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Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A man's penis is crushed. He gets a transplant and begins to change personality.

Twenty-five year old Rebecca picked up her purse and verified her car keys were in it.

"See you, Monday!" the brunette said to her coworkers. She entered the elevator and pushed the button for the parking garage.

Rebecca walked happily toward her car. She had nothing planned this weekend and looked forward to relaxing. She could stay in her warm pjs drinking hot cocoa the whole time if she wanted to.

She reached her two-door coupe and frowned. The right rear tire was flat. It wasn't how she wanted to start her Friday night. With a heavy sigh, she opened her passenger door and dropped her purse in the seat. She took her business coat off. She hated that she was going to get grease on her white blouse but it was better than potentially ruining her jacket. She opened the trunk of her car and freed the jack and tire iron from its special compartment.

"Hey, baby!" a male voice said.

Rebecca turned and instantly knew why she had a flat. It was Mike, her ex-boyfriend.

"Did you do this?" she scolded angrily.

"Hey, you won't talk to me, baby. I had to do something to slow you down."

"By giving me a flat tire? You know I don't have a lot of extra money."

"I'll take care of you. Like I always do."

"No!" she said loudly. "We're through. How many times do I have to tell you? Do I have to get the police involved?"

Rebecca relationship with Mike had gone wonderfully at first, but the longer she dated him the more he changed. He became more and more controlling of her life. If any guy dared look at her, Mike thought she was flirting with him. Mike, however, thought it was no big deal to flirt with other girls and even have sex with him. Rebecca dared not cheat on Mike though. She began to feel like his property and felt like she was treated closer to trash than the jewel he first treated her like. As incredible as the sex was with Mike, there was no way she could stay any longer with him. He didn't take the break up well since he acted like he owned her. For the last month, she had to avoid his calls. She never expected him to show up at her work.

"You don't mean that, Bec," he responded. "We just had a little quarrel is all. I'll take you back."

She snorted. "Take me back? I don't want you Mike! Why can't you get that?"

"I didn't say you could leave!" he said suddenly becoming belligerent.

"I don't need your permission."

Rebecca turned to focus on her tire so she could end the conversation.

"Hey!" he said, grabbing her and spinning her around. "I know what you need!"

Rebecca felt afraid. She could see that familiar dangerous anger in his eyes. Mike grabbed her blouse and ripped it open.

"No, Mike! Please stop!"

"Shut up!" He punched her in the jaw.

She crumpled to the ground.

"Get up and suck my cock, bitch!" he demanded. When she didn't get up, he kicked her in the ribs.

Rebecca cried out.

Thirty-one year old Ian left the office a few minutes after Rebecca did. He was the lone man in the six person accounting department that Rebecca also worked in. He was a quiet, timid man. The gals had long given up trying to have conversations with him. The most the girls ever said to him now was "Good morning". Rebecca and her coworkers could easily go a week without him saying a word.

The small framed man headed toward his car in the garage. Ian turned his head toward the strange sounds. Rebecca was on the ground crying and a big man towered over her.

"Get up!" Mike screamed at her.

Ian was conflicted. He didn't feel he could do anything, but if this man was hurting Rebecca he couldn't just ignore it. He was afraid but he had to do something.

"Hey!" said Ian, louder than he was used to speaking.

Mike turned toward the intrusion.

"What do you want?" Mike said. He glared at him.

Ian felt sick to his stomach. He nervously said, "Are you okay, Rebecca?"

"Turn around and go away," Mike said firmly.

Ian felt like doing that but he knew he couldn't.

"Did you hear me?" Mike said.

"Ian," Rebecca gasped. "Help me."

"Leave her alone," Ian said, trying to sound strong.

"This isn't your business!" Mike said.

Mike shoved him. Ian fell down. Mike followed him and gave repetitive vicious kicks in between Ian's legs. Ian screamed in excruciating pain. Mike laughed.

It was the last thing Mike ever did.

While Ian was attacked, Rebecca stood and grabbed the tire iron. Mike turned just as she was striking. A solid blow was delivered to his temple. Mike was dead almost instantly.

Ian opened his eyes. He was in a hospital bed. He groaned. He didn't feel very good.

There was heaviness on his waist. He lifted the sheet and saw that his groin area was bandaged up. It was then that he remembered what happened. He cringed from the memory of the pain.

A nurse entered and noticed he was awake.

"Hello!" Nurse Lori said sweetly. "How are you feeling?"

"I hurt."

"It's understandable but you are doing very well after the surgery."


"Oh, right," she said. The patient had come in unconscious. He'd have no idea what happened. "Your penis and testicles were crushed. We transplanted a new one on you."

"A new one!" he said loudly for him.

"Yes. You were very fortunate. A dead man came in about the same time. We gave you his penis and testicles."

Ian looked under the sheet again.

"You can't see it yet," she said. "You've only been out of surgery for sixteen hours."

"When can I..."

"See it? Try it out?" she finished. "That's up to the doctor. The doctor will see you soon and then you can see visitors. Your friend is eager to see you."

Ian wondered who that could be.

"You'll be here a few days," the doctor said. "Once it looks like its melding and bonding with your body then we can let you go home. You won't be able to use it for intercourse yet."

"That's okay," he said. It wasn't like he ever dated.

"Don't worry. You'll be able to have sex again."

"Thanks," he said politely. He wasn't worried.

"I'll have the nurse bring your friend in to see you."

Ian discovered the friend was Rebecca.

"How are you?" she said. She was thrilled to see he looked alright.

"Okay," he said. He was surprised she was here.

"I got you flowers," Rebecca said, pointing at the bedside stand.

"Thanks," he said.

"What did the doctor say?" she said. "Is it... ?" She pointed at his waist.

"It's okay. I guess I have new one."

"Yeah, it's Mike's."


"The guy who attacked you. He was my old boyfriend."

"What?" he said surprised. He had the penis of the man who crushed his original penis?

"Mike had no relatives. I pretended to be his sister and signed the papers. Don't tell anyone about that. You needed a penis and he didn't need his anymore since he's dead."

Ian was stunned.

"Thank you for saving me," she said.

Ian simply shrugged. He didn't feel like he saved Rebecca. All he did was get beat up for his feeble effort.

"Really," she said. "Thank you."

"You're welcome," he reluctantly said. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah, she said with a big smile. "Just bruised ribs." She lifted her shirt just enough to show him the bandage wrap.

"So did you see Ian?" Cassie asked as she brushed her long blonde hair.

"Yes. He's doing okay," Rebecca replied to her coworker.

"Did he talk?" Evelyn asked. She had shoulder length blonde hair.

"The most he ever has," Rebecca said, laughing. "It might have been ten words."

Cassie said, "I still can't believe you gave him your old boyfriend's dick."

"Mike's doesn't need it anymore," said Rebecca.

"But still..."

"It was the only part of Mike I still liked. If he wasn't so good at using it I would have gotten smart long before I finally did and dumped him long ago."

"So are you going to ask Ian to see it now and then for old time's sake?" quipped dark brunette Anna.

"Noooo," Rebecca said, turning pink.

The girls laughed as much from Rebecca's reaction as from the original joke.

"I know!" Anna said. "When Ian comes back we'll have a present for him. It'll be a box of condoms."

"It's not like he's going to know how to use his new one either," added Evelyn.

"Stop it!" said redheaded Melanie, laughing hard. "You're going to make me wet myself!"

"Go do it in Ian's chair," Anna said. "Your scent will let us know if his new dick works."

Melanie raced to the restroom.

Rebecca smiled happily. It was good to be back at work with her friends and it was good to not have to worry about Mike any longer.

The doctor carefully peeled away the bandage. Only once did it stick too tightly causing Ian to grunt. The removal of the catheter was much worse. The doctor inspected the penis. It was taking to the patient excellently. He was healing quickly.

"Ready to see?" the doctor said.

"Okay," Ian said nervously. What would it look like?

"Understand that it will seem strange at first but you'll get used to it quickly since it's with you all the time."


The doctor nodded and the nurse dropped the sheet that shielded the view.

Ian stared wide-eyed at his new penis. It was bigger and thicker than his original equipment. He didn't expect it to look so much NOT like his penis.

The doctor said, "Let's take you to the bathroom to see how that works."

Ian padded naked to the bathroom. It was weird how it bounced differently. It was like a small extra weight was attached to his waist.

He stood before the toilet and realized he had to touch it to make sure his stream landed in the bowl. His new penis felt foreign in his hands like he was touching another man's penis. He didn't like that concept. He focused on his task and relaxed his muscles. Urine streamed out. For the first time since he was a toddler, he was cheered for going pee in the toilet. As the piss continued, Ian noted that he liked the heavy feel of his new penis in his hand.

"Did it feel okay?" the doctor asked. "Did it hurt at all?"

"No," he said shrugging.

"Excellent. Excellent. So from now on you can get up to use the bathroom. Okay?"

"Sure. When can I go home?"

"Soon I think. Another day or two to make sure everything is going properly."

Nurse Lori instinctively licked her lips at the sight of the patient's new dick. No one noticed the action including the nurse.

"Did you have any complications or problems yesterday?" the doctor asked. "Any pain?"


"It works normal for urination then?"


"Good, good. What about arousal? Did you have a morning erection?"

"No," he said surprised at the question.

"Hmmm ... okay. I'll have my nurse bring some aids in and you can test that out."

Ian had no idea what the doctor meant.

"Here you go," nurse Lori said fifteen minutes later. She dropped a box on his bed and handed him a small plastic bottle. "The lube is to help the glide if you need it and the box has some visual assistance. There's no hurry. I'll have a sign on the door saying you're not to be disturbed until lunch time. The doctor will come in and check on how it went."

So... ?" he said confused.

"You can do it straight into the toilet or sink. Whatever works for you?" After seeing his dick, she'd offer to do it for him if she wouldn't get into trouble. She had too many duties so she couldn't hide away for the amount of time it would take to get him off.


"Anything else you need?"

Ian shook his head.

When the nurse left, he looked into the box. There were various girlie magazines. He now understood what they wanted him to do. He looked through the photos until he found a girl he liked the best. She reminded him somewhat of his coworker Rebecca.

He propped the magazine open in front of the sink, lubed his penis, and begin to stroke it. He mentally imagined fucking the girl but it changed to thinking about doing Rebecca. In five minutes, his jizz exploded out. He tried to push his penis down at the sink but the shaft was too hard so instead the jizz landed all over the photo.

Ian felt tremendous after cumming. He stood a little straighter and felt more confident.

He liked his orgasm so much that he came two more times before lunch time.

"So how did it go?" Lori said later.

"It works great," Ian said. "I like this model."

"Are you okay?" she asked. He seemed to be different.

"Never better. You can tell the doctor I'm definitely ready to go home."

The nurse smiled curiously. What happened to the timid man?

"I'll let the doctor know," she said.

The doctor came in the moment after she said it.

"Let me know what?" he asked.

"The new penis works great, doc. I gave it a good work out. I'm ready to go home."

"Let's check it."

The doctor inspected it. Everything looked great.

Ian watched the nurse look at his penis. It was almost like she wanted it.

"I think you can go home tomorrow," the doctor said.

"Tomorrow?" Ian said frustrated.

"Good morning, ladies," Ian said cheerfully with a broad smile.

His coworkers looked over as he settled in at his desk. They were surprised. He greeted them!

"How are you doing, Ian?" Cassie asked, but didn't expect much of an answer.

"I'm doing great! How are you?"

"You're back!" Rebecca said, arriving at work right behind Ian.

"I sure am. Glad to be here," he said.

"Do you have cold?"

"No, I feel great."

"Your voice sounds deeper."

"Yeah," said Anna. She sat up straighter in her chair and pushed her dark hair out of her eyes. "That's what's different."

"I'm the same Ian," he said.

The girls knew that was wrong. They were having a conversation with him. That was very different.

During the lunch break Ian joined them. The girls weren't sure what to make of him. He seemed new.

It was a week since Ian got out of the hospital. He was at his doctor's office for a check up. He waited in a medical gown while sitting on an examination table.

He had an interesting week. Generally, he felt like his same old self who was contented to spend the evening watching TV or surfing the internet. It was a simple familiar life. However other times he would stand naked in front of the mirror. He would grab his new penis ... his cock ... and he would feel so strong and so powerful. He wanted to use his cock for its ultimate purpose.

There was a quick knock on the exam room door and Lori came in.

"How are you doing today?" the nurse asked.

"Good," he said, eyeing the attractive brunette. "How are you?"


"You look better than fine to me."

She blushed lightly.

"So how is your..."

"Dick?" he finished.

"I was going to say surgery."

"It's doing great."

"Good! Let me take a quick look at it before the doctor comes in to give a more thorough examination."

"Take as long as you want." Ian opened his gown.

Lori gazed at the good-sized manhood. She took the tip in her latex-gloved hand and looked at all sides.

"Everything okay?" she asked. "Any discomfort during urination?"

"Pisses great," he shot back.

"What about arousal?"

"It gets hard. If you want to see it shoot I'm sure you know how."

"That's okay," she said though she was curious. "What about your mental state?"

"Do you mean how am I adjusting to it? I love my new cock. I only have one problem."

"What's that?"

"I've only masturbated. I haven't had sex with a woman yet."

"Oh..." she said quietly.

"I'd like to make sure sex doesn't hurt."

"I'm sure it would be okay."

"I would like to know for sure. Wouldn't you like to know? I can tell you do."

Lori's breathing deepened as the penis became hard before her eyes. It was impressive. Why was she attracted to him? Was it simply his penis? He was a wimpy dweeb when she first saw him, but now his chest had grown and his arms and legs were no longer twig like. It looked like he put on ten pounds of muscle and he said he didn't work out. It couldn't have happened that fast if he did work out.

"For your sake we should medically know for sure if sexual intercourse causes pain," she said quietly. She could hardly believe she just said that.

Ian smiled. He so wanted to fuck her.

He stood, grabbed her, and pushed her face and chest down on the exam table. He yanked down her blue medical pants down to her ankles. He pulled on her panties but instantly became impatient and ripped them off her.

"Easy," she said. He was in too much of an excited hurry, but she didn't say it forcefully because she was eager to feel his cock inside her.

Ian lined up his cock and slammed it in. Lori moaned. It was so big and so deep inside her pussy. He fucked her hard and fast. He loved it. He felt so strong and so powerful.

It was too hard but also too good for Lori. He was hurting her and giving her the greatest fuck of her life at the same time.

"You like it? You like my big cock rammed way deep in your slutty cunt?" Ian subconsciously knew he didn't talk that way, but he liked saying it. He was changing, becoming someone different, and he liked it. The new way of thought was taking over.

"Oh, god, yes!" she responded. "Yessssss!" She was totally cumming all over his cock.

"Here it cums! Here it cums!"

"Oh, fuck!" she moaned to the torrent of jizz spraying her insides.

"Yeah! Yeah!" he triumphantly said.

"So did it hurt?" she gasped.

"Fuck no!"

Lori cleaned up. She hoped this guy would still need follow-up appointments.

"I'll leave the door open to air it out," she said. The smell of fuck was strong in the room. "The doctor will be in soon."

When the doctor asked him if he had intercourse, Ian could truthfully say 'yes' and that his new penis had performed wonderfully.

Before Ian left he asked Lori for her phone number. She gave it to him even though she was married.

He called a few times during the next month and would ask her to come over. She always did. Lori loved feeling his cock inside her again and again

"Can you believe how much Ian has changed over the last month?" Cassie said. Ian had called in that he was going to be an hour late to work. He never ever was late.

"Do you think it's the transplant?" Melanie, the freckled redhead asked.

"His new cock?" said Evelyn.

"What do you think Rebecca?" Cassie asked.

"How should I know?" Rebecca shrugged.

"You used to fuck the cock," Anna teased.

Rebecca glared at her coworker.

"You did!" said Cassie.

"Ian's just got a new dick. It doesn't mean I know why he's changed. Personally, I'm glad for the change. He seems happy for the first time in his life."

"I'm not saying it's bad, but it's really weird. He's worked here longer than any of us. You were here the next longest, Evelyn."

"I've know him for six years," said Evelyn. "He's not the same guy."

"He's confident now," said Melanie. "It freaks me out."

"I like confident guys," said Cassie.

"So do I," said Melanie, "but when you see a guy the same way day after day and then he's completely different you wonder what's going on."

"He's got a decent cock now," Anna joked. "It's all he needs."

"So how big is it?" asked Evelyn.

All eyes turned to Rebecca.

"This big? That big?" Cassie said, holding fingers apart at various lengths.

"This big?" said Anna hold her fingers wide.

The girls chuckled. Melanie squirmed in her seat. She didn't want to have to get up and go to the bathroom and miss out on the conversation.

Rebecca reluctantly put her fingers up.

"That's pretty good," said Evelyn.

"How fat?" asked Cassie.

"I don't know."

"It was IN your pussy."

"Like this," Rebecca made a circle with her fingers.

"Really?" said Cassie. "That would be nice and snug."

"I always said he was good in bed. He was just too controlling."

"Yeah, no guy is worth that," said Evelyn.

"I don't know," said Cassie.

"Cassie!" chastised Rebecca.

"It's just a joke."

"So how do we get him to give us a peek at it?" said Anna.

"You wouldn't!" protested Rebecca.

"We just want a look. You've seen it already." She addressed everyone else. "Don't you want to see it?"

"Sure," said Cassie. Evelyn and Melanie nodded.

"We could tell him his doctor called and it needs to be checked to make sure it's healing right?" said Melanie.

"Melanie!" said Rebecca shocked. She never talked that way.

Anna laughed then said, "Don't worry. We're not serious but I wouldn't pass up on the opportunity to see it once. I'm curious."

"Shhhh!" said Evelyn. "He's here now!"

The room quickly quieted down.

"Good morning!" Ian said. He placed a single rose in a vase on Melanie's desk. "This is for you." He put another one on Evelyn's desk. "And for you." He put a small vase and rose on Anna's and Cassie's desks too. "And for you". He placed a vase consisting of one yellow, one white, one red, and one pink rose on Rebecca's desk.

"What's this for?" Evelyn asked.

"I think the women I spend the most time with deserve something special." He headed to the bathroom.

"Wow!" said Anna. "I'm asking for diamonds for tomorrow."

"Me, too!" said Cassie. "I don't know who that is but I like him."

"It's just Ian," Rebecca said.

"Why did you get four roses? Is he sweet on you?"

"He thinks I saved him. He'll get over it."

"You did. You killed Mike or he would have killed Ian."

Rebecca grimaced. She didn't like to think about having killed someone even if it was in self-defense.

"Sorry, Rebecca," Cassie apologized.

"Hi, beautiful," Ian said to Rebecca when he returned.

"You didn't have to do this," she said.

"I know. I wanted to. You're special." Rebecca looked down. "We should do something together sometime."

She looked up. Had he asked her out? From the sudden silence of her coworkers, she knew they heard too.

"I guess so," she said timidly. It wouldn't hurt to go once with Ian. "As friends."

"Of course," Ian said. "We are all friends." He said the latter to everybody. "Let me know when."


Ian settled into his desk and went to work. His mind kept drifting to thoughts about Rebecca. She sure was a sweet girl. She had done so much for him, but it wasn't the reason. He knew he simply liked her and thought she might like him back. She had great legs and was probably great in the sack. He was late this morning because he had an extended fuck of Lori, but he was already getting bored with the nurse. He was ready to move on and Rebecca was his choice.

Cassie pulled Rebecca away a few minutes later.

"Why didn't you say 'yes'?" Cassie questioned. "I would have said 'yes' in an instant."

"I don't really know him."

"You don't have to know him. Look at him. He's turning into a gorgeous hunk of a man."

"Isn't it strange that his body is changing so much?"

"His doctor must not be concerned. He's becoming the bigger, stronger kind of guy a girl likes. If you don't want to go out with him then I'll ask him out."

Rebecca thought for a minute. Cassie was right. Ian was a confident, outgoing, athletic man now. It was the kind of man she liked. What harm could come of going out with him? She might even enjoy it. That wasn't a bad thing.

"I'm going to do it," Rebecca said.

Cassie realized she was disappointed that she talked her friend into it.

Rebecca returned to their work area.

"How about going out this Friday?" she told Ian.

"Great!" he said. "Pick you up at six?"


"That place was much too expensive," Rebecca told Ian at the front door of her apartment.

"Did you like it?"

"Yeah, but..."

"That's all that matters."


"Can I come in?" he asked. "I'm having such a good time I don't want to go home yet."

"Okay," she said. She was surprised how great a time she had too. It was a very enjoyable evening. She couldn't remember a better first date. Mike had been a good guy initially until he turned ugly and the date with Ian reminded her of that first date with Mike but Ian was a shy quiet man which was the exact opposite of Mike. Since Ian acted more confident now, she liked him now. She was happy to have gone out on a date with the new Ian.

Ian settled in on the sofa.

"Want some water?" she asked.

"No, I'm not thirsty. I have everything I need in you."

Rebecca laughed at the mushy statement but she liked those kinds of words too.

They talked for about a half hour more then it died down.

"You probably should be going," she said.

"Yeah," he said rising. He turned and faced Rebecca sitting on the couch. "Can I ask you something personal?"

"Okay, I guess?"

"Do you ever wonder what your ex-boyfriend's dick looks like on me?"

She gulped. She had wondered. She wanted to say 'no', but she knew her pause already gave him the answer.

"Yes," she said quietly.

"Would you like to see it?" he said. "For your own curiosity?"

"I..." she fumbled.

"It's okay. I don't mind. It doesn't mean anything. It will be like showing a nurse."

"Okay," she said. She briefly thought of asking to take a picture so her coworkers could finally see it but she knew that was ridiculous. Still, how would she explain this about her date? She knew Cassie would call her tomorrow and ask her to tell everything. She wasn't good at lying to Cassie. Cassie had a way of bringing things out of her.

Ian dropped his trousers then pushed down his boxers. His cock was right in front of her face.

Rebecca breathed in deeply when she saw it. She was very familiar with that cock. It was the only thing she liked about Mike. It was too bad the rest of Mike had to be such an asshole. She felt a tremble in her pussy. The sight brought back memories of pleasure and past orgasms.

"It's almost healed up," Ian said, moving the shaft out of the way so she could see.

"That's good," she gasped.

"Are you okay? Should I cover up?"

"No!" she said. She felt so horny now.

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