Fiona, Mike and Me

by Just Plain Bob

Caution: This contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Heterosexual, Cheating, .

Desc: : A cheating wife story.

I'm really not sure why this happened. I am sure that I have never given anyone any reason to think that I am a wuss, but somehow at least two people came to the conclusion that I was on the wimpy side and that conclusion had some dire results for them.

I am a pretty average guy and I have (or had) a pretty average life. A good job that paid all the bills with a little left over to pack into savings. A lovely wife and three great kids, a dog named "Dawg" and a cat named "Flowers." The only thing not average about me was the attitude that I brought with me into my marriage.

To put it bluntly - I was a cockhound and I ran with a bunch of cockhounds. We shared girlfriends and it was nothing for me to go to a party with a date and before the night was over turn her over to my buddies for a gangbang or for me to join in as one of their dates pulled a train. I didn't think twice about it because the girls I went with were the kind of girls who did those things.

Then I met Fiona and fell ass end over teakettle in love. I quickly found out that Fiona was not the kind of girl I was used to running with and I had to quickly clean up my act. My old buds kept asking me when I was going to give them a taste of Fiona and the honest answer to that was never, but I couldn't tell them that because they were my buds so I just said, "One of these days."

It was inevitable that being asked so often when was I going to make Fiona available that I would wonder how she would handle it and how she would look playing with other guys not that it was ever going to happen.

We had been married just a little over a year and one night after partying real hard (and with me having a snootfull) Fiona asked me if I had any fantasies and I told her that the only one I'd ever had was seeing her with another guy. She laughed at me and said, "As if!" It was a fantasy and it was never going to happen so I didn't spend any time thinking about it. But it must have tripped something in Fiona because two weeks later when we were making love she asked me who I saw her with. I had never pictured her with anyone in particular, but I sensed that that wasn't what she wanted to hear so I thought back to the last party we had been to and who she had danced with more than once and I remembered that she had danced four times with Jimmy Breilow so I told her that it was Jimmy. She clamped her legs tight around me and moaned:

"Fuck me Jimmy. Fuck me hard and make me cum while Rob sits in the chair and watches."

It happened again several times over the next year and I would always give her the name of some one she had recently been around. And then Fiona became pregnant with Cindy and the role play, if that is what it was, came to an end. A year after Cynthia Elise arrived Fiona had Michael Robert and two years after Mikey she had Frederick William and at that point we decided that three was enough and I had a vasectomy and my fantasy was never mentioned again.

I guess that the place to start is where it started and that was the day that the youngest started school full time. Fiona decided that with the kids gone during the day she was going to go back to work. She landed a job as a receptionist/file clerk/bookkeeper at a local newspaper - one of those weeklies that get tossed in your driveway for free.

She enjoyed getting out of the house, meeting people and making some money of her own. Her hours were usually 8 to 5, but occasionally she had to work late when special sections or some such came up so she made arrangements with a couple of the neighborhood high school girls to baby sit until I got home.

After she had been there about six months she asked me if I would mind if she occasionally stopped after work for a drink or two with her co-workers and I saw nothing wrong with it so I said I wouldn't mind. She started stopping ever Tuesday night and she was usually home by eight.

Then came the week she told me that because of the county fair and a couple of other local events the paper would be running several special sections and she had been asked to help out. She told me that it would probably be three nights and she asked me if I would watch the kids or should she arrange for a sitter. I told her I could handle it.

The first night was Monday and I fixed dinner, helped the kids with their homework and then we played games until their bedtime. After they had gone to sleep I watched some TV and fell asleep on the couch. I woke up at eleven and headed for bed and was surprised to see that Fiona wasn't there. When she said she would be working late I figured maybe eight or nine o'clock, but I also figured that if there was a problem she would have called so I went to bed. Around midnight I heard Fiona come in. She kissed me on the cheek and told me to go back to sleep and she would talk with me in the morning.

Fiona was still asleep when I got up in the morning and I left for work without having a chance to talk with her. I tried calling from the office when I got to work, but when I got her she was a bit on the flustered side.

"I can't talk right now honey. I got up late and I'm rushing trying to get the kids out of here in time to catch the school bus. I'll call you later."

She didn't call and I got busy and forgot about it. Tuesday was a repeat of Monday with Fiona not getting home until a little after midnight. The next morning I debated going in late, but then thought that she only had one more night to work late and then we would have plenty of time to catch up on things.

I went to bed around ten that night. The sound of Fiona coming in woke me up and I glanced at the bedside clock and saw that it was ten after three. I sat up in bed and turned on the bedside lamp. When Fiona came into the room she saw me sitting on the side of the bed waiting for her and she started crying. "Oh God" she sobbed and she ran for the bathroom. As the bathroom door closed behind her I considered what I'd seen when Fiona walked into the room. Her hair looked like a rat's nest, her blouse was half undone, there were runs in her stockings and there were stains on her skirt. In short, Fiona looked like she had just been fucked.

After about five minutes I got up and moved to the bathroom door and knocked on it. I could hear Fiona sobbing and she cried out:

"Go away."

"I'm not going anywhere Fiona. Sooner or later you are going to have to come out. Make it easy on both of us and don't make me kick down the door."

I went back and sat down on the bed. Ten minutes later Fiona came out wearing a long flannel nightgown. That was another red flag since Fiona almost always slept nude. Her cheeks were tear streaked and she was still sniffling.

"Take the gown off Fiona."


"Take it off Fiona."

"Please don't make me take it off."

"Either you take it off yourself or I'll take it off of you."

She started crying again, but she took off the gown. There were bite marks and hickeys on both of her breasts and thighs and as Fiona saw my eyes widen she began bawling again and crying out:

"Don't hate me, please don't hate me. I didn't mean to do it. Please don't hate me Rob."

"What happened Fiona?"

She kept crying and moaning, "Don't hate me, please don't hate me" and I finally got up, got a glass of water and tossed it in her face. I handed her a towel and said:

"Get a grip on yourself Fiona and tell me what happened."

The story, when she finally started telling it, left me stunned. For the past three nights she had been fucking one of the guys she worked with. Not only was she letting him fuck her she was doing whatever he told her to do up to and including giving blow jobs to two of his friends.

Monday they had finished the special section run and the crew decided to go for a drink and unwind before going home. The juke box was playing and Mike asked her to dance and she said yes. The song ended and when they went back to the table Mike sat down next to her. She was talking with someone across the table from her and Mike ordered her another drink and then they danced again. Mike bought her another drink and while she was talking to some one else he put a hand on her leg. She knew she would be leaving soon so rather than make a big thing about it she let it stay. Another drink and the hand moved up higher. Another dance and she felt his erection push into her leg and she didn't pull away. She said she kind of liked knowing that an old married lady could still turn on guys. One more drink and she decided that it was time to go.

Mike walked her to her car and when they got to it he took her in his arms and kissed her. Maybe it was all the drinks or maybe not, but she kissed him back. They swapped tongues and when they broke the kiss Mike had said:

"You want this and I've wanted to give it to you for a long time."

He took her hand and placed it on his cock which he had taken out while they were kissing. Then he kissed her again and they stood there in the parking lot swapping tongues while she held onto his cock and he worked his hand into her bra. And then he said, "Oh yeah, you want this" and he spun her around, bent her over the hood of her car and fucked her from behind.

"It was wrong and I knew it. I should have been fighting him off, but I didn't. I should have screamed for help, but what I did was moan and push back at him until he came in me. He pulled out and told me to get in the car on the back seat and I did it. He told me to suck his cock and I did it and then he fucked me again. When it was over he told me that he would see me tomorrow and he got out of the car. The whole way home I prayed that you would be in bed sleeping when I got there or at least wouldn't want to make love because if you entered me there wasn't any way that you would not have known what I'd done."

I sat there on the edge of the bed and looked at her in disbelief as she continued.

"When I got home I lay in bed and stared at the ceiling and wondered how I had let it happen. For some strange reason I just could not say no to Mike. I fell asleep wondering what he meant when he told me that he would see me the next day."

"Why would you wonder about that? You work with him."

"Yes and no. He works in the press room and I work in the office. The only time I ever see anyone from the press room is when I get involved in special projects and go back and work in the press room. Normally I wouldn't see Mike during a normal work day."

"Did you notice anything strange about the taste of your drinks? Maybe he slipped a date rape drug in one of them."

"It would make this a whole lot easier if I could believe that is what happened, but I don't think it did. In fact I'm almost sure of it because I didn't have anything at all to drink on Tuesday. Tuesday at four Mike walked up to my desk and told me that we would skip the bar that night and go straight to his house and when we got there he was going to make me his slut and I didn't say no. I didn't say that the previous night was a mistake and it could never happen again; all I did was nod my head yes and then spend the rest of the day wondering why I wasn't screaming no at him and wondering what sort of strange power it was that he seemed to have over me.

"That night when we left work he just said follow me and I did. He fucked me three times that night. The entire time he called me a slut, a fuck pig, a cum dump and told me that from then on he was going to fuck me whenever he felt like it and then he asked me if I understood that I was now his full time slut and I said yes. He made me admit that I was his slut and then he sent me home.

"All the way home I wondered why I was letting it happen to me. It was almost like I was hypnotized. He told me to do something and I just did it."

"I think you are using the hypno and strange power as bullshit to cover up your doing something you really wanted to do anyway. Admit it Fiona. You wanted to try a strange cock and Mike just happened to be in the right place at the right time."

"No! That's not true."

"So what happened tonight that kept you out until three? He had to know that if he started keeping you out real late that sooner or later I would tumble to what was going on."

"He wants you to know. He told me that I was to tell you when I got home tonight that he had been fucking me and that he was going to keep on fucking me. He told me to wake you up if you were asleep and then make you eat my pussy. "Feed him my cream pie" is what he said."

I sat there and listened to her and did my absolute best to keep my anger buried and keep myself under control.

"And why did he think you would do it and that I would sit still for it?"

"I told him about what you wanted me to do back when we were first married and he said, "Good. I'm glad I can give the wimp his fantasy."

"You haven't told me about tonight."

"It was the same as last night. He just told me to follow him and I did. He had me suck his cock and then he fucked me. He told me to suck him hard again and then he told me he was going to fuck my ass. I told him no, that I didn't even let you do that and he laughed and told me that he wasn't my wimpy husband and that he would take what he wanted. Then he took my ass. It hurt like hell at first, but I started liking it. It was while he was fucking my ass that one of his friends walked into the room and Mike told the guy to feel free to use my mouth. I tried to turn my head, but Mike grabbed a handful of my hair and told me to open up. I sucked the guy until he came and then Mike came in my ass.

I was sucking Mike hard again and the guy called a friend and the friend showed up while Mike was fucking me and Mike told me to suck the two guys off while he fucked me. The two took turns on my mouth until they both came and then when Mike came and pulled out the other two started to undress so they could fuck me next, but Mike told them no. He said maybe in a couple of weeks after he had me broken in. Then he fucked my ass again and then sent me home."

Fiona had stopped crying by then and she said that Mike had told her to tell me what he had done and then he told her that she was to bring me over to his place that night and he would show me how a real man took care of a woman. I sat there so angry I was surprised that flame and smoke weren't coming out my ears. I was in control of myself, but only barely, and I asked Fiona:

"What did you say when Mike called me a wimp?"


"You didn't defend me at all?"

She turned her head and looked away. In a low voice she said, "Mike told me to tell you that you could watch, but that you couldn't fuck me. He said to tell you that I am his woman now and that maybe sometime in the future he will let you have me."

"And you are willing to go along with that?"

"We will be okay honey. It is what you wanted isn't it? All I'm doing is what you wanted me to do way back when we were first married."

"You haven't answered the question Fiona. Are you willing to go along with that?"

She couldn't face me and after about ten seconds I asked, "What do you want me to do Fiona?"

She was quiet for several moments and then she looked me in the eye and said:

"I want you to come with me. I want you to watch him fuck me and use me like a slut. Please honey; do it for me."

"Are you sure that is what you want?"

"Yes honey, I'm sure."

"All right then, I'll do it." I reached over and turned off the light and slid under the covers.


"Yes Fiona?"

"Mike said that you have to eat him out of me."

"And you want me to do it?"

"Yes honey; I have to do what Mike tells me."

"Not tonight Fiona. Next time, but not tonight. This is all a little sudden for me and it is going to take some getting used to."

I left for work in the morning before Fiona was awake. I didn't get much done in the way of work. I spent the day thinking about my new situation and what I was going to do about it. At three Fiona called me at work.

"I've arranged a babysitter. You are still going to do it aren't you?"

"Yes Fiona, I am."

"I get off work at five. You can meet me here and then follow me over to Mike's."

"You are absolutely sure that this is what you want?"

"Yes honey, I'm sure."

At five I was waiting for Fiona to get off work and when she got in her car I followed her to a house on the east side of town. Fiona got out of her car and waited for me to park and get out of mine.

"I'd like to kiss you and hug you honey, but Mike says I can't because you didn't eat my pussy last night. You understand, don't you?"

"Oh yes indeed Fiona, I understand completely."

"Good. Come on honey; we shouldn't keep Mike waiting."

Fiona walked into the house like she belonged there and then she led me straight to a bedroom where a man who I assumed was Mike was waiting for us. No time was wasted on introductions and the man said:

"I'm glad you came. It will do you good to how see a real man should fuck his wife. Undress her for me."

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