Madge Gives a Gift

by Just Plain Bob

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Wife Watching, .

Desc: Sex Story: Sometimes my wife can be too generous.

Betsy had been my wife's best friend all through high school and college and Madge had taken it pretty hard when Betsy had married and moved to New York. The two had kept in constant touch, but Madge had not seen Betsy in almost five years. Last Saturday Betsy had called to say that her husband Rick would be coming to town on business and she had talked him into bringing her along. Madge naturally insisted that they stay with us and for the next two days she bustled around the house getting ready for company. Madge met their flight on Monday and brought them to our house.

I've known Betsy almost as long as Madge, but we were just friends, not good friends, if you know what I mean, but I'd never met her husband until now. As we were introduced I had the distinct impression that he was sizing me up, but I put the thought out of my mind when I got a good look at Betsy. She had changed - dramatically. She'd lost a good sixty pounds and you could see evidence of a lot of time spent in a gym. She was, what some of my younger co-workers would call, a 'hard body'. Her personality had also undergone a major change. She was no longer the constantly insecure girl she used to be; that person had been replaced by a very confident, self assured woman.

The evening was spent drinking wine, talking about old times, and in the case of Rick and I, getting to know each other. We had several mutual interests and as we discussed them I again got the feeling that I was being 'measured'. At eleven we all hit the sack since Rick's first client meeting was at eight the next morning. We gave him Madge's car to use and Madge and Betsy planned to drop me at work and then use my car to go shopping. That night I was surprised to see Betsy waiting for me when I got off work. She told me Madge was working on dinner and so she had volunteered to pick me up.

"Actually," she said, "I'm glad it worked out this way because I needed a chance to talk to you alone. I looked at her questioningly and she went on, "In fact, you are the reason that I came on this trip with Rick."

She had my full attention now. "I need you to promise me that what I say here will go no farther - not even to Madge."

I frowned at that - Madge and I have no secrets from each other and I told Betsy that.

"If the outcome of this little talk goes the way I hope it will, I'll tell Madge everything myself. If it doesn't, then she doesn't need to know. Please?"

I considered it a moment and then I said ok.

"I want you to fuck me - while Rick watches!"

It was a damned good thing that she was driving, because had I been I would have run us right off the road and killed us both.

"You can't be serious," I said.

"Oh, but I am. Hear me out. For the last two years Rick has been after me to satisfy his favorite fantasy. He wants to watch me have sex with another man. At first I told him no, but he has constantly been after me to do it and it has finally reached a point where I have to do it or tell him to take a hike. The problem is that I love him even if he is being an asshole about this and I really don't want a divorce. When I finally told him I would do it, I told him it would only happen under certain conditions. It couldn't be anyone that we knew, it would have to be done away from home, and I would have to be comfortable with whomever we chose. I have not been able to find anyone who fits my requirements, but ever since I told Rick I would do it he's been even worse at bothering me to get it on with someone. When he told me about this trip I jumped at the chance to come with him. You are an attractive man and I've known you for years and I trust you. So I'm asking you for your help. Will you please fuck me?"

I was still shaking my head in amazement when she asked the question. "What about you not doing it with someone you know?"

"That only meant back home. If things didn't go right I didn't want to be in a position where I had to continually see the other person."

I do have to admit that this 'new and improved' Betsy was a turn on, but I was a happily (and faithful) married man. "I'm flattered that you thought of offering yourself to me, but I've never cheated on Madge before, and as delicious as you look I don't think I can start now."

Betsy smiled at me and said, "I knew you would say that. Next question - would you if Madge said it was okay?"

That was an easy one, "In a heartbeat Betsy, in a heart beat."

And I would have to, but there was no way that Madge was ever going to agree to something like that. The next day was a repeat of the previous day except that both Madge and Betsy picked me up after work. I t was a quiet ride home and I thought the reason might be that Betsy had talked to Madge about what she wanted me to do. Dinner was also a subdued affair, and I was not surprised when Madge pleaded a headache and retired early. I kept our guests company for a while and then I also went to bed. I found Madge staring at the ceiling and I no sooner sat down on the bed when she said:

"Did you really tell Betsy that you would like to have sex with her if it was okay with me?"

I repeated the conversation that I'd had with Betsy and told Madge that I had told Betsy I would if she could talk Madge into it:

"But that was just because she is your best friend. I couldn't just say 'hell no!' I knew there was no way it would ever happen and I wanted to leave her with some dignity. I mean it had to be hard for her to ask me that."

It was a good five minutes before Madge spoke again, "She says she loves him and doesn't want to lose him, but she says that if things keep going the way they are the marriage is going to end in divorce. She thinks her only way out is someone like you." Several more minutes of silence. "She is my oldest and dearest friend and I want to help her save her marriage, but how can I say, "Sure - go ahead and fuck my husband. I can't."

Wisely, I kept my mouth shut.

The next morning Madge drove me to work and when we got there she shut off the engine and sat staring out the windshield. She turned to me and said, "I've decided to let you do it. Betsy will pick you up tonight and the two of you can work things out. I'll go visit my mother tonight."

I didn't need to be a rocket scientist to know the response to that.

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