bodies by sweat. The shorts give a very definite idea of the packages they carry between their legs. And, when aroused, well...

My workout attire is usually a tight spandex body stocking cut quite high and without a bra. My boobs measure in the fairly large category and it's a very tight fit to squeeze them into that stocking. But of course, that's the whole idea. I also don't wear any kind of panties, so the result is a quite definitive cameltoe with no VPL (visible panty line).

All in all, my workout attire is quite a contrast to my normally conservative work duds. It goes without saying that I attract attention during my workouts. Word has gotten around and I'm attracting quite a crowd most week nights except Friday.

A lot of guys have consequently tried to put the moves on me at these workout sessions, but I've up to now, resisted one and all, earning the sobriquet of "Ice Woman". I believe in the old adage about not fouling the nest, i.e., don't get involved with coworkers. Do any playing around away from home base. But somehow, these two had worked their way into this defense, and they were about to make a strategic breakthrough.

I thought that particular Friday would never end. My boss, Fred, was on my ass four times during the day. My date for the evening, no one from my company, called to cancel. My computer went down for the last three hours of the day. My insurance agent called and said my car insurance would not cover my accident. I caught my skirt on the corner of a file cabinet drawer and ripped a big, three corner tear in it and it was one of my favorite skirts, too. Naturally.

Then add to that, the rep for one of my major ad accounts called and said the last work-up suggestion was unacceptable. The work-up needed to be redone. He wanted the redo available by Monday morning. God Damn.

If that still wasn't enough, ten minutes before quitting time, Fred handed me a package that he wanted taken care of before I left. SHIT! Looking it over, I saw I was in for two more hours, minimum before I could leave. I gave up in resignation and dug into the file of work for the next two and one half fucking hours.

Consequently, I had a real head of steam up by the time I got to the locker room shortly after six thirty to change for my workout. I really needed to work off some rage and frustration. I stripped off my office clothes and started to get into my body suit.

The Goddamned suit ripped. I yelled out, "FUCK! SHIT! What the fuck else is going to go wrong today?"

I did have a pair of short shorts and a Tee top that I kept for spares, so I put those on. With no panties, the crotch of the shorts would, with any stretching exercises at all, ride up into my slit and leave the outside portion of my labia, not to mention my ass, protruding into the open air much, if not most, of the time.

The Tee top was extremely tight across my big boobs, and didn't quite cover the bottom of them. They would also be entirely exposed with any kind of real stretching. I almost didn't go out there, dressed like that. But then I thought, What the hell, Friday nights are usually nearly deserted anyway.

The fitness center normally closes at eight p.m., so I still had more than time for my workout. I noticed an awful lot of boners on most of the few guys left in the gym and who found some reason to traipse by my various workout stations.

None of those sniffing males made any attempt to hide their erections. One stud even had his cock head fully exposed down his thigh out from under the leg opening in his shorts. His cock was long and his shorts were fairly short. Precum was obviously pearling out his cockhead.

By seven thirty, I'd worked out with a vengeance and had mostly calmed down by the end of my session. I also noticed that the thin, Friday night crowd had, by then, thinned down even more to just Al, Vince and myself. As expected, my workout had continuously exposed a shit pile of my skin. There wasn't much left to the imagination except for what the onlookers would like to do with what they saw.

I also noticed that both Al and Vince hardly took their eyes off me ever since I entered the gym. Everyone had, the way I was dressed. But Al and Vince seemed always to be on nearby machines with advantageous frontal views of me while I sat or lay on the various machines, tits and pussy very much on display for them. Their boners were impossible to hide.

I thought that as my date for the evening had canceled, and with the rest of my fucked up day, I needed some diversion. I'd some limited conversations with the two guys in the lunch room, so Al and Vince were not total strangers to me. During the past week they'd been coming to the gym, they'd become increasingly friendly and talkative. Read that flirtatious and coming on to me very strongly, especially during short workout breaks.

We were completely alone. The janitor did the fitness center at the start of each day and would not reappear until the next morning. The rule was that the last one out locked the door and deposited the key in a locked drop box on the hall wall beside the door.

I was lying on my back straddled over a narrow bench, raising and lowering dumb bells, still showing most of my tits and most of my pussy, when Al strolled over.

"Girl, you sure are a piece of work. Could you use some assistance?"

"Could be, what'd you have in mind?"

Al's answer was to stretch out along the bench between my legs, drop his face into my pussy and lap with his tongue on either side of the crotch strip of cloth of my shorts.

"EEee, more!" I squealed in response.

Since this cloth strip was deep in my slit and in his way, Al didn't waste any time tugging my shorts down. I helped by raising my ass so he could get the shorts all the way off. Accomplishing that task, Al dived back into my pussy with a real vengeance. I dropped a sighing moan of complete surrender. Al used his hands to spread my pussy open and licked and sucked up and down my slit. His mouth closed on my clit and it telescoped into a fat erection as he sucked.

Al mumbled around his mouthful of clit, "Fuck, I haven't ever seen a clit this long nor as fat as this one is. It sure looks like a miniature dick!"

I suddenly realized Vince was standing behind my head when he said, "OK for me to join this little party?"

When I craned my head backward, I could see that Vince was standing there, entirely naked. That was a hell of a one eyed monster that stared me straight in the face. My mouth formed a big, open "O" and he plopped that humongous fuck stick right in. Vince's hands had also pulled my T back around my neck. Those hands were quickly all over my boobs and tweaking my nipples.

My pelvis/pussy had long ago begun to undulate up and down in the timeless motion of eros. Pussy juice was running out of me and onto the bench, not to mention all over Al's mouth and nose. Al stood and quickly stripped out of his top and pants to give me a "down my nose" first look at another monster fuck stick.

Al stood astride the bench between my spread legs and ran that bulbous cock head up and down my slit, slowly playing with and teasing everything it touched. I humped up awfully hard, trying to catch and impale that big cock with my pussy, but Al eluded my best efforts.

Finally, I guess Al couldn't stand the teasing anymore either, because as I was howling, "Fuck me, shit, please fuck me now," he found my cunt hole and plunged his man meat in to his balls.

(And this gets us to the point at which I opened this story).

Vince's dick swelled even wider and throbbed with a mind of its own in my mouth. He got at least one squirt into my mouth before he pulled free and shot squirt after squirt onto my tits and stomach, some of it reaching all the way down to Al's cock plunging in and out of my pussy.

Vince's orgasm must have been the trigger for Al. Al's dick throbbed like a jungle drum as he growled out, "Shit, I'm coming, I'm coming.

And, with a deeply arched back and a final, deep plunge, he proceeded to do just that. He shot off round after round of cock cream into my burning pussy.

Then my orgasm began. My climax started deep in my pussy and seemed to explode outward in all directions. I shuddered and shook like a tin Lizzy. I screamed, "Oh shit, Oh shit, Oh shit," endlessly as I convulsed and fired off pussy juice in a deluge around Al's fat cock, drenching us both. So much for not fouling the (mine) nest!

I was whimpering in ecstasy. Al and Vince were uttering low moans of pleasure and sporting huge grins of conquest and lust. I managed to reclaim and suck Vince's cock clean before Al deflated and dropped out my pussy. As Vince stepped back, I sat up and motioned Al forward. While he stood there, I took his dick in my mouth and proceeded to suck and lick him clean, too. I also ditched the remains of my frazzled Tee. Then the boys switched places.

They needed some time to recharge, so I lay back and said, "Al, you take care of my boobs with your mouth and tongue and Vince, you eat my pussy clean of Al's cum. It's sweetened with my pussy juice, so it should taste pretty good. Tell me when you are both ready for more."

It wasn't long before the two studs worked me over again, as the electricity again started to build in my pussy and radiate upward and outward in stronger and stronger jolts.

Vince must have been over eager to get his dick into my pussy. He was a bit rough on my cunt, not nearly as gentle as Al had been. But it still felt heavenly to have him working on me. His teeth, playing with my clit, which hurt, but not enough to stop him.

After twenty minutes of this and a number of orgasms for me, both guys were again sporting humongous boners. Al stood over my head and I gobbled up his dick to suck, lick, and slurp. Vince proceeded to run his bulb up and down my slit as Al had done. Vince buried his cock head about half way into my slit, opening up my pussy lips to his travel. As he would cross my cunt hole on each pass, he would sink into my love canal just a bit before moving on again. All this was in near slow motion.

Vince was driving me crazy with this teasing. I wanted that fuck stick inside me, ASAP. Vince disregarded my wishes and continued to tease. But he eventually tired of his teasing, and he once again found the entrance to my temple of Venus.

In one swift stroke, Vince plunged in balls deep. He immediately pounded away with a fury, but my pussy rose to meet each thrust. In fact, I was working so hard with Vince's cock that I nearly bit too hard into Al's cock in my mouth. Al yelped just in time to prevent real damage to his fuck stick.

Vince let go his wad first, and though he shuddered and shook violently in orgasm, he had very little cock cream to shoot. Al let go just a tad later and also shuddered in nearly dry orgasm. The boys said they had one more shot but would require nearly forty-five minutes to recover for it.

We took some of that time to clean up the bench we'd used along with the floor underneath the bench. We then went into the jacuzzi room and luxuriated in the warm and swirling waters for twenty minutes. We idly played with each other, tits, dicks, and pussy with our hands, but with no serious intent. We finally climbed out and dried quickly.

As we stepped into the gym, Vince said, "I always wanted to try something. Come over here for a minute."

Vince pulled a very large medicine ball into a clear area and helped lay me on my back, arched over the ball. When he was done positioning me, my pussy stuck up there just cock high and practically sniffing for some more cock.

My juices were already dribbling down my crack and unto the ball by the time Vince had me laid out the way he wanted. Vince moved up between my legs and rubbed his dick in my slit again, getting his meat thoroughly greased up once more, and then plugged me, but good with that huge flesh pole.

Vince then stood still and gently rocked the ball back and forth just enough to slide me on and off (not quite all the way off) his cock. He used my tits as handles for his hands to move me and the ball. That was quite some ride.

Al just stood and watched, slowly stroking his straining cock. Vince moaned as his dick swelled and pulsed into another not quite dry orgasm while I shuddered and moaned into two or three in a row, still producing enough pussy juice to keep us lubricated.

Al said, "I want to try that too, but I want you to turn over. I want the back door this time."

And that's the way the action went down. Al's cock "greased up" on the pussy juice and cock cream running from my pussy and then plugged my back door. He inched in a bit at a time, taking several minutes to sink that big dick all the way until his balls slapped my ass.

After a brief interval of just allowing that big cock to pulse inside my ass, a feeling I thoroughly enjoyed, Al slowly backed out to his cockhead and then thrust away, in and out, with abandon. But, of all things, he soon stopped, well before I wanted him to, as his cock just died and slowly deflated.

At that juncture, Al backed out saying, "I got nothing left, that's it for Mr. Long John tonight."

Well, it was getting pretty darned late by now, but we all needed a shower before we could leave. As we turned to head for the locker rooms, Al said, "Why don't we all shower together?"

I responded, "OK, but I have to get my soap and towel first. I'll join you two in just a min..."

My voice stumbled on the last word just as my boss, Fred walked in the door! As Vince's, Al's, and my mouth dropped open in stunned surprise, we also spied the disheveled woman behind him whose clothes were in complete disarray with her boobs bared, and, she was definitely not his wife.

The three of us, naked and covered from head to foot with old and fresh cum, just stood there, mouths agape and in stupefied silence. That silence continued to stretch on and on--or so it seemed.

Al and Vince's erections had not completely deflated yet, but they did so now, instantaneously, with cum drooling and dripping off their cock heads onto the floor.

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