Mother & Daughter - Hard Party Girls

by Dr Know

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Drunk/Drugged, Lesbian, Heterosexual, Cheating, Slut Wife, Mother, Daughter, Gang Bang, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Harry discovers his wife and daughter are stars in one of the hardcore party girls websites.

Happy New Year readers! Here is my first offering of 2009. Many have asked for sequels of several of my previous stories. One of those is in the works and will be showing up later in the year. Check my blog for information on my first published novel, Storm Killer, and my new one, Poles, releasing in May.

Sunday —

Harry Lynch was trimming back his shrubs on the Saturday that his safe, warm, family life came to an end. He was intent on his attack on the overgrown plants when he felt a tap on his shoulder. It was his neighbor, Cal Dillon. "Hey Harry, can I borrow your lawnmower? Mine just died and Marge will kill me if I don't get the yard done before her fancy-smancy tea this afternoon."

Their Maryland neighborhood was made up of 'mini-estates' of homes on one and two acre lots. Everyone used riding mowers or garden tractors with mower attachments to keep the grass neatly trimmed.

"Sure. Take it. Just put it in your garage when you finish, I'll come over and get it later."

Cal grinned, nodded and walked into Harry's garage to get the mower. He came back out shortly and said, "Harry, your mower is leaking oil. You might want to take a quick peek at it."

Harry stopped his trimming and walked with Cal back to the mower. Sure enough a puddle of oil was under the engine.

Harry reached in his rag bag and grabbing the last one, laid on the floor and shimmied under the tractor. Using the shop rag he cleaned off the bottom of the oil pan of all of the oily grime and dead grass. Once clean enough, he tossed the used rag out on the floor and he inspected tractor's oil pan. There it was! A small drop of oil beading on one of the oil pan bolts.

He moved out from under the tractor, grabbed the correct wrench, shimmied back under the machine and tightened the bolt. He waited a minute to see if his repair was good and came out from under the tractor grinning at Cal. "Take it away neighbor. All fixed!"

Cal started the machine and drove it toward his house. Harry looked at the offending pool of oil on his immaculate garage floor and reached for a clean rag. None were left in his shop bag.

Shit, out of rags. Oh well, I'll use one from Francine's ragbag.

Francine was his wife of eighteen years. They had dated through out high school and married when Harry had entered the Army for his two year stint. Even after birth of their daughter, Kimberly, a bombshell seventeen year old with long honey blonde just like her mother's, Francine held her same hour glass shape of her youth. They were both about five feet two inches in height and weighed about one hundred and five pounds.

His wife and daughter acted more like sisters. At least in the past couple of years they seemed to. They seemed to share whispered secrets and giggled to each other when Harry was around. Harry looked at them and saw almost a mirror image of the two. His wife looked almost the same age as his daughter. Francine acted as chaperone when Kimberly went to a local dance club once or twice a month. They went on Ladies Night. Free drinks were offered to bring in a hundred or more women. Francine had laughed at my concern and said the alcohol was all but forgotten when occasionally the club offered the female clientele a couple of male strippers. I was shocked, but she just laughed and said it was all innocent fun and she would never let things get out of hand for Kimberly.

She allowed Kimberly to drink alcohol at the club but kept a strict eye on her. I wasn't for it, but Francine had said, "Harry, our little girl isn't little any more. She's a beautiful young woman. I might as well try to introduce her to the real world and try to watch over her so she doesn't do something stupid. Right now, she is exploring herself and her feelings and some times a little alcohol is a great way to loosen up when a girl feels uptight."

Harry couldn't say he was sorry he gave in to his wife. She started dressing sexier and they had hotter sex than they had ever had after she had started going to the club with Kimberly. She smiled and said that the dance club visits made her feel ten years younger and I was the beneficiary of that feeling.

He opened her rag bag and grabbed an old frayed shirt of his she had tossed. He started back to wipe up the oil when he felt something wrapped in the shirt. He opened the knotted shirt and found two pair of cum stained panties and two broken bras, one he immediately recognized that his wife had worn on her last trip to the dance club. The other looked to be a size smaller which must have been his daughter's.

He was shocked. What the hell is this? My wife and daughter go to a dance club and come home with cum stained underwear? Looking at the broken bras, it was obvious that things must have gotten very physical.

He remembered back to that last night his wife and daughter went "clubbing" as they called it. It was a week ago on Thursday night when Harry had been in San Francisco on a business trip.

Since it was three hours difference he had called home around six California time and just got their voice mail greeting. He tried again at seven, eight, nine, ten and eleven and still got the voice mail. Eleven O'clock here. That makes it two in morning at home. Where the heck are they?

He had an early meeting the next morning so he gave up at eleven and went to sleep.

He was showered and ready to go at seven the next morning and he called home. Francine immediately answered the phone.


"Honey, it's you! I tried to call you for hours last night. Where were you?" Harry asked in a very concerned voice.

"Sweetie, Kim and I went to the club for a few hours and were home by ten. I swear the phone never rang. There is nothing on the voice mail because the light isn't blinking. You know how often we get something strange happening on our phone ever since the local phone company was taken over by that national outfit."

Harry had to agree that the phone company was probably to blame for him being unable to get through to his wife the previous night. It had happened before. It fact it was getting to be far too frequent. He would have to report the problem the phone company as soon as he got a moment.

He put the phone issue out of his mind and held his meeting. He was delighted with the outcome, reported it to his boss, went to the airport, and caught his flight home. Arriving home, he was met by Francine who all but attacked him with kisses. She pulled him to the bedroom and they didn't emerge for several hours.

Now it dawned on Harry, she was giving him a guilt fuck. She was out screwing around while he tried to earn a living for them. And she obviously had involved his daughter in her foul unfaithful deeds

Holding those cum stained panties, he knew what he had to do. He had to get undeniable evidence of Francine's infidelities. He had to ensure she lost custody of Kim. While Kim would be of legal age in less than a year, right now, he needed to get Kim away from her cheating slut of a mother.

Monday —

Harry called in for a personal day off from work. He left home as if he was going to work and drove to the dance club. He'd found a ticket stub in Francine's purse as she took her shower before bed last night. The stub had the street address of the club and a web site listed,

He found the door unlocked and entered the building. The interior reeked of sex and booze. The floor was a mess of stains. Located around the center stage were commercial grade flood lights and camera stands like those used by film professionals. It was obvious that cameras on these stands could take shots of anyplace in the club. A big banner on the wall displayed the same website name as that on the ticket stub.

A large burly man was stocking the bar with bottles of some very cheap liquor turned when he heard the door open. "Yeh fellow, whatta you want?"

Harry replied, "My wife and daughter come here sometimes on ladies night and I just wanted to see what kind of place it was."

The huge man laughed. "What kind of place? You dumb shit. If they come here on our free drinks ladies night, they're looking to get laid. Every woman in the place gets reamed at least once while we're filming on those nights. Some of them get double fucked, some spend the night giving the guys head. Some just spend their time lip locked with another woman playing with each other's pussies. We film it all."

Harry was flabbergasted. He gulped, "Have you seen my wife and daughter here? They look almost the same age and both have honey blonde hair."

The bartender didn't hesitate, "Francine and Kim? Hell yes. They do e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g. I mean everything. They're a couple of our subscribed viewers' favorites. Almost every time they're here they get doubled fucked by Horse, Tiny, the Log, and Ramrod who are the four male strippers with the biggest dicks. After they are filled with those guys cum, the two of them flip around and sixty nine the love juice out of each other. It's damned hot to see a mother and daughter go at it like that. Shit, they have both fucked me and sucked me off a few times back here behind the bar. Your daughter has a vacuum cleaner for a mouth. Your wife has a great cunt. But her ass is still really tight and feels great to cum in. She seems to enjoy it but of course, I've only got an eight inch cock and can't compare to the four strippers I mentioned."

The bartender could see Harry was having a hard time breathing. "Hey man. You didn't know what they were doing did you? Shit. I'm sorry to be the one to drop it on you like that. Here have a drink." With that he poured the cheap bourbon into a glass and handed it to Harry. Harry tossed it back and coughed.

Harry mumbled thanks to the man and left the club.

He went home and pulled up the web site listed on the ticket stub. It cost him fifty dollars to join for one month. He saw the pictures and videos of the various party girls evenings were in chronological order. He found the entry for the previous Friday night and pulled up the pictures.

I took him less than thirty seconds to find pictures of his daughter. She was being screwed by some burly well hung man who was lying under her driving his dick into her to the hilt. A woman's hand was driving a finger into his daughter's butt but Harry couldn't see who the hand belonged to. Suddenly it hit him. The hand had a large engagement ring and a diamond wedding band sparkling in the picture. Harry recognized the rings. It was his wife's hand.

He felt tears in his eyes as he saw the end of his family on the screen in front of him.

He switched to the movies and pulled down five different dates. Each made him sicker to his stomach than the previous one. He watched from the time his wife and daughter made their first appearance at the club until last Friday's debacle.

On the first appearance at the club, they shook their heads no as each male stripper came by and propositioned them. The bartender I had talked to at the club plied them with alcohol for hours. I could tell both of them were getting very drunk.

Finally at about midnight, a large man with a very large cock looking shiny from some other woman's fellatio walked up behind my wife and reaching around her gave her a big hug and grabbed her breasts. He buried his mouth into the nape of neck kissing on it and then licked on her ear. He whispered something to her. She frowned and shook her head no. He reached for her hand wearing the wedding rings and took it behind to her to play with his cock. She didn't move. He whispered something else to her and began to move her hand back and forth on his meat.

She smiled and after a few minutes of jerking his cock to a full erection turned and dropping to her knees pulled the massive organ into her mouth. Kim stared at her mother for a moment and was about to say something when one of the other strippers with an even bigger cock made the same moves on her with same results.

Here was my daughter and my wife on their knees side-by-side sucking two very large cocks. I was in tears as the men took their dicks out, flipped the women over and mounted them from behind. Within moments they had a rhythm and were pounding my little girl and her mother with full powerful strokes. This went on for what seemed an eternity and then the men pulled from the women, flipped them around and sprayed cum all over my wife and daughter's faces.

The film went on for a long time and I thought the perversions performed by my faithless wife and my wayward daughter was over but I was wrong. Near the end of film, I saw both of them licking the cunts of two women that I didn't know. Then the two women returned the favor.

The films showed that on each successive visit to the club, my wife and daughter tried everything and anything. They weren't even drinking much now. They would just show up at the club and start fucking guys. Then they would do lesbian acts on each other licking out the slimy cum the men left in them.

Harry was drained and hurt from seeing how low his wife had sunk. And he was mad as hell that she had taken their daughter down with her depravities.

He would get revenge and save his daughter some how.

He went to his computer and began looking up the information needed on the internet.

Tuesday —

He put a plan together that would take about a week to implement. He called in to work and pled he was too ill to come in.

He went back to the club and the same man was behind the bar repairing a tear in the leather railing that ran around the edge of the bar top. He looked up, "Oh, it's you again. Why did you come back? Interested in applying for a stripper position? Oh, I guess not. If you had the 'equipment' we require for our strippers, your wife wouldn't be here fucking around on you would she?" He laughed and continued as he started another repair. "Damn, another hole in the leather from some horny bitch sticking her spiked heel through the leather as one of the guys did her."

Harry cleared his throat and said calmly, "Mr. Burgess, I'm here to discuss business with you."

The man looked up sharply, "How do you know my name? I never gave it to you."

Harry said, "It's really very easy to find the names of the owners of corporations such as this club. It's also easy to get all kinds of records on that person. Such as your criminal record and drivers license picture and many more interesting tidbits."

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