Spice of Life
Chapter 1: Audrey's Bareback Cowboy

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, True Story, Cheating, Slut Wife, Cuckold, Swinging, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Petting, Sex Toys,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1: Audrey's Bareback Cowboy - Bored in their forties housewives gripe about the lack of sex in their marriages. If they can't put the zing back in their marriages, no problem. They decide to put the zing back in their lives. And the Cheaters' Club is born.

"Sam, I am so bored I could scream," Audrey yelled. She slammed the over full cup of coffee down in front of her husband Sam. Some of the hot liquid splashed over the sides of the cup and onto the table. More splashed into his lap.

Her house coat fell open to reveal her almost fifty year old body clad in expensive designer panties and bra. She had all the usual sags and wrinkles, also the few expected blemishes that come with age. The very slight roll of flesh middle her middle hinted she should watch less television and perhaps walk more.

"Ouch!" Sam yelled. "That burned!" Hot coffee splashed onto his crotch.

"God, I am glad something around here is burning. It certainly is not our desire for one another." She frowned at him, "Do you remember the last time we had sex?"

"Well, as a matter of fact I do. It was Last Friday evening right after we went to bed, just like always." What was the matter with this woman?

"When will we have sex next, Sam?" Her eyes had a dangerous glint in them.

He looked at his wife of thirty years. "Audrey, what in hell has gotten into you?" He was positive this was his wife. It looked like her and the robe definitely was hers, but something was sure as hell different. Maybe she had a secret twin who got tired of hiding in the attic.

He repeated, "What's gotten into you?"

"Not a damned thing Sam, That's what has gotten into me. Not a damned thing." She glared and asked him, "When will we have sex again?"

This was an easy one to answer, "Since this is Friday, tonight."

She shoved his plate with its usual bacon, hash brown potatoes and two eggs at him. The toast popped up in the toaster. She buttered the two slices and sent them sailing across the kitchen at him. One slice landed on top of his eggs and bounced off onto his lap.

"You got egg yolk smeared on your thing, Sam. You want me to lick it off?" She stared at him with her arms folded.

He stared at her as if afraid she would grab a knife and attack him. What in hell was going on here? "Oh damn!" he exclaimed. He got up from the table and retreated to their bedroom, rather than answer that crazy question. He removed his egg smeared boxers and got under the shower. His uneaten breakfast was forgotten.

Sam Hastings was confused and worried. He had his life just like he wanted it, safe and predictable. He went to work in the morning, worked hard to please the clients, schmooze them and booze them. Then he would come home at the end of the day, a little drunk sometimes, but home to his wife and his safe marriage. Right then nothing seemed very safe. Sam hated unpredictable...

When Sam stepped out of the shower Audrey stepped in. She turned the water back on and closed her eyes. She felt miserable, unappreciated and neglected. She felt unfulfilled. "Honey, are you all right?" Sam asked.

"No Sam, I am not. I am bored spitless, I want something..." She stopped to correct herself, "I want us to do something spontaneous. Just once I would like to do something on the spur of the moment."

"When was the last time you came home in the middle of the day, ripped my clothes off my defenseless body and threw me on the floor for s good old fashioned rough fuck?"

He looked at her and backed up a step. He wondered if this was how women in middle age went crazy? He raised his left foot and slipped it through the leg hole of his boxers. As his left foot hit the floor his right foot raised in the air. Once both feet were through the leg holes he grunted once as he bent over, raised the elastic band over his hips and scratched his not too hairy chest.

He pursed his lips, went to his chest of drawers and started to open the second drawer. He caught a hint of movement in the mirror and looked up as he opened the drawer. Audrey was naked and seemed to be doing a pantomime of something. Suddenly he realized she was mimicking his movements, as he prepared to get dressed for the day.

"Audrey, what the hell are you doing? Are you making fun of me?" He looked at her and asked in a hurt voice, "Why? Honey, what is the matter with you? Are you mad at me. Have I done something wrong?"

Audrey felt guilty she had vented her frustrations on Sam. "Oh Sam, I'm sorry. I did not mean to hurt your feelings. You are a good man and I guess I still love you.

"Right now though, I am so bored I could scream. Everything in our life is boring. Six days a week you get up and go to your office. Six days a week I prepare your breakfast, the same breakfast every morning for the whole thirty years of our marriage."

"Ah twenty- nine point fifty-eight years," he corrected her without thinking."

"Oooh!" she almost exploded at him, then caught herself. She took a deep breath and let it out.

In an exaggerated calm voice she asked, "Sam, How long has it been since you did something totally unplanned on the spur of the moment? How long, Sam?"

He thought a moment, "Why not since I was about twelve years old and saw up Millie Snyder's dress." He grinned at the memory. "She had no panties on."

Then he jerked his mind back into the here and now. "I outgrew all that childish behavior. Now I keep my life neat and orderly." She noted he seemed almost smug as he thought about his orderly life.

"Honey, just once in your life try to do something on the spur of the moment." Audrey felt she was drowning in a pool of predictable mediocrity.

"I know what, let's plan on a movie this evening. You choose while I am at the office." There, that should please her.

He repeated himself, "Okay, let's go to a movie this evening. I must hurry now to get to the office on time. So you look in the papers and plan on which movie we attend. Besides there is nothing on TV worth watching."

I married a brick, she thought to herself, a great big, two legged brick. She wondered how Sam could equate a planned movie with spontaneity?

"See you this evening honey," he called as he finished dressing and left for work. He hoped she would be over her snit or whatever it was by the time he got home.

Audrey returned to the shower. Five minutes later she walked into the kitchen and poured a fresh cup of coffee. A trail of water began in the bathroom and ended in the puddle under her chair after she sat down in it. "Damn," she muttered to herself.

She sat at the kitchen table and took inventory of herself. Her tits still looked pretty good, considering her age and the fact she nursed two babies. She saw some of the other women's boobs in the showers at the spa where she dabbled at fitness and wondered how they ever got in such terrible shape.

Reba Clooney's looked like shaved cocker spaniels' ears with brown warts on the ends. Audrey shuddered at the memory. Three times a week she sort of worked out to fight the losing battle of the bulge. However, all in all she felt she still looked pretty good for an old broad about ready to turn fifty in another year and a half...

Twenty minutes after Audrey sat down with her coffee Patsy Carter, Audrey's next door neighbor came in the back door without knocking. "Well," she eyed the puddle of water under Audrey's chair. "Either we have reached the age of incontinence or we did not dry after showering. Are we in a pissy mood today?"

"I want sex," Audrey told her friend.

"You better take that up with Sam and not me. As a rule I am not that kind of girl."

She paused, then added, "Although lately I feel I might be tempted."

"When is the last time you had a great screw?" Audrey asked. "I'm talking about a really great knock your socks off your feet screw.

"Go pour yourself a cup of coffee while you think about my answer. Believe me it is not a trick question.

Patsy looked at Audrey and slowly answered, "Well, Last month was kind of nice." Audrey's question triggered the feelings of discontent she harbored inside.

"When was the last time you had any sex at all?" Audrey asked.

Patsy blushed, opened her mouth and both women said in unison, "Last month."

"Do we detect a pattern here?" Audrey looked at her friend.

"Have you ever cheated on Sam?" Patsy asked. She blushed and looked down at the table, then back up. "Is that it? Are you planning to?"

"I cheated once, years ago the time he and I almost got a divorce." A soft smile came over her face as she remembered what she called "the great adventure." She laughed to herself and longed once again for yesterday.

Patsy leaned forward on her elbows. She sounded excited as she asked, "Well, what happened?"

The front doorbell sounded. Audrey pushed back from the table, "I better go see who that is."

"I'll go, you're naked."

"Well, if you want to get naked then you can answer my door. Otherwise I intend to answer it just like I am." She padded toward the front door. while Patsy stared at her friend's retreating back, quite confused at her strange behavior. Patsy noticed Audrey still had a pretty good butt.

Audrey pulled the door open and saw Patsy's younger sister Lenore. "Hi, come on in."

"My god, what has gotten into you that you answer the door naked?" She stepped inside and closed the door. "I came over here to see if my sister was here. Now I am afraid I might not care to know if she really is here or not." She followed Audrey into the kitchen.

"Welcome to our little orgy," Patsy greeted Lenore.

"What is going on?" Lenore asked.

"Sit, we are discussing our nonexistent sex lives." Patsy pointed toward a chair at the table. "How is yours, dear baby sister?"

Lenore gave her a truthful answer, "Somewhere between boring and ho-hum."

She shook her head in disgust, "Walt and I have been married for twenty years yesterday. How do we plan to celebrate twenty years of boredom?"

She grimaced and answered her own question. "We'll sit home and watch television. He has forgotten this anniversary just like he does everything else outside of golf and work."

"Audrey, come on and tell us how you cheated on Sam." Patsy was curious and perhaps even a little eager to hear about Audrey's infidelity.

A soft smile took years away from Audrey's face as she started, "Sam and I had been married ten years. The kids were both in summer camp and I wanted to get a job. Sam said no.

"I told him I intended to go back to work because I was bored. Then he gave me an ultimatum. I had to choose between him and a job." I packed my bags and left while he was at work.

"I planned to go over to Porterville and stay with my folks." She stopped to take a breath and remember.

Even after twenty years the memory was as fresh as if it happened just yesterday. She was glad she decided to share this one precious moment in her life. She looked down at the table and laughed once. Her eyes moistened.

"Damn it Audrey, what happened?" Patsy was very excited for some reason. The idea that staid, old fashioned Audrey had ever strayed and played turned her on.

"Well anyway, a few miles outside of town I saw an old pickup truck parked beside the road. This much older guy, he had to be almost forty, leaned against the truck door and watched as the traffic whizzed on by and never slowed down. Here he was broke down beside the road and looked like he was relaxing in the sun, working on his tan."

She laughed to herself and continued, "I stopped and asked if he needed a ride. He looked at me with the saddest eyes I ever saw on a man and told me yes if I had room for his saddle."

"A cowboy?" Lenore asked. "You actually screwed a cowboy. Oh my god, a cowboy." She stared at Audrey, "You got to be kidding."

"Believe me, he was the real thing. He followed the rodeo circuit and was entered in the Pioneer Days rodeo over in Porterville." This was Audrey's most precious memory. As always when she remembered her cowboy she felt a sad longing for things that never happened but perhaps should have.

"He asked me to drop him off at the fairgrounds so he could sign in and get ready for his ride. He told me he was entered in the bareback competition."

Audrey laughed hard for a moment before she could continue. "I asked him a real dumb question. I wanted to know how it felt to ride bareback. Then I realized what that sounded like and started to apologize when he answered that going bareback was the best feeling in the world, bar none. I got embarrassed.

"When he saw my red face he made it worse when he grinned and added, 'I'm talking about horses and not the other.'

"I blurted out that I bet horses were fun too and his face got red."

"Audrey, you didn't!" Lenore exclaimed. "You actually said to this total stranger..." Lenore started to laugh and could not stop.

Patsy asked, "What happened next? God, this is so wild I can't believe it."

Before Audrey could answer the phone rang. "Hello?"

"Audrey, this is Jeanine. I need to talk to you."

"Come on over," Audrey told her. "The front door is unlocked. Come on in. Where are you?"

"I'm coming up the sidewalk right now. I'm on my cell phone."

Audrey poured the last cup of coffee and started a fresh pot. Jeanine came in the front door and sat at the table. "Oh god," she sighed.

"What?" Patsy asked.

"I told Paul I wanted to go live by myself for a while." She looked around at the three women closest to her in the whole world. "He lost his temper and threw all my clothes and things on the front lawn." She shuddered.

"What do you plan to do now?" Audrey asked.

"Find a place to live and look for work." Jeanine paused again. Then she got a mean look on her face as she told them, "When he tries to cash a check, will he be surprised. I emptied out the checking account, both savings accounts and the safety deposit box."

Suddenly she blurted, "Audrey, I just noticed you are naked."

Patsy laughed, "We noticed the same thing."

"What is going on?" Jeanine asked.

Patsy told her, "Audrey was just telling us about the time she had an affair with a rodeo cowboy who rode bareback."

"You had an affair?" Jeanine was incredulous. "You are the last person in the world I would ever suspect of straying.

"Oh it happened years ago and was more a wild weekend than a full blown affair." Audrey recapped what she had already related and continued.

"Anyway, I told him I was going to buy a ticket to the event and watch him perform. Then I said something I had never said before in my life to anyone. I said, 'If you win first prize I'll screw your bow legs straight.' He looked at me and grinned."

"You actually said that to him? I can't believe it." Lenore felt a quickening in her lower regions. God this was better than a romance novel.

Audrey continued, "Would you believe he won first prize for the first time in his life. He was one of the many who scratched out a living however possible, worked as ranch hands when they needed money and mostly entered the local competitions. He was one of those who usually finished in third place and perhaps once in a while he got lucky and came in second. However he had never placed first in a big money rodeo, ever. He told me all that when he looked for me after he had his ride. 'Your promise made me turn in the best ride of my life, ' he told me."

She related how he found her and asked, "Lady, I just won ten thousand dollars. The by god big one. Are we going to straighten my legs in your car or back at my motel?"

"I started to tell him I was joking and then I saw something in his eyes that said he wanted me, that he truly needed me. He did not want a warm body or a stranger, he wanted me the woman to share in his triumph with him. I told him I would drive us to his motel."

"When we got there he undressed me. We were in such a hurry we never even shut the door.

"After I undressed I walked naked to the door, nodded to another guest who walked by just then and shut it. 'You ever go around the world?' he asked me.

"He laughed when I told him I had never been out of the United States. 'Pretty thing, ' he said, 'I am about to broaden your horizons.' He buried his face in me and I exploded inside. My whole body was centered around my pussy. It was the only time a guy ever ate me."

She sighed at the wonderful, erotic memory. "No man had ever gone down on me before or since. Sam always said it was a queer thing to do." Her face showed her opinion of Sam right then.

"Just when I thought I would pass out he stopped and eased his way up my body, switched ends and slipped his sweaty cock into my mouth. He said to suck it and I did.

"I felt like some wild spirit had taken over my body. His magic tongue had me so excited I went crazy. I had orgasm after orgasm, each one even more intense than the previous one, My body was a quivering mass of pleasure.

"I sucked his cock, rolled it around in my mouth, nibbled on it and tried to jam it all the way down my throat. I went crazy with that sad eyed cowboy. Sam would never dream of doing something like this, ever.

"Then he cum and I gagged and swallowed in self defense. He switched back around, eased his half hard cock into me and began to work my body in ways I never dreamed possible. He even had a finger up my butt. He knew just what to do and how to do it. Some time after my third or perhaps it was my thirtieth orgasm he came in me and I melted inside.

"Then without stopping he straddled my breasts and put it in my mouth again. He pumped my mouth like it was my pussy. He did it until he came again and I gagged and had to swallow. This time it was easier, I sort of liked it in a gaggy sort of way.

"He whispered in my ear, 'now for the bonus.' He lifted my up slightly and entered my rear end. He was hard again already. For an older man he was amazing. For a younger man even, he was amazing.

"I yelled and he said 'hush.' I clamped my teeth together and all at once I relaxed and it felt wonderful. He came for a fourth and last time on the bed."

Audrey blushed as she finished, "He remained in my backside for a long while. Then when he finally did pull himself out of me I got the most erotic feeling in the world. I had one last mini orgasm as it slid all the way out.

"Then we showered together and made love for one last time standing up under the water. I almost asked him to take me along. Perhaps I should have." Her voice got a plaintive sound in it, "Instead I got dressed and left to go to my folks' house. I could hardly walk when I got out of the car. I thought I must have inherited his bow legs.

"Anyway Sam came over to my folks house that night begged me to come back to him and I did. A part of me always wanted to go back and try to find my bareback cowboy. Perhaps I should have."

The wistful look on her face told her friends how much she would have preferred the bareback cowboy and his uncertain way of life to what she had settled for.

2 Patsy And Bill's Road To Success

Patsy shook her head after Audrey stopped talking. "I feel so bland right now. You had wild sex with a bare back rodeo cowboy and all I ever did was to fool around one summer with Bill's boss, Mister Stein and a few customers. Everything was planned to help Bill's career along. Saul Stein is the only man who ever gave me an orgasm.

"It pretty much started when Saul promised me if I could keep him happy for the summer he would make Bill's temporary promotion to district manager permanent. That's a vice president's position, you know."

Jeanine's eyes grew big and round, "You actually let that fat old man shag you? I can't imagine what it would be like to have a real old man get on top on me and actually stick his wrinkly old thing inside me and do it. Ewww."

Patsy grinned at her three friends. "Well, Saul's equipment was old, after all he was sixty-five at the time. Wrinkly? No way. When he was soft it was kind of little and wrinkled. Hard he was eight inches long and bigger around than I was comfortable with the first couple of times. I stretched enough to accommodate him though."

"It all started when we attended the first company Christmas party at Bill's new job. I bought a beautiful black silk sheath with a built in bra. It was a perfect mini that stopped just two inches above my knees. It was strapless and plunged almost down to my butt in back. I almost chickened out decided not wear it. Then just as I started to take it back off Bill insisted I wear it.

"Babe, you got it so flaunt it. I'm third in line for the new manager's position. Let 'em see what else I got besides a sharp mind. Wear it."

"I wore it with only a new pair of bikini see through panties underneath." She shivered at the memory.

"You wouldn't believe how many times I got groped that night. Finally I went to the ladies' room to freshen up and watched three other wives remove their panties. They grinned and one told me it saved wear and tear on the lingerie.

"I had quite a few drinks in me by then and figured I might as well do the same. It felt sinful and exciting to walk back out to where the party was still going on strong and feel guys fingers against my bare pussy. I also got turned on whenever I felt a little draft blow up my skirt."

She giggled, "Two of the other wives at the party also groped me. That was a real strange feeling, not bad but different."

"Good grief, Patsy, where was Bill while all this was going on?" Lenore asked.

Her lips formed a little moue. She shook her head at the memory. "Would you believe he and a some of the others were in a conference room watching a football replay on that big television they have in there." Patsy shook her head at the memory.

"Then the big man himself, Saul Stein, came up to me and said he wanted to talk to me about my husband's career. I knew what he wanted and it certainly wasn't conversation. He looked at me as if he knew I knew this was about him and me and not about Bill. Bill's place in the company was secondary to that."

Lenore was dumbfounded. "You mean he just came right out and said put out or else?"

"Oh no, Saul Stein had much more class than that. He told me that once a man started to take the first step up into top management his wife became either a great asset or an anchor that kept her husband forever locked into a mid management position until he was eased out."

Patsy laughed at the memory. "He actually patted my pussy through my dress and said there were times an intelligent wife made certain sacrifices to further her husband's career."

"He actually groped you?" Jeanine asked. "Oh god, I think I would have died if Paul's boss had felt me up like that."

"Then he told me a story about the wife of the man Bill replaced. She and her husband had been flown overseas to attend a meeting in Frankfurt. The purpose of the meeting was to try to acquire the patent rights to a new drilling system.

"The man with the invention was a geeky kind of guy who never had any luck with the women in his life. Now all at once he had power and it went to his head."

"The geek said, 'I want her, ' and grabbed her ass."

"The situation could have been saved with a simple explanation until she slapped the guy's face. They were on the next flight home and he was fired."

Lenore protested, "That was unfair. She was just protecting herself."

"Diplomacy trumps direct action in some organizations. She should have explained to the man her husband was right there. If she had explained she was not on the menu or just said no thank you it would have been okay. She slapped him though, and that was a big no-no."

She shrugged. "Anyway, Saul told me to take my dress off. Like I said I had already put down a few more drinks than I should. All those people fondling me had me turned way on so I took it off and stood naked in front of him.

"He did not say another word. He walked over to his couch, laid down on his back and told me to come sit on his face."

She took a sip of her coffee and continued, "That old man knew his business. A half hour after he gave me a first lick he finally stopped and I was a mess. I swear he must licked my womb even a few times.

"Then he invited us out to his home on Coronado Island for the weekend after New Years. The way he put it was he would invite my husband and tell him to bring me along." He also told me to wear the sexiest swim suit I had."

"I told Bill later on that evening when we got home that Mister Stein planned to invite us out to his home on Point Loma." She paused to collect her thoughts.

"Well, did you tell Bill he gave you a face ride?" Lenore Benson looked at her sister, "You slut! You never told me about this. "What did Bill say when you told him all about what happened?"

"Settle down Sis. All I told Bill was that Saul felt my pussy through the dress. You know how he is." She laughed at Bill's response. "He was quite jealous when he heard Saul groped me. 'Maybe I better quit, ' he said."

"I told him, 'Bill, I saw you playing touchy feely with two other women at the party.' He looked embarrassed and didn't say anything else. We showered and went to bed.

"The next morning he was over his jealous snit and asked me, 'What did Saul mean about a sexy swim suit?' I told him I would have to go buy one.

"He thought about the chance at a promotion and said, 'Well get something to make their eyes pop out.' I said I would get two of the skimpiest outfits from an exclusive shop down town."

"Since I always had great boobs, and don't you say I didn't have before the kids, I got a one piece that was nothing more than a long triangle of cloth held on my front by a pair of strings."

"The second one was a two piece thong micro that showed the sides of my pussy. The sales clerk was all over me when I tried it on. It took her an hour to finish fitting me. That was the first time a woman ever did me."

Lenore frowned at her sister, "Since when did you turn gay?" Patsy grinned at her and did not answer.

"Well, did you show them to Bill before the weekend?" Audrey asked? "I know you did."

"Did I ever," Patsy told her. When I got home I put on the mini and wore it around the house all day. I even wore it outside and mowed our front lawn while I had it on. The wives who saw me hated it. God but it felt sexy, almost like being naked."

"What happened when Bill got home?" Jeanine sat on the edge of her chair and waited.

"Bill almost had a heart attack when he pulled up in the drive and saw me with the lawnmower. 'Get in the fucking house, ' he told me.

"He made me take it off and dropped to his knees in the middle of the living room. He slipped his tongue inside me and asked why my pussy smelled like tobacco. I guessed the salesgirl was a smoker.

"I thought fast and told him, 'Second hand smoke, Honey.' He looked at me kind of funny and finished by pulling me down on the floor. He asked if I intended to wear that thing when we went to the Stein's for the weekend."

"I told him, 'Sweetheart, you said to get something to make their eyes pop out. That's what I did.' He did not answer me. I watched the little wheels go around in his head. The chance for the promotion won out over his jealousy."

"I remember you told me a little something about that weekend," Lenore said in a thoughtful voice. I always felt you left a little out that you did not share. Right?"

Patsy's laugh sounded a little hollow. However she steeled her nerve and confessed. "I left one hell of a lot out."

"Well?" Audrey asked.

"Bill told me to wear the mono kini under a mini dress. He thought it would have more of an impact for me to take my dress off pool side 'and be ready for action, ' as he put it."

"I went into our bathroom and showered. I also dabbed a little mint mouthwash on my fingers and rubbed it around inside me, just in case Saul wanted a second time with me. Then I slipped into the mono and pulled on a button up the front party dress with a slit up one side Chinese type. I left it unbuttoned almost to my navel.

"A few other couples were there already, including the two who were considered to be ahead of Bill on the inside track to the promotion. There were two vice presidents plus their wives and a customer from Germany. The German was an arrogant ass.

Saul escorted Bill and I out by the pool and said we could change in the shower area. I unbuttoned the last four buttons on my dress and slipped it off. 'I didn't bring a shower cap with me, ' I told him.

"He looked at my swimwear and said, 'Gevalt.' After that he always called me his little shiksa when we were alone. It was a while before he told me what the words meant. Not that they meant anything dirty, as he used them they were compliments, almost terms of endearment.

"The German put a hand on my almost bare butt. I looked back over my shoulder at him, smiled and said 'I'm not on the menu." I dove into the water and swam away. The other two young wives glared at me as I floated on my back in the middle of the pool. They had all worn two piece bikinis that did absolutely nothing for them.

"Finally I swam over to Bill and he lifted me out of the pool one handed. He wore a Speedo that showed off his bigger than average cock and showed off his muscles as well. That one handed lift also impressed the other women present.

"Saul waved me to come into the house. The two wives who were the competition were already there along with that damned German. The women looked scared and angry at the same time."

"Saul told me, 'They don't want to and besides, he wants you.'

"I grinned at him and ignored the German. 'So?' I said."

"Saul asked me, 'Shall I introduce you?' That damned German had come over and grabbed my butt again."

"I looked the German in the eyes and said, 'Unless he takes a bath all the introductions in the world won't help.' I smiled at him.

"He, the German, glared at me like he wanted to hit me. 'Let's take a shower, ' I told him and led him away. Saul sent one of the other two wives back out to get my dress from where Bill left it. The decision was made right then. I knew Bill would get the promotion."

Lenore looked at her sister as if she were a fascinating stranger. "I can't believe you actually took a shower with that foreigner?"

"Saul got a kick out of it when I told him to have one of the other wives bring my dress into the bathroom where we were to shower. 'In fact, both of you bring the dress to me, ' I ordered them. Those two had treated me like dirt from the time we got there and I wanted my payback.

"Saul pointed toward a guest room and I grinned at that arrogant German jerk and told him to follow me. As soon as we were in the bedroom I said, 'Get undressed.' He did and made a grab for me. 'Wait, ' I told him.

"Then the two came into the bedroom and saw us naked. They really looked angry then. 'Get undressed, ' I told them.

"They both started to refuse. I jerked the top down off of one of them and told the other to help her to finish undressing her friend. That damned German got an erection as he watched me bully the two other wives around.

"I told the one named Marta to pull Bonnie's bottom off her. She did and stood back up. Then I said, "Bonnie, take Marta's swim suit off her.' Marta started to resist. 'Don't, ' I ordered. She looked real miserable as she got her two piece pulled off her.

"As soon as they were both naked I told them to hug our little German friend. The very second they did I came up behind them and rubbed my boobs against them."

"Sis, you're making this up. You got to be," Lenore protested. "You would never do anything like that."

"I went further than that. I told them to hug each other next and kiss each other. Their humiliation was now complete. They knew Bill got the vice president's job for sure and their husbands now had to report to him.

"One word from me and there would be two new job openings. They hugged and kissed and put some tongue into it. I told them to play with each other. Marta almost rebelled until I smacked her butt real hard. She squealed and started fingering." Patsy grinned at the memory.

"I saw how the German kept staring at the red hand print on Marta's left butt cheek. I told Marta to let go of Bonnie's pussy and get face down on the bed.

"Then I told Bonnie to suck his cock and get it wet. 'No, ' she told me and I slapped her. She went down on him. I applied a little hand lotion on Marta's butt and told the German to take her. She arched her back and squealed when he shoved it inside he. He wasn't all that big but she had never gone that way before.

"As soon as he cum I told him to take a shower and for Bonnie and Marta to help him. He nodded to me and obeyed." When he came back out I dried him off personally and told him to get dressed.

"I told them, 'You girls go swim. I'll take it from here.' They were gone in a flash. The thing is, they knew who gave them their orders from then on."

"While I put my dress on without the swimwear, I learned his name was Gunther. As soon as he was dressed I led him out into the living room and turned him over to Saul.

"Then I went out to the pool and told Marta and Bonnie to always keep a tube of lubricant with them when I called them to entertain customers. They both nodded yes and over the next year they really got to where they enjoyed their work. Marta even volunteered a few times."

"Because Bill was now a vice president I never had to do any more entertaining except to take care of Saul once in a while. That was more fun than anything else.

"Oh, there was one other time when a little Jap guy needed extra persuading. That wasn't really cheating because his cock was so little. I teased him and gave him an old fashioned blow job. He signed with us.

I recruited three other wives the same way I did Bonnie and Marta. I never thought of any of what I had done as really cheating because it helped Bill continue to get promoted.

"When Bill became senior vice president and was transferred to Corporate Headquarters I let Marta take over entertaining the clients and decide which wife would be assigned to which client." Patsy had a very self satisfied look on her face.

"Sis, are you making this up?" Lenore asked.

"How do you think I was able to get Walt his job with the company?" Patsy grinned. "He had no experience to speak of. Saul usually did what I asked back then."

Then she turned to Audrey, "I'm bored too."

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