Be Careful of What You Wish For

by foobus

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, BDSM, DomSub, Exhibitionism, Transformation, .

Desc: BDSM Sex Story: Husband wants to broaden his wife's sexual horizons. He quickly loses control of her development and eventually her.

I have been working on her for a long time with little success. My fantasy is for her to experience bondage and discipline from a master. She is independent and obstinate to a fault. She will think nothing of biting her nose off to spite her face. You can imagine my challenge.

It all started when we came out of the closet. She found out about my sexual obsessions and I found out her fantasies. Since then a lot of the sexual tension that underscored our lives has dissipated. Those dirty little secrets weren't secrets anymore. They weren't dirty, either. Perhaps, prurient captures their essence better.

Her fantasies are pretty tame. She wants to be fucked hard and made to suffer an assault that leaves her breathless and totally sated. That's not how I like sex and try as I might, I can't give her the pleasure she craves. I can't be brutal enough for her (I don't like the idea of hurting anyone, least of all her) and I'm not a good enough lover to know how to push all the right buttons, when, in what sequence and, of course, how hard to best satisfy her. Oh, I know all the buttons, I think, but playing her like a virtuoso through them is beyond my understanding.

She says she's happy with our sex life but if so, why her fantasies, or do we all have them regardless of how fulfilling our sex lives are? We've been together a long time so that gives some weight to her claim but still, if the fantasy persists there must be some unfulfilled need. So, her fantasy has become my fantasy.

She will never have sex with anyone except me. If she is to experience her fantasy she has to get past that. I have not been successful arguing and creating the conditions for her to change a belief in fidelity she's held for a lifetime. She's not religious, it's just what she thinks a person of her age and situation should be. The alternative explanation is too depressing to consider: she doesn't enjoy sex (with me) enough to expend the emotional and physical energy needed to take that step. And, if that lack of interest is due in whole or part to me not having satisfied her enough to be willing, then you can see where this line of reasoning takes me. The plan is to broaden her knowledge and experience so taking that step becomes possible. I need a catalyst.

She is curious about BDSM but not obsessed with it. While her interest is passing she has expressed interest in being at a session to observe it firsthand. She has surfed the web looking for and watching it.

I researched BDSM and emailed doms. After a lot of soul searching I finally called a few to discuss what I was seeking. If they didn't or wouldn't do what I wanted I asked for recommendations for others and talked to them. I finally reduced the list to three candidates. None were local. I travel enough that over the course of a year or so I was able to meet each to discus and further refine my plan. What resulted was a tight cohesive script to take her to the very edge of what was possible. I made my choice.

Arrangements were made, schedules confirmed and money spent. I told her I had a most unusual birthday present for her that required we go out of town. Her curiosity piqued; she consented. We arrived mid-afternoon, limoed to the hotel and settled in for a few hours before heading out for dinner. We had a cozy romantic meal on her birthday eve in an upscale restaurant where she had her favorite meal.

We were dressed semi-formally, though something we rarely do it was appropriate to the clientele seated around us. I wore a dark suit with a maroon silk tie. I have a weakness for Oscar de la Renta and a closet full of his ties. The maroon is my favorite and she knows it. She wore a cocktail dress that she bought for the occasion. That evening was the first time I saw it. Made of a shimmering dark green fabric it was cut to hang on her like skin. I loved the cowl neckline because of the possibility of it exposing her breasts, something I never tire of seeing. Of course, she knew my preferences and played to them.

She wore a green bra engineered to emphasize her breasts, not reveal them. A hemline that cut her at the knees, and a modest slit up one thigh with nude, strappy four-inch heels transformed her from an early, middle-aged housewife into a goddess with unlimited potential. Her hair, makeup and jewelry were appropriate but understated. She felt good about how she looked and I loved it. With good wine she was like putty by the time we were through. I could have asked for and received anything at that point. That was the point.

We taxied to a large discrete residence just outside the city center in an old part of town that still enjoyed the glory of its past and stood out as a jewel among many. The house was of the Victorian style but with minimal gingerbread cues. Barely visible from the street, the landscaping was mature with large, beautiful trees and immaculately manicured lawns and gardens. It could easily be mistaken for a museum. There was a circular drive that was familiar to the taxi driver. As he turned in I noticed the driveway also went straight cutting between a carriage house to the right and the main residence on the left. Landscape lighting revealed a paved courtyard separating the two with a lit portico on the left to protect arriving and departing guests from the weather. A limousine was there, dropping off guests even though the weather was mild, clear, and dry. Attendants were in evidence assisting the arrivals. I wondered had we arrived earlier or in a limousine would we have been taken to the courtyard entrance?

The driver pulled to a stop at a permanently mounted awning covered in dark blue material. The gable end of the awning announced that this was the Hanover House in white script letters. An attendant was waiting for us. He was impeccably dressed and groomed. It wasn't livery, per se but was carefully chosen, an understated but elegant presentation. He wore a smooth silver button in his lapel. Opening the door he helped Sophie out. She waited for me on a deep maroon carpet that followed the awning to the porch steps and then up to the entrance where another attendant, identical to the first was waiting for us.

As we approached I was not surprised to note a registered historic site plaque mounted to the left of the front doors. The attendant opened both doors with a bit of flourish and stepped aside allowing us to enter. Curiously, he did not respond when we thanked him. As the attendant at the curb, he merely smiled and bobbed his head. With his arm raised and hand held out he gestured us to enter where we were greeted by yet another attendant. He was standing square to the doors in an elegant foyer. His appearance was identical to the two attendants we had just met except that his lapel button was gold. After welcoming us to the Hanover House he held out his hand to me for our invitation. After briefly scanning it he smiled, took the duplicate and handed back the original in its envelope. Sophie still had no idea what I had planned but trusted my judgment to have arranged a perfect ending to an otherwise perfect evening. At his urging we followed him as he took us into the residence proper.

He led us down the hall, past a parlor, then a library, past several closed doors to a barrel vaulted passageway opening to the right. As we turned in I noticed another, similarly attired attendant had taken up the station our attendant had vacated by the front doors. The dark paneling, subtle lighting and rich floor coverings in the passageway announced the elegance and reserved good taste of the House. It smelled of rubbed and polished wood, and leather. The next attendant met us in another foyer, standing in front of an entrance to a large lounge. He wore a gold lapel button similar to the one worn by our escort.

A short distance away stood a second attendant in conversation with other guests. Behind him was second entrance to the lounge. Because we had not seen any other guests since arriving I assumed they had entered through the courtyard. They were dressed more formally and elegantly than us. While I could not understand their conversation it seemed the attendant and they were familiar to each other. As their invitations changed hands I noticed their wax imprimaturs were red.

After handing us off our escort handed the duplicate invitation to the attendant, excused himself, and left. Our new attendant looked at the duplicate, placed it on a side table behind him and greeted us on behalf of the Hanover House. There were three stacks of invitations on the table. Ours was put on the left hand-most stack. The other stacks were smaller.

"You will notice there are three entrances leading from the lounge area behind me, each a different color. One matches the wax seal on your invitation, green. You are welcome to mingle with our patrons and help yourselves to food and beverages of your choice provided in the lounge. Your invitation indicates this is the first time you have visited us. Please do not feel isolated by your lack of familiarity with our protocols and returning patrons. More than a third of this evening's patrons are here for the first time, as well. Most of them will be in your theater.

"You are welcome to every part of the theater pavilion with one exception. The performers and stage areas may not be visited until after the evening's performances are complete. Thereafter, you may linger and engage the performers in their dressing and ready rooms and examine the stage and associated equipment. No beverages or food are allowed in the theater or its associated spaces at any time.

"You may retire from your theater early but we request you only do so between performances to allow the other patrons to enjoy themselves without interruption and, not the least of which, the performers. As a courtesy to all, please remain seated and silent throughout. Any questions? The lights in the lounge will dim signaling the performances are to begin in ten minutes. Once the performances start no one will be allowed to enter a theater until the first performance is complete, approximately twenty minutes later. If assistance is required there are attendants in the lounge to help. Food servers are not permitted to address the patrons; they may be distinguished by silver lapel buttons, similar to those worn by valets and ushers. In addition to providing general assistance, those with lapel buttons the color of your invitation will be the most help. Should you require special assistance please ask the Concierge. He is authorized to assist all patrons in all matters. He oversees Hanover House. He wears a boutonnière in lieu of a lapel button. His name is Graves, Mr. Graves.

"One final point, security is provided by attendants wearing black lapel buttons. You may rely on their discretion and professionalism to guarantee your safety and security. If they instruct you please do what they ask immediately. A great deal may rely on your cooperation and compliance. If an alarm sounds remain where you are until a security attendant arrives.

"With that, let me welcome you, again. If there are no further questions please enjoy yourselves and the performances. Please watch your step, descending." He stepped aside entreating us to pass through the entrance to the lounge. We stepped out onto a small landing shared by the other entrance. A few steps were positioned at both ends for access to the lounge level. The lounge was long and high. Three large chandeliers hung from the ceiling comprised of many, small panels of faintly colored glass in every hue imaginable causing the lounge to be bathed in soft white light.

Perhaps fifty couples were in the lounge, some seated but most standing. Their distribution seemed centered in front of double-door theater entrances evenly spaced down the long side of the lounge opposite us. Each was fronted with leather dyed green, blue or red. By far the largest cluster of patrons was to the left in front of the green theater doors. Buffets were against the near, long wall on both sides of the landing behind us. Bars were set up on the end walls. It was very much like the grand concourse in a large concert hall. Actually, it was too elaborate for such a small gathering. But, the patrons' dress and appearance was what you would expect at a major theater concert. About half were wearing tuxedoes and evening gowns while the rest were dressed as we were. Again, my perception of the scene was the crowds by the blue and red theater entrances were more formally dressed.

Sophie was taking it in along with me. A brief moment after arriving an attendant with a gold lapel button approached asking to be of assistance. Explaining what was available he took our requests to the bar. The buffet was exclusively small finger food. None of it was messy or of a type to fill you. It became immediately clear that it was provided to facilitate a transition of newly arrived guests to the crowd of patrons. It was very subtle and appropriate. I took one, small canapé and thanked the attendant for my drink, single malt scotch, neat. Sophie took her cabernet sauvignon and we moved toward the far end to the green doors theater entrance.

"This is all so elegant and mysterious. Where are we and what are we going to see? And, look at all these men with subtle distinctions of rank and purpose. They could just as easily be impersonating characters in a charade, like Colonel Mustard and Professor Plum. It's all so theatrical, just short of being over done, and extravagant."

"As I understand it, it is done to heighten newcomers' curiosity like ours and increase the aura of exclusivity and dark purpose for returning patrons. It is intended to be consistent with the performances."

"What are the performances: singing, dancing, theatrical, performance art?"

"Ah, well, that's the surprise. Happy birthday, Sweetheart, may all your dreams come true." As if on cue the lights dimmed and slowly switched back and forth to the normal level. "Here we go." The hubbub of the crowd tailed off but excitement seemed to crackle in the air as patrons coalesced at the colored, leather covered doors. The theaters consumed their audiences slowly but steadily. We had started at the buffet area furthest from our theater's entrance. By the time we got there we were nearly the last to enter. Only late arrivals were behind us. An attendant with a green-colored lapel button greeted us at the door. Looking at our invitation he directed us to the first row, right of center.

Entering we found ourselves in a large open space with two dozen or so seats arrayed in a semi-circle around a slightly raised stage that conformed to the space defined by the seating arrangements. The seats were freestanding, upholstered in leather dyed the same color as the entrance doors. Generous space separated every pair of chairs from others. Ours were C1 and C2. Ushers were stationed between the sections to help patrons find their seats. It seemed pretty obvious which ours were so we went outside the right-hand section and walked to the front. Seated and comfortable Sophie leaned to me and softly said, "This is exciting!" and squeezed my hand. She had no idea. Admission to this venue was very, very expensive. In addition, I'd paid a premium for the seats. It was money well spent if Sophie enjoyed herself. There was still some doubt of that. My greatest fear was that she would bolt after the first performance.

House lighting faded as the ushers removed themselves. A system of theatrical lighting suspended from the ceiling highlighted the center front of the stage. Stepping into it was the attendant with the green lapel button. Behind him were dark shapes of props, their shapes and textures looked vaguely industrial.

He greeted and thanked us for attending before telling us the evening would have three performances of approximately twenty minutes duration each with a five-minute break between them.

He explained this theater was designed for new and first-time patrons. As such, he would occasionally provide information about the performances throughout to give the patrons a better understanding of what was transpiring. At the conclusion of the last performance patrons were encouraged to meet the performers and examine their props. As he concluded his remarks Sophie reached over and grabbed my hand. Squeezing it she turned to me with a smile and pantomimed a kiss before returning her attention to the stage.

The stage darkened and then slowly lit revealing a man and woman. She appeared to be in her twenties, him older by at least a decade. She was very tall (made even taller by her high heels), slender and very attractive. He was stocky, swarthy and his head shaved bald. She wore a simple flower print dressing gown. He was in a skin-tight black t-shirt and black jeans. "This evening's first performance is a demonstration of different restraint techniques with rope. Rest assured that our performers will not be hurt or harmed. Stacy is unusually flexible. She is quite capable of taking and holding contorted positions without being restrained by the rope that you may find uncomfortable imagining yourselves attempting. She will assume the final restrained position before Max binds her to demonstrate her flexibility. Please proceed."

Stacy smiled at the audience and opened her dressing gown. Sliding it off her shoulders she let it fall to the floor revealing her nakedness; she stood before us wearing only her high-heeled shoes. An assistant came out and removed the gown from the floor. Returning to the stage he handed Max a coil of rope. Max placed a hand on Tracy's back to direct her to a small platform elevated about two feet off the floor and steadied her as she stood on it. Now sure of herself she bent and folded her limbs to assume a position that resulted in her squatting with her thighs resting on her calves, and her arms behind her back with forearms stacked, palms out. Her knees were slightly spread. He released a latch that allowed him to walk the platform full circle exposing Stacy's body to the audience from all angles. Her breasts and pussy were clearly visible. A neutral expression and calm acceptance of her situation prevented it from becoming salacious.

I looked at Sophie to find her returning my gaze with a surprised and questioning expression. So far so good. Max steadied her and the platform as she returned to the stage floor. She stood up and shook her arms out before returning them to their position behind her back and turning sideways. Max started in with the rope coiling it around her forearms. The attendant now explained that while Stacy was being bound another binding technique would be demonstrated. The stage rotated to reveal another pair. This time it was two women. One was dressed in black leather, the other in a dressing gown. Of similar size and age the one in the dressing gown looked very Midwestern, blonde, high forehead, strong chin, blue eyes and so on while the dominatrix was a dark brunette with heavy makeup, red lipstick and nail polish.

Behind them stood a large metal ring assembly that turned out to be gimbaled, like a ship's compass. Latches were used to lock the gimbals and stand so that the naked performer could mount and position herself within the inner ring. Taking a pose reminiscent of da Vinci's Vitruvian Man, her feet rested on pads attached to the ring, her hands grabbed bars further up the ring. The dominatrix signaled off-stage for an assistant to attach the performer to the pads and grabs. Sturdy leather straps attached to the ring at each point were used to bind her to them. Large heavy brass buckles secured the straps. The assistant was dressed identically to the one tying Stacy up with rope.

At the dominatrix's signal the assistant unlocked the gimbals and stand, and slowly rotated them to position the performer in positions exposing her body and its parts to the patrons. Nothing was left to our imaginations. Returning the performer to a full upright position and the rings nested within each other the assistant locked them in place before retreating from the spotlight. The dominatrix took what looked like a riding crop from the table behind her and switched it in front of her. Leather tabs at the end had been replaced with a downy feather.

She started by slowly tracing the performer's silhouette with the feather. At sensitive spots she ran the feather back and forth to heighten sensations arising from the contact. She spent the most time at the performer's breasts, thighs and pussy. Slowly she retraced her steps talking softly to the performer. Even though we were in the front row I couldn't understand what they were saying. All I heard was a soft murmur although the dominatrix's voice had an edge to it while the performer's did not.

Before long the performer started rolling and twisting her head, and moaning. At the dominatrix's direction the assistant unlatched the stand and rotated the contraption and performer placing her upside down her backside to the patrons. She repeated the teasing and sensitive rubbing spending time at the back of the performer's knees, inside her thighs and, of course, her ass. While doing this she reached behind her for the assistant to place a riding crop with leather tabs in her other hand. Without interrupting her pace she shifted from feather to leather and continued her tracing.

Instead of teasing the performer's sensitive spots she now rested the crop there and lightly patted her. Almost too fast to follow she snapped the crop on her ass with a loud crack. The performer tensed and jerked, accepting her treatment. At the crack Sophie jerked and sharply inhaled making more noise than the performer. She was not alone. I heard several gasps behind and to the left of us. She quickly turned to look at me for my reaction while grabbing my hand.

Her expression was one of concern conflicted with curiosity. She didn't look at me long. It was more like a glance before quickly returning her attention to the stage. She was sitting upright in her chair intently following the action in front of her. She hadn't bolted.

The dominatrix continued with the crop. The assistant rotated the performer until she was facing the audience still upside down. To my surprise she struck her breasts, several times. I guess to a woman observing this her reaction would be similar to a man seeing another man being struck in the crotch. You'd cringe. Next, she traced the crop down her chest and abdomen coming to rest on her pussy. Rubbing her with the leather tabs she lightly tapped her mons. Then, quicker than you could follow she snapped a hard slap. I heard the crack before I'd realized what had happened. I looked at Sophie. Her attention was focused on the stage with a grimaced expression.

The dominatrix switched to a cat o' nine tails and began flogging her as the stage rotated again to reveal a man and a woman. This time the man wore a robe and it was the woman that was provocatively dressed. When the stage was centered in front of the audience the man dropped his robe. He'd worn nothing underneath. A wood beam was lowered so that he could grasp it. With his arms spread an assistant bound him to it.

He spread his legs and was bound to another beam lying on the floor, taking a spread eagle position. The beam binding his arms apart was raised lifting him and the leg-spreading beam off the floor. As he was being bound, arms and legs, he had slowly become erect. Now that he was in the air his dick was pointing straight out. I don't know if it was the anticipation of knowing or not knowing what awaited him that caused that reaction. Sophie was into it.

The woman was dressed in skimpy underwear. Maybe that's what got him aroused? She took a switch from a table behind her and had the assistant turn him around before she started caning. Not all her strikes were hard. Most were teases and, if this is the right way to describe them, caresses. But, every now and then she'd lay into him with one or a series of strikes that raised welts on his ass and thighs. He grunted each time.

She had him turned around and began striking his genitals. None of the strikes were hard (thank God) but he jerked with each blow. Finally, she took some leather contraption and bound his cock and balls. The restraint around his balls was tightened above his testicles to distend them below. With that she turned around and faced the audience.

The attendant's voice told us that that concluded the first performance and we would have a five-minute break before the second performance started. A curtain dropped and the lights shifted from the stage to the audience. I turned to Sophie and asked how she was. She was almost hyperventilating. Her cheeks were blushing and her eyes were wide. "Oh, my God, Doug. It's so much more intense live than on the computer or those DVDs. I started out feeling sorry for the performers at their humiliation and pain but then it dawned on me that they sought those feelings to satisfy something else, that it was almost therapeutic. Oh, thanks so much for bringing me here. This is surreal."

I got up to stretch as she was talking. When she was done she stood up and gave me a peck on the cheek.

The break over, the house lighting went down and the curtain was raised. When the spotlight was on Stacy was on the pedestal bound as we had been told. Max quickly began untying her and before long had her free. Helping her down they held hands as they bowed to the audience. They received enthusiastic applause.

The stage rotated. The woman in the gimbaled rings was freed in the same manner and, together with her dom, was applauded as well. The stage rotated again and the man's cock and balls, arms and legs were freed to the appreciation of the audience. Finally, all three couples moved to stage front to a standing ovation. They turned and left the stage, the doms stage left, and the subs stage right.

The curtain dropped and frantic activity began rearranging the stage while the attendant introduced the next performance.

The evening was a success. Sophie was excited and animated. She talked all the way back to the hotel in the cab. I suggested we stop at the hotel bar for a drink before heading upstairs. She wanted none of that and pulled me into the elevator. In the room she ducked into the bathroom to get ready for bed. Knowing something was afoot I started undressing. I had my socks and shoes off when she emerged from the bathroom. She was wearing more new clothing I'd not seen before. It was more like resort wear. She had a shear white mesh over garment that did nothing to hide her g-string bikini bottom. That was it. That was enough. She came over and gave me a big hug and kiss thanking me for the best birthday celebration she'd ever had with promises she'd make it up to me, and then some. If she only knew. I could hardly wait for the payback but our celebration was far from over. I had something lined up for tomorrow she knew nothing about.

She told me she'd finish undressing me. As she was unbuttoning my shirt she said she was going to start her payback this evening. By the time she had me undressed I had a hard on. She quickly went to it and took me deep in her throat before backing off and making love to it. She's a skilled cocksucker and really enjoys it. More than once she's told me over the years that she loves playing with my dick. I'm happy I can give her so much enjoyment.

She pushed me back and up onto the bed before sliding up herself. She took my head in her hands and started kissing me. This was more than a simple kiss. She was fishing for my tongue and, finding it, began sucking like it was a little dick. Redoubling her efforts she ground her body into mine with as much enthusiasm as she was kissing me. Searching for more sensory overload I put my hand on her g-string and began exploring her labia when I noticed she was bald, her surprise for me. I couldn't wait to see it and feel her smooth softness on my lips and tongue. To my delight she was already wet. She told me later that she started flowing during the performance and had got herself off more than once this evening before we got back to the room. I quickly put two fingers in her and teased her g-spot.

It was all downhill from there. I got off after her second orgasm. Bringing her down the second time I was feeling the effects of getting off myself. Not as young and virile as I had been in my youth it is now rare that I get off twice. She appreciated it, though. She's repeatedly told me over the years that her favorite moment in sex with me was feeling my semen drubbing her cervix. We fell asleep in each other's arms. We slept soundly and long. I woke up first. Slipping out from under her grasp I tiptoed to the bathroom to clean up for a fresh assault. Back in bed I thought she'd enjoy waking up to me lapping her labia and clit. She did. Feigning sleep she held off as long as she could before grabbing for me. Whereas our sex last night was more raw and physical, this morning was soft and slow lovemaking. We enjoyed each other and ourselves. Totally sated and drained we lay hugging each other barely talking to just enjoy the moment. Slowly and with regret we pulled apart and began the ritual of cleaning and arranging ourselves for a new day.

I suggested we have breakfast because I had plans for us later. We rushed to get dressed and head out for a snack. It was mid morning and we'd need to have breakfast soon to not spoil our lunch plans. Returning to the room Sophie asked where we were going and how she should dress for our lunch appointment. I told her to dress casual and comfortable but wouldn't say more. We headed getting to the restaurant on time. I told her to go ahead to our table while I went to the restroom. It was reserved in our name. The host led her away as I held back. I could see she was surprised to find a two men and a woman already seated at our table. When she sat with the host's assistance I ducked out and went back to the hotel.

Back at the hotel I settled in and started watching a movie. Room service fed me lunch. If she wasn't back by in a few hours I knew I wouldn't see her until later that evening or possibly tomorrow morning.

I was eating breakfast in the hotel restaurant when Sophie sat down. The waiter brought her a menu. She quickly ordered coffee and waited for it to be poured before even acknowledging me. "Well, we have lots to talk about. Let me be first. How much of everything that happened did you know about? Not quite. We deviated from the script a few times. This weekend must have cost a fortune. $15,000! That's more than I expected. But, then I got so much. Maybe it was worth it. I know it changed me. Can you tell?"

There was something different about her: some aloofness, anger, a confrontational edge to her conversation, and curiosity, a lot of curiosity. I didn't feel any warmth. She was very cool. "What I am most upset about is that you spent this much money, and that you set this up without talking to me first about it. Don't ever do that again." She got that out before giving me a chance to answer her question. Had she, the answer would have been 'Yes.'

"Before I forget, I'm going out this evening. I have a date for dinner and entertainment afterward. You are welcome to join us for the entertainment but it is not necessary. I won't be back until tomorrow morning about this time. What time is our flight? 11AM? Good. That works. I plan to sleep this afternoon so if we need to talk I prefer we do it now."

Wow. Was this Sophie sitting across from me, or someone masquerading in her body? I knew there was a strong chance my plans would deeply affect her but this was not what I expected.

"I guess I should start at the beginning. I spent more than a year conceiving and making the arrangements for this weekend. I did it because I wanted you to broaden your sexual horizons. We've been together so long that I felt we had become too comfortable and familiar to each other. I didn't think I could give you new experiences so I looked for a way that could happen. There were several. I thought this would be the least traumatic.

(She laughed at that.)

"I contacted the Hanover House and talked to the concierge, Mr. Graves and explained what I hoped to accomplish and my plan for getting there. He was initially skeptical and reluctant to help. I discussed the script I had developed and waited for his reaction. He asked more questions and seemed to mull it over in his mind a few moments until he said it might be possible if he made a few changes. He pointed out that depending upon your responses it might be necessary to make changes on the fly. I agreed."

"I'm so glad you were making decisions that would have such profound consequences without consulting me, first."

"Of course, that clearly was a mistake that wasn't so clear at the time. I'm sorry for that. It won't happen again. Other features of the plan were that you would participate in the performances as an assistant and could be a performer for an after hours session without an audience, just him and perhaps some of the performers. I left it up to him to determine if you were interested in a private session as a performer."

"You can bet it won't happen again. Tell me, had you seen the performances before suggesting I might be a performer myself, after hours?"


"Then you knew to be a performer I would be naked, naked in front of men and women I didn't know, right?"

"Yes, that's true. I realize that would put you outside your comfort zone but thought it was something you could deal with as long as sex wasn't involved."

"Did you ever consider the consequences if your assumptions were wrong?"

"I thought the worst that could happen would be your anger at me and that we could work through it."

"That remains to be seen."

This wasn't going well. She had me on the defense and was pushing harder and harder. I didn't see where this was leading and I didn't understand the extent of her change.

"I accept that your motives were selfish but not maliciously intended. Do you want to hear what happened or are you content to hear it from the Concierge? Yes? I'll start with lunch. I hadn't met the Concierge before and didn't recognize him. For that matter, I didn't recognize the couple though they looked familiar. You know them by their stage names, Max and Stacy. For that matter, the Concierge's name is not Graves, either.

"The Concierge explained to me the commitment he made to you and what had been planned. He spent most of lunch understanding my interests and needs. At some point he concluded that it was possible I could become involved with the Hanover House's performances but only in the most superficial way. He introduced Max and Stacy as a real Dom/sub couple.

"With Max's permission, Stacy explained the performances she gives, there are more than the simple rope binding she demonstrated for us. We moved to a conversation about the Dom/sub relationship she had with Max and what it meant to her. If you've never met a Dom/sub pair (I hadn't) you would find it awkward to talk to the sub because she constantly seeks her Dom's approval and permission to virtually everything she does and says.

"Max had little to say except to confirm what she was telling me. It was as if what she had to say might be interesting or even humorous but had no substance until he confirmed it. I asked her if she had any problem being naked in front of total strangers. Before she answered she pointed out that some of her performances have her giving and receiving sex from Max or someone else at his direction. Her answer was it didn't really matter as long as it made Max happy!

"I wasn't sure if I was being told of an all consuming love or adoration, or consent to take a totally submissive role. I'm still not quite sure of the distinctions. We returned to the Hanover House. It is different in the light of day. You wouldn't know it was a performance theater. While the main floor is period specific the upper floors are a series of apartments for visiting performers. The pavilion is an added structure and has the three theaters. Do you know why they're color-coded? Green is for 'greenhorns, ' people new to BDSM. Blue is for sex. That's right, BDSM incorporating sex is performed there. Red is for blood. Blood is spilled there from piercings, scarifications, slashings, and beatings. You name it. There's only so much you can do before seriously marking subs so it is used for other forms of BDSM that don't fit within the definitions for green and blue.

"Performers were practicing their routines in the theaters while I was there. Initially I was horrified at some of it but as I saw more and more I became intrigued and finally curious. The Concierge was evaluating me throughout to gage my reaction and tolerance. He told me later that he would have cut the plan off short at any time had he detected a response from me that revealed true, sustained distress.

"Then he asked me which theater I wanted to work in that evening. I chose blue. He left me in Max and Stacy's hands to assist them in their routine. They were in the blue theater last night. Their performance was a severe binding of Stacy that included suspending her. As part of her suspension a large hook with a bulbous tip was inserted in her ass and pulled up to the main suspension point. When snug it created the illusion that it held much of her weight when in fact little was. With the suspension complete Max stimulated her with feathers, floggers and crops. He finished by dropping his shorts and swinging her onto and off his dick. After she finished blowing and sucking him he ejaculated. Then it was a rapid lowering and untying before bowing to receive the audience's applause." To my knowledge, Sophie had never observed live sex before. She seemed nonchalant about her first voyeur experience. It struck me how little I really knew her.

She went on to describe the role of an assistant in Max and Stacy's performance. They practiced several run-throughs before everyone was comfortable with each other. Max apparently was less tolerant of Stacy's mistakes than Sophie's. The afternoon progressed toward evening with Sophie finding an assistant's outfit in wardrobe. Unlike what we had seen the other evening, Sophie wore a skintight body leotard. The only outer garment was a broad belt that cinched the leotard to her waist. All exposed flesh, hands, feet and face were covered in white makeup similar to what a clown uses. Her facial makeup included red lipstick and black eye shadow and brows. Her hair, ears and neck were covered with a balaclava.

She ate dinner with all the performers in a common room in a pavilion separate from the theater pavilion. Max and Stacy introduced her to many of them before they went into make up. Many but not all were Dom/sub pairs. The only distinction was subs wore chokers. On stage all in a sub role wore them.

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