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by Totem

Copyright© 2009 by Totem

BDSM Sex Story: A guy thinks he's buying a video, but clearly that's not what he got. It all works out.

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Slavery   Heterosexual   Fiction   MaleDom   Light Bond   Gang Bang   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Water Sports   Big Breasts   .

I was bored out of my mind and thought I would scan threw the latest eBay auctions. Most of the stuff was fairly normal kind of stuff, books, tvs, toys and the like, but then I saw one that reminded me of this video I had seen years ago. Even now I can't really remember the name, but I thought this had been the name. The title was Sex Slave Sale. So I placed a bid of 20 bucks.

So I watched the item to see if anyone else bid. Someone raised the price to 22 bucks, but I really wanted it and that's when I noticed the buy now option. It was 75 bucks, but the video had gotten to me and I was not going to lose this so I hit that button, I hate bidding wars. I entered the information necessary and then I got it. I was told the package would arrive by a privet delivery company in two days.

For the next day I was filled the anticipation. The movie I had been thinking about had been one of my father's video. I saw it while he was gathering a selection of videos for a stag party. I hadn't known what that was at the time, but the I knew the video was a porn movie. I had seen a scene where the girl was tied down with her knees next to her head and her hands under her ass and shoulders behind her knees.

In the video the guys were giving it to her good and hard while another woman stood over her head holding her so her face was mashed on the woman's cunt. It was a wild scene and gave me fuel for fantasies to jerk off to for years. I had stood there in shock for a good twenty minutes watching this before Dad learned I was there. Dad almost freaked out on me. Well, that's what I had thought I was ordering.

What came the next day was nowhere near what I thought I was getting. The box was a large wooden crate and it took two guys to move it with out a hand truck or trolley. When they got to the door they had to ease it in and then place it in the living room. They guys were really stressing moving that crate around. Then one guy sat on the crate and commented on how heavy it was while the other handed me a clipboard and asked me to sign on a line.

The guy standing with me then handed me a large manila envelope like they use in an office or to send calendars in. Then both men left. I sat there in a state of shock. I then opened the envelope to see if there was an explanation of what was going on. There was a short instructions manual for Sex Slave Jenny and a couple of keys.

The manual explained that the woman in the crate was now mine and if I had a moral issue preventing me keeping her then to call this number other wise I was to remove mask and the silver disc on her forehead. It then went on to explain why she had elected to do this. That got me, she chose to do this. Seems she had gotten herself into a really bad marriage. He had beat her and tortured her in a sexual way and had her dress in bondage slave clothing all the time.

It was suggested I keep her dressed in a similar manner and to treat her better, but to give her pain now and then as she now can not have an orgasm without pain. As you might figure this was not what I had in mind. At first I thought this was just some bad joke, but upon opening the crate I learned otherwise. The crate had two doors and four latches. Each latch had it's own lock and I had unlocked all of them.

Inside was one of the most beautiful and desirable women I had ever seen. She was laid out in a frame that kept her from moving around much and had bindings to keep her from being jostled to much and getting hurt. She had on a gas mask that was attached to a cylinder that had also been fully secured in place. She had a black cuffs around her wrists and ankles and a collar with a ring in front and a leather corset and stiletto healed boots that went up to her knees and then folded down a few inches. On her forehead was the disc.

She laid there like she was asleep. Her hair was black as her outfit. Her skin was blemish free and so soft to the touch. Her tits were gargantuan and had to be well over double Ds. Each nipple had a gold ring threw it and I found another such ring threw her clit also she had no pubic hair and no trace of ever having any.

Then I saw something coiled up next to her leg. I quickly examined this and figured it was a whip, but part of it went under her leg and it look like it might be plugging her ass. That got me hard as a rock as if I wasn't already. I then removed the mask and closed the tanks valve. I looked at the disc and wondered if I was doing the right thing.

I mean it's a crime to send a person threw the mail. I know there are those that do that and few are ever discovered and even fewer are prosecuted, but I hadn't been breaking laws and I didn't know if accepting such a parcel constituted a criminal act. I looked her over again and told my logical side to shut the fuck up and do it. So I started to remove the disc and found it was tacky on one side. I figured that would be how she would wake up.

As soon as I had that disc in my hand my guilt sent in and I had to sit down. Was I really so lonely and pathetic that I was really thinking of keeping this poor girl captive just for my own pleasure? See, I thought the story in the manual was total crap and this had been done to her without her permission. I then thought I should put the disc back and make that call, but when I turned around there she was sitting there looking at me with the most wonderful and deep green eyes that enhanced her beauty even though I had known that would have been impossible.

"Are you my new master?"

Oh my God, her voice was the song of angels. No doubt about it now I was completely and totally infatuated with the exquisite creature. Her beauty and musical voice sent me into a stunned pause. She then asked me again the same question and in an almost impossible to hear voice I had said yes. She then got up and with elegance and grace I never thought was possible she approached me.

"Sir, excuse me, but I didn't hear you. Can you please repeat that?"

"S ... sorry. It's just you weren't what I was expecting."

"Oh, I'm sorry sir. I didn't mean to disappoint you. If you will show me your phone then I will make a call and be out of your way in a few hours."

"NO! No, that's not what I mean. Let me explain."

I then told her what it was I thought I had bought, but that she was so far better that it's hardly worth mentioning.

"So will you be my new master, Sir?"

"Um ... I don't know. I've never had a slave let alone a sex slave."

"Please sir, may I show you what I can do and the benefits of having a sex slave?"

"Let me ask you something first. Is that manual correct about you?"

"Yes sir."

"How did you come to this then?"

"Well, I had a husband that was cruel to me from day one. I became little more then a sex slave to him. Then after a few years he had me all buckled down so that I was bent over and in the stocks when he had a heart attack. As he died he filled me with his sperm, but then fell on top of me. We sat there like that for more then 24 hours when we were found by one of the servants. No the servants were not allowed to touch us or anything down there if he was busy with me. I couldn't even scream for help as he had gagged me before hand. I had his dead cock in me for more then a day when the paramedics came in. That is when things got bad."

"As if they weren't bad already."

"I know. First the paramedics took my husband off me. It hurt because his cum had dried between us and we were stuck together. The paramedics pronounced him dead and then one of them was about to release me, but then the other stopped him. He looked around and said they may as well use me as I was already prepared for it. They all agreed much to my horror."

"I hope he got fired for that."

"Nope. In fact his boss came by later to use me too."

"You were still in the stocks?!"

"No, but he put me in them again."

"That is fucked up."

"Anyway, the paramedic that told his friend to stop looked my pussy over and determined I needed a cream or ointment applied to my pussy. He then started to spread this cold slick stuff all over my pussy and asshole. I wanted to kick, but my ankle cuff had been locked down to rings in the floor. Next thing I knew a hard cock was sliding into me much deeper then my husband ever had been."


"As the paramedic was fucking me his partner came over and started to remove my gag. Then before I could say anything he had me lick his crotch even before he pulled his cock out. When he had the front of his pants soaked with my saliva he pulled his cock out and presented it to me and told me to suck him. At first I refused and then the guy fucking me shoved something huge up my ass and it hurt like hell so I started to scream. I never got to finish it as the guy in front of me shoved his whole cock down my throat and he had to be at least ten inches long."

"Is that the largest cock you've had?"

"No, the one in my pussy was larger, but not by much. Anyway, these two kept fucking me like this for a while. The one in my pussy pulled out and unloaded on my back. When he stepped back the servant who found us stepped up and started fucking me. He wasn't anywhere near as big as the last guy. That was a relief. Then I heard something, but I couldn't look. What I heard were voices of all the house servants."

"All of them? Male and female?"

"Ya. All the men got naked and soon all the girls did too. They kept me in those stocks for hours as all the guys fucked me. Then the girls found the dildos and strap-ons and then they joined the party. The next few days was an all out sex party and I was the main entertainment. They didn't even let me use a bathroom. I had to piss and shit in a bucket. I still don't understand how they got off on that. After that I was left alone in the dungeon. I laid there for a long time covered in spunk and pussy juice. When I finally got up I was so soar and everything had dried. I took a shower and went to bed."

"Wow, and none of those people got in any kind of trouble?"

"No. That's not the last of it ether. I was rudely woken up by my husband's sister. She called me an ungrateful and thoughtless. I was going to tell her what happened when she slapped me across the face and told me that my pussy had killed him. She then told me that if she could she would have charged me with murder. She then told me there was a reading of his will in a few hours and I had better get ready."

"A real bitch."

"You know it. So I cleaned up and got dressed. Then she took me to the reading which turned out to be his funeral too. And that made me look bad as I was not dressed for a funeral. I have never seen or heard of a funeral that was shorter or emotionless. I was the only one in tears. He may have treated me like shit, but he still took good care of me. The funeral lasted less then an hour and ten minutes after it they were burying him. A half hour after that we were read the will. I had been with him for more then five years and done everything he asked or ordered me to do and what does he leave me?"


"Not a thing, not one fucking penny."

"He must not have thought all that much of you."

"No, he didn't. He even attempted to give me to one of his brothers. They didn't want me."

"They are fools."

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