Fiona and the Neighbours

by pippam_49

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Lesbian, Mother, Daughter, FemaleDom, Spanking, Humiliation, Group Sex, .

Desc: BDSM Sex Story: Fiona is toyed with and humiliated by several women neighbours

Fiona was going shopping. She had just closed her front garden gate when she turned to see Kathy and Michelle walking towards her with large grins on their faces. Kathy and Michelle were neighbours of Fiona. They shared a flat three doors away on the same street.

Fiona had met them for the first time two days ago at Mary's hen party. Both girls were twenty years old, much younger than forty one year old Fiona but they had enjoyed embarrassing and humiliating her, as did the other women at the party. (see Fiona and the Hen Party). Fiona had been reluctant at first but had finally enjoyed being forced to do the perverse things the other party goers wanted.

"Hello Fiona, is your bum still sore from all that spanking?" chirped Kathy, as she smacked Fiona's left bum cheek with her right hand.

"Shush, people might hear" responded Fiona, blushing.

"I think you get a thrill from thinking other know" said Michelle, still smiling from ear to ear.

In the pit of her stomach, Fiona felt the butterflies which indicated Michelle was probably right. Fiona loved the experience of being out of control and being required to perform tasks which she thought of as outrageous and sexy especially if she had an audience to witness her debasement.

"We remember you trying to avoid having your bra removed by Kirsty at the hen party by offering to do her ironing for a week. Well, we have a pile of ironing and we would like you to come round to our flat on Friday to do it" demanded Kathy with a wink. "We might have you working topless. Don't even think about trying to refuse. We know you want to do it and anyway we have the pictures from the other night which we think might be of interest to your other neighbours."

Fiona groaned to herself. Was this to be another session of sexual humiliation and tension?

"What time do you want me?" whispered Fiona.

"Nine in the morning. We have no lectures at college on Friday" replied Michelle.

"What do you want me to wear?" questioned Fiona

"Your shortest skirt, your lowest cut T shirt and the same underwear you wore for the Hen Party" said Kathy.

"I will see you at nine then" Fiona groaned.

At 8.55 on the following Friday, Fiona was still wondering whether she should go through with the arrangement. On the one hand she felt she was being blackmailed but on the other hand she knew she would enjoy the humiliation that she felt certain Kathy and Michelle had planned for her.

Humiliation won on balance and Fiona found herself ringing the girls' doorbell.

"Hello Fiona, come in" smiled Kathy. "I love that T shirt. It shows a lot of cleavage."

"I love the way that black skirt flares slightly." Michelle added. "So short too. You can nearly see the top of your stockings. I bet if you bent over from the waist we would be able to see your knickers."

"Actually, just do that, bend over." continued Kathy.

Fiona, still on the doorstep turned away from the girls and bent from the waist. Sure enough Fiona's black knickers came into view.

"Oh yes, very nice" the girls purred together as Kathy gave Fiona's bum a slap.

The three women entered the flat. The ironing board was set up in the lounge. Next to it was a large pile of washed blouses, skirts, dresses and underwear. Fiona did not notice the video camera set up and running on its tripod.

"OK, Fiona. You have 15 minutes to complete that ironing." instructed Kathy.

"I couldn't possibly finish all that in that time." pleaded Fiona.

"You had better or punishment will follow for every minute over you take." explained Kathy.

Fiona put her bag down and began right away. However as she started, Michelle moved behind Fiona and raised the hem of her skirt and tucked it into the waistband. Michelle then peeled down Fiona's knickers until they were just below her bum, leaving the cheeks perfectly exposed.

Michelle stroked the exposed flesh for a while which distracted Fiona from her task of ironing but brought a delicious shiver of eroticism to the older woman. This became even more intense as she felt Michelle's other hand slide round her hip, into the front of her panties. Michelle started to caress the wet lips of Fiona's pussy. Fiona parted her thighs to give Michelle easier access.

Four minutes of this stroking ad fondling were interrupted by the door bell.

"Answer the door, Fiona" called Kathy.

Fiona started to adjust her dress but Michelle stopped her. "Just as you are" demanded the young woman.

Fiona was surprised to find Jenny, her daughter, and two of Jenny's friends at the door. " What are you doing here?" asked Fiona.

"Kathy invited me, Belle and Sara over for coffee this morning. She told us you would be here and that it might be an exciting time for all of us. She said that you would do our bidding regardless of how bizarre it was." responded Jenny.

"Bring them in!" shouted Kathy.

Fiona turned to lead the three visitors into the flat and the girls noticed for the first time the fashion of Fiona's clothing. Belle couldn't resist smacking the bare flesh of Fiona's bottom which made her yelp and skip ahead.

Back in the lounge Kathy invited the visitors to sit and instructed Fiona to go and make coffee for them all. Kathy began to describe the events of the Hen Party. How Fiona had been stripped and spanked and how she had climaxed many times. Jenny added information about the weekly spanking sessions she used to have. Where her mother would start the evening naked and Jenny would redden Fiona's bottom with all sorts of implements.

The girls in the lounge all started to squirm as they became more aroused listening to the events being recounted but Sara suggested that if today was to be another delicious experience for Fiona, they should force her to service them as well.

"That sounds interesting, but I am not sure I should participate." Jenny responded.

"You could, you know. We are in private and we wont tell" replied Belle.

At that point Fiona entered the lounge carrying a tray with five cups of coffee. She served each of the girls in turn. Both Kathy and Sara took the opportunity to smack the bare bum of the "waitress" as she passed.

"Well" said Michelle, "Your ironing time is up and you haven't finished. I think that calls for a punishment."

"That's not fair" cried Fiona, "You have had me doing other things"

"We will decide what is fair. Wont we girls" asked Kathy

"Yes" laughed the girls in unison.

"Has anyone got an idea for the punishment?" asked Michelle

"Clothespegs on nipples until she has finished the ironing" suggested Sara.

"Wow, that is a great idea" responded Michelle

Kathy went to the kitchen, leaving Fiona trembling with anticipation. On her return Kathy had Fiona stand, facing the four other girls. Kathy hooked her fingers into the low scooped neckline of Fiona's T shirt and pulled in down below Fiona's 36D tits. Next the black bra was also pulled down to expose flint hard nipples. Kathy gave Jenny two clothespegs and invited her to attach them to her mother.

Jenny stood up with a wicked grin on her face. She moved to her mother's side and whilst Kathy held Fiona's wrists by her side, Jenny clipped first the left nipple then the right with the vicious pegs.

Michelle had taken a photograph of this as an audible, sharp intake of breath by Fiona was heard by the others.

"Back to the ironing now" demanded Kathy.

The atmosphere was heavily laden with arousal. All the girls were becoming damp. Fiona was copiously wet.

Within minutes of returning to her work, Fiona turned to Michelle and explained that her ironing of a blouse was below standard.

"I think I deserve a punishment for that" whispered Fiona.

"I quite agree. Remove your skirt and knickers" demanded Michelle. "Kathy, would you bring the kitchen stool here please"

When Kathy brought the stool, Fiona, now virtually naked from the waist down, in only stockings and suspender belt, was pushed over the stool on her stomach. Michelle asked Jenny to hold Fiona's hands. Then Belle and Sara held and spread Fiona's legs apart. Kathy sat on the floor between Fiona's thighs and as Michelle began to slap Fiona's bum with a bedroom slipper, Kathy began to lick Fiona's wet and gaping cunt. Fiona held eye contact with her daughter. As Fiona licked her lips, Jenny leaned in and kissed her mother full on the mouth. It did not take long for Fiona to reach a massive climax which caused her body to quiver delightfully.

The video camera captured all, the kiss especially.

Fiona was given a short time to recover but was put back to iron. Sara felt sorry for Fiona's nipples under the ministrations of the wicked clothespegs. She gently removed them but the return of blood to the tortured teats was worse for Fiona than the pain when the pegs and been first positioned.

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