Michelle's Final Afternoon of Bittersweet Mayhem

by Dag123

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Reluctant, BiSexual, Heterosexual, FemaleDom, Humiliation, Swinging, Interracial, White Couple, Oriental Male, Oriental Female, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: The week at the Mandarin Lark Hotel is rapidly drawing to a close! Michelle braces herself! Even though she feels a strong reluctant, she is still determined to make her husband, Randy's one ultimate fantasy come true. On that final Friday afternoon, she will cast her fate to the winds one last time! Will something go horribly awry? Can she still succeed even though she will be facing her most daunting challenge yet?

By early Wednesday evening, plans were in place for Friday's final erotic activity. Michelle could see, as soon as Randy came through the cottage door, that he was excited. He was definitely flying on the wings of anticipation.

That Wednesday morning, she had encouraged him to attend a special meeting with the other husbands. She knew from talking to Sora, their little Maid, that it was during that meeting her husband and another husband would decide with whom she and Randy would spend their last two days.

"Darling," Michelle said, kissing him goodbye at the door of their cottage, "Pick out who ever you think would be good with me. Whomever you chose, I'll be fine with it. Since Friday will be the last day of your special week—I want it to be good for you."

Armed with a couple of picture of her, taken in a light summer dress, that accented her charms—and with her sweet approval, Randy had attended.

As luck would have it, he had barely arrived at the meeting when a Jack Yashido, a wealthy Japanese Industrialist, came over and introduced himself. The two men hit it off famously from the start. For Jack Yashido and Randy Dalton, each with the same single goal in mind, it was a case of instant rapport.

If either of them had, any doubts that the two couples would be perfect together; it was quickly dispelled when each guy saw a picture of the other man's wife.

"Randysan," Jack Yashido said, as he looked at Michelle's picture, "Is your wife as pretty and sexy in person as she looks in this picture? May I ask, what is her name?"

"Thank you," Randy said, "Her name is Michelle, and yes, she is just as pretty and sexy as she looks in that picture."

"Here is a picture of my Japanese wife, Sinia," Jack said, proudly handing Randy his wife's picture. "She is quiet and well mannered. But, in the bedroom, she is very sexy also," he boasted.

Randy felt such a sweet ache. He was looking at a picture of a Japanese female, about Michelle's age. At first glance, Jack Yashido's wife looked like a docile little Japanese lady. Taking a second look, he could see she had a very serious, almost stern look. He could also see from looking at her picture, that she was a sturdy little woman. The two men eagerly compared their wives' age, weight, and size—they turned out to be the perfect match.

"Jack, your wife, Sinia is really beautiful. I think her and Michelle would be perfect together," Randy said. Boy! Would she ever be good with Michelle, he thought. I hope Jack and her will decide to do it with us.

"I think so too. If you agree, Randysan, let's you and I look no further." Jack Yashido said, grinning with delight.

"Before you decide, let me be honest with you. I have to fly out to Singapore and will not be back until Friday noon. That means we would have only Friday afternoon and evening, instead of the full two days," he said, waiting anxiously for Randy's reaction to what could be a potential complication.

"Jack, to be truthful, I'd prefer Michelle didn't have to go through the whole two days anyway. I'm sure, when I tell her, she'll be relieved. She told me this morning just before I left the cottage, that she is willing to go along with whoever I pick. So, if you and I decide to get together, she'll be okay with it. We could plan on the four of us meeting around Friday noon and spending a few hours with each other."

"Then, we have a deal?" Jack Yashido said, hoping the Caucasian husband would agree.

"Yes, I think you and Sinia, and Michelle and I would be perfect together," Randy said, as the two men shook hands.

"We should have it at our cottage, "Jack suggested. "It has a very large room fully equipped for that sort of activity. Since our little sexual rendezvous will last only a few hours, we should wait and let our wives meet for the first time, in our big room.

"We won't get involved at all. We'll just sit there and watch. It should be very exciting to see what they will end up doing with each other. We could just let them know before hand that it's up to them. Sort of an anything goes setup," Jack suggested.

Not fully aware of what might be involved in the words, anything goes, Randy didn't question it. The consequences of that agreement would come back to haunt him for a long time to come, even after he and Michelle had returned home.

Thursday afternoon...

The afternoon, before the big day, Michelle and Sora had planned a special surprise for Randy. A little friendly tussle on their big bed. Knowing how much Randy would love watching them, she had been delighted when the feisty little Maid had playfully suggested that they have a friendly little play fight.

Sora, the little Maid was excited and couldn't wait to start. Being a determined aggressive little female, they were barely kneeling on their knees before she surprised Michelle and pushed her sprawling backwards. She landed on her back. The little Maid fell between her gaping thighs. A moment later Sora had scrambled up, beat down her legs, and quickly got astride Michelle's midriff.

Randy had been thrilled when, a moment later, a determined Michelle, bucking and gyrating, her forbidden spot on full display for her adoring husband, managed to pull Sora off by her long black hair. She quickly rolled on top! Giggling and sassing, calling each other names like bitch and slut, it was obvious that both women were enjoying the struggle. Randy was thrilled when his little blonde wife struggled astride the feisty cute little Maid.

After a few more minutes of animated playful struggling, Sora quickly realized she had met her match and more. The attractive little Caucasian wife was too much for her.

"Okay... ," Michelle said, giggling, panting, and trying to catch her breath. "Have you had enough, bitch? Are you ready to give up yet? She said, laughing down into the little Asian Maids flushed face.

"Yes... , Okay... ," Sora said, laughing, as she tried to catch her breath. "Now what you do?"

Michelle could feel her arousal growing. Her tummy had started to tighten. She recognized and welcomed that pleasant familiar feeling. Looking over, she could see Randy was excited, waiting to see what would happen next. She knew, how thrilled he would be if she decided to stay on top of the defeated little Sora and make her do erotic girl/girl things.

At least, Michelle thought ruefully, whatever happens tomorrow, I will get to enjoy for one last time having another female satisfy me.

Michelle felt weak from a rush of sexual desire. She was eager to dominate Sora who still lay sprawled in submission underneath her.

So, as an enthralled Randy watched riveted on the female erotic activity taking place before his feverish eyes—for the next several minutes, Michelle, savored the erotic thrill of once more being the woman on top. Just as she had with Sandy Li, she loved the sexual rush she was starting to feel once more from being the woman in control.

Sora, like the game little female she was, timidly steeled herself for the humiliating erotic encounter. From the start, she proved quite skillful. She began obliging an aroused Michelle by quickly lifting her little head up to meet Michelle's swollen aching pussy, touching it with her warm wet tongue, each time Michelle lowered her beautiful naked thighs.

Meeting and matching each of Michelle's rocking little sexual motions, the two women began moving together in the age-old sexual rhythm. Michelle was secretly glad that Sora seem to know just what to do. She was starting soft, and slow.

"Oh, WOW... !" Randy said, "You two are so beautiful together."

Michelle's tummy tingled. She could feel Sora's warm timid little tongue starting to explore. She could feel it licking softly, slipping down through the center of her aching enflamed cuntal lips.

A soft murmurs of fervent desire escaped Michelle's thin lips. "Oh, yes ... Sora, more ... right there, do it ... real soft... , okay? Yesss ... right there ... you're right on it, "Michelle whispered, directing the little Maid beneath her. Oh, gosh, I can't believe I have another woman 'doing me' again, Michelle thought feverishly,... this feels so good!

An aroused Michelle became aware the little Maid's soft tongue had begun flicking lightly, like a butterfly, over her swollen clitoris. Sora was applying pressure with her tongue.

Michelle felt the Maid's tongue probing then suddenly it slipped under the little flap of skin that covered her stiff aching little clitoris. Michelle gave a soft moan of delicious despair, as she yielded herself willingly to the other woman's soft caresses.

On each of Michelle's enflamed little sexual advances, Sora's busy little tongue, was right there to meet her blonde swollen pussy lips. Sora lies in wait, ready to erotically ambush Michelle's messy pussy - head on. Licking and sucking, she was almost cruel, as she attacked the petite woman's sensitive forbidden spot.

The room begins to fill with Michelle's agonizing sexual groans. Sora's merciless tongue did its erotic work. Michelle's sensual sexual desires ignited, set aflame by the other female's erotic efforts.

Randy could hear his wife's sexual whimpers becoming more urgent. He watched Michelle lower herself down to within two inches of Sora's messy little mouth. Her swollen pussy gaped open obscenely. With her aching pussy almost against Sora's tongue, she could feel the Maid's warm tongue, running up and down each side of her enflamed clitoris.

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