A Day at the Races

by Sir Semega

Caution: This contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Cheating, .

Desc: : Woman comes across her ex-husband at the track while dating a mimbo. She reflects on how it all ended. Bittersweet.

I don't know why he convinced me to come to the racetrack with him, but I was feeling generous and decided that watching all those horse muscles and sweat could be interesting for a change.

Matt and I had been together for about three months. Before him was a string of lovers that kept me amused and satisfied after my husband divorced me. I was enjoying all of the attention I could receive of the male kind.

The sun was shining, and we paid the extra money, well Matt paid, since he had the privilege of my company, to sit in the reserved seats. He sat next to me and started to explain how the racing and betting worked. All of those odds and statistics went in one ear and out the other as I had decided that I would choose based on the cutest name. I glanced around and studied the people around me.

The races brought out all sorts of interesting characters. From decent wealthy people to poor trash that tried to never give up hope that their 99-1 horse would payout.

Matt was a former college athlete. Rugged and dumb, he was great eye candy for me and had a few dollars to spend on me as well, so I took him and rode him for all he was worth. We had fun but I had made it clear that I was in control of the relationship from the very beginning. He was here to service me and please me, and if he was a good boy, I would reward him. This attitude kept him on his toes as I'm sure he had never experienced the frustration of not getting what he wanted immediately before.

I of course had dressed up for the occasion; I called it my conservative slut outfit. The dress was a nice cut, but with just a little deeper cut in the dress, and the hem was a few inches higher than what was decent. It gave me the secret weapon of not sticking out in the crowd as a hooker, but upon closer inspection, I gave the illusion of showing off more than the other girls did. It worked well, as I was able to attract many flies with my honey. Matt was becoming a bit of a bore anyways, so you can never tell when you might meet the next one. I would have to keep my eyes open today!

"Nora? Shall we go bet?" Matt asked me. I shrugged. So far this day was looking to be a wash out. I had seen no cute unattached men. We got up and waiting in line at the ticket counter to place our bets. Matt paid for my bets and when we returned to our seats, the box next to ours had been filled.

Sitting down I glanced over at the couple. The woman was pretty, no stunner, but she was well dressed in a conservative fashion, while her partner was hunched over reaching for something below them, probably a bag. He promptly rose back up with a pair of binoculars. He made some comment to her that I couldn't quite make out, and then they both laughed.

My blood froze and my chest tightened as I recognized the laugh. "Hello, Jeffrey," I said to him. My ex-husband turned around and was stunned to see me. For a moment we didn't speak as both our partners looked in confusion.

I was first to regain my composure as I turned to my man hunk Matt. "Matty, dear, this is Jeffrey, my ex-husband." Matt looked him over, trying to determine if he was a sexual threat then nodded his head with a grunt.

"Nora," Jeffrey said. "I didn't realize you liked the races." I turned to face him fully, to show him what he had given up. My low cut dress just barely containing my breasts. Motioning to the muscle that sat next to me I said, "Matt has been trying to get me out here for a while. I finally gave in."

Jeffrey nodded. "I'm surprised, Nora. You're not one to give in..."

I was determined not to get into it here. "Listen Jeffrey, don't be like that. All the other boxes seem to be filled up, so let's just be friendly and enjoy the races shall we?"

Jeffrey's woman placed her hand on his, perhaps to shock him out of his trance. "Honey? Aren't you going to introduce me?"

Jeffrey's hard face softened. It seemed that he was going to try to be pleasant. "Sorry. Nora, this is Ashley. Ashley, this is Nora, my ex-wife."

"Present wife, here," she added as she shook my hand. There was a bite to the grip from her, but her face was all smiles.

Jeffrey remarried? Why didn't I know this?

A cheer erupted from the crowd as the first race started. Matt had already ignored our interaction and was on his feet watching the race. Jeffrey tore his focus off me and decided to do the same. Ashley however continued to stare at me until I decided to watch the horses as well. Jeffrey remarried. Wow!

"You're doing what?" Jeffrey asked in disbelief. He had come home on time from work to be confronted by me all made up and dressed for a night out.

"Jeffrey, I told you already, I'm going out with Stan tonight," I did my final touch ups in the hall mirror, grabbed my purse and headed out.

"Nora, you can't do this! What about us?" he cried out. There was more but I had closed the door and headed to my car. This was the first time I had told him that I was going out on a date. Truth be told, I had already dated other men within the last couple of months. Now it was time to escalate my plan. By letting Jeffrey know that he wasn't my only man, I would be able to knock him down to the point of getting what I wanted. Stan and the others were a means to an end.

I came back late that night, 2:30 am, to be greeted by Jeffrey who had waited up and looked like hell. He had been crying and when I came in, he looked up from the couch with accusing and questioning eyes. He was in pain. I had hurt him and my body tingled with excitement knowing that.

"Honey, can you place my bet this time, I want to sit a bit," Ashley told Jeffrey. He rose and headed for the betting windows while Matt did the same. They veered in opposite directions so as not to have to speak with each other. This left Ashley alone with me. She still stared at me. I smiled.

"Our Jeffrey, looks well," I chirped. Ashley's mouth smiled, the rest of her face was hard. "Jeff is doing well." "So how long have the two of you been married?" I asked. "Just a few months," she said. Somehow, that made me feel better. He wasn't entrenched yet. "I hope you are taking care of our Jeffrey," I asked. Ashley's face grew stern. She learned over the railing. She was smaller than I, shorter. "Look, let's get something straight here. He is MY Jeff, not OURS, and as far as my taking care of him, you have that all wrong, HE takes care of ME, which is more than I can say for you." I chuckled letting her anger bounce off me, but a part of me felt that blow.

"Nora, what have I done to you that would make you do these evil things to me?" he pleaded with me.

I had refused to stop going on dates. He had asked me, no begged me to go to counseling with him, to try and right what he perceived as a marriage going wrong.

"Jeffrey, these aren't evil things I'm doing. They are perfectly normal. In nature the fittest male always takes the woman. You, my dear, I love you, but there are far fitter men out there which you just can't compete with."

Jeffrey's mouth dropped. "What, what about our love? Surely that means something to you?"

I just smiled, humoring my little man.

"You must know I cannot stand for this," he said.

I sighed. "Jeffrey, what are you going to do? Lock me away? Hit me? Beat up my boyfriends? Divorce me? I'll take everything from you. My MEN are larger, tougher, stronger and meaner than you. You can do nothing."

Jeffrey took a good long look at me. He was trying to recognize me, his competition, wondering what weaknesses I had. I had covered everything. He was trapped. I loved him, really I did, but the feeling of having him helpless, of having him trapped and willing to do anything I desired, seemed to override everything else. The power I had over him was intoxicating.

I had to end this discussion; my date would not wait long for me if I was late. I kissed him on the forehead, funny how I couldn't remember the last time we had kissed on the lips, before leaving to meet Frank.

Jeffrey came back before Matt, and Ashley acted like nothing had happened between the two of us. I wasn't worried. Even if it came to blows, Ashley would have fared far worse than I. No one messes with me.

Ashley took another tactic and turned to him. "Jeff, my darling, could you explain the way the betting works?"

Jeffrey started to explain all the different ways of betting while she stared intently into his eyes, focused on every detail. Poor girl. She was ever so desperate to show her love to him.

Matt plunked down in his seat and bumped me. I gave him a sharp look and worried whether his sharp elbow might have put a bruise on my soft pale skin.

"Matt, where's my bet?" I asked. "Didn't know you wanted to bet, babe," he replied. I fumed for a moment then stood up and made him follow me out to the betting window.

"Did I hurt you? I'm so sorry," Jeffrey said as he had placed the tray with the hot chicken soup on the side table. He grabbed the towel and wiped away the hot fluid that had spilled in my lap.

"God damnit!" I yelled as he cleaned the spill. We had only been going out for three weeks when I had come down with this annoying cold. Jeffrey had come over and made me chicken soup to feed my cold and to try to take care of me. Honestly I just wanted to sleep and be left alone in my misery, but he had insisted. Now I knew that it was a mistake to let him come over.

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