The Art of Love

by My Secrets

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Fiction, .

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Man falls in love with woman who sells tickets at the movie theater.

"Good Evening Sir, how can I help you" Sonia asked in her usually shy low voice. "Uh, yes, I would like a ticket for Quantum Solace."Demetrius responded. Sonia worked at Paramount Theaters in New Jersey and is generally reserved and quiet. She never smiled and rarely looked anyone in the face longer than two seconds. Sonia worked at the movie theater for five years. She was a movie fanatic; every movie featured, Sonia saw. The moment she clocked out, she was sitting before a big screen. Most people never gave Sonia a second glance, some would say she was reclusive and quiet homey with her thick glass and tightly wound bun, but underneath of all that neglect, Sonia was quiet beautiful.

"Have a good day sir" Sonia said out of habit, but to Demetrius it meant the world.

Demetrius was the color of Mahogany dipped twice with a row of beautiful white teeth. He's 6'1 with a bald head and athletic build. Demetrius is a government worker who lived alone and out of the dating game for a while. He rarely went to the movies, but thought he would try something different for a change. It wasn't that he was lonely, just tired of being alone.

Demetrius smiled and said thank you and he walked away. Sonia looked up from her novel she was reading, unsure of what she heard. "Excuse me" Sonia said from behind the glass. "Thank you" Demetrius repeated, again walking away. Demetrius couldn't help but see what most people didn't see. He smiled to himself has he walked towards the concession stand for a drink. Sitting in the dark waiting for the previews gave him more time to wonder about Sonia. Demetrius dick pulsated behind his boxers; rubbing his jeans only intensified his hard-on making him feel ashamed. He was thankful the lights started diming; he used his hands to cover his hard-on until the lights were fully out. Demetrius welcome the darkness and the solitude.

Sonia thought about Demetrius in between ticket sales. She thought he was nice, because he smiled at her, no one ever smiled at her. She also thought he was really cute and had really big hands. After reading several Zane novels, Sonia knew that big hands generally meant a big dick. She also thought he had beautiful skin and lips. Thinking about him, got her wetter than any Zane novel she ever read. The closet Sonia has ever been to sex was through the books she read.

She was curious about the way they made her feel so when she was home alone she would touch herself like the characters in the book. Even though no one was around, Sonia was embarrassed because of her torrid thoughts; thoughts she only heard in her own head, yet she coward in her chair as if the whole world was listening.

After the movie Demetrius sat watching the credits, trying to devise a way to talk to Sonia or at least get her name. Once everyone cleared out, he too walked towards the exit. Demetrius rehearsed what he would say. He just wanted her name. He begrudgingly walked towards the ticket window where Sonia was. His feet felt like cement; his steps becoming slower and slower. He paced wondering if his approach would scare her off. Someone bumping into him took him out of his trance. Demetrius figured it was now or never. "Good night" he said hoping to break the ice. Sonia looked up, staring into a beautiful pair of brown eyes that she never noticed before. "Oh uh good night" she responded. Demetrius lost his nerve, so walked out the door, but he will definitely see her again.

That following week Demetrius returned, this time with a single rose. He approached the ticket window where Sonia was again reading one of her novels. Feeling his presence, Sonia looked up apologizing for not paying attention. "Can I help you sir?" pretending not to recognize him. Her heart was beating so hard, she felt as though it would jump out of her chest. "Yes, I would like to know your name?" "Excuse me" Sonia replied horrified. "I think you are beautiful, and I just wanted to know your name." Demetrius said. Sonia looked behind her, as if someone else could be in the ticket booth with her that he could have been speaking too. "Don't you think you are beautiful?" asked Demetrius. Shyly Sonia looked towards the floor. "Can I get something for you sir?" asked Sonia feeling uncomfortable. "Just your name and I'll leave you alone." "It's Sonia", Sonia replied with a little smile. "That's a beautiful name for a beautiful woman," Demetrius said as he slid Sonia the flower through the small opening being careful not to harm a petal. "Nice meeting you Sonia" Demetrius said before walking away.

Sonia sat in that booth staring at the flower in front of her as if it had some secret powers. She stared at the rose so long; she never even noticed the line that formed outside her window until someone knocked on it. Sonia took her 30-minute break looking in the mirror wondering what it was Demetrius saw in her. She took her beautiful naturally curly hair down from its tight bun and let it fall gracefully over her shoulder. She then took off her glasses revealing the prettiest set of brown eyes one human could possess, yet she saw nothing.

Angry with herself for believing his words, she wound her hair backup, placed her glasses back on and withdrew even further into her shell. Little did Sonia know that Demetrius thought the world of her. After seeing her for the first time that Saturday afternoon he never stopped thinking about her. That night alone in his apartment, he couldn't help but wondered what he would be like to make love to her. He laid back on his king-sized bed in the nude stroking himself while daydreaming of having her. Demetrius day dreamed kissing Sonia until she panted from being breathless. Demetrius day dreamed taking Sonia's full breasts into his mouth, biting each nipple until they waved to the heavens. By now, Demetrius dick was hard as a rock. He continued to feast upon Sonia's body moving towards her valley where he inhaled her sweet aroma. He parted her lips inserting two fingers into her wetness causing her body to shake involuntarily. Tasting the juices that saturated his fingers only caused his own juices to spill. Demetrius ate Sonia's pussy until she screamed for the Lord's angels to free her. Demetrius day dreaming of Sonia's orgasm caused his own semen to drip upon the hand that wrapped itself so tightly around his dick. From then on, he was more determined to make her his girl.

Every Saturday for a month, Demetrius paid Sonia a visit until she reluctantly agreed to go on a date with him. Sonia slowly started coming out of her shell the more time she spent with Demetrius. Every date, Demetrius brought Sonia some type of flower trying to convince her she was just as pretty as the flower she held. The more Demetrius told Sonia how beautiful she was, the more she started believing it. Demetrius wanted to make love to Sonia, but didn't want to pressure her. Sonia wanted Demetrius to make love to her, but she didn't know how to let him know.

One Saturday she decided to confide in a co-worker, asking her what she needed to do to look pretty. Vanessa told her to do something with her hair, put in some contact lenses and to stop wearing those baggy clothes. Sonia had no idea how to do anything other than a bun, let alone shop for clothes. Vanessa agreed to get her an appointment with her stylist and to take her shopping after work. What walked out of that salon would have made the next top model jealous. Sonia was absolutely beautiful. When she got home she tried on all the clothes Vanessa picked out for her feeling more beautiful with every outfit she tried on. Sonia decided tonight would be the night to go all the way with Demetrius. The most they have ever done was kiss and from reading the books and looking at all the movies, she couldn't wait to do what she read or saw.

Sonia wanted to surprise Demetrius with her new sexy look, so she decided to invite him to her house. No one had ever been to Sonia's house but she was an excellent cook. She decided to make her favorite lasagna with house salad and garlic bread with her being the dessert. Sonia wasn't a virgin, but she might as well have been, because it's been that long since she's been with a man; most of her boyfriends came with batteries.

Demetrius arrived on time and when Sonia opened the door it damn near took his breath away. He knew she was beautiful, but tonight she was downright stunning. He handed her a bouquet of white roses and a bottle of wine. He gently kissed her on her right cheek and told her how beautiful she looked. Sonia thanked Demetrius while placing the flowers in a vase. They ate the dinner she had with lots of conversation. Sonia couldn't believe how talkative she was and how comfortable she was in Demetrius presence. Demetrius might have made her feel comfortable, but the wine, three glasses, made her feel bold.

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